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Buy a $200 Smart eGift Card and Get a $10 Bonus Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee


Buy a $200 Smart eGift Card And get a $10 Bonus Smart eGift Card - All Can Be Swapped to places including Amazon, Bunnings, Coles, eBay

Offer ends 11:59pm AEST on 11.11.21, or when stock runs out, whichever is sooner. This offer is strictly limited to the first 2,000 customers only.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Ts&Cs apply.

The Promoter of this offer is Prezzee (ABN 16602963422) of 3/9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

This offer is subject to the following terms and conditions and will commence at 7:00pm AEST on Tuesday, 9th November, 2021 and finish at 11:59pm AEST on 11th November, 2021, or until stocks run out, whichever comes first.

To be eligible for the bonus AUD$10 Prezzee Click Frenzy Smart eGift Card you must purchase a specifically marked Prezzee Click Frenzy Smart eGift Card for AUD$200 of value or higher via the Prezzee website found at Prezzee.com.au and enter the required promotional code found on www.clickfrenzy.com.au

Your $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card will automatically be sent to the email address of the person purchasing the eGift Card, as a separate email within 3 hours.

This offer is strictly limited to the first 2,000 customers only. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST on 11.11.21, or when stock runs out, whichever is sooner.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is limited to one per person. If Prezzee determines a customer is using aliases, multiple accounts or multiple people are using the same payment method we reserve the right to cancel your purchases, gift delivery or account.

Prezzee reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice. This offer is not available to Prezzee Business customers.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • +11

    thanks OP. got 2x$10. must be their error.

    • Same here, thanks OP

    • Same. Says 1 lot of $10 at promo code area but it sends 2.

    • +1

      Nice one! I wasn’t going to bite at $10, but $20 got me.

    • All those with a partner are going to have fun :)

    • +3

      Same, but one of them went to junk, interesting. 5% is meh, but 10% is worth. (slightly less I know)

      • +1

        I was going to write the same, but didn’t want to get flamed 🔥 , lol

        • +2

          No shame in saying 4.76% discount isnt big enough to jump up and down over. I have thousands locked away in gift cards, so unless I'm getting a decent return, cash is king.

          • -1


            so unless I'm getting a decent return, cash is king.


          • @ATangk: There is difference between discount and bonus. 5% bonus on $200 or 4.76% discount on $220.

    • Thanks OP same :D

  • Code not valid?

    • Registered account or guest checkout?

    • Same thing was happening to me when I copied and pasted it.
      Try typing it in manually

    • I had same troubles. There is a click frenzy smart card not the regular smart card

  • -1

    Code not valid

    • Tried again and this was added after applying : Click Frenzy Bonus

      AUD $10.00

      Change Promo Code

    • I had same troubles. There is a click frenzy smart card not the regular smart card

  • +1

    Worked for me, got 2x $10.
    *Chrome Browser
    *Logged in as registered user
    *Paid AMEX (no paypal/gpay)
    *Added coupon code to promo area

  • Got 2x$10 as well.

    Thanks popsiee!

  • Thanks, the best way to bust some $250 Coles PMC.

    • Hey what’s PMC mean? Google told me nothing lol

      • +5

        Prepaid MasterCard? I have no idea, just guessing

        • +3

          Great guess, I found others using the terminology on older threads, and I’m pretty sure you are right! Thanks (:

          Edit* you are most definitely right, haha.

    • +1

      Hate the way people use useless acronyms then fail to clarify for others. Pre-paid MasterCard.

  • 2x$10 here as well
    Thanks popsiee

  • one per account?

  • Will they invalidate the second $10 GC?

    • +1

      Just spend it now

    • +1

      Already swapped to Amazon and redeemed.

      • Just bought but only received 1x $10 (paid with Paypal).

        Edit: Second one just came through, wow!

  • Getting code not valid, used on my registered account regularly used, any ideas?

    • Try to check out as guest

      • Still getting code not valid, tried incognito, tried using new email address and no luck

    • +1

      I had same troubles. There is a click frenzy smart card not the regular smart card

      • THIS

    • Click thru the OZB link and use the code. Doesn’t work thru normal login

  • 2x$10 for me too. Thanks OP :)

  • Nice, got 2 x $10 Smart Egift card here too. Thanks Op!

  • Only one $10 gift card received

  • Only $10 here

  • 2x bonus here as well. Weird as one was in the junk/spam box and the other wasn't. For those that received one, check your junk/spam box!

  • Only got $10 :(

  • I got 1x $10, and refreshed this deal seeing people now only commenting just the 1x too… Refreshed my email and boom, another one came through… Thanks OP!

  • Got 2x $10 thx op.

  • Can confirm I bought after the comments a few above this and got 2x $10.

  • Thanks OP, both $10 bonus cards came through! Registered a new account and then paid with PayPal.

  • Couldn't validate my billing details - anyone else get this error? I've purchased multiple times with the account and no issues before

    • Try paying with PayPal instead, I had the same issue and that seemed to work for me.

      • Lame didn't work with PayPal either. Error will probably get fixed by the time this gets fixed.

  • code not valid, tried both registered or guest.

    Update: The code is not working on app. It works with web browser.

  • Thanks OP, 2 x $10 makes it worthwhile!

  • Got 2x$10 too a minute ago, thanks OP

    Wish it was possible to combine card values in Prezzee, I have so many individual $10 Coles gift cards from the Shopback challenges…

  • Thanks op also got it twice 2 times 10$ for 200$

  • Only got 1

  • only got 1, is it coz didn't use that code?

  • Thanks OP, Got 2 x $10, registered as guest and paid using Google pay

  • Only got 1, been refreshing my email for 15 mins, nothing.

  • -1

    can we order two times with same account?

    • You don't need an account so I don't see why not. Just use a different email if you're worried.

  • +1

    Check your junk, my second $10 went there for some reason. Literally bought it 2 mins ago.

    • Thanks! Probably getting multiple emails at the same time.

  • Only got 1 as well. They probably fixed it?

    • Check junk as lithius said above.

      • Wasn't in my spam. Bought another one with a different email address and got 2 bonus emails straight away. Maybe didn't do something the first time.

  • 2 bonus $10 came instantly for me.

  • only one i got it.

  • Thanks 👍

  • +1

    panic bought without coupon!

    still got $10 though, so maybe the coupon is giving an extra $10?

    • Na I used coupon and only 1

      • In the junk mailbox maybe?

        • Na, checked that

      • +2

        I paid with Paypal and no coupon, $10 coupon
        Wife paid with CC and coupon, 2x $10 coupon

  • damn forgot coupon.. only got 1

  • Got two $10's too! Cheers!

  • 2x $10 (one is in junk)

  • For people who only got 1, check your email and see if you got email with title "Your Prezzee Order #AUxxxxx is confirmed"
    It looks like one $10 sent to you before order confirmation and another one after.
    It may be related to different payment method/credit card or prezzee order processing, another $10 may still come after you received order confirmation email.

    • Great point, I still haven't received my order confirmation email yet.

  • Got two!!!

  • +2

    Better swap the 10$ fast before they make one invalid

  • 2x bonuses too, found them in my junk mailbox.

  • Thanks op, got 2x $10 instantly

  • Thanks OP, got 2 instanly!!

  • Thanks OP, also got the 2 X $10 :)

  • Got 2 x $10, nice!

  • I feel deprived, only got 1x

  • Thanks OP

  • Got 2 instantly awesome. 10% extra!

  • Damn, been 5 minutes and still only got 1x $10. Nothing in junk :(

  • Only got 1 :( , damn

  • +1

    OMG.. forgot to use the promo code but still got 1 code.

    It must automatically give you 1 code, the promo code must give you a 2nd one.

    • +1

      I have a feeling the promotion that comes up on the pop up screen is a generic one for every >$200 purchase, and then as you said the code gives the second $10 bonus. Hence, double $10 is deliberate.

      • +1

        Yes, it is a smart move. Those who forgot code will still get a bonus. They will receive less complaint calls.

        • Could be reward feedback psychology stuff (I dont know what the proper term is). Feeling as if you've won extra hard when this was their original promotion, and it leads to more people buying gift cards due to the feedback.

  • Cheers OP, received 2 x $10 bonus with code just now.

  • Got two as well, cheers. I wonder if this means that only 1000 people will get them… otherwise someone's gonna have a painful morning tomorrow :P

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