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2 Months Free on nbn Plans (50/20 - 100/40), First 6 Months 50% off for Fixed Wireless (New Customers) @ Swoop Broadband


As the title says,
All Most nbn plans except 25, 250 and 1000 are free for the first two months. Including the 1000/50. These are month to month plans, no contract. Minimum cost $0.
Fixed Wirless is %50 off for the first 6 months and then full price. These are a 12 month contract. Minimum cost starts at $433.20.
New customers only.

Been with them for a few years (use to be DCSI) and always been happy. Never had a problem with congestion during peak times. Support have always been helpful, I like that if there might be a problem with your router they will send you one to do tests with. Get great speeds, right now Im downing from my box in france at 6.4 MB/s (Im on 50/20 NBN and live in Adelaide).

Prices AFTER discount ends are…..

Fixed Wireless (%50 off these prices for the first 6 months on 12 month contract)
30/10 $69
60/20 $79
120/20 $89
150/20 $99

NBN (first 2 months free)
50/20 $79
100/20 $99
100/40 $109
250/25 $129 Has been removed since the initial posting
1000/50 $149 Has been removed since the initial posting

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Damn! Nice deal.

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    great deal for 2 months, isn't it expensive after 2 months ?

    • +7

      A little expensive after 2 months compared with let's say Superloop. Meh, I'll stay where I am, can't be bothered for 2 months.
      If their ongoing rate was okay I'd do it.
      Gotta remember also, just because it's on an NBN 100/20, 100/40, 250/25 or 1000/50 doesn't mean you'll get anywhere near these speeds if they haven't bought enough CVC, AKA not all NBN providers are equal.

        • +14

          I agree, your comment is boring.

    • Well if you stay for the requisite six months to then move somewhere else, the 100/20 plan is $66 per month. Not bad.

      • 50% off only for fixed wireless

  • Wow good deal! I pay $89 a month for 100/20 with TPG, swoops same plan is $99 but with the 2 months free that offsets the $10 per month easily until I churn out! Thanks OP

  • +2

    How easy is it to cancel after 2 month?

    • +9

      They’ll demand your kidney.

    • You just sign up with another provider and it’s ported over. You don’t even need to deal with the current provider.

      • +2

        FttP (and FW I believe) don't involve a port. They'll simply enable the second port on the NTD.

        • +2

          Unless it's Exetel then they'll just churn the service and not have any warning… They have a weird sign up process for FTTP and don't even give you a heads up.

    • Hi Bennie. To cancel, you just need to notify us that you wish to cancel the service and confirm the final date. You can do that by email or by calling us. There are no exit fees.

  • +2

    stuck at spinning wheel…

    • Same. Have you managed to resolve this issue?

      • I use my phone browser and not put payment info

        • Thanks I got it

  • +1

    Credit check? Or what’s the catch ?

    • It's a 12 month minimum contract

      • +1

        For fixed wirless, not on nbn landline.

        • Ah, I missed that, cheers! Does seem risky for them to do it with 2 months free then…

          • @TimR31: I know right? Especially on 1000/50. If nothing else this could get them great exposure (most people dont know they exist) and reviews, but at what cost.

            • @PAEz: I got a feeling they're gonna change the terms and conditions cause it seems unfair, they won't honour it but come back with a reasonable statement.

              • @PeeDee: Southern Phone gave away two months recently. I used it. Cancelled after two months. No problems at all. Others have given away one or three months in the past. It's just a promotional thing.

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    Never heard of them and the reviews look pretty botty, anyone have any experience?

    • Company looks legit and I can't go wrong with no set up costs so I took the plunge.

      • Did you receive a confirmation email?

        Because the website had some issues when I was signing up a couple of hours ago and my order might not have gone through.

        • I have not no.

        • Yes, that was pretty odd. No SMS or email.

          • @Skylex: Fttp usually takes 15mins to connect

            • @Homr: Not connected either, but not even a confirmation email or SMS. The last one I joined sent ten emails in the first few days.

              • @Skylex: I just signed up, lets see how I go

                I'm on FTTP

                • @Homr: Sure, let us know. I'm on FTTP too. Still have an active connection on port 1, but I tried 2 and it wasn't active.

                  • @Skylex: Quick question, what happens if you have 2 active connections in both Uni port 1 and 2, and both have ethernet cables connected to the router?

                    If one service disconnects, will the router automatically use whichever uni d port is active?

                    • @Homr: I've never tried, but from what I understand, they both work if they're both 100Mbps or lower. You can only have one active and working Gb connection though.

                      And yes, if only one is connected, that should be the one that is active.

                      • @Skylex: I'm currently on Superloop 250/20, what will happen when my Swoop 1000/50 connection connects?

                        • @Homr: You can only have one active at a time, so only one plugged in and working. You'll have to remove the 250 cable to get the Gb to work.

        • I expect you'll receive a response tomorrow as we catch up, as we've had a strong response to the offer. If you don't hear from us tomorrow, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

  • Is it possible to assign a connection date?

    • same question here. how soon does everyone got connected after signing up?

      • It's been a couple (~3:00pm) of hours for me, I'd assume it would take a couple of days.

    • I was able to state for the NBN plan that I don't want to connect before a certain date.

      • and they did what you told?

        • TBC. I'm only signing up now

      • I don't seem to get this option. Is yours a new connection or churn?

        • Same, I didn't see how to sign up at a future date either.

        • It was a new connection

  • Great deal, thanks mate!

    Seems like no option for a later start date, but the price is right :-)

  • Signed up but no confirmation email, yet.

  • How fast is their switch? Currently with ABB

    • Usually a couple of hours to complete a churn but it can take up to 48 hours (during business hours)

    • I signed up before the deal was posted and I'm still waiting. But, why don't you just order it and wait?

    • Orders are processed Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. You should see your order go through tomorrow.

      • Awesome. Cancelled my ABB and jumped over. Hopefully you can get it connected fast.

      • how to book for a date in next month?

  • Oh what!! Offer ends 29 Nov!

    Hmmm…Needa go away and do my maths…

    • Anything multiply by 0 is 0. It's free.

  • Sorry if it's a dumb question. But I've recently moved to a regional town and it's my first time in regional. At my place all providers are offering nbn25 fixed wireless. They are saying that it's the limit from nbn. But Swoop is offering higer speed on wireless i.e. 75/10 for my place. Is it legit?

    • +1

      Yes it's legit.
      But YMMV on speed, but should be better than 25 cap at least

    • +1

      nar not dumb, they're pretty vague, maybe deliberately vague if you ask me.

      Look at the min one month price, minimum cost over 1 month $433.50. Plus it says it will install something on your property. So its not using NBN wireless. It's adding something else, and it looks like its charging you.

      edit, just read its 12m contract.

    • We offer NBN Fixed Wireless Plus, which is capped at a maximum of 75Mbps but is described by NBN as a "best efforts service" so it may max out at a lower speed and still be considered by NBN to be working within expectations.

      Our own fixed wireless is on our own network and is available up to 150/20 in selected areas. If you check your address on our website, it will let you know if you're in our service area (currently most of West Gippsland, Pakenham/Officer and Geelong in Vic).

    • People would pay for 50 or 75, and only get 40. They would then complain. Solution? Don't offer higher speeds.

  • +1

    Just a side note (for AdGuard Home & PiHole users) the Energized filter breaks most images/functionality on Swoop website. I will be raising it with list maintainer.

    Whitelisting these resolved issues


  • Thanks OP!

  • Is their Everyday Router for $160 a good deal?
    Not sure what I need to get here, new to NBN.

  • Did anyone receive a confirmation email yet?

    • +1

      Nope not yet

      • any update on this?

        • +1

          Still nothing

    • +1

      Order processing will resume from 9am tomorrow. Confirmation emails should come through after that time.

      • @swoopCarol any update on this? 11:19 and people still not receiving confirmation mail.
        I was about to cancel my Aussie connection though put on hold as there is no future date request, i need to connect after 10 days and people are not getting any confirmation mail.

        • There's several days of order processing, I'm told. Sorry for the delay, but demand exceeded expectations.

          • @SwoopCarol: When will they finish processing?

            I'm moving shortly and can't afford to have no internet

  • I am with SL now - can I opt for this and go back to SL after 2 mths?

    • I would like this know this too. This is a good opportunity for me to trial the 1000/50

    • +1

      You can join Superloop at any time but you will not get the discount with them. If you are after the discount with SL, then you have to wait 12 months before it is considered as new customer again.

      1. Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six (6) month
        discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

      From their CIS off any speed plan you're after, I will just give you the 100/40 as a example - https://www.superloop.com/documents/legal/SuperloopHomeBroad...

  • +2

    Just to clarify, will I be able to downgrade to a smaller plan after the first two months?

    • +1

      For the NBN plans? Sure why not?

    • +1

      You can downgrade on the first of the month, or upgrade at any time.

  • Is there credit checks?

    • If you are signing up for a contract, we will do a credit assessment.

      • So is there credit checks for the nbn month to month plan?

        • No credit check on month to month. Only on 12 months contract which I believe they are talking about SwOop Fixed Wireless & NBN Fixed Wireless that have 12 months contract.

  • anyone on FTTP connected yet?

    • No, still don't have confirmation email from about 9 hours ago.

      • hrmm that sucks, when I joined up with Superloop on FTTP it took 15mins from sign up

        • We process orders between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri. You should expect to receive a response tomorrow.

  • Ohhf why didn’t post those deal on Black Friday… So can I set a connection date that is 1 month later? Seems no available option for setting connection date?

  • Thanks OP. Signed up to tru the fastest plan :)

    • are you on FTTP or FTTN?

      • I am on FTTP.
        Strangely, I haven't received any confirmation mail yet. :(

        • Perfect start with these guys, not even a confirmation email.

  • Did anyone receive any sort of confirmation since joining?

    • Not me - joined this morning - 8am.

      • +1

        I joined yesterday and nothing so far.

    • I submitted 16 hours ago and still no email. They must be processing these requests manually I'd assume.

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