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Return Flights to Bali Starting from $99 (Each Way) via Jetstar


Cheeky 24 hour sale on flights to Bali. Get while they are cheap.

Bali (Denpasar): 04 Oct 22 - 05 Dec 22 From Melbourne (Tullamarine), starting $125

Bali (Denpasar): 01 May 22 - 30 Jun 22 From Adelaide, from $99

Bali (Denpasar) 01 May 22 - 19 Jun 22 From Cairns, from $99

Bali (Denpasar) 11 Oct 22 - 05 Dec 22 From Perth, from $99

Bali (Denpasar) 11 Oct 22 - 05 Dec 22 from Sydney, from $125

^Sale ends 11.59pm AEDT Friday 4 March 2022, unless sold out prior. Other conditions apply, see below. Fares are one-way and web only. Checked baggage not included. Not available on all flights or days. Availability of sale fares strictly limited. Prices based on payment at jetstar.com by POLi, voucher, gift card, Jetstar credit cards or bookings redeemed only in Qantas Points. For all other bookings, a Payment Fee applies. Other conditions apply, see things you need to know below.

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      • +9

        The price for a return flight is

        Adelaide $148.94
        Darwin $151.07
        Perth $153.83
        Cairns $154.50
        Melbourne $183.24
        Sydney $213.00
        Brisbane $213.00

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    Do you need a negative test both ways?

    • +62

      Only via the mouth/nose is fine thanks

      • +13

        Oh come on, who negged that? Great joke!

  • +4

    3 day quarantine if you've had 3 jabs, 5 day quarantine if you've had 2 jabs.

    • +76

      Based on the formula above ➡️ No quarantine if you've had 5 jabs

      • +17

        How many days quarantine for me?

        • +16

          About 9 or so, but all in a remand centre.

          • +8

            @seamonkey: Am I allowed Quarantinis by the pool?

            • +14

              @NDjokovic: We unfortunately have to keep you underwater to stop the spread of COVID-19. We apologize for the inconveniences.

            • +1

              @NDjokovic: Breaks down like this ma homie, pat a couple of polymer Sir John Monash in my breast pocket, telling me to buy the wife something nice, then it's open season. I'll throw in a private dinner, just you and George Christensen. Don't be shy - eat at pace as George might wipe the table clean. He does that.

      • That means I don't need to Quarantine!

    • +3

      I believe you can roam the resort, and use the facilities for the 3 days. Not just stuck in your room?

      Rules may change come May anyway

    • No more quarantine as of April or until they change their mind again.

  • +9

    no Visa on arrival, so only expensive Visa applications at the moment, along with PCR tests required before and on arrival.
    significant additional costs for a family considering travel to Bali.

    • +6

      And risks. If one family member tests positive (or you don’t pay the bribe and they fiddle with the test results, like they’ve been doing) then you could be looking at a long period of managed iso.

      Just not worth it for a holiday.

      • What have they been doing? Taking bribes? How does this work?

      • +4

        I've heard this too. Scam is at the end of your quarantine they do a PCR test, take it away so you don't see the result and tell you it was positive so you have to then fork out another 3 nights accommodation. Previously it was 5 nights, so not a bad little money spinner for them.

        • +1

          Haha last country i'd trust with any test results is Indonesia. They were dodgy af soliciting bribes even when i was there 20 years ago let alone now.

    • -3

      visa on arrival has started

  • +8

    Beware Ramadan is on at this time that’s why the sale is on. Covid numbers will increase significantly as everyone travels around the country.

    • +2

      Ramadan will end on 1 May. Travel dates are after October.

      • Cheap travel dates are also for May and June

  • +1

    I don't even like Bali but I'd do that if it weren't for the quarantine. As soon as that is scrapped tourism will boom.

    • I don't even like Bali but I'd do that if it weren't for the quarantine

      Go to Thailand. One test on arrival then you're good to go!

  • Quarantine is hopefully to be lifted in "April". Also going back to Visa on Arrival, no word on the price yet, but certainly lower than the $400 AUD currently.

  • +3

    I just booked for mid September (going for my 30th) so hopefully they’ve abolished all the bullshit by then - getting from Adelaide to anywhere and back for under $150 is unheard of so I’ll take my chances

  • -1

    $1100 for a family of 4 : includes seat selection and 20kg of luggage just for 2 adults (no food or entertainment). This is for Nov dates

  • +3

    'I've been to Bali, too'

    • +1

      That song was written in 1984, when Bali was full of Aussies, but still good to visit. You just had to get out of Kuta.

      The island had a few thousand tourists arriving every week back then. In recent years it was over 100,000 per week!
      If you went pre-bombings, don't spoil those memories by returning. Plenty of other places to go in SE Asia.

      Redgum nostalgia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVOIg_lHRzk

      You've been to Paris and you've been Boston
      You've been to Fiji and you've been to London
      But you can't impress me
      'Cause I've been to Bali too.

      • If you went pre-bombings, don't spoil those memories by returning.


    • +9

      You must live a sad life

  • +2

    $200 return from melbourne, amazing.

    • Stop it, you’re killing me…

  • +2

    Remember if the flight cancel due to covid or whatever jetstar only refund in vouchers you cant even change the date of flight if they cancel your initial flight.. that voucher is only worth your initial flight so if you were to rebook to another date you have to pay the full price. Last year i had one of these deal i paid for the full family last week the flight cancel and they only refund the money in voucher for the amount i paid

    • Farecredit is available on these Bali Flights.

      Jetstar gave me a refund when it cancelled flights from SYD to Sunshine coast on me. Go figure.

  • cant seem to do Bali -> Sydney, only the other way around

  • -1

    Return Flights to Bali starting from $99 (Each Way)

    Hodl. Not cheap enough to make the trip worthwhile.

    • +1

      It's not a GPU deal :)

  • +5

    No vax no go, but boogie board bags exceptions allowed.

  • +3

    Presuming isolation requirements are dropped, the tests are the killer, I've been overseas twice since November. Tests are often expensive, hard to find and I find them a little stressful worrying I'll test positive and have to isolate…

    • +2

      Hopefully testing requirements are gone pretty much everywhere in the coming months…

  • I can only imagine how rat infested it is right now

    • Less than before? With no tourists there would have been a lot less wasted food being left on the streets. In fact, with no tourist money, hunters (scavengers) may have become the hunted…

  • I still have credit for Garuda Flights from May 2020 at Flight Centre. Have pushed (again) our non refundable accommodation to Oct this year, but even then, not sure if we will be going. Things are just too up in the air, even now. Garuda still don't have any direct flights to Bali from Sydney as far as I know, plus they have barely any flights anyway. Might have to end up pushing the accommodation to beg May next year if it doesn't look viable. The flight credit is good until end of next year (luckily)

    • +2

      Garuda has a flight once a week from SYD to DPS.

      Their first flight from SYD to DPS for two years was yesterday.

  • No deal for most people, they’d rather splurge on overpriced GPUs than go to Bali.

  • +2

    So the VISA at the moment is $400 per person?

    When will VOA for Australians return ? March 13??

    • Here is some info

      • So $300. But maybe March 14 VOA come back…..

        Also, you need to wear masks, even outside….

    • +4

      That was really helpful, thanks for posting a 5 year old article.

  • More expensive for the return flights from Bali to Perth, which is pretty unusual - normally it's the other way around due to the AU departure tax.
    Still a pretty good deal though.

    • The cheapest return leg to Perth is $54.83, unless those have sold out.

      • I only saw the ones for 1.3m Rupiah, since this deal said that the flights were one way only, I didn't bother checking the prices on a return trip - silly me. I'll go back and check, thanks.

  • I am booked with Jetstar to fly to Bali in July.

    I also paid extra for Fare Credit, so I do not lose the value of my booking, if I change my mind if the rules for visiting Bali are too onerous in July.

  • +2

    For those who may have bought in this deal:

    After months of shifting regulations on quarantine, the central government recently announced that from this week on, fully vaccinated travellers to Bali no longer need to quarantine. Visas on arrival were the last item on the tourist industry’s wish list. Under the old rule, tourists had to find a sponsor for a visitor visa which cost around 3.5 million rupiah ($329). The new visas will cost just 500,000 rupiah ($47).

  • By fully vaccinated the Indonesian government means 3 jabs.

    You also have to book and pay for 4 nights in a eHAC hotel.

    You need travel insurance covering COVID for at least $US25,000.

    You need 4 PCR tests

    Test 1 before you leave.
    Test 2 at Bali Airport
    Test 3 at your eHAC hotel on day 3.
    Test 4 before departure from Indonesia

    • Where are you seeing the 4 nights in an eHAC hotel requirement (for 3 dose fully vaxed)?

  • A poster on another forum has posted:

    "The poster at Bali airport states that for VOA they only accept “paper money and no coins”.

    The fee is displayed in 15 major currencies.

    You can only pay in cash at present and Au$ is accepted, visa costs $49 AU."

    I presume that the change from a $A50 note is in Rp.

    Bad news for those who want to pay with their mobile phone, debit or credit card.

    If you have any Rp left over from your trip two years ago, I expect them to accept Rp 500,000 in cash.

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