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ANZ Owner Occupied 2.44% Variable Home Loan + up to $3500 Broker Rebate @ ANZ


Hello All Ozbargainers

ANZ has new offer for the Simplicity Loan variable rate and offering an $4000 Cashback on all refinances for owner occupied and investments

Principal and Interest Owner Occupied HOME LOAN
Variable - 2.44% (CPR 2.45%) FOR LVR <70%
Variable - 2.54% (CPR 2.55%) FOR 70% <LVR <80%
1 year fixed - 3.29% (CPR 2.25%) FOR LVR <80%
2 year fixed - 3.99% (CPR 3.35%) FOR LVR <80%

Principal and Interest INVESTMENT HOME LOAN
Variable - 2.74% (CPR 2.74%) FOR LVR <70%
Variable - 2.84% (CPR 2.84%) FOR 70% <LVR <80%
1 year fixed - 3.49% (CPR 3.81%) FOR LVR <80%
2 year fixed - 4.19% (CPR 4.00%) FOR LVR <80%

Apply by 6th June 2022, and settle by 16th September 2022. Owner Occupier (P&I repayments) and Residential Investment loans, with LVR up to 80%. $250k min loan. Only one $4K cashback offer available per primary applicant within a 12 month period. Excludes refinances from within ANZ. Please find attached terms and condition.

We also offer the following product as well
Citibank - 2.24% variable for Owner Occupied up to $6000 cashback
Suncorp - 2.19% variable rate for Owner Occupied up to $3000 cashback
Westpac - 2.09% variable rate for Owner Occupied up to $4000 cashback

Heroes Home Loans are also providing an additional incentive broker rebate if user our service (note this applies to all products). The offer valid 30/06/2022, we give a cash rebate of loan size (net at drawdown) for any bank or product, only applicable via broker. Cash Rebate is paid 50/50 after 1 month and 18 month of settlement. if you refinance after 12 months but still use our service for the refinance you will still receive the second payment. Please find attached terms and conditions.

Loan Amount Rebate
$250,000 $500
$500,000 $1,000
$750,000 $1,500
$1,000,000 $2,000
$1,500,000 $3,000
$1,750,000 $3,500

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text/call me on 0479107213 and I would be happy to answer all finance related questions.

Wilson Yuan
Managing Director
Credit Representative Number is 530101 under Australia's Services Australian Credit License (ACL) 389328 © 2021 HEROES HOME LOANS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

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  • +1

    Cash Rebate is paid 50/50 after 1 month and 18 month of settlement

  • +3

    Would avoid ANZ bank at any cost, worst bank i've ever been with, mistakes with accounts over and over.

    • +2


    • agree - ever since they outsource their customer service to India
      much like how Qantas rewards program customer service hot line is outsourced to Phillipines…

      • -1

        Whats wrong with Indian customer service

        • communication barrier - (I'm multilingual btw if that matters)

          • @khoed792: I might deal with few minutes of inconvenience if I save some money… But that's just me… Person of Indian origin who is multilingual as well.

      • I’ve had a terrible experience with ANZ - like extremely frustrating in every way possible and I’ve only dealt with their Australian team, and I work at a bank so I usually have a bit more empathy for bankers.

        Ironically, my best friend works there and can confirm it’s total shit as well. I wouldn’t recommend ANZ on my worst enemy.

    • Same for me, I’m in the process of changing to another bank atm

    • +2

      Also shit mortgage broker.

  • Has anyone tried churning home loans for the refinance caahback every few months?

    • -2

      most have clawback clause so it doesn't work

      • +1

        I have only ever seen clawback clauses with brokers. If you go direct this won't be a problem.

    • -1

      Stick to 2 years.

      You don't need the hassle of keeping your spend profile on point constantly to do it every few months.

  • +3

    Any deals on Offset?

  • +1

    I hate ANZ Bank.. WORST BANK EVER!

  • +1

    homestar is still offering 1.79%. lol

  • Does this include offset?

    • +2

      Nope this guy doesn't want to give offsets. Once I asked for this he stopped replying and wasted so much of my time.

  • +2

    Wasted my time doing forms then ghosted me. Shit customer service.

  • Look at those fixed prices, what a bargain right? Wut

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