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LG C1 4K OLED TV OLED55C1PTB 55" $1975.50 (EXP), OLED48C1PTB 48" $1795.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Original Coupon Deal

Pretty good price for the 55" Expired & 48" C1

No price drop on the 65" unfortunately

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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    Now if only someone would offer a decent discount on the Sony A80J.

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    • Deserves a separate deal IMO. Could be the cheapest ever.

      • It was posted earlier today but it was moved to forums due to low stock post

        • Still showing 3 available btw

        • And I snagged the 55 @ $1791 from the same seller.

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      Great price
      Wonder if the C2 is on sale

    • This is an awesome price. I purchased this TV a week ago from "Hardly Normal" for $2850 delivered. I wish I had waited little more before purchasing the TV.

      • +2

        Jesus. And you supported Gerry!

        • Unfortunately, I didn't had much options. I had tried negotiating with The good guys as well as JBHIFI and none of them were coming lower than $3000. I had missed out on the good guys ebay deal by a day.

      • i’m in the exact same boat :(
        oh well

      • Me too. Wondering if they would refund the price difference :/

      • How'd you pay for it? If high end CC, you can claim price difference insunrance.

    • How do you get it for that price or is that with cashback as well? I get $2731 when I use the 5% code.

      • 10% off code PLTTH10 expired this morning, but would keep watch if eBay release another code during their sales this week

  • For use as a work monitor on a desk, do people reckon the 48" is better than say 65" just in terms of pixel density and thus clarity of text?

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      Lol wat

    • +7

      65”…. as a monitor on a desk? sounds utterly unusable

      those using oled tvs as monitors are usually getting the C1 48”
      the C2” 42” would be even more suitable

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        I did 55" for a while and yes, it was stupid.

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          I tried a C9 55' on a desk for about 3 days before swapping back. At that distance it was to big. Wicked for games though. A 48 is on my wishlist

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        Yep I had a Philips 43" before and 48" C1 would probably be the go. Not keen on paying the higher price for 42" C2, the improvements seemed minor.
        The work conference rooms had a 75" and I had contemplated moving away from a desk setup into something where I can buy a BT keyboard & mouse and sit further away from the screen. It would then also double up for PS5 and media consumption

      • the C2” 42” would be even more suitable

        Apparently the current 42" C2 are not using the OLED EX panels like its bigger siblings. Can't believe LG would just keep quiet and sell TVs with inferior panels (with a premium model name and thus consumer expectations). Adonbilivit!


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      I have the c1 48 and it is already too big. I ended up using it as a secondary monitor and each time I want to open something, snapped it to the one half of the screen with windows arrow key.

      Only time I find it useful is when we need to view mira/conceptboards.

      I would still buy the same screen again though. Good excuse to use it for video games :)

      • Thanks for the advice, cheers

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    Grabbing 3 x 48's for flight sim

  • How bad is burn in on these?

    • Yes

    • I'm still using my 2019 Panasonic OLED which has an LG panel. No burn in at all. It does a lot of self maintenance though.

  • Man why such big price difference between 55 and 65 🤔 Moving into a new apartment soon so I’m in the market to buy a new TV

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      10 inches more is huge.

  • Great price for the 55 inch… paid $2300 in January… we’re still about $2800.

  • Use shopback to get further discount - 3%

  • I paid $1920 for the 55" at Good Guys Gepps Cross just last Monday. Negotiate this "sale" down more.

  • What's the lowest the 55" has been?

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      Likely just resting on the floor, but I’d recommend a good quality tv cabinet, about 60cm high.

  • I believe you can easily ask JB/TGG/HN for C1 65" at $2700 at this time. It's just your luck to try get below that.

  • For anyone wanting to purchase the 65" at the cheapest possible price, contact JB and get them to match this:

    Then use the clickfrenzy code and any other GC combos

    • +1

      Doesn't work, JB Hifi live chat said "Doddsby is not a legitimate Australian retailer."

      • Just tried and got the same response

  • Give your local JB a call. The salesperson I spoke to matched it within a minute of checking site (and assuming with his manager)
    I’d never heard of Doddsby’s till yesterday when they popped into my google search. Looking at their site they seem to be based in western NSW.
    Also, another OzBargain user said in another post that they had JB match headphones from Doddsby.

  • Wow c1's have dropped under 2k. Thats crazy

  • What was the lowest price for C1 48" in the past ?

  • I use the Aorus FO48U 48" as a monitor now. Same panel as the C1, with Display port, it was a deal at 1k.

    • Me too. Used to it now, but paid more than you.

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