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Hisense 65Q8 65” Series Q8 ULED 4K Smart TV $988 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Reduced to $988, bang for buck TV. First post please be gentle.


:( none in WA . Good luck finding in other states.

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    Damn finally under $1000-
    $59 delivery or free pick-up from Adelaide distribution centre

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    What do you reckon for this one

    $888 greatly reduced but none for WA as well :(


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      Don't do it! It's trash.
      I bought it @ $1500 and returned it.

      • -rofl- thank for the head-up 👍

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        any reasons to why it's trash? Im was gonna buy it but now rethinking it.

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          It just can't handle movement in dark scenes without massive artifacting.
          I've got a clip of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSIcna3Hmbw&ab_channel=Matty...

          Also trying to find a TV stand is a bit of a pain due to it being quite deep since it uses the sub as part of the stand, and it's fairly heavy at approx 70kg.

          • @BargainMelbourne: Wow, that's truly terrible!

          • @BargainMelbourne: Seriously that bad?
            You're saying my $700 EKO 65" TV is better than this?

          • @BargainMelbourne: Ae you even talking about the same tv? The link you posted is for the 65sx model… OP posted a deal for the Q8 model which from experience is excellent bang for buck!

          • @BargainMelbourne: What was the frame rate of the content and refresh rate of the source device?

          • @BargainMelbourne:

            and it's fairly heavy at approx 70kg

            That is insane, and reason enough not to buy it.

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          Definitely go for the 65sx if theres one in your area, pulled the trigger at 890 to use as a bedroom tv. It has excellent oled like black levels with zero blooming, I actually prefer its image compared to my 3k c9 in the living room due to the better perceived contrast from its higher peak brightness. Most of the negative reviews seem to be from the black flashing issues on default settings which is easily resolved by updating the firmware or setting the brightness to literally anything other than 50. The only real downside imo is the lack of hdmi 2.1 and the shitty vidda os

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            @cajk0712: There is one avaliable 12 km's away from me, considering it. I typically disable motion smoothing anyways.

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              @cosmickinect: Yeh motion smoothing can be pretty buggy on this model even with the newest firmware, i dont use the feature anyway and turned it off straight away so i never had any issues with artefacts like the other guy

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            @cajk0712: Thanks you just convinced me to buy one (needed one for bedroom).

            • @mrtee: don't buy it, from an owner, the stand angle is also quite strange, the screen is just facing the wrong way, and it's not adjustable.

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            @cajk0712: I bought one at last 888 deal, not happy about it, getting a hisense technician to check it tmr. Even if I turned off the motion smoothing, there are still quite obvious lagging and afterimage with all the fast moving objects.if they admit it's factory faulty, I would definitely return it. damn it, Didn't expect this, throwed all the packaging away on the delivery date, should have kept everything and return it on the same day😨

            • @Teddy Teedy: Are you on the most recent firmware, have you disabled (and confirmed while in video playing as it will turn on Dolby vision) motion smoothing and auto contrast?

              I also have disabled fast boot as I heard that it can re-enable it after reboot without actually being on (have to turn motion smoothing back on and off) I have no issue with mine.

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            @cajk0712: I've got the SX and prefer it over my LG BX too. Motion isn't on Sonys level but its fine most of the time. Think there are some sets with some bad motion though from what I've seen. I've had no issues when either turning off all motion processing or doing a custom setting. Turning off fast start does stop the SOE from coming back on by default everytime you start up the TV. Its a great TV and for $888 there is nothing even close that will be better. Its better than just about everything no matter the cost. I've tested the Q8 and was very disappointed with it. Hisense put all their effort into the Dual Cell. Every model had bad sets that need to be returned. If people knew the picture quality on the SX they'd be kicking themselves for not getting it

      • I disagree. I got the 55Q8 and I love it!!!! The image is stunning and the VIDAA menu seems quite good.

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      For same price I would go the SX anyday the colours are definitely better then the Q8. However in saying that the Q8 is a very good TV at this price.

      • -3

        Eh, i think you are in the minority with that view. The Q8 has a far superior picture to the SX.

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      They're pretty crap. There's a reason they got cleared out.
      The technology was never adopted and the motion handling was pretty poor.
      Good contrast but let down by the execution and energy usage (effectively running 2 panels)

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        Well you have to compare it to other TV's in this price range. Can you name a TV is better then this in the $900-1k mark? You go down a few hundred dollars we are now talking about Aldi level TVs. I would take this over Aldi anyday.

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          TCL are main competitor here. I chose TCL over Hisense due to the native Google TV interface which is much better IMO

        • I think what @BargainmMelbourne linked speaks for itself

          It's literally a pre-production model that they released to the public.

          Even Aldi doesn't perform this bad.

          • @Drakesy: I just recently got the SX mine for $888 deal and I haven't seen that yet.

    • Does anyone know if this has a base to stand on? Or is it purely a mountable tv

      • Yes has a stand as per photo

    • Counterpoint, I bought it at the 920 delivered and I really really like it.

      AMA about the TV I guess?

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    We'll SMS and email you as soon as your order is ready for collection at Adelaide Distribution Centre (646.85km away).

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      You gonna cross the Nullabor for a TV mate?

  • Why no delivery? Seems a bit stupid

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      Stupid would be JB if offering delivery on an item that's bulky, risky to ship while lots of people are going to happy to pick it up at that price anyway.

      • Not everyone lives near a JB Hifi to pickup (would be an hour and a half drive for me). And TVs get shipped all the time. Not expecting free delivery, just disappointing to not even have the option.

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          I get it and I wish there was a delivery option.

          I'm only saying it's reasonable for JB not to be bothered with shipping it if they assume it's going to sell out at that price anyway.

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          Delivery comes from their central warehouse locations that house their stock not the locations you visit.

          Hence no stock at their warehouse means no shipping option

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      I bought mine Sony X9000H couple of weeks ago online and delivery was not available so end up selecting C&C, then call the store and ask them to get it delivered. They did it for free the next day.

  • Few stores with availability in the lower GC

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    No stores within 200km of your location

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    Please note this is a completely different and vastly inferior TV to the one bearing the same name in Northern America (where most of the reviewers are located).

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      Check model number and try again. Hope this helps

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        The same applies to the 2020 models. Completely different TV to the one that bears the closest name in the US. Different operating system and panel. Mentioning this as a lot of people assume they're the same TV with different names per region.

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      As others have mentioned, this is only relevant for the 2021 models (U7G and U8G). The 2020 Q8 models are still VA. Hisense thought they could do something dodgy in non-US markets but we caught on quickly and now its coming back to bite them.

      • As I mentioned above: it's still a different OS and the screen brightness, motion, etc. is worse. The difference might not be as severe as in 2021, but it's still there and it's still very noticeable.

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    Hisense Tv's work great but I find the support terrible, they never seem to do firmware upgrades for smart component s once a new series comes out.

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    Note: pretty sure they just removed Plex from their app's available on this TV

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      can't imagine too many Plex users are using their TV's OS to run watch Plex. Famously poor performance on a TV's OS, regardless of brand.

      • I'm one of the not too many. I want my Plex app back :(

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        It's been flawless on my TV's Android OS

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        I think your comment is a bit outdated.
        Many people run Plex on their tv, on my Sony it's buttery smooth and can stream 80gb hdr rips with Atmos audio.

        • It may work well but certainly not as well as it would on a dedicated media server, particularly one such as a Shield Pro. 4k is not really possible without compromise if you are using your TV's OS (transcoding is essential without direct play and this is the compromise). For most, a TV's OS will be fine. My comment was under the pretense that Plex is more commonly used by people more fussy about their media.

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    Hisense Tv's are great! Good Bargain.

  • Seem 75" won't have stock anymore

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    This is unbelievable value. This TV is amazing. I've had it about a year now. Amazing blacks, bright screen. Yes the smart features aren't the best but who cares, I bought an Amazon Firestick so don't use them.

    Love the stand too - doesn't have a huge footprint.

    • Curious since I have the same TV - what does the firestick give you that the tv doesn't already have?

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        Standalone media devices are so much better, faster, less buggy, better supported, better variety of apps etc. I dont own a firestick but i have 4 android boxes.

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          Only because most TV's have their own crap OS's which never support the full range of available apps. TCL however is native Google TV. It does everything a media device does without the extra box, power point, and remote.

          • @1st-Amendment: It is certainly a big improvement and fine for most ppl, but thereare still some advantages, especially if you dabble with high bitrate local content and iptv its just easier. TV still lower spec or shared hardware, questionable wifi/ethernet depending on model, which can become particularly evident over time and is missing a few over top capabilities that a shield or appletv do. We actually take one of ours with us on long weekends/holidays incase we have extra downtime, very handy on a few occassions. But yes for a general user i agree with you for the most part.

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        Snappier, faster UI for one. More firmware updates.

        Apart from that both use Alexa, from what I know.

      • As has been said, loads fast, snappier response through the menus, more apps, firestick can sideload apps too. For $60 it's a great addition. Can also have the firestick remote learn the TV on/off and volume, so then I rarely use the TV remote unless I need to change source for some reason.

      • Yeah I got the same TV and use a chromecast. It's definitely faster than default apps on the TV. Maybe because the TV's wifi isn't all that great in terms of distance.

        • +1

          I have the 55Q8 and the built in DLNA player is pretty good, a lot better than samsung TVs which block half of the video codecs. I've found it does struggle if you want to watch really high quality files, 4GB+ per hour files it just kind of stops 3/4 the way through so if you download high quality stuff I'd defiantly recommend an external device, but if you are like me and you just download 1-2GB shows the inbuilt player seems to handle it fine.

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    Great picture but the worst operating system,cannot get apps like disney, apple and paramount etc

    • This is one of the tests where you can see the picture could be better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYtvehF9-Z8.

      The OS is certainly worse than Google TV or Fire, but I wouldn't be sure if it's the worst.

      The speakers aren't the worst, but probably not comparable to any external speakers.

  • Aren’t Hisense the other player together with TLC that for whatever reason practically all their half decent TVs they produce for the American market are gimped here in both spec and quality control.

    • +3

      Yes, but Hisense has become particularly worse of late. Definitely avoid their 2021 TVs. I say that owning 2 Hisense.

  • Great price! wait no in store pick up and no delivery but pick up from distribution centre that's over 150km away? At current fuel price….. I'll pass

  • This 2020 model Q8, or the 2021 model U7G?


    I'm actually looking to buy a new TV today! Thnaks

    • Q8.

      • +1

        They seem almost identical on specs sheet. Any particular reasons to purchase the Q8 over the U7G ?

        • +3

          Australian U7G has an IPS panel (better viewing angles, worse colour reproduction), while the Q8 has a VA panel (better colour reproduction, worse viewing angles). Most would prefer the latter because when you're at home, you won't be watching the TV from more than 45 degrees anyway

        • Cheaper, devil you know. I'm not sure it even has a VA panel, many of the 2021 have IPS panels which is not preferable for a TV. Almost everyone enthusiast wise is avoiding Hisense 2021 series. But by all means do your own research on whirlpool.

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    Wow 1/3 price of c1. Could have invested that 2k into crypto

    • Shiba?

      • Lol yes, wish I got more

    • Could have gambled that 2k into crypto


  • Just bought one, didn't have a TV before so no real comparrison point. Will be good to have one though. Cheers OP

    • You never owned a TV??? Bengax

    • +2

      This is going to be an awesome first TV then.

  • Just bought one, thanks!

  • +3

    Bought one too… lol…. at the advice of randoms on OzB

    Like everything else I buy. Just read the comments and users are bound to compare/contrast/review/argue, which provides me with the neccessary info to make an informed purchase. LOL

    • Lots of <3 4 U 2.

  • Looks like only available in store at:
    Oxley Home
    Harbour Town
    Pacific Fair Home

    or Click and Collect only from:
    Newcastle Distribution Centre

    • All sold out. Called both GC stores. Haven't even been in stock for a few months now..

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    MUDAFKA just got a call about 3 mins after making online order. All sold out in Brisbane. Absolutely no stock left - not even one….

    My online order was just cancelled…

    • Did you try Oxley?

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    i've had this one for a few months and i'm loving it.
    if you trawl through the past Q8 posts you'll find links to decent settings.

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    Got this about 5 months ago. Great price. Have been extremely happy with it - no complaints.

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    I decided to wait until this was less than $1000. The closest it came to was $1036. I waited. And the got sick of of waiting and bought x90j for $1999 🤪. Please tell me more. how bad is this TV.

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      Been using this for over a year and a half, pretty good tv. Great image quality. And OS is still snappy.

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    HDMI 2.1 ?

    • +1


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    Love it!

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