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[Pre Order] VivaDiag 25 Pack Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test $247.50 ($9.90/Ea) Delivered @ Werko


This appears to be the cheapest online on a $ per unit basis

Pre Order – ETA For Dispatch 12 January

Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Cassette Nasal Swab
25 Tests Per Pack

ARTG number: 348890
For Professional Use Only

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  • +43

    Is this the new toilet paper?

    • +3

      Yes smooothhhh on your asss

    • +16

      The new hand sanitiser, where every 2 bit schmuck is spruiking their product at a jacked price to capitalise on people desperation and uncertainty

      • +18

        yet Scummo has done nothing about it, wonder if our politicians have bought heaps of shares from these companies or worst is they have invested in stock themselves to ka-ching in

        • +35


          Morrison/the Liberals are responsible for the biggest policy failures in Australian government history.

          In 2020, it was quarantine and corruption scandals. In 2021, it was vaccines and running away during the devastating bushfires. In 2022, it's set to be rapid tests.

          These tests are completely free for everyone in the UK.


          Morrison and the Liberals have a history of refusing to act before a crisis occurs

          • +41


            Morrison and the Liberals have a history of refusing to act before a crisis occurs

            To be fair, that's only partially correct. They don't act during or afterwards either…

          • -13

            @arcticmonkey: They are not FREE - somebody pays.

            • +11

              @Ozitravel: Yeah that's what governments are for - providing public services like hospitals and health care using taxpayer dollars.

              That's why we pay taxes Duh!

              • -1

                @FitzChivalry Farseer: Used to be that way, but tax is now just a control mechanism. We no longer need tax dollars for services. Most of this spending comes straight out the cash minter.
                Look up Lukenomics.. he explains it pretty well.

          • @arcticmonkey: Parties are made up of the kind of people that want to be politicians… when that's considered, it's no wonder we have these issues.

            I don't discriminate - one way or another it's going to suck… it just depends how hard.

  • +18

    Thought these where meant to be free?

    • +67

      Not if Gerry Harvey and scumbag scomo got anything to do with it. Gotta protect them retailer profits don’t you know.

      • +9

        Well they should be

        Take a whole lot of stress and work from both the testing places and the labs processing the results

          • +21

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Or we could just vote the LNP out. They shouldn't have got in last time but whatever.

            If they get back in again I am going to live in NZ

            • +1

              @Korban Dallas: Easier if you have a criminal background and are an NZ Citizen.

              Take the free flight.

        • +2

          User avatar does not check out.

      • +5

        Close contact tests are free. I'm not sure why travel/cautious testing should be free? Ultimately we (taxpayers) would still pay for them.

        Also where did Gerry come into this lol?

        I'm genuinely curious lol.

        • +5

          Because the reason to get tested is so you know not to spread it around? (The main benefit is to society)

          It probably doesn't help someone with (or without) covid just knowing whether they have covid.

          • +7

            @Avatar: That's why close contacts are free. And if you're showing symptoms, you can get tested too.

            But free testing for travel reasons? About 60mil people travelled before covid per year, at $10 that's $600mil. Would rather that half billion go into hospitals, for people that maybe can't afford it, than subsidising travel.

            • +1

              @incipient: I agree with the travel but that could be recuperated with, for example, an airport tax that includes the cost of the antigen tests

        • +3

          Gerry is selling Rapid Antigen Tests.

          • +7

            @Twix: At this rate we will be able to buy lounges from Chemist Warehouse.

          • +3

            @Twix: They have Sold out already.

        • +26

          Via abc

          ‘ Scott Morrison says providing free rapid test kits would undercut retailers’

          Gerry who not only fked the tax payers with job keeper rort is now back for more, selling RAT kits (DO YOU WANT TO CONSIDER PRODUCT CARE A SPARE MEMORY CARD, MONSTER HDMI CABLE, AND MAYBE AN OEM ANTIVIRUS SUB SOLD AT FULL RRP?)

          • +1

            @Jimothy Wongingtons: That was in the context of giving pharmacies etc the confidence to buy 50,000 tests, without worrying the govt would give them free and leave the pharmacy holding half a million dollars of useless stock.

            People that need to be tested (close contacts and showing symptoms) can still get free tests I believe?

            • +4

              @incipient: Not in Victoria, they can’t.

              I know of many people who are household contacts of positive cases and when they went for their PCR they were not given any rapid tests for day 6. We had to go and find some for a friend just so they had their day 6 test.

            • +1

              @incipient: Ok that’s prob fair - buttttt

              Can we stop and think for a sec, how did Harvey know RATs demand would be through the roof with short supplies and a government leaning to pushing no free RATS (unless you had been in contact, possibly) over PCR? Definitely was a coincidence right, definitely old mate moving heaven and hell to help the common Aussie.

        • +3

          they want to fine $4000 for not testing on travel entry into qld , whilst not providing the kit for traveler , yet no RAT kit available anywhere to be seen ?

          how to go home ?

          • @phunkydude: Have a mate in this exact situation. You just need to tick a box to say you have done one. He has no symptoms whatsoever, so a RAT test wouldn't show anything. Might need to produce a receipt, so hang on to it if you get one.

        • +6

          I don't want to pay $10 billion a year in subsidies to fossil fuel with tax payer money yet here we are. I'd happily trade that money to free tests. Cheers.

          • +2

            @baz3189: Ah yes because if we're doing one nonsense subsidy, let's do more? That doesn't make much sense.

            • +8

              @incipient: Not more, the same number, scrap fossil fuel subsidies and use the savings to fund tests. Just pointing out that cost is irrelevant when it goes to their mates but if it's the common scum, the government's purse suddenly runs dry.
              I think they should be rebated via Medicare and limited in what you can obtain. If you need more than that for XYZ then you either pay for them or your company does if it's a work requirement. It's something a good government with competent leadership could solve so it isn't gonna happen.

        • +4

          Because the close contact definitions were tightened by Morrison and the National Cabinet a few days ago NOT because of health advice but to reduce pressure at government run testing stations as this virus runs rampant.

          Forcing people to buy their own tests to protect them and their vulnerable loved ones.

          The advice on Federal and State health websites is still the same as it has always been:

          "Individuals, including those who are vaccinated, can show no symptoms but still carry the virus and may transmit it to others."

          That's why RATs should be provided free of charge!

          For public health reasons and to protect others.

          • +1

            @FitzChivalry Farseer: And those without symptoms or are not close contacts should use these not clog the line for the other test .
            Wow I think I'm in front of the Govt's for efficiency already .

            • +2

              @popsiee: Covid is running rampant because stupid Governments opened state borders and reduced restrictions in the face of a new Omicron variant they knew nothing about at the time.

              Forcing people to buy their own tests to protect them and their vulnerable loved ones.

              So how the heck do people know if they are positive for covid if they have little or no symptoms and are banned from State testing centres under the new rules?

              They use the RATs and test at home that's how.

              That's why RATs should have been provided free of charge - like in many other civilised countries.

              Instead of letting parasites in the private sector hoard and price gouge.

              • @FitzChivalry Farseer: "So how the heck do people know if they are positive for covid if they have little or no symptoms"

                A PCR test is the ONLY way in this situation. A RAT test is not meant for this situation.

        • Because we all need to be reminded that gerry should eat faeces at every opportunity. His legacy will be a crap stain in the book of history

      • +3

        Gerryatric Harvey

    • +1

      free if you are living with someone confirmed infected

      • +1

        If you're a "close contact" I believe?

        • +8

          yes , only if living in same house

          the lady you shag with at workplace doesn't count

        • Ahh that's why they changed the definition of it to something so f***ing stupid

    • +6

      Free if you face the testing queues, which is ridiculous.

    • +3

      nope, private quarantine too now, contracts went to scomos mates.

  • Will be free this week for sure.

    • +12

      Scomo disapproves

    • +1

      Federal level no, but some states are offering it for free.

      • +2

        free if you are living with someone confirmed infected

      • +6

        probably not in nsw. the premier is scomo's dog

      • +1

        Yeah. And they say they make decisions based on health advice. Then see how blue states and red states differ in their policies.

  • Store in title.

  • +10

    So I wear this test on my face as per the thumbnail?

    The people (including Chemist Warehouse) profiteering on these things sh*t me to tears. In the case of Chemist Warehouse, the did it with disposable masks when there was a rush on those also.

    I know it's market forces, if they are too expensive, don't buy them, the price will go down, etc, etc. But it really grinds my gears.

    • +1

      what about someone that need them for travel to qld ?

      fake it ?

      • what about someone that need them for travel to qld ?

        fake it ?

        I wasn't suggesting anything like that in my comment.

        If anything your comment about people needing tests to travel backs up my point that people selling these tests shouldn't be profiteering from them and also people should do their market research before heading down to one of said retailers.

        I understand some people don't have a choice and my need to purchase tests. But I'm also not up on the latest restrictions. Is it just possible to just get one of the Medicare paid for PCR tests or whatever?

      • You can probably buy used ones in ebay.
        Otherwise just like a cane toad.

        But them southern foreigners & their questionable hygene habits, can stay away from The country of Queensland….we have our coal to keep us going..Mmm tasty tasty coal.

    • +1

      It's all structured pricing, eg 5k tests roughly $9 a test, 25k tests roughly $8 a test, 50k tests roughly $7 a test and so on.
      It's not the retailers or wholesalers ripping people off, its the Australian sponsors/importers.
      They are paying roughly $2-$3 landed but then structure the pricing to the chemists and wholesalers dependant on quantity purchased per order.
      The price here is actually a good price as RRP is ment to be $17 a test, and werko is a decent wholesaler and probably only making 10% a test (depending on quantity purchased in their last order).

    • -1
    • +3

      one reason why i wont shop at chemist warehouse and support my local pharmacy who didnt jack up prices for RATs and even disposable masks during the peak

      • +1

        my local pharmacy was a pharmacy 777 who were flogging little bottles of hand sanitisers for $20 and single-use masks for $10 each. screw those maggots.

        • Havent heard of pharmacy 777 but sounds like a chain that could get directed by head office to set prices. Im talking about local independent pharmacies which gives good advice and support rather than just being a dispensing factory

          Once you find the right local pharmacy you'll be right

          • @mrshorty: yes, 777 are a chain. in mine and neighbouring suburbs, all you see are pharmacy chains.

  • Why the thumbnail is the mask?

    • I can't change the thumbnail, maybe a mod can help?

  • Usually does this has any expiry date?

    • Yes. Mine was one year from manufacturing date.

  • +9

    So when will the entire UK population put these on eBay to sell to Australia…

  • +15

    ozbargain should ban all deals on RATs until further notice

  • OzRipoff

  • +3

    I don't get it…. what's the point of testing when hospitals have no capability to take care… or even give medicine to you? to know what you are died from?

    • +2

      But at least ScoMo and Parrotee have reassured us that it's a milder and less severe form of death.

    • It's so people can travel and cross the borders. Not really for hospitals but for governments.

  • +1


    Just check out these reviews before you buy is my suggestion…

    • +1

      By comparison, Amazon.com.au has 1.9 stars - https://au.trustpilot.com/review/amazon.com.au. Let's be wary about buying from them too

      • Well I have had plenty of experience with Amazon.

        However, I have never heard of Werko before. I try to avoid buying from a group I haven't heard from having been burnt in the past. If you know that this group is trustworthy then that's good.

        The Google reviews of Werko Australia are certainly more positive on the whole with a 4.1/5 rating from 77 reviews. However the 17 1 star reviews show that at least a proportion of the customers weren't happy.

        Hopefully everyone that does buy from them is successful.

    • +1

      This previously posted deal got negged down the rabbit hole due to some bad reviews, but this one passes the pub test it seems

    • +2

      Trustpilot is dogshit. It's like the AU version of BBB.

      • Not sure why you say that about Trustpilot. Far as i know its like any other review site - hit and miss, with probably a dash of sock puppetry and a few beat ups. But if you don't know a brand personally - review sites or other peoples experiences are pretty much all you have to go by, where do you get your reviews? Also never heard of BBB.

    • Disgusting experience with this scam of a company. I ordered surgical masks in March 23 and was charged 550 dollars .

      Hehe this guy certainly picked the top of the market :)

  • Both the Federal and State Gov wiped out most test kits currently on the market as well as their allocations for the next few weeks. Almost everyone on the TGA registrar got a call from them last week lol.

  • Are these on the approved list for Australia?

    • +2

      I checked this earlier before buying. Yes, I think they are - https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-rapid-antigen-self-tests-are..., see "LYHER Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Antigen Test Kit (colloidal Gold) Self-Test"

      • Thanks, nice detective work

      • I would caution, the ARTG code doesn't match the LYHER row? Or can someone else please explain this to me?
        The website states ARTG number: 348890 but on the TGA for LYHER their ARTG is 374507.

        • Yea, true! I thought the ARTG should be the same to be part of the 'approved' list?

    • Also, site says these are for professional use only, so presumably not suitable for home testing.

      • +3

        The professional and home version are identical product.
        The only difference is the instructions provided.
        With the professional version it usually only comes with 1 card for a bulk box, where as the home or retail version has the instructions with each test/package

        • @pkdelaney thanks

      • +2

        for professional use

        So ozbargainers only.

        • +3

          Yes, according to Gerry

  • +1

    Who in the hell would pay $88 for 1 hehe : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334277239086?hash=item4dd479e12e...

    • I would be expecting the 20 on the last picture or false advertising.

      Probably put 8s in the numbers to mean lucky, whether that is lucky to get the 'rona or not get the 'rona is the question.

  • What's in place to ensure that the RAT users (the same population who needs to ask questions like Do You Need to be an Electrician to Change Light Bulbs? ) follow instructions correctly to avoid false negatives?

    • So we ban electricians from taking RAT tests?

  • FYI
    These are not for self testing.
    These are used by Professionals only like aged care, nurses, Doctors etc.

    • +1

      Please don't insult me I'm Dr Donk Buddy !

    • what's the difference between the professional one vs amateur home usage one? genuine question

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