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nbn 100/20 $49/Month for 6 Months @ Spintel


From Facebook Ad,

Black Friday Sale is now live on SpinTel and you can save an extra $20/mth for 6 months in addition to the current offer!

Get a 100Mbps nbn plan only at $49/mth - https://www.spintel.net.au/lp/home/promo-nbn

Get 120GB 5G SIM-only mobile plan at $26/mth- https://www.spintel.net.au/lp/home/promo

Use code BF20 during checkout to grab this offer.

Please note that the offer is valid only with a purchase of a new plan made between November 22-30, 2022.

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  • +9

    Can you set a future date for connection? Damn Exetel and it's 1 month notice lol

    • Yeah, In the same situation. Also, signed up with cash rewards bonus which is not yet approved.

      • Hmm just did an 'order' and no option to pick future date. Hopefully someone has had luck on chat to see

        • +2

          Let us know how you go.

        • +1

          When would you like your internet service to be connected?
          As soon as possible
          On a specific date
          you can choose a date up to six months from now

          • +1

            @thekensai: nvm. you cannot choose a date in future if using the promo link

          • @thekensai: I don't see this option, what section of the checkout is it in?

        • +2

          Just received a reply back from their chat and the operator said they can request activation delay.

          Update: So the order has to be finalised by end of this month. See the reps reply below:

          R: Yes, we can request a delay activation.
          R: Please provide the date.
          M: 2022/12/10
          R: The Black Friday deal is until the end of the month. Orders with a hold date after the 30th will not receive the black Friday deal.
          If you want this special offer you have to sign up before the 30th of November and start the connection from that date.
          M: OK
          M: The Order Track form asks for Modem details (MAC address and serial number). Why is this sensitive information necessary?
          R: This is for us to easily activate it, these details will be forwarded to NBN. Specially the NBN details to compare if the correct box is connected. You will have to fill in the details for the modem's info

          I still don't understand why do they need Serial number. Other providers, like superloop didn't.

          • @ozbargain-darkfish: I find that quite odd as well, and am reluctant to provide that information.

            They also asked for my driver's licence (twice! - numbers over the phone and scanned copy online). When I asked them why this is needed, they said they will perform a credit check. Didn't expect that given this is not the usual practice with other NBN providers…

            • @fortunecookie: I provided the MAC and serial number on the form originally, don't see why you need to either. assume it's mostly to see if your router is compatible.

              I bought a new ax6000 router anyway I plan to use. It's fairly expensive and over the top but should last me for years - ended up cancelling after it was connected and reversing the churn, due to the rubbish speed and ping (Brisbane) . Would have been pointless spending money on new wifi cards and routers otherwise.

              Also getting a new license from tmr soon so don't care

              • +1

                @G-rig: I ended up only providing the manufacturer and model of the modem, but not the MAC/ serial number.

                And I just got connected, so it doesn't look like they need that sort of information to establish a new connection.

                • +1

                  @fortunecookie: Yeah i should have waited for them to ask for it. Don't see what they can really do with that info anyway, and that's see your Mac address when they connect.

            • +1

              @fortunecookie: So surprisingly, they haven't asked for DL info yet. And I also only gave them make and model. For MAC and serial, I just gave them gibberish. NBN only requires service address and they have all the info they need to finalise a connection.
              The only reason why a provider would need MAC address if you switch modems and they have to renew your DHCP lease.

              Superloop, for instance, has an option in their Account Dashboard to release and renew.

        • Just had a chat, they refused to set a date beyond 30/11.

      • Same here! Signed up back in August and still havent had cashback approved. Cashrewards say could take till January to be approved. You think if we left now we most likely wont get the cashback?

        • Isn't it only required to stay connected for 75days, well, shopback is 75 anyway

    • +1

      Yeh already gave my month notice to exetel, wondering if future date can be set that would be good. Any reps on here?

    • Are you saying you waste a month or they physically won't allow the port out?

      • +4

        Exetel charge you for an extra month. Somehow the ACCC seem to think this is fine.

        • Still worth it wouldn't you say?

          • @Jackson: Do you mean switching? That's up to you. Do the math. If it works out, go ahead. If you mean using Exetel, I would prefer not to if there are similar options.

        • FWIW, TPG has the same thing and I’ve had it waived twice now by CS (telling them I plan to rejoin).

          • @pifts: @pifts I'm paying by direct debit.
            Did you call them to get the charges refunded after you cancelled? Was it a tough negotiation?

        • +9

          When you cancel exetel and they try to bill you one month extra send them this,


          "a provider has charged a consumer for cancelling a contract but the exit fee does not appear to be a genuine estimate of the provider’s loss."
          "the consumer has a right to cancel the contract without an exit fee if the change is detrimental to the consumer"

          Thank me later.

          • +1

            @bburgess76: Thank you, worked a treat - cancellation set for tomorrow.

          • +1

            @bburgess76: I called them, they refused at first but when I mentioned they TIO she confirmed with the super she can do it.

    • +1

      Don’t think you can if ordering from Spintel online portal but you definitely can if you apply through their chat and request a future start date. That’s how I did mine previously. I’m still with Spintel.

      If you need to leave Spintel in the future you just need to put in the request before the next billing period (note: this is different to payment date). No pro rata refund for current billing period.

    • +1

      I spoke to customer service, they have confirmed that you cannot set a future date after 30/11 and still be eligible for the deal.

    • Nope, orders with a on hold date after the 30th will not receive the Black Friday deal. Need to sign up before the 30th of November and start the connection from that date. Confirmed. Thanks

    • +1

      i phoned exetel and asked them to match the deal. They could only give me one month free on a 12 month contract. I said i would like to proceed with cancellation. They agreed to wave the 30 days cancellation and have cancelled me at the end of my current billing period on the 8th dec.

      Just got email confirmation.

      • Wow great work! Do you know who you spoke with? I would like to do the same thing

        • +1

          13 39 38 Opt 2 & 5. But they put me through the the offshore retention team. They said i could cancel today but i argued it was too close to Xmas. So i just asked if they could cancel befor my next billing cycle. The guy asked his manager who agreed. Got the email 5 mins later.

    • Does Superloop have an exit fee like Exetel? I got stung with the exetel fee, opps!

      I would probably jump off superloop to this!

      • Me too, but i'm actually really happy with SL.. Hmmmm.

        • Same but i think at this point they're all pretty much the same and this is essentially double the speed at a reduced price. Even if i get hit with a fee itd still work out cheaper over 6 months

    • Whats the 1 month notice? All I see on thier website is:

      "No boring lock-in contracts
      Wave goodbye to old-fashioned lock-in contracts. We give you the freedom and flexibility of a month-to-month plan with your internet service. Stay as long as you want, or leave when you like. It’s all up to you."

    • So just sign up on 30th?

    • +3

      When you cancel exetel and they try to bill you one month extra send them this,


      "a provider has charged a consumer for cancelling a contract but the exit fee does not appear to be a genuine estimate of the provider’s loss."
      "the consumer has a right to cancel the contract without an exit fee if the change is detrimental to the consumer"

      Thank me later.

    • +2

      Let me tell you, there was total utter chaos when I tried to get Spintel to start on a particular date. They started too early, then when I pointed that out, they 'cancelled the order' which involved cutting off my connection completely - that was still going with the old provider. Days without any internet connection with comical back and forth with NBN, old provider & Spintel. I love to save money but in this case I now recommend just letting them do it whenever they think is best

      • +1

        additional: I have had no trouble with the connection past that initial snafu

  • Is this ISP any good?

    • +2

      For this price they are decent, I did have the random short disconnects couple times a month with them but you get what you pay for. I'm pretty sure I remember their customer service being somewhat lacking also.

      • +14

        I’m starting to wonder whether micro drop outs are NBN issue or ISP issue, I get these even when rotating through different ISPs. I did find it worse during rainy days.

        • +9

          My mates internet drops everytime it rains, NBN says it's operating fine.
          It's so bad he has to check the BOM radar everytime we are about to start a game of AOE4
          So yes it could be an infrastructure issue

        • Had my first dropout in 5 months last week on FttN! But a year ago they were every couple of weeks for several months. Not with Spintel.

        • I will assume they are NBN issue. I have gone through Telstra, Superloop and More, drop out frequency are pretty similar.

        • I do think it probably is NBN issue for micro drop-outs. Although the only provider I didnt get it with was Superloop. Over the 6 months it maybe happened 4 or 5 times. Every other provider ive had multiple micro or big dropouts each day (Aussie BB, Telstra, Mate, etc). Ranging from a few seconds to a few hours. Extremely annoying especially when you dont know if youre using phone data or not. Maybe certain addresses are suited to certain providers for NBN. Only conclusion i can come to.

        • If it is during rain, it is an issue with water getting into your line. If you are on FTTC or FTTN, it is most likely your copper lead in. I had this exact issue and it took me a year to get NBN to come out to my place to fix it. Every time it was rainy, they would book in a tech to come, but by the time the day came for the tech to come, it likely wouldn't be raining (in which case they would automatically cancel the booking as they do a line test just before they come out), or it would be raining and the tech would be unable to replace my lead in.

          It took me about six months of refusing to let ABB close my ticket before a tech finally came out and replaced my lead in. Since then, rock solid connection in the rain.

    • Keen to see what others post, otherwise this is a fantastic deal and I may give it a shot and switch from Superloop

      • I'm with superloop too. They've been pretty solid so I haven't wanted to change. The thing is that I'm on FttN, , and probably can't get more than 80Mbps anyway…

        • Aren't they rolling out free fttp upgrade for fttn?

      • +1

        Yeah will probably switch from SL too but I'll give their retention team a call tomorrow and see what they can do first.

        • -5

          hey old man, contacting retention teams are a waste of time now. just swap and go to where its cheapest.

          • +6

            @Smellysocks: Best they could offer me was a $5 per month discount. I wouldn't waste your time.

            • -1

              @bni: funny how my comment got downvoted into oblivion yet judging by commenters in this thread its exactly as I stated.

        • +1

          Can you pm and tell me how you go or comment back ??

        • +4

          I called them a couple of days ago after my retention discount expired. They said as I've already received the retention discount once they can't do it again. So laters to SL.

          • +1
          • +3

            @JungliChilli: SL won't match this, they have an extensive network of POP's, unlike Spintel.
            That's not to say Spintel won't be a great option for those that live in an area with a POP.

            • @SimAus007: Yeah, I wasn't expecting a price match. I would have stuck with them if they continued to provide the retention discount for the 50/20 bringing the price down to $59.95.

            • +2

              @SimAus007: *update: Spintel only has 1 POP which is in Sydney. So unless you live in Sydney I'd be avoiding it.

              • +1

                @SimAus007: As you know they went ahead and connected after I decided to keep and upgrade my Leaptel. Obviously didn't read the notes in the order etc but was all sorted fairly easily and unchurned. Agreed, not the best latency or speed if in BNE

                FWIW, these were the 100/20 speeds in Brisbane during the day (HFC, on wifi):

                and Leaptel 100/20:

        • +2

          the retention team did nothing for me

          • +2

            @bankstownbrats: To be expected really, Superloop has a premium and extensive network of POP's, Spintel has a single POP. This makes a huge difference to the user experience.

            • +1

              @SimAus007: Could you explain what this means to a non-technical person, like me?! Thanks

              • +4

                @AlexG: Are you in Sydney? If so it'll probably work fine. If not, the pipe for your internet traffic runs from where you are to their Sydney server, then out the the world, meaning it has a long way to travel before it even hits the internet providers server, giving you high latency (makes the internet feel slow).
                Imagine a water pipe running from say Melbourne to Sydney, how long would it take before the water reaches Sydney? A long time, no matter how big that pipe.is.
                Most providers have lots of POP's (Point Of Presence) all over Australia, so your internet pipe doesn't have far to run, making your internet transit distance very short, making the latency fast.
                As a comparison, Leaptel (a small provider also), has 121 POP's around Australia, Spintel has 1.
                Hope this helps.

                • +2

                  @SimAus007: Perfect, thanks! That is a great explanation. Cheers.

            • @SimAus007: yeah ..i changed from superloop to commbank “more” and it can’t fault commbank nbn ..i can’t comment on their customer service as i haven’t needed to use them yet

    • +1

      i've been with spintel since getting nbn in 2019. connection is mostly reliable, just a few outages of a couple hours in that time. i think only 1 or 2 major outages lasting most of the day. thankfully haven't had much contact with their customer service. i will say though, they don't value customer loyalty — sometime in 2020, i noticed the 25/5 plan was being priced the same as the 12/1 plan i was paying for, albeit with limited data. i sent them an email asking to be put on 25/5 and to their credit they did it immediately.

      got an email in october saying they were increasing my plan by $5 a month from december. i'm still uncertain what to do…cop the $5 increase, downgrade to 12/1 or churn out and churn back in to take advantage of this new customer offer.

      i'm inclined to say don't give spintel your money even if $49/month for 100/20 is good value.

      • Easy enough to move after 6 months.

        • to whom?
          any isp you recommend?
          i've heard very mixed reviews on pretty much all of them. and been following nbn-related deals and noticed most of them are for higher speeds which would be way out of my budget even at an intro rate. i was okay with 12/1 but even then some isps don't offer it

          also thinking of just ditching nbn - which is unusable in a power outage anyway - and going with hotspotting off my phone.

          • @tdw: Dunno, I just move as required every 6-12 months if my current deal (50/20) isn't that good anymore.

            Sounds like what you got is ok, if don't want to spend much, could always look at 5g plan if you want off the grid. Hopefully not too many power outages this summer.

            • +1

              @G-rig: we're not even in a 5g area yet, which feels bloody pathetic as we're considered "inner metro."

              we've been getting more power outages in the last few years, and strangely, they're mostly not during summer, nor are they during storm events like you'd expect. same with the water connection. 4 times this year already there's been a burst water main somewhere and they'd just upgraded the mains in this area in 2020. i'd hate to work from home and deal with these outages all the time….spintel's nbn has been more reliable!

          • +1

            @tdw: My experience with Flip NBN has been great. No outage in 1 year yet and never had to contact their customer care. They had $10 off promo for the first 6 months. I am not sure about their current offer but worth checking out.

          • +3

            @tdw: I can second @virhlpool 's comment about FLIP Connect. I've been with FLIP for about 2 yrs now on their 25/5 plan (Premium 25), and haven't had issues with speed or connection. Even better, they once even sent me emails and tried to phone me when THEY noticed on THEIR end that I wasn't using any data for a few weeks (I was overseas, and had unplugged). They were proactive in worrying if my connection was down! I had to tell them that I had deliberately turned off my NBN because of my holiday.

            The plan I'm on increased in price (for new customers) after maybe a year, but I was "grandfathered" into the old price—-good that they wanted to retain me by letting me pay the lower price (it seems indefinitely… they haven't increased the price for me so far).

            When I first joined, their tech support was helpful (seemed to be based in India, but at least they tried hard to help me, and succeeded in the end). So, all in all, a good experience so far, and I'm paying way less than for any other ISP.

            • @dlee: i signed up to flip yesterday, and scheduled cancellation with spintel for today, the 30th. i noticed in my flip order, that they had fttb instead of fttn (i can only have fttn at this place). this morning, i saw my flip service was now connected and spintel disconnected me at 12pm sharp. so i just changed the username + password in the modem settings, rebooted and thought i was fine. no dsl light. rebooted several more times. no dsl light.

              called them up, waited 20 minutes to speak to someone who wanted to send me an authentication code to my email. reminded them i'm not connected to the internet. eventually got passed to support where they call dropped out but thankfully i got a callback from them straight away. after confirming my setup details were correct - and admitting one of their instructions in support document was actually wrong - they claimed i was connected at 9.57 aedt. i had to tell them multiple times i was still connected with spintel at this point (as well as asleep) so that was not possible.

              after comparing mac addresses and confirming my residential address, they finally admitted some other modem had been connected to my service instead. apparently this has happened to another customer(s) before. great. so now an nbn tech needs to come to my place either tomorrow or friday, when i have to attend appointments i can't cancel.

              not a good first impression i have to say. i don't remember having this much difficulty with spintel.

              • @tdw: Sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having. I had some initial issues when I started as well, and I was also switching from Spintel to Flip (hmmm…!)! I can't remember fully what the issue was, but I think that my Spintel-bought modem was having some hardware issues and in the end it died…a Spintel modem that I had used for less than a year! Anyway, after I bought a cheap new modem from Officeworks, I had to call Flip tech to help with the configuration for the new modem, and eventually it was all sorted out.
                The thing about authentication code to email when you didn't have an internet connection—-yeah, nowadays they expect you to have a mobile data connection, so maybe that's why they thought it was reasonable.
                Anyway, keep me updated and hope things get sorted out in the end.

    • +3

      I had spintel for 6 months. Connection was great.

      My only concern was when I churned to another provider. They don't automatically cancel your contract like Aussie bb and Superloop despite knowing you have moved. Charged me for another month not used and had to fight tooth and nail to get half of it back. It felt scammy in a way

    • I signed up on 24th and got it activated next day but now have the issue of configuring Optus sagemcom fast 5366 for spintel which does not seem to work at all. Optus folks say their modem is not locked to Optus only but even after I enter the PPP username and password given by spintel, only DSL light stays on but internet light becomes red. Not sure but looks like I need to get a new.modem.

  • +1

    Wow what a deal…. I signed up last month….

    • How's your experience so far?

      • No complaints so far, all smooth sailing and no dropouts. Can't comment on their customer service.

    • me toooooo :( :( the $54 for 50/20

  • +1

    Any referral code? Can we stack this deal with a referral code too?

  • +6

    reverts to $85/m thereafter

    • Time to move on then.
      It's probably not bad anyway considering how cheap this 100/20 is.

    • That's the deal breaker.

      • +1

        Obviously you move after 6 months.

  • Just missed out.. my NBN plan with Tangerine doesn't expire until the 23rd Dec now and doesn't look like you can set a future date for connection.

    • I am also on Tangerine 6 months promo NBN50 plan. I am not sure if there is any locking period. I think I can call them to disconnect it as 100mbps is tempting!!

      • No refund from Tangerine.

    • +1

      I don't think tangerine has lock in contract, is month to month

      • Tangerine is month by month but they charge for the full month you disconnect in. My cycle started on 23rd Nov so even though I would only be connected with Tangerine from the 23rd to 30th Nov they will still charge me $55 ☹️

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