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[VIC] OzBargain Meetup & Gaming Night $5: Free T-Shirts, Food & Unlimited Drinks fr. 6pm Thursday (Dec 9) @ Fortress (Melbourne)


OzBargain is turning 15 years old and to celebrate we are having meetups all over the country after a 1 year hiatus.

Update: Out of stock but if you join the waitlist, if there are cancellations, you will have a chance to grab a ticket.

Our Melbourne meetup will be at Fortress Melbourne @ Emporium (Lonsdale St. nr. Swanston St.) from 6pm Thursday (9/12) and is a gaming night. Fortress Melbourne is a two level gaming venue with arcade games, consoles, PCS, multiple bars & more. We have a section of The Tavern roped off for OzBargain which includes:

  • Free food:

    • Pizzas (Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Bianca, Margherita, Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken)
    • Snack Packs (Mac n’ cheese orbs w/ shoestring fries, Rustic beef meatballs w/ shoestring fries, Buttermilk popcorn chicken w/ shoestring fries, Cheesy shroom balls w/ shoestring fries)
  • Free unlimited soft drinks & juice.

  • Free OzBargain t-shirt.
  • Free unlimited use of Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, and board games. Console List
  • Free Not a Bot virtual badge.
  • Free nametag.
  • Free Meet & Greet with Scotty!

Due to capacity limits, handling catering etc., we need to not have 100+ people like 2019 but also on the other end not a bunch of no shows. We've setup an Eventbrite with a nominal $5 fee (Similar to 2012's meetup) which will capture your username & t-shirt size. When you head to the Tavern, Scotty & I will be checking people in via the Eventbrite app which hopefully will make handing out t-shirts easier. After you have attended, feel free to put in a refund request and we'll refund you the $5. No issues as Eventbrite takes the money either way ($1.67/ticket).

All attendees are required to have an OzBargain account.

RRP is ~$41 if you are wondering.

The venue is huge with games spread out over 2 floors so if you need to have some space, you can always walk somewhere else in the venue.


  • Put your size request when you purchase your ticket.
  • Sizing. See Gildan's site.

FAQ (updated as people ask questions):

Q: Soft drinks are great but can I have a beer/wine/tequila shot?

A: Yes, drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Q: Why is the meetup not free?

A: According to the Internet which is always right, if you don't charge for an event ~50% of attendees will not show/cancel. If a small fee is involved, this number drops to 20-30%. We've run events where they were free and there were a lot of cancellations/no shows. Not only does this screw everything up with organizing the venue but also makes it difficult to cater for food.

Q: Can family/partners/friends attend?

A: Each person can buy 2 tickets but everyone needs to have an OzBargain account.

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: There is no age limit.

Q: Do I have to be identified or can I attend anonymously?

A: Eventbrite captures your first and last name however you can put in any name to want. So first name Tight, Last Name Arse is fine. :)

Q: Will there be meetups in other cities?

A: Yes, see meetups below.

Q: Where can I park?

A: See $5 Parking. The Strand next door is your best bet.

Q: Can I pay at the door?

A: No, this is a cash-free event.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Yes.

For people in other locations, we need your feedback and/or confirmations.

Date Time State Location Organiser
Sat 27 Nov 6PM NSW Bar Luca, Sydney Cancelled Levity
Wed 1 Dec 6:30PM NSW Baby Rey's Burgers, Marrickville cerealsmok3r
Thu 2 Dec 6PM NSW Pamana, Chatswood dust
Sun 5 Dec 12PM NSW Sultan's Table Turkish Restaurant, Newtown cerealsmok3r
Mon 6 Dec 5:30PM QLD Seasons Buffet, Gold Coast Cancelled eman resu
Thu 9 Dec 6PM NSW Red Cow Hotel, Penrith 11
Thu 9 Dec 6PM VIC Fortress Melbourne neil
Thu 9 Dec 6PM QLD Auckland House, Gladstone PrinceHarry
Sat 11 Dec 12PM QLD Big Roddy's Rippin' Rib Shack, Fortitude Valley stickyfingers
Sat 11 Dec TBA WA TBA, Perth Cancelled Dungeon Master
Mon 13 Dec 6:30PM NSW Din Tai Fung, Miranda concento
Wed 15 Dec 6:30PM NSW Hansang, Strathfield imposter
Fri 17 Dec 6PM SA TBA, Adelaide clearview
Sun 19 Dec 1PM WA Chimek, Northbridge mmd
TBA TBA TAS TBA, Northern Tasmania Chazzozz

Annual OzBargain Members Meet up (2021)

TL;DR: Just buy a ticket for Dec 9 meetup at Fortress Melbourne for free food, drinks & t-shirts.

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  • Entrance is via Emporium. Escalators to the basement. Back left of tavern with the green Veeam finger


  • +3

    Unlimited soft drinks <3

  • +65

    Can we meet JV there?

  • +8

    Free food and drinks to Ozbargainers?

    Good luck..

    • I just hope that when the dust clears there aren't too many casualties.

  • +2

    any free eneloops as well?

  • +1

    Does this include access to the arcade alley?

    • You can access whatever you want but you'll have to pay for arcade alley games. They just got in a new game from Japan, completely in Japanese (no English) which is supposed to be very cool to play (think Mario Party).

      • like bishi bashi?

        • +1

          Got mad love for bishi bashi

        • +3

          Bishi Bashi and Taiko no Tatsujin are new additions to the arcade.

  • +1

    Not even the people who run OZB can get their hands on a next gen console!

  • +7

    @OP no love (food) for vego/vegans?

    • +7

      Margherita pizza, Cheesy shroom balls w/ shoestring fries

      Vegan, if you let me know, I can let the venue know to put out a vegan option.

    • +1

      Unlimited free juice.

      • +12

        Have you seen juice prices lately. This is the real bargain!

        • +12

          Can we fill in big bottles and take home ?

  • +4

    No SA event?

    What's the protocol? Hard to find a venue that'll facilitate a virtually zero fee, but can hijack a venue if people a keen (i.e. highway beer garden on anzac)

  • I unfortunately have a work event on the 9th so wont be able to attend :(
    Is there any way I can purchase an OzB T-shirt and pick it up at a later date?

    • +2

      Maybe ask Broden to save you one

    • Try and attend or organise another meetup you will get a shirt

      • some have tried and failed

  • Can I get a preview photo of the Ozbargain t-shirt? :)

  • +1

    In true OzBargain fashion, if it's $5 entry, the shirts are not "FREE".

    • You can apply for a $5 refund if you attend

    • +7

      100% cashback via refund.

      • +5

        oh my god, why. i was joking.

  • +3

    Nice. The ticketing system sounds like a good idea to get confirmed attendees.

    • Especially considering limited capacity

  • +1

    If the borders were open for non-essential travel I would so come and bring prizes. I owe neil one after ditching Melbourne for Sydney years ago. Or if it was in January when I'll be living in VIC lol.

    • The bordered are open for non-essential travel

      • Do you know what state I live in?

        • You said you moved to Sydney. No I don't know. Sorry for your situation.

          • @itsross: You may have misunderstood as I don't live in Sydney. Though the tale of how I got to that Sydney meetup on the only flight out of my state due to wild weather is quite the story.

            Borders reopen on the 15th without quarantine ;)

        • Do you know what state I live in?

          Quite a state I imagine.

  • +1

    Any cashback on tickets ? 🧐

    • +1

      100% cashback via refund.

  • +1

    Damn I'd love to go to this, been wanting to go to Fortress for a while. Might try and come…

  • Alcohol free event?

    • +1

      FAQ (updated as people ask questions):

      Q: Soft drinks are great but can I have a beer/wine/tequila shot?

      A: Yes, drinks can be purchased from the bar.

  • none for WA?

    • +2

      Organise something and let us know in the meetup thread.

  • +1

    Thanks for organising this. Been meaning to check out Fortress.

  • +2

    What's the normal price?

    • +3

      RRP is ~$41.

  • Get to the chopper !

  • +3

    I’m in If JV’s coming

  • +1

    TryBooking might be cheaper fees-wise than Eventbrite for ticketing in the future (disclaimer: my former employer).

    • I've also heard good things about Square as an option, it depends on the numbers of people attending but Eventbrite takes a set amount of cash while Square only takes a percentage IIRC.

  • +1

    Are vaccination certificates required? (Please say yes, for the drama)

    • They would definitely be required to enter the venue (for all persons 12+) regardless of any specific OzB requirements.

      • is that confirmed the sitch in vic?

        • Yes, definitely required. How strongly the venue enforces it is case by case

    • You'll need to check-in at the entrances with security of the venue like every other restaurant & bar in Victoria. Nothing to do with us. We only need the Eventbrite QR code to check you in with t-shirts and attendance.

    • +11

      The nsw ones will very likely require them because they're before Dec 15 and it'll be a venue requirement if we're still under 95% double vaxxed for those aged 16+. No idea about Vic's rules (can scarcely keep up my own state's ever-changing rules, let alone anyone else's).

      I would have thought from a bargain perspective that a free vaccine in a pandemic + likely avoiding all the costs and lost time and wages + not using sick leave + the bonus levels it unlocks (like this activity, international travel, interstate travel, etc) + reduced chance of spreading to friends & family, made vaccination a clear and unambiguous automatic plus vote for bargain hunters?

  • +5

    Can I attend remotely?

  • Will this be better than Dashcon?

    • Better even than fyre festival

  • +2

    Any Cashrewards offers for this deal?

  • +1

    do we have an event in Brisbane ?

    • Not yet. Organise something and let us know in the meetup thread.

  • +9

    Any chick going or will it be a sausage fest ?

    • +3

      Judging from previous photos, most likely sausages instead tacos.

    • 1 chick @jv

  • +2

    Can I just pay and come to collect my T-Shirt?

    • +2

      Yes, click & collect is fine. Come in and we'll check you off on the app, all good.

  • +1

    Can we access the gaming pcs? Or we have to pay ourselves?

    • You'll have to pay yourselves.

  • Is the tshirt in bright orange?

    Also what is the capacity?

    Thanks for organizing.

    • +1

      Is the tshirt in bright orange?


      Also what is the capacity?

      T-shirt or venue?

      T-Shirt sizing
      Venue size: Our roped off area max is 50. The tavern max is (130 seated, 400 standing) 530.

      Arena is 600 people, Sports Bar 100, The Hall 360.. etc.

  • +2

    Who is Bianca and is she ok with this feeding frenzy?

    • +2

      I couldn't get on the invite list.

  • +2

    Not keen on gatherings still but as I will be leaving Aus soon I should drop by and thank you guys for the last 10+ years of bargains/unneeded spending.

    • +2

      Sorry to hear. As I said, the venue is huge and if anyone is not comfortable with it getting too crowded you can easily move to an emptier spot in the tavern or venue to play some video games or walk around Emporium (meh).

  • -2

    Suggestion to the organiser: Can we increase the price of ticket to $50 instead? This is to separate the bargain hunters from the insufferable-tight-arses-who-are-willing-to-walk-5kms-to-save-5-cents type of people. Bargain hunting should be about getting the best value for your hard earned dollar (fiscally responsible), not about being a bloody miserable cheap arse.

    Also - this means we could have a free flow alcohol at the bar. We could finally have a drink-till-you-drop kind of meetup.

    • +1

      Did you read the description? You can ask for refund after attending the event.

    • +1

      More like to separate the insufferable-I'm-a-better-bargain-hunter-not-a-cheap-arse-ozbargainers from the rest of us bargain hunters

    • Pretty sure they're not going to be able to enjoy themselves if it's packed with Ozbargainers with drinking problems.

    • +1

      Can we make it $500? I fancy Dom Pérignon and truffles.

  • What kind of drinks?

    I think I went to the first Meetup back in the day haha

    This is a nice thing to do and good idea doing it via event Brite. We all signup for the freebies but half the time we are distracted by another freebie down the road hahha

    Seriously tho happy bday ozbargain.

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