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$100 Referral Bonus (Was $50) When You Create a New Account and Request a Wage Advance (5% Fee, Minimum $5.00) @ MyPayNow


To earn money through the MyPayNow Refer a Friend Program:

$100 is only for today only and expires at midnight.

Your friend must be a brand new MyPayNow customer.
Your friend must create an account using your share link.
Your friend must meet eligibility criteria, be approved and draw a wage advance before midnight tonight.

Yes you do login to your bank online through a secure third party browser so they can scan for your wages in your account.
Yes the bonus money is instantly deposited into your account
No a credit check is not done

Refer to the website for full terms and conditions.

Expires midnight 15th June 2022

Make sure you use the referral links to get your free $100 well essentially it’s $95 free as it’s a $5 fee to get the $100 out.

Hello everyone i signed up, put in my details and did a wage advance. Literally no more than 5 minutes work and i had my wage advance and an extra free $100 instantly transferred straight to my bank account.

Mod: Use referral randomiser below, no referral requests or solicitation in the comments.

Referral Links

Referral: random (399)

$50 for referrer and referee after referee takes wage advance. Ends 31/7/22.

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  • +1

    Andddddd, im with UBank.. RIP free $100 :(

  • Stupid me registered with the main link as I didn’t read the instructions carefully and rushed it before going to bed! Now I feel so stupid and can’t sleep.
    At least I added my code hopefully I will get some easy moneys..

  • Nab, but nothing come through nor SMS

  • Crappy way of adding the referral link, nothing like what was on the actual page once I'd registered.

    Hope someone gets the $100 duckets after my click from the random referral :)

  • LOL Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Yeah got this message.
    I've been working for the same place for more that 6 years.

    "Our system could only identify one salary deposit. In order to assess your income, we require two consistent deposits of your salary on your bank statement.

    Please update your employment details or try again after your next pay."

  • Can't use with UP bank so I submitted a request to cancel my account. Oh well.

  • how to repay the $105? are they going to direct debit after one month from the account they paid you?

    • You have to repay through the app/website. Open the menu on the right

  • Still have not received any payments. Am I doing something wrong? It's been 20 mins.

    • It has been 50 minutes for me (Westpac). Right now I'm down $105.

      • same for me. I'm with ING

  • Im still waiting for my deposit hmmm it’s been 15 mins

  • Don't we get paid $100 for signing up or only if someone uses our referral?

    I may have misread the OP, dang!

  • NAB, signed up and asked for advance 10mins ago but no payment came in yet. Hopefully as per OP, we just have to initiate the payment advance to be eligible to get $100 bonus

  • Finally somebody used my referral! Thanks OP!

  • +2

    So now I cannot log in to the site at all, I get a message: "We are currently rolling over your employment information. Please check back soon!" This is all after applying for the 100 amount hour and a half ago, and paying the 105 early. 3 referral clicks. No money received at all. No referrals, no bonus, no 100 dollars advance. 0. They also changed my referral code.
    This is dodgy as hell.

    Total timewaster for me. https://i.ibb.co/8DcWb61/Screenshot-2022-06-16-000454.png

    • My referral code was changed too.. wtf

      • It changes every time you return to the area with the code.

        • Oh

          Does that mean the referrals don't work then

  • +1

    Referral clicked 5 times and no referrer bonus… maybe I did something wrong. Grateful for the $95 though

  • It's been 20 mins and I have not received any money. I have repaid them and changed password though.

  • +3

    As a TRUE ozbargainer I won't pay back until I have to, gaining an extra 10c in my offset account by having the $100 there for a fortnight. A free $95.10 - thanks OP!

  • It still works! $50 bonus instead of $100 til 30th June :-)

  • -2

    Good way to kill your credit score. Try getting a loan after using a pay day lender. I work in finance and makes it difficult to get a loan with a pay day lender enquiry.on your credit file.

    • +1

      "No, there is no credit enquiry made on your file." - FAQ

  • Yet to receive $100 or the referral credit to my bank (nab) did receive an sms noting osko fast payment was rejected
    With the early payout with credit card - anyone confirm if this is a credit card purchase or cash advance? (Gathering it should be a purchase)

    • Confirm I got the $100 and the $100 referral paid this morning :)
      Just paid back the $105 - they only take debit cards FYI

  • 8 clicks and no bonus :(

  • 8 clicks and no referrals.

  • +2

    So the referral code on the app is different now, so seems all my clicks were pointless

    • Yeah bunch of BS that

      Sent a request in help about my referrals to the "old" code but not holding my breath.

    • Is it because the bonus has gone back to $50 hence a different code?

  • However the referral code still points to join up with bonus, so I guess everyone can have multiple referral links.

  • +2

    Something is very fishy here with a bunch of people not getting anything, no payments at all…

    • Or the payments are just not going through Osko, which can take a few hours on a business day or even up to a day…

      • It just doesn't make sense. Some users applying later than me reported getting the payments and using the same bank as me. There is no pattern to not receiving anything as far as I can see from the replies here.

    • It looks like they changed the referral codes and are not paying bonus on any old codes used?

    • Didn't receive anything too, both the $100 advance and $100 bonus. but I would be more worried if I only received the advance payment, maybe it's just OSKO slowing things down.

  • 12 clicks using old referral link

    I got 2x$100 yay!

    • Could have got $1200 though :')

      • I only changed the referral link after the 12 clicks.

        Oh well. Not ad good as the 4k I got from macqbank bank back in the day!

        • That's interesting, maybe referrals are just broken in general. Can't imagine 10/12 failed the signup.

          • @dumdum2: Not sure..

            Maybe some didn't get approved?

        • Did you get any referral after 12 am?

          • @Bambini88: Back to $50 / $50

            • @a1234my: Only asked because I referred someone before 12 am, but they haven’t received their loan advancement nor have we received our referral. So just curious

              • @Bambini88: Same boat at the moment

                • @iBennyz: No $ come through to my account at all. Only SMS and debt contract

    • +3

      Thx for PSA after deal expired

      With no credit check, just wait 3 months and it won't be on your statements either, banks will never know

  • +1

    Although the $100 referral has finished, it has since reverted to $50 for both referrer and referee. Free is free!

  • 5 clicks, 4 X $100 in my account this morning! Thank you :D

    • How do you know how many clicks?

      • +1

        it should say under your refferal code. (This post where the referral link space is)

    • How do you check the clicks?

  • I’d say it’s not gonna work. Signed up at 11pm, I’ve got the advance $100 but no bonus. Might just give up

    • I signed up after 11 pm and got it before it the delay issues came into place

      • I signed up at 10.30pm and still got nothing at all. 0 dollars.

        • -1

          Yeah my mate signed up a bit after me and hasn’t gotten loan nor the referral bonus…

  • +3

    I missed the $100. I guess I can still get $50 from the referral.

  • +1

    Signed up yesterday 15 minutes to midnight, only received 2x $100 like 5 minutes ago, so don't give up!

    • What bank may I ask?

    • -1

      Same here, just got my 2x $100 (ANZ)

  • This thing is cooked. I’ve just been advanced $100 despite the fact it won’t let me join as it can’t prove my salary. And I’ve received a $100 referral bonus with a completely different transaction description. Anyone else have this happen?

  • +2

    Just checked my HSBC account, got 2 X $100 deposited. Had 2 clicks on my referrals here. Finally!

  • I signed up yesterday but for some reason was unable to fetch my comm bank statements and this morning received en email saying approved.

    No $100 received.

  • Still nothing - Commbank. Signed up 10:30pm

  • Any one with CBA have received the money? I did it last night around 10:30, still got nothing at all.

    • Yes but i did it around 10pm

    • I'm with commbank and requested the advance around 11:30pm and haven't received it yet.

      • 10.30pm CommBank nothing yet

    • Nothing yet as of 11pm last nite

      • +1

        Just received advance only 100 dollars. No bonus and no referral money.

        • Thanks same here…..no bonuses….this sucks

          • @SuperBoi: It's just the sheer amount of time lost and frustration that is the problem for me. I don't care about the 5 dollars lost.

            • @noskich: $5 may not be a huge amount, but it's not the amount. It's the principle.

              I'm not okay with even 1c - if it was "STOLEN" from me!

        • Same here. Just received the $100 advance. No bonus

          Not even a $50 bonus?

          So basically they've stolen $5 from us!

    • I just mine as well, 100+100

    • Yep I got it straight away

    • +1

      Actually, asssuming you borrow the money for 1 week and pay it back, a $5 fee is in fact a 260%PA interest rate.

      • Of course without the bonus, none of us will be "borrowing" any money with a $5 fee!

        BTW - I just tried to do a "Payout Early" with my credit card and got this message:

        "Sorry we only accept debit cards"

    • +1

      got downvoted by simps lol.
      fair enough if you're in it for the $100 cash grab.
      otherwise avoid like the plague. it's loansharking/bnpl just re-modelled with a fancy interface.

  • got 4 clicks, hopefully 2 eventualise at least lo.

  • Just got my extra $100 finally. Commbank

    Edit: second 100 too! Thanks random ozbargainer

  • finally bonus 95 in (and to one lucky random). was trying to refer partner before midnight but she "forgot password"! had to complete in day time since already registered, not bad got instant bonus $45+50 for happy extra.

  • Thanks OP for this! I tried to sign my mrs too but unfort both of our wages go to same account :(

  • Signed up after 11:30pm last night with Commbank and both $100 & bonus have just come through to my bank account.

  • Hey I got my bonuses. Cheers

  • I'm confused.. Did I make an advance and get $100 extra for signing up or only from a referral?

    I had two deposits today of 100 duckets each..

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