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Bali Holiday 50% off: 7 Nights, Flights, Breakfast, Room Upgrade & over $1000 Bonus Value from $849pp Twin Share @ Travel Online


Hey guys, we found a pretty good Bali Holiday package. At the moment you can get a 7 night stay in the 5* Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran including flights, breakfast and heaps of bonus extras from just $849 per person! We've checked on expedia.com.au and the same 7-night stay for our example dates would be $618 per person for just the hotel.

🏷️ Prices starting from $849 per person twin share departing Brisbane ($949 from Sydney, $979 from Melbourne, $925 from Perth)

This package includes:

  • Return Flights including all taxes and checked baggage (we got Virgin Flights for our Booking Example)
  • Return Private Airport Transfers
  • 7 nights in a Classic Room at the 5⭐️ Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran
  • Buffet Breakfast Daily
  • BONUS Room Upgrade to a Lagoon View Room – subject to availability
  • BONUS 30 minute Bali Massage for 2
  • BONUS 15% discount at Food & Beverage Outlet
  • BONUS 15% discount on spa treatments
  • $1,100 Bonus Value: Finns Bali VIP Holiday Membership including unlimited access to the famous Finns VIP Beach Club with VIP Inclusions, 2 x 60 Minute Massages, unlimited entry to Splash Water Park for a family of 6 and unlimited entry to Finns Recreation Club including 1hr each of Kids Club, Bounce Trampoline & Strike Bowling. This bonus is valued at up to $1,100.
  • Free Kids Club
  • Daily mineral water
  • Free WiFi

We recommend getting away October, November and early December when rates are at their lowest, but there are available dates from now until March 2023.

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  • I've never been to Bali, can someone tell me the best time to go?
    Seems like a good deal.

    • +1

      Dry season is between Apr-Oct, thus why it's cheaper from Oct onwards.

    • Anytime is good but dry season for more consistent weather. We've been in Jan several times.

      • How is the weather in Jan, looking at going next year?

    • Unless you're young and want to let loose like a trip to the goldie, or gonna get right away from the tourist spots… you aren't missing much. As with any holiday its entirely subjective to what you want. It's main draw card is as its been aussie tourist dominated for so long its very easy whether you're young, old, or with with kids. Places like Thailand, Fiji etc however are vastly better options in my view especially if you're a little savvy and plan a trip rather than do a package. But again, it depends what you're after. I've been to many south east asian counties some multiple times, but never had any interest in returning to Bali.

      • +1

        Ubud is nice, amongst the rice paddy fields it’s quite and peaceful. Apparently the Yoga is great if that’s your thing.

        Also the flight time is low

        • Ubud used to be nice. Now it's overcrowded and overrun with wellness and every other type of tourist.

          • @bargainshooter: It’s not when you know where to go. I’d say the monkey temple area is busy with tourists but Ubud is a huge district

          • @bargainshooter: Nowhere in Bali is overcrowded right now! Why all this talk about it being over run with tourists? Bali is very quiet RN.

      • +2

        Best thing to do on Bali is to leave immediately: get a speedboat to nearby Nusa Lembongan and go scuba diving with mola mola (look it up!) and manta rays.

        • +2

          I used to go to Nusa Penida before Instagram. You wouldn’t see another tourist

      • +2

        So you are itching to get back to Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? Please. Bali has everything catered. You want cheap you can have cheap, you want expensive, do it. You want isolation, covered, busy - check It's got beaches, diving, every activity, 5* accommodation. Bali is an island in Indonesia, there are 17,507 others to explore as well. Go to Flores, go see some dragons and 1 of the 7 pink sand beaches in the world.

  • Need two rooms if you book for 2 adults 2 kids. No option for cot or roll away

    • +2


      Beds and Bedding
      Maximum Occupancy: 3

      2 Double

      Rollaway beds permitted: 1

      Cribs permitted: 1

      Maximum cribs/rollaway beds permitted: 2

      Pillowtop mattress, and Duvet

      • +2

        In Bali, hotels are usually quite flexible with infants and younger children. Try giving the hotel a call or email; I've found hotels in Bali are going out of their way to be helpful and accommodating at the moment.

      • Yeah might need to call to book as soon as I put two kids it comes up 2rooms. Thanks

    • You can hide the baby in the bed or in the bags
      That's what I do for the discount


  • -1

    is this including return flights?

    • +13

      This package includes:
      Return Flights including all taxes and checked baggage


      • +10

        sorry sorry, my mind isn't as sharp as it was used to be after I got covid 3 weeks ago

        • All good broseph. I don't even know if I'm awake right now or if this is dream

    • Its in the first line under the inclusions OP has listed..

  • More options here it would appear for those interested in the Finns promo;


    • Thanks. Are there any other good sites for similar deals?

      • Luxury Escapes comes to mind mate

  • Literally booked my flight yesterday… dang, it's a good value option. Only drawback is that the hotel is by the beach; it doesn't offer flexibility if you want to go in-land to Ubud, for example.

    • +1

      Why is that a drawback? Genuine question, never been.

      • +2

        Been bali twice now, kuta and seminyak is basically beach life/lounging
        Ubud offers completely different scenery with more rainforest, jungle and open fields so depends what you're interested in for your travels.
        That's not to say you can't rent a driver and make a day trip out to Ubud and see what they have to offer.
        We used to stay only a day or two in the beach scenery then head to Ubud to step away from the busy areas and then come back for a few days of beach clubs.
        Hope this helps!

        • Thanks it does help, from what I gathered it's better to stay a couple of days in different hotels

          • @Digitalsin: Depends really on what you’re after. Me and my wife just like to stay in the hotel and just relax by the pool. That’s our kind of relaxing holiday. So we splurge on the nice ones in Nusa Dua usually. We gojek most of the foods.

            Changing hotel every 2 nights sounded pretty tiring for me unless you intend to explore the island.

      • Pretty much what @Nuoon said. I may have worded it poorly, but the drawback is that there's less flexibility to stay in other spots throughout the trip. Depends on what you want out of Bali I suppose.

  • +2

    anyone travelling solo and want to go halves?

    • +10


    • +4


    • +2

      Are you hot?

      • +1

        Yes I am

        Female gender will be highly regarded*

        • +4

          Where's Marge?

          • +6

            @tajid: Shes sick with a bad cold

            We can order turkey for room service if you come

            • +2

              @Homr: O Margie, You Came & You Found Me a Turkey
              On my vacation away from workie

  • +2

    Eh not that good imo. The jetstar sale had ~330 return flights. Quality of 4 or 5* resorts arnt that different. Personally would prefer to have the option of staying in two locations over 7 nights.

    • Yes…Le Meridien is only 1xx AUD room rate on OCT TO NOV…
      if 7 nights…people prefer stay 2-3 different resorts…why stuck in a "classic hotel room" for the whole week…
      huge option to choose in BALI

  • Could anyone care to comment who recently been to bali, if this is a good deal? Travelling in june, july or august.

  • +14

    I've recently returned from Bali from Darwin.

    Took 2 hrs to check in. Jetstar checked everything. PCR, Vaccinations, Insurance and the check in app.

    A few passengers weren't allowed to check in due incorrect paperwork and out of date PCR.


    Get to Airport early with all proper documentation.

    Indonesia states 48hrs PCR. so If you fly out say 0930 book the PCR 1200. There was a bloke that got denied because his was over 48hrs by an hour or two.

    Bali Airport - They check all documents. Takes less than 15mins per person. PCR, App and Vaccinations. Then proceed to pay Visa $50au. Then through immigration.

    Bali itself - Kuta is relatively dead at night-time. A few bars open but not to pre COVID levels. Seminyak beach is pretty good during sunset. Pretty busy. Massage places also 80% closed. About 50% of the restaurants are operating.

    Humbug still exist.

    Try and book 4-5 stars, some 3 stars hotel went to shit during COVID and weren't looked after. I stayed at Fashion Hotel for 2 days and had to check out no hot water and they ran out of towels. Pre COVID this was my go to hotel, now not as good.

    Probably the best time to visit popular areas as its not as crowded.

    Ohhh I used the APP once and mask is mandatory inside shopping centres but outside not really.

    On the way back to Australia its relatively easy. Need to download an app from border force.

    PM me if you need more info.

  • +2

    This is tempting. Just checked an equivalent 7 night stay at Le Meridien on booking.com in early Nov and it's only $100 less than the total package with all its inclusions. Cheapest direct flights to Denpasar are $335pp with Malindo Air including baggage, but I would rather fly Virgin. Only issue for me is lack of flexibility but it's good value if you're looking to fly a full service airline and have a fancy resort week holiday.

  • +3

    Just a heads up, Finns VIP Beach Club is at least an hour's drive away in normal traffic, probably closer to 1.5-2hrs during peak times.

    • Yeah kinda strange that they would partner with Finns on this deal. Unless that's their intention.. offer something that sounds amazing but won't get used much.

      • The Finns Beach Club membership is with all of the TravelOnline packages, so if you end up booking in Legian/Kuta/north of the airport it'd make more sense. Although, based on TripAdvisor reviews Finn's seems to be a watering hole for narcissists.

  • All the rooms seem to say "Maximum room capacity is 3 Adults & Children."
    So no go for 2 A 2 C?

    • Kid on kid shoulders dressed as an elderly man?

    • I asked this above. Someone responded you can get cot or roll away. But not sure if you book for 3 and then email/call

  • Hi all - I find contacting Flight Center painful, hence the question here. I have a $1,500 gift card to use. Do you think FC would match this deal? Thanks in advance.

    • -2

      WhAt DiD theY sAy WHen yOu CaLLed tHEm?

  • Make sure you pack your OWN bags when travelling and use locks (dodgy baggage handlers). They have some bloody harsh laws over there regarding you know what.

    • +1

      Schapelle Corby made 3million in 10years for her story. That's 300k a year, not bad

      • +2

        300k a year works out to $34/hour. Would you sit in a Bali prison for that?

        • Minus tax too.

        • I see what you did there…

          It would take a person working on $34/hr for 42-43years to earn what she did. They would have to pay for food and rent too.

          I think her deal is better, she got free food, board and entertainment for 10 years too and got paid.

    • Pron?

    • Make sure you pack your OWN bags when travelling and use locks

      Lol why exactly? From the 100 million visitors to Bali since 2005 only one has ever made such a ludicrous claim but you still swallowed it and ran with it?

  • Any deal for those who are already in Bali?

  • +1

    Heads up, I used travel online once and they got the dates wrong and I didnt find out until after I got to the hotel and I was marked as a no show for the previous day. They arent very responsive via email or phone call. I've also heard that a couple people have their name written incorrectly on the flight tickets, so I advise you to actually call the hotel to confirm dates as well as double checking your flight tickets for correct names etc.

    • +1

      so what happened in the end, did they refund or fix up the hotel night issue for you?

      Just curious

  • Meh, I'll stick with Vietnam I think where the entry requirements are virtually back to what they were pre pandemic.

    • -1

      Meh, I'll stick with Vietnam I think where the entry requirements are virtually back to what they were pre pandemic.

      Same as Bali then…
      Most tourist hotspots have rolled back requirements now. And when you consider that Covid numbers haven't gotten any better since last year it just shows what a farce the lock-downs were. Remember that tomorrow if you are voting.

  • How much is the cost if we bring out 2 year old?

    • +2

      Well I guess you could always click on the link, put in your dates and get an answer within about 30 seconds.

      Alternatively, free, if they fit inside your suitcase. Recommend to lavish them with a few small bottles of water for the journey.

  • -1

    Try Luxury Escapes for accommodation deals at Betty hotels and locations plus Jetstar discount flights. Likely better overall.

  • -1

    Better hotels

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