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MacBook Pro 14" 8c CPU, 16GB, 512GB $2658.70 / MBP 16" 10c CPU, 16GB, 512GB $3311 @ Apple AOC Education Store


Cheaper deal than the previous Edu store deal as there's tier 2 discounts available. Never had issues/checks ordering from the Uni stores but as always, ymmv.

Great to see MagSafe is back and 120hz is a huge get as well!

Direct Links
MacBook Pro 14: https://www.apple.com/au_edu_5000447/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pr...
MacBook Pro 16: https://www.apple.com/au_edu_5000447/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pr...

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  • +2

    Hopefully the previous gen would get a price drop.

    • +14

      I'm pleasantly surprised by the pricing, I had a look and my 512gb 15-inch was $3650 in 2018

      • -3

        And you can still sell it for 2.5k….
        So depreciation roughly 350ish a year. For people who really need the speed $1 a day is nothing when buying a machine that helps you make money.

        I’ll be picking up a top-spec 14 inch to replace my 2018 15 inch which I’m listing on eBay right now. Can’t wait.

        • +22

          Not having a go here, but if you get $2500 for a 2018 15 inch good luck to you. M1 has completely stuffed resale value on the 15s which already took a hit due to the 16 inch Intel release. Source: bought my 2018 15 inch on marketplace for $2500 2 years ago.

        • +7

          Joking right? Of course you can sell for that price. But only to someone who has been in a coma for past 3 & half years and think new models would cost nearly 10k for the base model.
          No wonder Market place is full this overconfident people with their old ass intel mac pros from 2016, pricing them the same as a 2020 m1 mac air.

          • +1

            @Mi2: Might depend on the condition and other specs. Its hard to tell with limited information.

          • @Mi2: I sold a 2016 MBP with broken keyboard (unfixable) on ebay and purchased an M1 MBA. The exercise cost around $400 for the upgrade and I could get that back from tax.

            It was a no-brainer for me and I was quite surprised at the resale value of an outdated, and broken MBP.

            … stating the obvious but the Air performance is much better than the old pro.

            • @ScJ: Lots of clueless people out there.
              Last time I went to JB there was a young lad begging them to return his MacBook because he bought the Intel one instead of M1. But they didn't accept because it wasn't faulty & already open.

          • -1

            @Mi2: It's not the first day when some people hear the word Apple and suddenly become 10x more stupid than before.

          • @Mi2: So true lol

    • +1

      they have set the specifications between m1 and m1 pro so vastly different it’s unlikely to happen.

      m1 pro starts with 16gb / 512gb / 8 core gpu
      m1 starts with 8gb / 256 gb / 14 core gpu

      then if you spec a m1 to a 16gb / 512gb consider differences between gpu cores the price is almost similar 😰

    • Just going to leave this here

      Audit Rights

      Apple routinely audits the purchases of customers at the Apple Store for Education to ensure that all purchase conditions have been observed. Should we discover that you have not observed all of the conditions applicable to your purchase, you authorize Apple:

      If you placed your order by credit card, to charge to your credit card the difference between the amount you paid for the delivered goods and the price that Apple charged the general public for the same goods at the Apple Store, in effect on the date that you placed your order; and

      If you paid by a means other than credit card, to (a) invoice you for the difference between the amount that you paid for the delivered goods and the price that Apple charged the general public for the same goods at the Apple Store, payable in fifteen days from the date of the invoice, and (b), should you fail to pay the invoice when due, institute legal action against you in a court of competent jurisdiction, with the prevailing party entitled to attorneys' fees.

      • How would Apple have your address if you pick up the item via C&C?

        • Billing address?

          • @bananafishsalad: Does Apple check or validate your address and/or ID?

            • @DoctorCalculon: From personal experience having bought via here at least three times last year - no. Have heard from others that they might ask for you to show some ID and if you can’t produce any, they ask you to pay the difference. But I’m pretty sure they don’t audit their customers like that frequently.

      • Legal action is a bluff. They're not going to sue you in small claims court over a couple of hundred dollars where their legal fees aren't claimable. They're not going to sue you in the Magistrate's Court, because of filing fees. You will probably be banned from the store, but there's ways around that.

        • You will probably be banned from the store, but there's ways around that.

          Banned??? Yes, please ban my burner apple ID with name: Tim Apple.
          Lot of useless fear mongering by one person on this thread.

  • need to sell my remaining kidney to buy this, sold the other already to buy the iP12Promax already :/

    • Can you ask Mr Jobs what one more thing he’s bringing to the heaven?

    • Is this some sort of peasant joke?

  • +16

    Awesome! Thanks OP. Worth bang for bucks than the freaking overpriced PC parts atm.

  • +21

    Still happy with my 2017 MBP

    • +15

      Not sure why you got downvoted? Just saying your opinion

      • +6

        Internet trolls will always be negative…

        thanks for your support! hahaha
        I think it's best if people who have the hardware already just stick to what they have if they're still happy with it and save the money on something else.

        Like not upgrading every new phone or laptop release.

        • +5

          Yeah, I'm on the same page. Why upgrading if not needed? But it's kind of against OzBargain spirit, buy first and think(regret) later

    • +31

      Still working with my 2012 MBP— the first Retina model :)

      • +5

        Mine is on it's very last legs :(

        This update has come at the right time - now to decide whether I want the much cheaper M1 Air or one of the new MBP - the education pricing is significantly cheaper!

        • +1

          If you can hold out till next year, the MBA is rumored to get a complete Apple Silicon optimised redesign and come in the iMac colours.

          • @poppingtags: You could probably upgrade now and then buy the new MBA next year if the rumour is true, selling this without losing too much value.

          • @poppingtags: That’s what I’m holding out for. Some noice colours! Don’t need the power. Just the purdy! 🔥❤️😝

        • Same boat as you. I ended up getting the top M1 Pro SoC with 32GB ram, hoping it'd last me just as long. I'm still on the fence about spending another $250 for the M1 Max…

          • @karu: Why get 32gb ram? That seems quite unneccessary unless you're doing some very unique workflows.
            The way swap memory works on the M1 SOC, you really only need 16gb and upgrading the storage to ensure longevity.

      • +1

        2011 base model MBA checking in (still being used by my wife)

        • +1

          Tim Apple has a voodoo doll besides his bed just for you.

          • @Daabido: Haha. He must have been stabbing the battery since it lasts maybe 30 minutes on a good day. It's also stuck on High Sierra (10.13.6) so can't use Office 365 apps.

            I bought my Wife a M1 ipad pro 11 with the magic keyboard a few months ago thinking she'd stop using the MBA, but she doesn't like it at all so might jump on a MBP 14 and sell the ipad. I've thought about installing a new battery into the old MBA but seems like over-capitalising.

      • Me too! Bought it refurbished from apple all those years ago. To be completely honest it still works great. Battery lasts 3-4 hours which isn’t too bad. It just get super hot but from what I’ve heard almost all the intel mac run hot anyway!

      • +1

        Permission granted to upgrade on 10 year anniversary.

      • Impressive. I nursed my 2011 MBP through to 2019 with a upgrade to SSD and increased RAM. Battery life was awful, and the replacement didn't go too well.

        Upgraded to a MBA which has been going pretty well. The Apple silicon is looking pretty sexy though. Might still give it at another 2 years before I seriously consider upgrading

        • Yeah, I think the Retina model was also the first with the SSD, which helps a great deal. Indeed, battery life is non-existent now but I mainly use it as a home computer anyways so it's almost always plugged in.

      • I got my MBA M1 this year with trading in 2012 MBP, still some value if preserved well.

    • +4

      I know Apple gets a lot of flack from fanboys. But I’ve always had Apple stuff last 5+ years with minimal downtime. Which I've found has always helped with resale.

      I also live close to an Apple store so if there’s issues, they’re normally sorted fairly quickly. Even repairs are generally done in less than 1 week.

      Up until the last few years. There’s never been a Samsung/Microsoft store near me. I have no clue how long a warranty takes with these brands. Only exception is Dell.

      • Having had a few repairs with Samsung phones, service is excellent (drop off pick up).

        • +5

          Just be aware that Samsung won’t (at least in the past) repair or provide advice about stock not purchased in Australia/grey imports. I’ll be clear - I’m not suggesting they should for free, but to basically tell a Samsung device owner “you can’t pay to have it repaired and we can’t provide advice, you should have thought about that before not buying it locally” is not great service. I had issues multiple times with my two short-lived Samsung phones and my Samsung watch.

          In comparison, I’ve had help with MS phones (back in the day) and Apple devices at their stores overseas without issue and got advice on a family member’s iPhone bought overseas from an “Apple genius” despite letting them know upfront it wasn’t local stock.

          • @tolchok: Noted and thanks. I haven't had that experience, as both were under warranty and AU stock. Out of warranty I tend to use independent repair shops or buy another phone if more economically viable.

            • @Supercool: My problem with both phones were that they were “edge” phones (I think s6 edge and s7 edge, though it might have been s7 and s8 edge - think I wrote about it on OzB at the time). The screens broke on both very soon after buying them and at the time the rounded screens were only available via authorised repairers who apparently couldn’t touch the phone without Samsung authorisation. I generally don’t break phone screens and should have learned after my first edge phone, but assumed that I’d just been very unlucky in the first instance. I also asked about battery life for my first edge phone and whether there were tips to improve it, and was met with rude comments rather than a willingness to help.

              I did have a Samsung watch (hacked to run Android Wear), Samsung VR headset, and Samsung 360 degree camera, so wasn’t anti-Samsung (whatever the opposite of fanboy is), though I am now glad to be free from that ecosystem.

              *** Also, importantly, I respect that you do like the ecosystem and think that is totally valid and fine.

              • @tolchok: My wife cracked the screen on her s7 edge in December 2016, and we couldn't get it serviced in Australia at all since it was purchased overseas and the model was the dual sim model from Singapore (back when dual sim wasn't really a big thing here in Australia). We ended up having to get someone to physically bring it back to Singapore to get it fixed (and pay for the curved screen which was $500) which was a frustration.

                It's things like this which scare me away from buying anything grey/overseas if it's not clear that there's international warranty/support options available.

          • @tolchok: I've had my overseas iPhone warranty repaired (and eventually replaced) in Australia with no questions under AppleCare. The only issue was the wait time as they were required to located the same region model for the replacement as they were only able to swap out "like for like" models.

            • @lamb: During the great $29 battery swap a few years ago, I got a Japanese iPhone SE replaced with an Australian one at the Apple Store when they couldn't get the battery out.

              • @Daabido: no such luck during the february of of covid 2020 .. lol

                at least that means you finally can take a pic without the shutter sound .. =D

      • +7

        Thank you, glad you’re enjoying Apple products.

        • I sent you an email today, Tim.

      • Personal experience.
        Samsung tablet battery issue, went to high point store, won’t even look at it. said it’s not Australian model.
        I am a apple fan, but after 10 years of apple products I thought I will try Samsung as I was getting S21 ultra below $1k. Tried it for 3 months. Plenty of hiccups and things I didn’t like about Samsung but I disregarded those as I invested in Samsung echo system. After that I had camera issue (not focusing).
        This is where My nightmare started. Took it to some dodgy looking repair centre. So much back and forth. Samsung says talk to repair shop, shop says he got nothing to do with this. Well after 2 months or more I still don’t have a phone.
        Apple has been so great, they replaced 2 phones on the spot for me. There support is way better then anyone else.
        iPad 2009 still works.
        MacBook 2010 works amazing(upgraded RAM n SSD hard disk myself).

        • I had a similar experience with an iphone SE. Couldn’t recharge properly due to physical damage to the port. Replace 23 months after purchase instore. Sometimes its better to pay a premium to avoid wasting your time.

  • Couple of questions:
    Besides Uni students and educators, who else is "eligible" for these edu discounts? Parents of primary-aged kids for example?
    Also, has anyone who ordered from AOC been asked to prove their eligibility before receiving their order?


    • +9

      Pretty much any student and teacher is eligible. As for checks, I don't think I've heard of a confirmed story of someone actually having to give proof of their eligibility. Plus is it were to happen, the worst they could do is cancel the order, so pretty low risk for the savings.

      • I attend masters degree for university of Edinburgh via online course. I got a proper student card from them. Am I eligible? Or it has to be Australian institution?

        • +1

          I've never been personally checked, even when I picked it up in store

        • If you need, just flash a student card. It’s by discretion I don’t think there’s a proper checking method.

          • @ATangk: Yup. I was bought product at apple chaddy and they only check the student card also they said different UNI got different discount rate i Don't know how but i have 10% off .use my uni ID care

      • Pretty much any student and teacher is eligible.

        Sorry, just to clarify are you saying that any student or teacher or eligible to purchase from the AOC portal or are you referring to the apple education store?

        I thought AOC referred to the Australian Education Union which is in partnership with the ACTU. I can get free membership with an affiliated union (which i was planning to sign up to anyway).

        Edit: i just managed to find the link which confirmed the above on the Apple site.

        • I can get free membership with an affiliated union (which i was planning to sign up to anyway).

          Is that free for everyone to join?

          If so, can you share the details or the link?

          • +1

            @sridhar: It’s only free for people graduating with a specific degree

        • I recently bought and received an Macbook Air with 16gb ram for the wife and two iPads as gifts through the AOC. They never asked for identification and I just used my normal details. They discounted the upgrade in ram which was handy. I checked out as a guest if that helps?

    • +10

      My grade 7 English teacher rocked up at my door the other day, when I bought a Macbook through the Apple edu store.
      She asked if I had improved my English reading and writing skills. I said I hadn't.

      So she told Apple to cancel my order, and send me back to high school.

      j/k… Apple never checks.

      • +18

        “May I speak with your mother?”
        “Nah, she ain’t here”
        “Excuse me, where is your grammar?”
        “She’s upstairs taking a bath”

    • I just ordered online without asking any details. Not sure because of "I was a student"

  • +3

    So expensive! I think the new AirPods are actually good value. They include the wireless charger and are an upgrade from 2nd generation (now $219 directly from apple)

    • +1

      I think they mentioned it's water resistant as well which is handy.

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