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$40 Cashback on 12-Month $49 eBay Plus Subscription @ ShopBack (New & Reactivated Subscriptions)


Nice timing with the eBay plus weekend starting soon.

  • Existing eBay Plus Customers will not be eligible for cashback on Sign Ups
  • Customers who cancel their Free trial will not be eligible for cashback
  • Monthly eBay Plus Subscriptions are ineligible for cashback

ShopBack rep -

Cashback will track initially at $0, but will be uplifted to the correct value once your annual subscription has been confirmed (after the free trial).

4pm Update — Shopback have added details here regarding stacking this promo with the $20 voucher.

27/5 Update — See here for updated information on Missing Cashback / No Tracking: Please lodge a missing cashback claim from your ShopBack account.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3880)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Thanks Op just joined

  • +3

    I think ebay is losing too many ebay plus customers moving to Amazon Prime and now they have to find a way to solve this situation

    • +3

      Then they should bring back the $50 voucher when signing up annual ebay plus, not dropping it to $20.

      • +1

        No, I'd say the plus Tuesdays was a lot better than those $50 voucher

        • +1

          And make it not like trying to win lottery. Those $99 airpods really pissed ppl off.

      • May be ebay is pissed that people willing to paid $59 a year for Amazon Prime when they offer no rebate!!

        • +3

          Maybe when eBay starts offering video and music streaming as part of the 'Plus' membership, then they can start competing with Amazon

          • @proudwanderer: They also need next day delivery too!

          • @proudwanderer: and have significantly better customer service. Was boiling trying to ask simple questions today. They just repeated themselves saying they understood the questions but obv not.

  • im new so it went to free trial straight away, so it hadn't charged me yet. will this affect the cashback or am I fine?

    • Cashback will track initially at $0, but will be uplifted to the correct value once your annual subscription has been confirmed (after the free trial).

      • +2

        Once trial ends, they'll get charged and cashback should track.

        Make sure you do not cancel the trial

        Customers who cancel their Free trial will not be eligible for cashback

          • +1

            @cardiology: Rep has already confirmed it will initially track as 0 until free trial is over then update…

  • Can I cancel my Ebay Annual subscription (from charging me next year), but still keep the ebay plus perks and get the cashback? i do not want a refund, but i do not want it to auto renew next year either, Amazon Prime reminds you about it but I havnt had Ebay Plus so im not sure if they will do the same with the subscription renewal

    • +3

      Set a reminder to cancel a month out from renewing.

      Alternatively, when you get the $40 cashback you can cancel, but I wouldn't do it before then.

      • that was also what i was thinking, I set reminders about other subscriptions the same way, including my credit cards (may as well get the best deal). cheers

  • Legitimate Question from an eBay amateur.

    Inbtbe past, when I've used codes, (such as Afterpay code etc) I tried to pay with an eBay gift card I have. I wasn't able to use any code, and also pay with my gift card.
    Do most of these 'deals' require an eBay Plus code to be entered, therefore unable to use my gift card?

    • Last time I checked you can enter 1 code and 7 gift cards per order

  • +1

    I found a way which the shopback app can take you directly to the $20 voucher page.
    First open Shopback app, click eBay plus membership under Online Deal. Go to PROMOS and selected Bonus $20 voucher 'Go to Deal' . There you go.

    • +2
      • Ok, didn't see that :p

        • To be honest I did see that but still didn’t know how to get to the $20 voucher in the app

    • Does the cashback track using this method? I believe $20 gc will be after the trial period? Cheers

  • Mine is due in 9 days, if i cancel can i re sign up stright away under this?

    • Nvm, found the answer on the previous page.

  • I signed up 6 hours ago with the App and still got no confirmation from Shopback of the cashback. How long normally for confirmation?

    • up to 48 hours

  • @gotyourback do you have any idea as to when this offer will expire?

    • Cntl-f 'expire', they've already said no idea yet

  • +1

    Thanks op and shopback! I signed up to it. hopefully i get the 40 dollars cashback plus the immediate 20 dollars voucher that i already received

    • i didnt get$20 voucher immediately despite it showed on my ebay account, should i contact Ebay?

      • hmm strange. did u click through the link on shopback that directs you to the 20 dollars voucher bonus page?

        • No, i didnt see $20 voucher in SB app, i went back to cancel my membership and Ebay offered me $30 digital Ebay Gift card to stay, not sure if $30 will be next year 2023 or after payment…so confused

          • @V13tbargain: $30 will be available to you 10 days after you pay eBay $48.99 next time (so 2023)

  • Any ideas what to buy with the $20 voucher with minimum $50 spend?

    • $20 voucher

      $20.01 minimum spend not $50

      • Oh that makes life a lot easier.. thanks!

  • Got the $20, now awaiting the shopback track confirmation

  • Has this tracked for anyone yet?

    • eBay normally takes a day, should hopefully see some coming through tomorrow.

  • +1

    Perfect timing. My membership expired 2 days ago.

  • Does this track when paying by PayPal? The ShopBack icon changes to red when going to PayPal.

  • When this deal is going to end?

    Mine is expiring in October, not sure should I cancel now and sign up again

    • even if you cancel your membership is still valid until Oct….it says in the terms above you can't cancel just to try to get the deal

      • Isn't the term only for the free trial one? I've been eBay's plus member for the last 3 years

        • +1

          no, If you have been a member before but aren't anymore (like me) you can rejoin using the link….it is just for newbies or people that have let their membership lapse. At the moment the deal has no end date, but gotyourback said it is a limited time offer….he just doesn't know when it will end

  • +1

    Great deal with $20 voucher!

  • Does anyone know if we cancel the ebay plus straight after signing up for 1 year and paying $49….membership lasts until 1 year or we need to set reminder for next year to cancel it…

    • +1

      Membership will last for 1 year even you cancel straight after sign up

    • +2

      I wouldn't cancel until your cashback is tracked and paid before trying to cancel, otherwise you would prob void the cashback

  • +1

    I cancelled mine in March and it ran out about a month ago I think. I'd been holding out on a better deal than the $20 voucher that kept popping as a banner, so this is perfect! I got the $20 voucher and will get the $40 cashback! Thanks!
    Now if only there were good deals to go back with Club Jetstar lol They used to offer a voucher if you let the membership lapse to try and entice you back again, but seems they don't do that anymore

  • Did anyone get confirmation from eBay? I got the $20 voucher clicking through from ShopBack and it’s showing in my click history so 🤞

    • +1

      apparently ebay takes a day or so to track

  • Got the $20 Voucher, Now just waiting for the eBay purchase to track @ shopback at $40,

    Good at least to get $40+20 ~$60 (more like $50-55 ish in real $$) for only spending $49.

    • (more like $50-55 ish in real $$)

      I assume you are taking into account the use of a voucher nullifies all other coupon codes.

      I am trying to find an item I really need which is rarely discounted so I don't feel bad about using that voucher.

      • yup that $20 voucher is only really max $10-15 in real $$ IMO,

        For items $20 voucher

        I suggest like Vinyl/nitrile gloves for multi uses, Car jack stands, Mobile sim starter kits, GPS tracker, multiple coin cell batteries, rechargeable eneloops , heating blanket/pad, used smart watch etc.

  • Nice, pretty awesome deal if it all goes through

  • +2

    signed up to eBay plus, hope the cashback tracks

    I've got charged $48.99 but haven't received any confirmation email, that's worrying

    edit: there's so many click activities don't know which is the last click to the one i signed up eBay plus, in case i need to submit missing cashback. :(

    • +1

      In theory, it'll be the last one you clicked on unless you made ebay purchases afterwards.

      • I personally always click another couple times after making purchase, just to ensure that they bloody track it.
        But they still manage to fail dude

  • -2

    so can i cancel my current subscription which will be end in July? and do it again?

  • Are there any major advantages to this for someone who lives in Perth, where the free express shipping doesn't apply? I know I get free returns, but some of the deals I've seen recently are for $1 off vs a non eBay-plus subscriber.

    I do buy a bit of stuff from eBay, but Amazon Prime wins hands down for me and gets a hammering… the eBay stuff I get only seems to be things I can't find on Amazon, or those that are way more expensive due to the seller fees Amazon charges.

    Trying to figure out if it's worth it or not. I can't remember the last time I returned anything to an eBay seller.

    • Do you have anything to lose? You get $20 voucher & $40 cashback for paying $49, unless you are not using ebay at all.

      • Maybe the voucher value increases to $30, $40 later. You never know.

        • +2

          Similarly, you never know if the cashback offer never comes back :)

        • +2

          Maybe it decreases to $10 due to such a huge rise in memberships recently. You never know.

          • @DoctorCalculon: People dont use cashback sites >>> Cashrewards > Shopback. So you know how much traffic it can bring.

  • Anyone tracked yet?

  • Mine is not tracked yet

  • When does this deal end

    • Rep has said it many times in comments already.

      • +1

        They need the answer on a plate. Scrolling up is such a bi*ch! :)

        • yeah well take it up with the OP. Thats the thing with these deals if its not posted by the rep.

  • Cashback not tracked :(

  • +1

    Purchased yeaterday, still not tracked. Card has been charged.

  • $11 profit and ebay plus for a year ain't too bad.

  • anyone else get this
    "Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer due to lack of purchase history. You can still unlock a range of exclusive offers & free delivery on millions of Plus items if you join eBay Plus."

    • same for me.

  • Thanks GYB! Have just signed up and will keep an eye out on the tracking.

  • Is it one $40 Cashback per SB user?

    So if you try to sign up to eBay plus for 2x eBay accounts - you can only get 1 $40 Cashback right?

  • My ebay plus expired last year. When I clicked the $20 voucher link, it took me to payment $49 and a message:

    'You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the membership fee is due immediately.'

    Do I eligible for the $20 voucher? I can't see anywhere saying $20 voucher .

    • Yes, if you clicked through the offer you are eligible

      • Got it $20 voucher, thanks for info!! Shopback tracked too using desktop Chrome.

  • I noticed I'm getting charged more than $49 every time when paying for eBay Plus. Has anyone experience this?
    This has happened around 3 times now for myself.

    Whether playing directly via credit card or PayPal.
    Always an extra $1 to $2 plus amounts.
    I'm guessing probably due to it getting charged from overseas.

    Anyone knows why and how to stop this.
    I remembered in the past chased up eBay for an explanation and as usual got pushed to PayPal and back and forth.
    Typical no one wants to or able to address the issue.

    • Yes, they process the payment overseas for ebay plus subscription (singapore i think). I usually use fee free card like 28 to avoid that. Dont bother with cs as they have no clue and you will end running in circle.

  • Signed up via the promo page in the app and got the $20 voucher instantly. Now to wait for the $40 cashback tracking :D

    • Hi. Was the voucher emailed to you? I still haven’t received mine.

      • +1

        was available instantly for me no email though. You have to go to your ebay account/settings and there's a vouchers page that will list it.

      • +1

        As soon as I submitted payment I was redirected to a page that had the voucher. It’s also listed at the top of your “my eBay” page where you would normally see vouchers

      • I didn't receive one either. There's a monthly $5 one in my summary but that's it. Bit annoyed it didn't work clicking directly thru the shopback link as advertised.

        • +1

          Did you go through the page that mentioned the $20 voucher?

          In the shpback app after clicking on the ebay deal, there was a section where you could see ebay promos. A link to the $20 page was there, if you didn't click in that section then you might have just signed up to ebay plus for the $40 cashback only I think.

        • I spoke to ebay chat they are looking into it.

          • +1


            ebay chat they are looking into it.

            The translation from BS to English is that they couldn’t care less

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