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10,000 Flybuys Points for $50 Spend Each Week for 4 Consecutive Weeks + 4,000 Bonus Points When Shop Online @ Coles


Just seen this deal in my flybuys app stating collect 10k flybuys points when you spend 50$ for 4 consecutive weeks on coles. Must be targeted as always.
For me: Week 1 of 4: Fri 20 may 2022 to Sun 29 May 2022. Could be different for others.

Usually they increase the spending for subsequent offers, but last exactly the same offer ended for me a week ago, I used it and still got this again.

Update: combine with this offer for better value.

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  • same here. last week just done the same offer and i got this again. not bad. translate to 25% off i guess. spend 200 get 50 at least.

    flybuys is amazing (for me, ymmv) i dont know why people want to shop with ww with their crap reward system.
    not just the offer is crap, their app also hard to use. flybuys is just so flawlessly

    • +2

      It's a really underrated way of racking up Virgin Velocity points. Worst case is 0.5 points per dollar spend (better than many bank reward cards), but time your shops with good offers and you can get a really good haul of points for shopping you have to do anyway.
      And agree, the app and the whole infrastructure is surprisingly good.
      14k flybuys points for example is very close to a one way SYD-MEL domestic flight.

    • +6

      I have to disagree ChiMot, given the fact they deduct points (technical error), then decided to add the points back (honour, good faith), and also the delays in flybuys and cookware points. To me and others, ww is flawless where points are straight away in your account and able to view receipts! Can’t deny the offer though, should up their game.

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        they are a dishonest company and ignore emails & lie to you on the phone, currently lodged complaint with office of fair trading, can't believe this kind of behaviour from a coles company

        • +1

          When you hear ads like Coles Zero Mastercard time, you know how crap fluy Bhai's is

      • +2

        ww is flawless where points are straight away in your account

        It sounds like you’ve never had Everyday Rewards points not show up from a transaction? If so, you’re lucky, because I’ve consistently had more problems with Everyday Rewards than Flybuys. I’m not sure why Everyday Rewards can be so problematic, as the Frequent Shopper Club was never as inconsistent as Everyday Rewards.

        Where should I start?

        • A few years ago, I scanned my Everyday Rewards card at a Caltex fuel station where I purchased E10, and I could see on the receipt that my Everyday Rewards card was accepted. I waited 8 NSW business days for the points to show up (even though Everyday Rewards’ terms state the points would show up within 5 NSW business days), but the points still didn’t show up; I complained to Everyday Rewards about the points going missing, and they eventually credited me 2000 points as an apology. As an aside, the original missing points actually showed up 19 NSW business days after the transaction took place!

        • A couple of years ago (before the Everyday Rewards app existed), Everyday Rewards sent me multiple emails telling me that I could earn 100 bonus points if I purchased a 2L bottle of their home-brand drought relief milk during a specific period at Woolworths. I purchased 2L bottles of their home-brand drought relief milk multiple times across two months, but the bonus points were never automatically credited to me. I had to email Woolworths each time to get them to manually credit the missing bonus points.

        • I never automatically received any bonus points from a recent gift card offer at BIG W, even though I bought 3x $200 EFTPOS gift cards in three separate transactions, plus the $200 EFTPOS gift cards were pictured in the catalogue as gift cards that would earn bonus points. I had to chase it up with the Everyday Rewards team, which involved a 30 minute wait on online chat and a further 20 minute conversation with the customer service rep. The customer service rep kept on insisting bonus points boosters did not earn any bonus points when you purchased gift cards, even though I kept on pointing out to them the offer I was referring to was in the BIG W catalogue, not a bonus points booster. I eventually got the points credited after they spoke to their supervisor. Btw, I wasn’t the only person who had this problem.

        • There used to be a weekly bonus points booster in the Everyday Rewards app where you could earn 50 bonus points if you purchased a 6 pack of Woolworths-branded jumbo bread rolls from the bakery department. I purchased multiple 6 packs of multigrain and wholemeal Woolworths-branded jumbo bread rolls across multiple weeks whenever this booster was available, but I never received any bonus points. I made a number of complaints to Everyday Rewards across three months, and after the fifth complaint, one of the reps raised a ticket with their IT team. The IT team eventually got back and it turned out that the bonus points offer was only programmed to be for 6 packs of white jumbo bread rolls sold at Woolworths supermarkets. However, I politely pointed out to the Everyday Rewards rep that this was absolutely unbelievable, because the bonus offer made it clear it was for any 6 pack of Woolworths-branded jumbo bread rolls, plus there were at least 8 different PLU numbers for bakery products sold at Woolworths or Woolworths Metro that were Woolworths-branded jumbo bread rolls… That offer no longer exists, so I’m probably to blame for that lol.

        • Earlier this year, Woolworths advertised in their catalogue that you could earn 2000 bonus points for a number of Ultimate gift cards sold in their stores. However, when I went to purchase a $50 Ultimate gift card, I only received 1000 bonus points. I contacted Everyday Rewards about it, and they eventually said that it was an error, as the catalogue was supposed to state 20x bonus points, not 2000 bonus points. They gave me the additional 1000 bonus points advertised as per their catalogue.

        • Late last year, I purchased a $500 OnlyONE Visa gift card from Woolworths, because the catalogue stated any denominations of the pictured gift cards would earn 10x bonus points. However, the issue was that the checkout credited zero points, and I was eventually told it was due to Woolworths neglecting to print excluding the $25-$500 variable load denomination in the fine print. It took two emails, two phone calls and a live chat session to get the missing bonus points.

        • I haven’t received any bonus points from an ongoing bonus points offer, where you’ll earn 5x points on (most) purchases paid for using Everyday Pay at Woolworths or BIG W. I note that the terms of the offer state the points will be credited by 23 June 2022, so I’m not overly concerned at this stage, but it just goes to show how points are not always credited instantly.

        • I had a bonus points booster on my Everyday Rewards account last year where I would earn 10x points on any fruit or vegetables purchased across a three week period at Woolworths. The terms of the offer never stated a minimum spend or any major conditions, but it also stated that the bonus points would be credited at the time of purchase. That obviously never happened, so I complained to Everyday Rewards after that promotion ended, and they credited me 2000 points as an apology.

        • I purchased a $100 WISH gift card through the Woolworths Group gift card portal, because there was a promotion going on where I could earn 500 bonus Everyday Rewards points for purchasing a $100 WISH gift card. I made sure to enter my Everyday Rewards in the checkout, but I never received any points after waiting 14 business days. When I contacted Everyday Rewards, the rep told me to contact the Woolworths Group gift card team, as Everyday Rewards does not handle any bonus points promotions advertised on the gift card portal. When I contacted the gift card portal, the staff member had no idea about the promotion and told me to contact Everyday Rewards, as the promotion was specifically related to Everyday Rewards points. When I contacted Everyday Rewards again, they told me that the gift card portal staff member was wrong and I had to deal with them, so I gave up. Who knew Woolworths Group could be so bureaucratic!

        • I purchased an item at BIG W a couple of weeks ago, but the transaction, the e-receipt and the points earned in the transaction did not actually show up on my account until three hours after the transaction took place. That’s never happened to me before at BIG W.

        • I was shopping with a relative a few months ago at BIG W, where I helped them scan their Everyday Rewards card at the checkout before scanning the other items in the transaction. The checkout said “your Everyday Rewards card has been added” and I could see the Everyday Rewards card and the available balance at the top of the screen, but as soon as the transaction was paid for, the Everyday Rewards card magically disappeared from the transaction and the paper receipt printed the message “you could have earned 45 Everyday Rewards points in this transaction”. When my relative contacted Everyday Rewards, the rep accused them of not scanning the Everyday Rewards card in the transaction, even though the checkout very clearly stated the Everyday Rewards was added.

        There are other problems I’ve had with Everyday Rewards not even related to earning points:

        • Early last year, I had 27 electronic fuel discount vouchers disappear from my Everyday Rewards account after I purchased $35 worth of groceries at Woolworths. When I went to EG 15 minutes after the $35 purchase at Woolworths, I had to use a paper fuel voucher I happened to have on me to redeem my 4c/L fuel discount. 28 electronic fuel discount vouchers appeared on my Everyday Rewards account two hours later…

        • Earlier this year, when I went to fill up at EG, the fuel station attendant scanned my Everyday Rewards card, but when they went to the payment screen, it did not apply any electronic fuel voucher discounts to my purchase, even though I could see in my Everyday Rewards app that I had 6 fuel vouchers available. I had to surrender a paper fuel voucher to get the 4c/L discount (and I think you can see why I always carry at least one Woolworths paper fuel voucher with me).

        • Earlier this year, I went to an EG to purchase fuel. I had $10 in Everyday Rewards Dollars on my account and my account was set to Money Off Shopping, but when I asked the attendant to redeem the $10 in Everyday Rewards Dollars, they told me that they could not see it on my account and went on to mention it was a common problem at that location, even though that location is one of the EG locations that accepts Everyday Rewards. I contacted EG, where the customer service rep apologised and got the area manager to contact the EG location to get to the bottom of the issue.

        In terms of balance, I’ll go through the only problems I’ve ever had with Flybuys:

        • I’ve participated in nine FCL/Liquorland bonus points promotions, and one of these promotions saw my 2000 bonus points not show up within the four week timeframe. I contacted Flybuys after waiting a number of extra weeks, and they credited me the missing points without any issues.

        • I received a Flybuys/Velocity offer via Velocity earlier this year, where I would earn 500 bonus Velocity points and 500 bonus Flybuys points on my first Flybuys —> Velocity auto-transfer. Although I received the 500 bonus Velocity points, I haven’t received the 500 bonus Flybuys points after waiting 4+ months. I called Flybuys about this issue, and they said they would raise a complaint with their promotions team, where they would get back to me within 15 business days, but it’s been much more than 15 business days and I’ve heard nothing.

        • I purchased 5x $250 Coles Gift Mastercards through a recent Coles deal, but I only received 1000 bonus points per gift card, even though the offer advertised 2000 bonus points per gift card. I eventually received the extra 1000 bonus points per gift card a few days later, even though I did not contact Flybuys about the issue at all.

        the fact they deduct points (technical error), then decided to add the points back (honour, good faith)

        It sounds like you’re under the impression that Everyday Rewards never do that?

        Everyday Rewards did exactly that in a recent gift card deal; two different people reported that Everyday Rewards credited the points for purchases of gift cards made through discounted Woolworths Group gift card portals (which was actually excluded under the bonus points deal’s terms and conditions), then Everyday Rewards reversed those points, then Everyday Rewards credited some points as a goodwill gesture.

        • +16

          I think you need a hug mate.

        • +2

          Well done for keeping track!

        • -5

          Talk about hogging the whole first page with a great wall of China text. Zero people read that by the way.

        • wow what a good memory!

      • @mickey888
        gee everyone made mistake at least they given back the points ?
        cookware points, wow for me flybuys is amazing last week shoped $23 and i got total of 3 ovenware points instead of 1.
        set the bad things aside, compare them with woolworth and you will agree with me

  • +5

    Haven't got it this time, and I think that's due to the fact I've been shopping at Coles every week lately. It's time to give it a miss for a couple of week, I think.

    • No not really. I shop every week as well. I got it this time as well

  • I got 7500 points for one $180 spend.

    • +1

      Not 7200?

  • -2

    Too lazy for this

    • ohh well they knew it. How about combining this offer with this offer.
      Please note: I am not promoting anything, just sharing what I got

  • Got $90 for $200 spend across 2 accounts last week. I think getting the same offer this week.

  • 10,000 points for $50 * 4 weeks.
    Stacks with 2000 points for $50 * 1 week.

    30% discount, nice! That offsets the recent price increases of around 10%.

    Got another offer stack on my main Flybuys, overall 22.5% but requires $320 total spend.

  • I got nothing at all from Coles. I think I have exploited their ~25% discounts over 4 weeks often enough that I'm now labelled a deadbeat customer. Time to stop swiping my Flybuys card for all small purchases.

  • I finally got a really good offer.

    10,000 points for $50 spend for 4 weeks.

    Last time it was $100 spend for 4 weeks (10,000 points).


  • 20000pts $210 for 4 weeks

    • Same here but for $220 for 4 weeks.

    • My offer is worse. $80 x 4 weeks = Spend $320 and get only 10,000 pts.

      • my offer is way worse, $160x4 for 10000pts or $210x4 for 20000pts

  • 10,000 for $160 or 20,000 for $210

  • 5600pts for $140, kept getting this kind of 20% worth pts for the last 2 months,much better deal IMO when combine with the current 20 off 250 online offer.

  • I mainly shop at Coles but NEVER get these offers (I do from Woolies all the time)
    Am I doing something wrong? Should I avoid them for a month to get them to entice me back ?

    • +3

      just get another flybuys number.

    • Same with me. I updated my preferences and regularly do shopping at Coles, but I don’t get these offer. I called Flybuys customer service, they don’t have any clues

      • +7

        You need a second account. Then you start getting offers on both and switch between them depending what's on offer

      • Hah of course Flybuys would claim they don't know

    • same here, I used to get some offers from time to time but now nothing…though I am more a woolies shoper.

  • +5

    Been doing these 10,000 pointers for ages. Just finished a $50/week, got another $50/week.
    I ignore anything above $60/week.

  • Mine says 10000 pts for $50 week spend or $50 off as offer 2

    • in the end it is both the same, just if you want points and then use the $$ as you want pick offer 2, if you are happy to use the $50 in one go, pick offer 2. I always go for the points, but they are worth the same amount in $$

      • +1

        I prefer the points as you can load the $50 onto your FB card but don't have to spend it in one go.

    • +1

      The $50 cash has short expiry

    • +2

      Never pick $$, short live and must spend at least $50.01 to redeem. Limited to spend at Coles on the other hand Flybuys points don't expiry and Flybuys dollars can be used at many place like Coles express,target,Kmart etc

      • Also hard to manage as it's not recorded anywhere that you have them. They just tell you and you hope it's correct when you are in the queue and do not look silly when it does not work.

  • Finally a good deal

  • 10,000 points or $50 for four x $60 ships, same as last offer about six weeks ago.

  • I got 14,000 for $80x4 weeks

  • Four weeks of $180 for 10000 or $230 for 20000, too many nappies :(

  • +1

    Wooo finally got a good one, 10k for 4x$50 spend!

  • Question, even though week 1 starts tomorrow, can I activate it now and do my shopping today and still be eligible for week 1?

    • +4

      No, they're pretty strict about dates.

      • Ok thanks for that!

  • +2

    IMPORTANT NOTE for FlyBuys members with >2000 existing points.

    ** DO NOT use your 2000 points to get $10 off the purchase unless you have bought >$60 worth of goods. **
    The fine print says "$50 or more must be spent in one transaction, after all savings, discounts and vouchers…"
    Using 2000 FlyBuys points is considered to be a "discount." (I would disagree.)
    Therefore if you bought $55 worth of goods, used 2000 FlyBuys points and paid the $45 balance using your credit card, the transaction would not count in the offer as a $50+ transaction.

    • +1

      Is this a recent change? Never had an issue with using FlyBuys dollars before

      • +1

        I got caught out about 2 years ago. May be you were purchasing >$10 above the minimum spend so it didn't matter.
        May be you thought you got the points but didn't realise you hadn't.
        I'm sure that's happened to many people.

      • Really? I had the same experience as avtech so I always ensure to have spent more than yhe minimum required amount after all discounts including 2000 points off

    • +1

      nope, paying with flybuy dollars (ie flyb points converted to flyb dollars) is same as paying with cash/cc.
      you get full flyb points - yes weird its like laundering money from points back to points.

      • -2

        I would have thought so, but I rang FlyBuys to complain why I didn't get my bonus points during another offer and that was their explanation.
        Also, the self-checkout and the FlyBuys computers don't talk with each other (or one is not programmed properly) so the docket will say that your transaction has qualified when it actually hasn't!

        • +1

          Weird. I've never had an issue using flybys $$ and I always spend the bare amount necessary… when you use the $$ on your card you are entering it as a card payment, so, not sure how they would know?

    • +2

      Last month, one of my four shops was paid completely with FlyBuys and I still got my 10,000 ots.

      • Me too. I paid for several shops with FlyBuys duting the 4 weeks and got points.

        • yeah like i said it is weird like spend points get points back just like laundering points

    • It depends how you redeem the points.

      If you have a Coles CC, you get an offer to redeem 2000 points for $10. As you mentioned, this subtracts $10 from the total.

      However, if you decline that offer, then pay $10 on your Flybuys card by swiping it, the total remains the same and would count as over $50.

  • +2

    pro tip: when you get an offer, best is (if you can) wait till last day to do it, as sometimes if you lucky you will get another offer and yes you can stack them.
    i got offer 1 = spend $120 get 4800 points, ends Friday 20/5
    offer 2 just came in = spend $50 for 4 weeks, get 10000 points, start Friday 20/5
    so tomorrow i will spend $120 and fulfill both offers.
    week 1 done.

    • Yep, been doing that for years, although usually you'll find that offer comes up again the day the old one is expiring… so your offer finishes on Friday, but a new one might start on the sat until the Tues. So even if you don't use one right now, you can still use the new one in conjunction with the 4 week one. They usually do it for 3 x 4 day periods at the beginning of the 4 week deal

  • Crap, mine is $90 each week for 10,000 points.

  • Mine is $70 each week for 10000 points

  • For me $120/$170 each week for $50/$100 off or 10000/20000 points

    • Wow.. mind to tell your spending habit/average amount? Seems high. Big family?

      • I usually spend around $100ish per week, but I do stretch a bit to fulfill offers every now and then.

  • Do these offers stack with other offers? Ie: I also have a spend $70 in a shop to get x amount of points. They overlap today only. Thoughts?

    • +2

      I always used it with other offers, never had a problem. So I think it should be ok for you too.

  • The reason they can be more generous is they have hiked all the prices . I am using double offer. 1 offer says 5200 points $130 spend (I need a 1 year phone credit, so thats $120 already) Blus the offer in this post except mine is $80 per week. So it counts as the week 1 of $80 spend for 10,000 points

    • they cant hike because of competitions with aldi, ww, etc.
      but they can push the buying price from suppliers, farmers, butchers, etc.
      yeah pretty sad actually they got bullied by big guys

  • Lucky you, that you can shop around. All we want in Tassie is an Aldi store:( ….

  • I have $50 each week for 10,000 points plus another 1,000 for each week done online, on 2 accounts. Plus 2,000 points for a $50 shop ending today. Usually, I also get the same starting tomorrow and if I shop in the afternoon I receive both. Sometimes I do 2 of the 14,000 points offers per week so 28,000 points for $100 (50+50) spend each week plus the first week's offers. So minimum of 35% off.

    • @yola
      what what?
      you have offer ends today, then get another offer starting tomorrow but you shop today in the afternoon you get both ?

      • Ssshhhh, yes have done it many times. Friday works for me but Wednesday did not, although it should also. Others have also mentioned this hack on other Coles threads.

        • +1

          Hmm okay i just done this tonight. Finger cross…. if works then fridays is dating day with coles lol

          • +1

            @ChiMot: Hope you activated both offers. Please make an update. I also shopped yesterday so will update but has worked many times in the past.

  • Mine min spend is $110… crab

  • About time these fairly decent bonus points deals came about again. Mine is also $50 x 4.

    Plus bonus 1000 for ordering online.
    Which I'll do again next week.

    $50, as a single person, still doesn't get me much food at all unfortunately.

    • Yeah. Many times i feel sad looking down at my trolley and think.. that's all? $55 ?

  • Just be careful ordering online, if there is a shortage of food at click and collect flybuys won’t register it as part of the deal as it’s not meeting the requirement of the minimum spend . For some reason it’s not updated on their system that there was a shortage and u are still entitled to the points. You have to ring them to let them know . I have done this plenty of times.

    • an agent told me that they look into total $ order when purchasing (when matching with flybuys offers), meaning if you end up paying less because item n/a you are fine.

      • True but this does not happen automatically, you have to contact them. Flybuys cannot access Coles online data and if it is a large amount they will ask for a copy of the invoice/receipt to be emailed to them. I now just email straight away and save myself 30 min wait on the phone. The Woolworths system is better and both rewards and shopping connected.

        • I see. I dont do lots online, once i just order a bit more but yes was feeling worry at the time.

  • has anyone had any luck swapping items from Coles' Flybuys cookware?
    My local store ran out of the big stock pot (150 points) when I went to redeem for it. I instead settled for three smaller things once I was told by a staff member they weren't getting any more items in stock

  • +1

    Have the targeted spend $50x 4weeks, 10k+4k for online ordering

    Did my first weeks online shop, and collected my groceries C&C. I spent $52.64
    I had a credit, of $2.63 so luckily, I spent $50.01
    My PayPal and card was charged $50.01

    According to the FlyBuys app, under activity, I only spent $49.95 and received 49 standard points.

    Have emailed FlyBuys, but as usual, replies take weeks to come back.
    Coles online reply quickly and say FlyBuys is nothing to do with them.

    I'm going to confirm the next 3 weeks of spend, and over $50, and online ordering.
    I can see I'm going to have an issue and fight to get the 10k+4k bonus points after this

    • This sounds a bit strange but yes wait till you finish all the weeks then email them with a copy of the order and maybe the Paypal charge. I have even had underweight items that dropped an order below the required spend recognised and points credited.

      • +1

        Definitely just scraped in with the $50.01 spend, as charged to my card via PayPal.
        (Not certain that the credit counts?)
        Definitely under activity, on the FlyBuys app, $49.95 spend for 49 points.

        I'll continue to do the required $50 shops and also order online, and I'll also sign up for the 6k Coles plus to use on the next 3 online shopping C&C.
        Hopefully 20k points coming my way soon

  • Does anybody know if I use flybuys dollar combine with the card payment, total spend equal or above $50 groceries, could this trasaction vaild in this week? Thanks a lot!

    • +1

      Flybuys dollars and CC are payment methods and as long as the grocery spend is $50 plus you are good. Keep receipt/invoice just in case.

      • I got it, Thank you mate!

  • How do you know what week you’re on? The first week lasts 10 days (20-29 May)… so do the following weeks also last 10 days? First time using Flybuys. It’s so much more confusing than Woolies Rewards IMO

    • +2

      If you check the email that they sent you for this offer you'll see the schedule for each week for 4 weeks.

      Week 1
      20-29 May

      Week 2
      30 May - 5 June

      Week 3
      6-12 June

      Week 4
      13-19 June

      • +1

        I had saved the offer to my card in the flybuys app and have already made my first two purchases. However, the offer has disappeared from the app and is no longer showing in my activated offers. Anyone in the same boat? Any suggestions of what to do?

        • Same situation here, I think/hope that it will reappear next week.

        • +1

          Its normal, for some reason they only have the pop up for the first week for these kind of offers. But to check if you're qualified for week 2, it should say it on the receipt.

        • +2

          @Dealking @hamza23 like this

          • @Ricko98: Thanks, I remember that receipt trick from previous promos but this time I'm doing it online (additional 6000 points), so there is no visual indicator. Just assuming it's all good :)

            • @hamza23: Looks like we are in the same boat - I am doing it online too. So unfortunately no visual indicators. The online offer only needs 3 transactions, so I might do the fourth one in-store. Hope it will not be too late then 😀

              • @Dealking: On my end it says if u complete all four online shopping u get 4000 points

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