• long running

Free Telstra TV for Telstra Plus Gold Tier Members @ Telstra Plus


This deal is back and eligible again it seems even if you have claimed the Roku (Telstra TV) previously.

Previous deal 2020
Previous deal 2021

Instructions: Find Telstra TV in technology and click redeem should be straight forward from there.

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  • Awesome find thanks!

  • thanks

  • I got the following message at the end of the order process:

    Unable to process your order. Based on our assessment, you're ineligible to redeem this item. Message via MyTelstra to discuss your account.

    I did claim one of these previously, but can't remember if it was 2020 or 2021.

    • I tried the "contact us" web thing, said the 0 points store order failed and the person put through my free order. No phone calls needed.

      Happier :)

  • On a whim I thought I’d try to see if being a host customer and having signed in with Telstra to activate something in boost would work. It doesn’t. Shame as I’ve been keen on a Roku for some time.

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    Is not working for me. It says 79000 points required

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      Same for me.

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      Are you gold member?

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        If you're not, just ring up and ask for one. Got mine for free a while ago really easily.

        • Huh? Ring up who/what number? How does the conversation go?

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          Yes, keen to find out the exact process of what to say or ask to be successful and which telstra muppet to speak to…

        • Curious about this as well

        • Want to get one as well

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      Business customer by any chance?

      Mine says 79000 as well. Spending mega dollars with Telstra every month yet I never get any of the good freebies.

      Weird. The more you spend the less you seem to get…..

      • I'm a silver member and It say has the 79000 crossed out and is now 39500. What level of Telstra+ are you?

        • I actually don't know how to find that for you?

          Up the top it just has my business name, Tier: Business, then how many points I have.

          I can't seem to click on anything to get details about my membership level?

      • Why would a business get rewards?

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          They do.

          I have Telstra plus on my business account. We just don't seem to get the same rewards as consumers.

          And why wouldn't they? I run a small (struggling) business does that somehow make me not worthy of rewards?

          Just curious as to your thought process why I shouldn't be allowed rewards that others do just because I run a small business.

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            @Ramrunner: Stop struggling, get a salary job. Job market is great, and if your business is struggling now you should know the economy isn't getting any better next couple of years.
            The peace of mind is worth it 👍

            • -1


              Stop struggling, get a salary job.

              No-one ever got rich working for someone else…

              you should know the economy isn't getting any better next couple of years.

              You must know something that the RBA doesn't: https://www.rba.gov.au/publications/smp/2022/feb/economic-ou...

              • @1st-Amendment: I beg to differ - Tim Cook and Steve Balmer. And locally Joe Hockey.

                • @OzCheapo:

                  I beg to differ - Tim Cook and Steve Balmer. And locally Joe Hockey.

                  The people you mention all got their wealth through stock ownership ie part ownership of the business.

                  But you are free to keep begging for your 2% wage increase every year, we need people like you to pay off our investment properties :)

                  • @1st-Amendment: No one is stopping you from buying shares or options

                    • @OzCheapo:

                      No one is stopping you from buying shares or options

                      I know I have many of them already. Because that is the path to real wealth, business ownership (whether fully or partially).
                      No-one ever got rich working for the man!

  • Worked fine for me. That's my second freebie.

  • I hope they are giving latest version of Roku. The decoder on my old Roku does not play a few versions of mp4 files.

  • Got one, thanks

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    Annual spend

    How many family members do you have?

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      $250+ a month, so 1 broadband connection, 1-2 mobile plans and/or 1-2 device repayments would do. Not that true ozbargain would buy devices from Telstra though…

  • What am I missing? It doesn't work for me either.

    • You are gold tier and it doesn't work?

  • Thanks OP, redeemed this and had also redeemed one previously 👍

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    What's the use of it, if one already has a smart TV? Does it provide the free to tune channels?

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      You end up with one more remote on the coffee table.
      If you are eligible, claim it then sell it on ebay.

    • Same as using any android box over the built in smart tv functionality - usually better supported/better interface/etc. The telstra tv roku box that my parents have had for a few years is mind bogglingly slow though, not sure if they're using newer better ones now though.

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    Ahh… How do I become gold?

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      find your nearest King Midas and cuddle up

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      Spend $3000 a year on overpriced services like their NBN packages and get a '$216' item for free.

      = Win


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        Telstra NBN packages is about 20-30% more expensive than average ISP
        eg. for a 12months 50/20 plan, ABB is $948, while Telstra is $1140, so difference is $192

        To get the best value of Telstra, will need to take the extra benefit that Telstra comes with:
        - 12months Disney+ valued at $144
        - 3 months BINGE valued at $42
        - Discounted Village cinema tickets
        - Telstra plus points to redeem in the plus store
        - Some good discounts on the monthly Telstra day (eg. $49 Google nest hub)

        So in short, for the first 12 months, Telstra NBN plan is not bad if you can utilise all these discounts
        but not worth to renew after all benefits have been used up

        • Also they have been offering $1 for first month or 2, plus free wifi 6 modem (if you stay connected for 24 months…The modem quality is quite OK depends on your needs), plus bonus 50,000 Telstra points…

    • +5

      Always believe in your soul.

      • Surprised this doesn't have more upvotes. Definitely chuckleworthy.

  • I'm on Silver tier and get a "Silver Offer" of 39,500 points for this. I think I'll just keep using my Google Chromecast with TV thanks very much!

    • Silver tier too but still need to fork out 78,000 points, not that I will give 39,500 even.

      • +1

        Def' 39,500 for all Silver users, best to ensure you have logged in via your account, go into redeem and view that way.

        • Not as advanced as I thought I was, just found out that I am still on member tier, must have been dreaming about silver.

    • Unless this is an upgraded hardware roku than the one that my parents have been using for a few years, the Chromecast with TV is significantly better. I just upgraded them to the Chromecast with Google TV because of how bad it was when browsing Plex.

  • Which is better? This or Amazon Fire stick 4k?

    • This one is free

    • I don't have a roku but I'm really liking the Fire 4K max (if that helps?). It's very responsive, easy to side-load apps and also move your amazon account around to pull UK/US streaming apps too (I did that for the Channel 4 UK app, which is only available via the Amazon ecosystem and nowhere else as an apk)

      • If you want to add UK & US apps Firestick and ATV are the only ones worth getting.Everything else is a PIA.

  • Got one, nice

  • Got another one for free , thanks OP. Just a pity I have no use for it.

    • Can i have it instead?😉

  • Only a silver member :(

  • +1

    if you already own a smart tv / firetv / googletv you don't need this. Don't create landfill.

    • But they don't make these to order, the "landfill" already exists, sitting in a warehouse or something.

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        but they have to make more when the stock is low?

        • It's Telstra they probably over ordered anyway

    • +1

      sell it to someone or gift it -

      • if you have a good use case then sure, why not.

  • Anyone have this and a (standard) Roku? Besides support for local channels, has much improved in the sense of support for 'foreign' channels?

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      These are locked down, you can't access the Roku Apps store. I don't think you can even find the Roku apps to Sideload.
      A smart TV is a lot better option, but if you don't these are a good way to get Plex, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount+ ect… I always take one (original version) when I travel and hotspot to my phone or resort wi-fi (they work with captive portals). Just in-case there is a rainy day….:) This model is faster, but larger and has the dedicated NetFlix button.

      You can also purchase the WiFi remote from the Telstra Store, that controls the TV (volume and power) via HDMI CEC so single remote.

      • Good to know, thank you! yes I do the same when I travel and it works great. House is very Roku heavy, only downside is trying to load Stan, Kayo, etc doesn't work since I can't access those. But that's what the smart TV/casting is for.

  • Getting a technical error on checkout. I have claimed one previously, but it shows up as 0 points again, I'm still gold. Called the support number, they couldn't process the order as free and advised to go into a store. Ah well no freebie.

    For anyone who is wondering what's the point of these, I have one hooked up to a 4k TV I bought from AmazonUS ages ago (just OzB things) that doesn't support Aussie channels, so this is essentially a new age digital set top box, and it's free so why not.

    • I'm getting the same error - so are you saying no freebie because you don't want to go in store? Or that they'll most likely refuse it in store?

      • They'll likely refuse it as it's once per account in the T&Cs. Someone above reported better luck over the phone however.

    • Don't need a set top box when there's ABC iView, 7plus, 9now, 10play, etc.

      • On paper sure, buit in practice it's not a great experience. Changing 'channels' is a hassle. My father is currently in a situation where the roof antenna was destroyed by a flock of birds and is using the above services mentioned, it's painful to observe let alone actually have to do.

    • +1

      You must not be a Gold Telstra+ level member then. Log in to the site and see what level it says you are in the top left.

  • Ordered when it was posted as a deal this morning. Got a auspost notification for shipping around 9am

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      I will just guess $10 because I am also lazy to do the easy work for you.

    • +1

      This wouldn't go for more than a Chromecast with Google TV because it's nowhere near as good, so maybe $50 tops.

      • Apparently around $120.

        • Anyone that pays that is an idiot, since this is objectively worse than a cheaper Chromecast with Google TV in every way, so if you can find someone to pay that much go for it haha

    • +1

      Can't run a search for sold listings yourself? Especially in the hope to make a buck?

      • I guess I assumed someone else would’ve already done the hard work and shared their findings, surely I’m not the only one thinking of listing on eBay?

        Anyway, for the record, these have been going for around $120 plus postage on eBay.

        Not bad!

        • Hard work? It'd be quicker to search and tick sold listings in the search results than asking here….

          • +1

            @scuderiarmani: I was thanking the OP so thought I’d add the question. Next time I’ll follow your suggestion and keep the results to myself.

  • i got this and the nvidia shield but havent opened either yet
    would it be worth using both or selling 1?

    Not sure what the telstra tv thing does

    i also purchased amazon fire 4k and amazon fire non 4k.

    Going to try to figure out the ultimate so any advice welcome

    Also have plex lifetime but havent used it yet

    • How many TVs do you have?

      • Don't have a tv at the moment just use a laptop

        But I did buy the gigabyte monitor on here last week.

        When I use the VR headset at friends or family members I want to stream it to their TVs

    • +1

      So why do you buy things first, then work out what's best or what you need?

      The Shield is the best.

      • wasn't that OZB spirit - Buy first think later… LoL

      • hah yeah what he said below. Amazon fire i got for free

        4k I think i paid $30-40

        Shield I paid $250

        didnt want to miss the deals friend and i thought i can share it later or pass as giftie

  • +1

    Thanks op claimed 1

    Spend about $525 a month

    So far I have claimed
    1 x xbox elite 2 controller
    1x google max screen
    2x Google mini
    1x Disney plus 12 months
    1x free 6months and discounted ongoing binge
    2x telstra TV (just claimed 1)
    Maybe about $4k gift cards from jbhifi with the sort of yearly renewal

    Will need to tone down as our mobile usage is pretty low and I find their gigabit internet inconsistent speeds.

    FYI their modem sux big time, after upgrading to Asus ax6600 +gtax11000 internet is more reliable around the hse.

    • Which Telstra modem are you referring too?

    • Spend about $525 a month

      How do you manage this? That's not much less than my yearly NBN cost.

  • Telstra is likely clearing the stock, as their contract with Roku expires this year and they will not be renewing it. Telstra is negotiating to buy a 51% share of Fetch TV, allowing them to more easily compete directly with Optus Sports for exclusive broadcast rights to some sports.

    • what does the contract expiry mean for the devices? Could it mean that Roku could possibly launch their standalone devices in Australia as the contract was probably exclusive?

      • Roku didn't release their products here before they partnered with Telstra, their brand recognition in Aus is poor.

      • No more updates.

        • Bro they don’t even update right now. God knows what will happen then.
          Roku identical models in USA got a update which gave them Airplay 2 and HomeKit Capabilities. They had Disney+ at launch while Telstra got it last year. They got the Apple TV at launch. Telstra still ain’t got it.

    • Telstra must be playing the long game as Optus Sports only rights with real value is the EPL which they have just renewed until 2028.

    • I have one of the older smaller Telstra TVs and two of these. One is unopened and gathering dust in the garage. The other is used very rarely by me for testing items with HDMI inputs. I already have Android TVs or Chromecasts and I find these far better.

      My reply is regarding Telstra ending their contract with Roku. I wasn't aware of that but if it is anything like Telstra in the past they will dump all support for the product and the box will become nothing more useful than a paperweight. Think of the original Telstra TV (upin the service being fully depreciated I pulled mine apart and found the WiFi module was a USB device installed inside the box - that comes in handy). Think Telstra smart Home. Customers who paid for that must still be kicking themselves.

      Thanks for the info.

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