More Telecom nbn 50/20 $53.90, 100/20 $69.30, 250/25 $83.30 (30% off) Per Month for 1-Year - Pay by CommBank Credit/Debit Card


So pretty much this is the chump version of this one.

Check your reward program first to see if you have this one. I havent met anyone who has the awards version (in the link below as this is 24 months).

Only requirement is to pay by Commbank Credit or Debit card

I got this and I have 100/20, in prime time so its good?

Tech support is only available till 8pm sydney time so make sure you swap during the day so you can call em if needed.

To be clear, I did not have any targeted offers and paid with a commbank debit card.

250/25 is only available on FTTP and HFC.

More is PPPoE so make sure your router is compatible. Static IP address is provided.

Offer of 30% off a More nbn™ plan for 12 months is for customers who complete the sign up and switch providers by 31 December 2022 and use a CommBank Debit or Credit card as their bill payment method. The 12 months is a promotional period and commences from the day that your nbn™ service is activated on the nbn™ network. After this the cost of your plan will revert to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). The RRP of More nbn™ plans are subject to change. The offer does not apply in relation to any modem charges, nbn™ New Development Fee or New Copper Pair charges or any fees in respect of additional services or usage. If you sign up, More will be your service provider for your nbn™ and will handle all technical enquiries, complaints and servicing. The provision of your nbn™ service will be subject to More’s standard terms of service and policies, which are available on the More website. CommBank reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

1 Not suitable for FTTN or FTTB connections.

URL has been found for the commbank credit cards awards (

This is for a 24 months of 30% but you REQUIRE a commbank Credit cards awards card.

EDIT: Removed as the offer is clear you had to get it on the commbank awards section.

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          • +1

            @Twix: Anything more than ‘nothing’ is too much.

            • @Vote for Pedro: Nothing your phone doesn't already know lol.

              • @Twix: Raises a good question though, do other modems or routers collect data and send to anyone?

                • @Vote for Pedro: Some do, some don't. It depends on the modem/router brand.

      • Bit confused. It says “choose your modem”. Would i need additional hardware? Currently have a telstra DJA0230 smart modem. Would i need to run this as well as the mesh kit?

        • FTTN and FTTB = Telstra modem + Nest Wi-Fi.
          FTTC = nbn NCD + Nest Wi-Fi.
          FTTP and HFC = nbn NTD + Nest Wi-Fi.

          • @Twix: Not sure where Nest comes into it. The offer asks you to choose a Netcomm mesh modem.

            • @Spidey: The More link was showing Nest Wi-Fi for me. Nah don't bother with the NetComm there are better choices. Do you have FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC? Does the Telstra modem provide enough Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home?

  • Do i need to cancel my existing NBN provider or does it cancel automatically like the ADSL days?

    • I had the TPG and I had to call 30 days before the exchange to cancel, as it was under contract

    • same question actually. I just signed up to this and I'm currently with Foxtel NBN. I guess i'll just call them tomorrow, but I hope they don't charge me for the remainder of the month (23 days left in my current billing cycle)

      Does anyone have some experience switching?

  • So this doesn't work with Keycard (eftpos only) card?

  • thanks op. finally a decent discount on a NBN plan.

  • I got 10000 bonus points as well as the $46.20 a month plan. I guess I will be making the changes afterall as I am on a month on month plan with tpu at the moment. Do i still need to let TPG know that I am changing?

    How would this compares to TPG which I am currently on?

    • Not sure how TPG works when moving service, as some automatically cancel.
      When the new service is live and working just make sure your account with TPG is closed if it isn't already.

      I just signed up with this deal as well, moving from TPG. Haven't had any trouble what so ever with them, but if you're saving 30 something dollars a month on a faster service, it's worth a shot!

    • I am also offered 10k bonus rewards points on top of the 30% off for 24 months. Decisions…

      • me too, what can we do with 10k bonus points? I am new to this

        • +1

          There's a couple of options that you can check out on the Netbank app. For me, I use it for Myer gift cards or redemption at the checkout.

  • Thanks a lot! I just signed up!!!

  • why it says No Locked in Contract on the intro page but 24 months contract in the critical info summary?
    Can someone explain? I am not targeted

  • Didn’t get targeted but have taken a punt. Hopefully they honour it.

  • Thanks. Have just signed up for the 250/25 plan for $71.40 / month.

    • It shows me $83.30 for 250/25 plan :(

  • if all the nbn100 providers were the same price, how would this provider rank in terms of typical speeds, cutouts, customer service

  • +3

    Thanks OP just signed up.
    Just a PSA for everyone as well, looks like they don't use CG-NAT. Static IP address straight away no need to call, great for users running servers!

    • Keep in mind , less upload speed if you want to host heavy contents

  • On this link:, XXL Speed Boost plan (Typical evening speeds of 92Mbps) is for $63.90 per month (save $29.70) per month. Why the title says 100/20Mbps $69.30. Is this a different plan?

    You might need to update the cost of the 100Mbps plan.

  • +1

    How does it work with cancelling your existing provider. Does this happen automatically or would I need to call after I am connected?

    • +1

      You have to call your existing provider to cancel.

    • I believe if you join new provider, it automatically cancel existing one, same as with mobile phone.

      • They're all different with their policies

  • +1

    Do they have 100/40 plan? Or 100/20 only?

    • 100/20.

    • I need 100/40 too

      • Superloop, Launtel, Aussie Broadband, Mate, Future Broadband offer 100/40.

  • Been cba customer since uni days, I have one of their top CC (ultimate) but they never send me any of these mad promos. Fml

    • Click the link the OP provided

      • +1

        Wow amazing how there’s a generic link and cba hasn’t closed it down lol. Anyhow looks like you have until Feb 2022 so I’ll finish my current promo with ABB and then give more a go :)

        • Have you enabled or opted in for offers.
          If you don't tick the box, you don't get the offers.

  • +1

    Hows performance of 50mbps plan compared to Superloop?

  • Do I need to call Tangerine to cancel or is this auto like SIM slutting?

    • You have to cancel existing connection as you can have two NBN connection simultaneously on different ports.

      • This when moving from an existing NbN to a new NBn provider? I thought when you do that the new provider tells the existing provider that a request has been made for the move however just in case you should call the current provider to make sure it’s been disconnected so don’t has any surprise bill

        • No. Its not like mobile number porting. As I said, you can have two NBN connection simultaneously, therefore, new provider won't inform existing provider. You have to call and cancel the existing one. Last month I moved from Telstra to Mate, and for few days I had both connections active. One on port 1 and other on port 2.

        • +2

          @prankster You are right, it is automatically cancelled in most cases on FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, HFC. Most of the time the new ISP doesn't tell the old ISP on FTTP or Fixed Wireless so always call in that scenario.

          • @Twix: Thats very confusing information for the average person. I think @usmanhafeez2000 makes sense to ensure you cancel with previous provider.

            • @sn809: Yep the best practice is to contact your previous ISP.

      • Thanks mate. My billing is ending on the 1st, so will wait a few more days as they don't have pro-rata.

  • They are generous with the truth in their advertising.. this is how they describe the 250/25 plan they offer..

    "For those that
    want the fastest
    possible internet

    Also it is not good they do not also offer plans with decent upload speeds as well.. decent upload is important for me when working from home

    • Guess I will have to go with Superloop 100/40

  • +2

    For those without Commbank card Tangerine and Spintel have similar prices for first 6 months of each plan:

  • +1

    Why do none of them have decent upload speeds. It's very annoying. I want at least 100/40 ideally

    • ABB and SL have 100/40

  • +1

    Signed up to switch at end on month from superloop. Hope these guys are good coz superloop have been impressive.

    • Same here. Twice the speed for the same prices as Superloop. Disappointing that Superloop never reward existing customers

  • Does anyone know if i can use my existing Optus Modem/Router to connect this ?

    • I would like to know this too!

      I am with optus NBN and would like to keep the modem/router

  • How much thereafter?

  • Does anyone know whether I can use the router/modem I got from Belong for More? The model number is Router Fast 4315 Telstra NBN. Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      Yes you can, I've been using my Belong modem with Superloop with no dramas.

      More would be the same, Belong modem isn't locked to their services which is good.

      • +1

        Thanks Mangobango.

      • Can you please check what is your modem's model number? Thanks.

    • +1

      As More uses PPPoE I would check that you are able to on that modem.

      Whirlpool link says no but that's a fair few years ago

      • Thanks GiggityGiggity. I will check it. Anyone is using this Router Fast 4315 Telstra NBN with More?

  • Just signed up, see ya later Optus

    Thanks OP

    • +1

      Im on Optus 5G. I wouldnt pay more than $70 a month for this service but going to jump ship to the 250 plan here. Dealing with Optus has just been horrible.

  • So can we open Smart Access account for Kids with CBA (Zero fees and and No minimum transfer / Balance required)

    They provide master debit card. Can I use that for this offer?

  • is this a 12 months contract or month to month ? can we use BYO router ?

  • Does this ISP use CGNAT? I need access to a couple of servers I run and need CGNAT disabled.

    • +1

      No it is static IP as per website FAQ.

  • can you specify a transfer date? Just started a new billing cycle with my current NBN provider.

    • You can set a date during the signup

  • Anyone on HFC has their order activated yet? Signed up around 2 PM yesterday and still waiting.

    • My superloop connection has been automatically disconnected and waiting for an activation email now. Not really sure what the process is to get it all up and running.

      • +1
        1. Look for a sticker on your modem/router that has the IP address.
        2. Type that IP address into the address bar in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or whatever.
        3. Change the WAN settings to PPPoE and put in your More username and password (More send these details to your email).
        • +1

          Thanks. Mine just got activated now, about 2 hours after the order confirmation came through. I have a Google Nest Wifi so had to just change to PPPOE and that was it.

          (Tip: if you can't change PPPOE settings on a nest wifi make sure to turn data off on your phone otherwise it won't connect to the Nest wifi without an internet connection)

          • @devize: Hmm wonder what is taking my order so long. One comment below also said their order was activated earlier today even though they placed their order after mine.

            Maybe I should call them up and see what's going on.

  • whats a good modem if you want to bring your own??? i have NBN FTTN the google mesh option is not wifi6 is it?? sorry im a bit clueless with wifi modems these days???

  • What is the best option to have zero fees account without any transfer limit or minimum balance requirements with Commbank

  • I signed up using this link for the 24 month plan so will also be getting 10k points
    I have the Commbank Ultimate Awards card which I used to signup.
    Plan to close this card in a month or two so will update the billing to debit card then and see if the discount still works fine or not.

    • As per the term & condition: If your CommBank card expires, you change your preferred payment method to a non-CommBank credit or debit card or you cease to have an account with CommBank your discount will be forfeited and your plan fee will return to the RRP monthly price.

      • Yeah, will switch to Commbank debit card which is also my salary account

  • Nice deal. I am with foxxtel nbn currently and their service has more dropouts than my old high school. Might give them the arse and give these fellows a go, and save a few dollarydoos in the process

  • Anyone know what is the billing cycle at More, is it fixed date ie 1st day of the month or is set on the joining date?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Signed up for the 250 plan with my mothers award credit card. See ya Optus.

  • +2

    Worth noting what I found in the Critical Information Summary, for anyone who despises direct debit:

    Additional account fees
    The following account fees apply:
    Non-direct debit fee: $3.50

  • Hi,

    I am with superloop as of now.. 250mb plan, looking to move to MORE, is it worth the move? albeit 30% less than what superloop charges.

    And what about the transition process ? whats been the turnaround times ?

    For Modem-router > been using Telstra smart gen 2 model, and its been working great with superloop, so i presume it will work on the same too ? and has anyone needed to put in username password or jst worked out of the box subscription ?

    • +1

      Signed up last night, received an order email from More at midday along with a text from Superloop to confirm my service is being transferred to another provider. Service was activated by 2pm.

      Speed tests, pings all look good to me. Very straightforward and painless so far. Went with the 250/25 plan from 50/20 on SL. Nice upgrade.

  • Anyone using this on Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Arcadyan LH1000)? Appears Telstra uses IPoE and More uses PPPoE. Is it easy to config Telstra Modem for PPPoE? TIA.

    • Same concerned too

    • Did you find out if the telstra modem worked?

  • Does more uses vocus backhaul?

    • yup

  • Not sure if I should go for this
    I am already on a 74.90 per month plan from Tangerine for 100/20 from 3 years.
    With More I'll be getting 12 months saving of 60$ annually but after 12 months would pay much more
    Anyone know if you have moved on from a ISP and re-subscribe do you still get first 6 months on the specials ?

    • I thought the deal is for 24 months, for CBA credit/debit card?

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