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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $49 (OOS), Nest Mini $29, Nest Audio $74 (OOS), Nest Hub Max $249 Delivered @ Telstra


Edit: It started an hour early!

Nest Hub 2nd Gen $49 Sold Out
Nest Hub Max $249
Nest Audio $74 Sold Out
Nest Mini $29
All Google accessories

Yes, you need a Telstra ID. If you don't have one, a $10 prepaid SIM will work. You can also use your Boost number.

Update: Looks like you can check out as guest, no Telstra ID required.

Cheapest price ever for the Nest Hub Gen 2!

This is the 7" model without camera. You can use it for things like setting kitchen timers by voice, following recipes, watching YouTube, playing music, controlling your home automation, using it as a auto-updating digital photo frame with a very well-tuned ambient screen, getting weather reports, viewing CCTV cameras or your Nest doorbell, sleep tracking (requires a sub from next year), etc.

It also works great as a bedside clock as the screen can auto-dim really low. The screen colour temperature also follows the room's ambient light so photos look more like a printed photo than a bright blueish screen.

Deal starts Feb 9th 1am AEDT.

As with all these sorts of deals, stock would be limited so be quick if you really want one.

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            • @montero_t: ohk, its jus that u initially said u bought a nest mini, not hub

  • This is why I quit Telstra

    Something went wrong
    We're sorry, but we’re currently experiencing technical issues.
    Please try again later.

    If you need further assistance, contact 24x7 Chat (link at the bottom of this page) or call us on 13 75 87.

  • WHYYYY alert error
    "Sorry, we are unable process your order online. For assistance, please visit a Telstra store
    For help placing an order, please bring the following documents to your local Telstra store:
    Your Australian driver’s licence or Australian passport,
    Two other forms of ID, such as a Medicare card, a credit card or birth certificate,
    Your proof of address (your lease agreement or purchase of land contract).

    We’ve emailed these details to you for your reference."

  • managed to order.
    can't seem to order multiple items so just checked out twice if you want multiple or different SKU.

    • Managed to order a nest hub and a nest mini in two orders. But now getting the same error as other people above "Sorry, we are unable process your order online" when trying to order another nest mini :(

      • try again? i only need 2 items so didn't want to try again for 3rd order

      • same with me; unless they only allow 2 orders max? sigh

        • nah i ordered a third on the same card. i think it is their CC fraud detection so try another card? New card didn't work for me oh well

          • @slankets: I tried using VPN (to US) and different cc card; unfortunately, still no go…ah well…

            To be honest, the experience with telstra online shop is bad, you can only order 1 item at a time.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got 2 Nest Hub and 2 Nest Audio

  • Finally had an order go through.

    Logging out helped. The page loaded and the option to check out appeared and I was able to check out as guest worked.

    Edit: made another with my name rather than my dad's. Hopefully it works too.

  • +1

    Signed in the page kept giving us errors, and to try again later. I believe our account was locked?
    Signing out and continuing checkout as guest worked fine though, got a nest mini

    • same here. Should have expected nothing less from telstra

  • Google Nest Hub Max
    From $248.88

    How would you like to pay?
    pay $249

    where's the 12c further discount? :p ok i see it is for repayments

  • +3

    apparently, you don't need a Telstra account

    • +1

      Yes checkout as guest

  • Got a Nest Audio!
    Also tried to grab a Nest Hub, but got the ole'

    Sorry, we are unable process your order online. For assistance, please visit a Telstra store
    For help placing an order, please bring the following documents to your local Telstra store:
    Your Australian driver’s licence or Australian passport,
    Two other forms of ID, such as a Medicare card, a credit card or birth certificate,
    Your proof of address (your lease agreement or purchase of land contract).

    Lame. Still got something! Thanks OP

  • Was only able to get one Nest Audio and one Hub (2 separate orders), went for a second of each but got the same error as everyone else.

    I tried different browser. Check out logged in/as guest. Different personal details, address and credit card from my original orders and still getting the error.

    Perhaps they are linking attempts with personal details/CCs and IP address to block multiple purchases…

  • +2

    Am I missing something…why can't I purchase more than 1 item at a time? I've clicked on one of the links in the OP's description, but all it offers me is to Checkout and go through the checkout process, rather than adding the item to a cart.

    • +2

      Likely to save stock for other people.

    • +1

      put in multiple orders sadly

  • Placed my order, received confirmation email, but order is not found in my Telstra order history. Hmmm.

    • +1

      At least there is an invoice number there.

    • Same just an invoice. Fingers crossed that they are delivered

  • Since a Telstra account is not required this could mean a price beat at Officeworks?

    • +2

      Could be, or OOS before someone answer your call.

  • +2

    Sorry, we are unable process your order online. Tred multiple times.
    A waste of time.

    • +1

      Checkout as guest worked for me when I got this error.

      Wasted $2 on a Telstra SIM that I didn't need

      • guest didnt work for me after getting this error. tried firefox too didn't work.

  • Seemed to work for me. Got confirmation email.

  • +4

    Tried 3 times and got the error message each time. Incredible that a technology company can still get this wrong in 2022.

    • got the same problem now even as a guest. maybe i've made too many orders? i made 2 before (2 separate items) as you can't order more than 1 item per order :(

  • +1

    Got 2 nest hubs and getting the same error as everyone else on the third try

    • a mate ordered after I got the error and it worked for him though

  • +4

    Just got 2 Nest Hubs just now, working flawlessly on my end. Confirmation emails arrived instantly. Guest

  • Grabbed a nest hub earlier with no issues.

  • Just ordered a nest audio and nest hub in two separate orders .firstly it only showed the charcoal options for nest hub and the price was like $149 , so I logged out of my account logged back in again and then showed the charcoal and grey for $49 was able to order the Grey one and same thing happened with the nest audio first time while adding showed $149 so looked out and looked back in and the price gone down to $74 and was able to order one . Did get an instant email stating your order will be delivered in 7 days and we will contact you if we require further info.

  • It asked for driver license when I'm ordering nest hub 2nd gen, if I were to buy it for my cousin who is located on different state, would I still need to get his license? That's rather annoying

    • Does not seem to like it; I managed to secure nest 2nd gen + nest hub max; but when I tried to make the third order for my cousin, it thrown an error

      Sorry, we are unable process your order online. For assistance, please visit a Telstra store
      For help placing an order, please bring the following documents to your local Telstra store:
      Your Australian driver’s licence or Australian passport,
      Two other forms of ID, such as a Medicare card, a credit card or birth certificate,
      Your proof of address (your lease agreement or purchase of land contract).

      We’ve emailed these details to you for your reference.

  • Thanks OP - Nest Hub 2s are still in stock in both colours 6:40am AEDT.

  • Grabbed a nest hub without any issues.

  • Technical issues on the site… of course! Can't check out. Will try again later.

    UPDATE: Check out as a guest - that seems to work. Kind of silly really, but be prepared to have your drivers licence/passport details available for guest checkout - worked first go.

    • Yes guest checkout works. Got one. Thanks

  • Damn, the website wouldn't recognise my (very simple) new address and by the time i got it sorted the Nest hub was out of stock

    Edit: Nevermind, signed in and out a third time and this time it all worked and was in stock - weird but I'm happy

  • Still available. Hmm. Ozbargainers vs Telstra stock is still going.

    • Gray is gone. Only one colour left.

  • Thanks OP, put in a 28d price protection claim for the Hub Gen 2.
    The Nest Audio would be a fair bit better sound than the mini but don't need too many of the devices listening in all day.

    • How would you put in such a claim? Would they honor it for a one-day sale?

      • Dunno but they are pretty good with them
        Got a screenshot of the price anyway

      • Already approved, another$22 back in my account ;). The last cheapest price was $77

  • One thing I like is the hub allows you to turn off mic.

    • don't they all have a switch on the back?
      Not that worried about security as they are handy enough devices, just annoying when don't understand ya or turn on/off wrong decvices sometimes

      • You are right , my brain is not functioning.

        • All good
          Got the nest mini free ages ago (youtube promo) but haven't felt a need to update in the bedroom.
          (Mind you, for $49 another gen 2 would be alright, got one in the kitchen. Prob handy to see the time/weather instead of asking, not really necessary though)

          • @G-rig: Ya, I had one mini gen 1. It's time to upgrade. I watch a lot YouTube in the kitchen. This should be useful. Haven't decide where to put the 2nd hub yet.

            • @ce5himm: yeah it's just a really dulled down experience compared to a phone/youtube app to navigate and search but easy enough if you ask precisely or cast to it

  • Can't place an order for Nest audio. Keeps saying technical error

  • Nest Hub Gen 2: Is this a feasable bed side clock? Or too big and too bright?

    • +2

      It would be totally fine, and if anything probably aimed at such use.
      It goes real dim automatically

    • Has Sleep Sensing for a limited period (around 12 months) too. Perfect bedside clock. You can set a wake up routine to play the news, give you the weather, traffic etc

  • So stupid. I keep getting errors while trying to buy with my Telstra account but goes through easy when buying as a guest…

  • Ordered. Will be using for Home Assistant so will be interesting how well HA Casting works.

  • -1

    Got nothing but web errors until I used a private tab and purchased as a guest. FYI.

    • Same for Nest Hub, but I don't want to pay $5.95 for shipping Nest Mini when I could log in to Telstra ID and get free shipping on that too.

  • No issues for me on mobile (not the app just using Chrome). I was able to get both a nest hub 2 and Google Nest Doorbell (battery) (seperate orders).
    Note: If looking for link to the doorbell: https://checkout.telstra.com.au/consumer/accessories/technol...

  • +1

    Is everyone else getting asked for an Australian passport/drivers licence? I'm probably the rare few that don't have both as I'm an overseas worker who can't get a driving test booking in NSW atm but regardless I haven't seen such strict ID requirements for a delivery?

    • Yeah it asked me for a license number too. Maybe just make it up? I'm sure there are full Australian citizens that don't drive and don't have a passport so kind of a silly requirement.

    • +1

      Because - Telstra. Their shop is geared up to sell phones / SIMs which there is legislation to identify their customers to comply with.

      Telstra is too lazy to fix their purchase process for products that don't require the ID checks

    • Just be careful putting fake details in, Telstra use StarTrack airlock service for some delivery’s, which means the courier has to match the id details provided to your ID.

      • Some don't check so depends on your driver

  • got one at home, love it thanks just got another for work…checkout as guest easy!

  • Bought! Thanks Op.
    3rd hub in the house, this one's going to the kitchen.
    The mrs and my daughter use them as bedside clock radios/youtube viewers/general do whatevers

  • Yeah guest checkout worked. Thanks.

  • Is there a way to pay with points?

    • +2

      Yep go to Telstra Plus and login

      • thanks zac-ster, for some reason I thought when logging into Yy Telstra account it automatically logged me into Telstra plus

  • +1

    Just got a Nest Audio with 27k in rewards points, might pick up the Nest Hub for 17k as well

    • How did you manage that? I get the options of 50K outright or the sliding scale plus $$$

      • Pricing for me just changed! Thanks got the nest audio and hub with my points.

  • +1

    Given how well the website is working I wouldn’t be surprised if someone coded the sale to start at AEST instead of AEDT 1AM

  • Thanks got one. Not sure where Ill put it but cheap enough

  • Bought the nest hub. Thanks OP

  • Just got a Nest Hub - thanks OP

    while i tried a second Nest Hub (on my Telstra ID & guest), it always errors out
    Not sure if they are checking the credit card or address or ID - and restriction to one device to a person

    • Try another card incognito as guest.

      • thanks mate…

        tried, but no luck.

        got OW to pricematch for the second one.

  • Has anyone not received confirmation email? I got the thanks for your order but that was 2 hours ago

    • I got the "Your Outright Purchase receipt confirmation" email straight away.

      It came from [email protected]; perhaps check your junk folder?

      • Thanks but nothing there.

        • Check your credit card, the order might not go through

  • +1

    Got a nest hub 2 for $49 - makes a great gift!

  • Tried over 30 times to order. Incognito, three different credit cards, logged into Telstra, as a Guest - no go.
    Got my Dad to try, gets an order placed immediately… just so strange!!

    • Yea, same, I even use VPN to try it too…at the end just works…very strange indeed…

  • +1

    Got one Google Nest Hub for 17000 Telstra plus points.

    • just grabbed the same, only charcoal remaining in stock

      • Placed another order using points this time. I forgot what color I chose. Their email only says "Google Nest Hub Gen 2" without saying any color.

        • +1

          That's Gray.
          They have Charcoal in the title if it's Charcoal

        • Order Summary
          Google Nest Hub Gen 2 Charcoal
          Telstra Plus Points (used) 17,000 points

          Total Telstra Plus Points (used) 17,000 points

          Grey is out of stock

    • Is that a good use of points? Not sure what the value of Telstra points is. And I can't figure out how to checkout using points. LOL

      • 10000 points≈$33

      • you earn 100 points per $10 spent with Telstra from what I understand, compared to other stuff in the rewards store these appear great value for points

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