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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus 10m Bundle $19 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Kicking off tomorrow at 10am AEDT is the previously popular Yeelight RGB Lightstrips in a 10m bundle with 500 units available. Considering the normal price is $75.80 this is an excellent deal at 75% off. Especially when Panmi had it for $79.95 1 year ago.

Issue fixed and in-stock.

Code listed here

If you don't have eBay Plus you can sign up for a trial here or you might be eligible for a free 1 year subscription.

These Yeelight lightstrips are compatible with Mi Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Razer Chroma and Samsung SmartThings.

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip PLUS (10M) Bundle can vary flowing colours and sync with music. It can be programmable to turn on/off and switch colors as you wish. You can control remotely with the Mi Home app supporting from control anytime and anywhere. AI-ready for hands-free control through Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Flexible enough to be moulded to any object to create light in any shape you want. One button control to conveniently change colours. The Yeelight Colour Striplight extension enables you to alter the length to create the desired ambiance. The extendable strip allows you to create light in any shape you wish. It can be extendable from 1m up to 10 meters and can be conveniently cut to meet your desired length.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • Does the whole strip can be of one colour only or can be different colours depending upon selection in the App?

    • +8

      This can be set to single colours or have effects like a rainbow, pulsing etc. If you mean changing individual LEDs then no. There's a more expensive Yeelight strip that has Addressable RGB, however it's limited in functionality. You can't choose your own colours, instead only the presets in the app and they're only in blocks of 6.

    • +1

      get ws2812b strips + an athom wled controller. 🫡🫡

  • +2

    Hope you are doing well

    • +5

      Surprisingly well. If I was 30+ that'd be a different story.

  • Is there a code?

    • +10

      Yes T0M0RR0W.

      • I meant do we know what the code is for tomorrow? I have my stupid $80 coupon overriding all Ebay Plus and standard codes. So nothing comes up at checkout.

        • +12

          Wish I had your stupid 80$ coupon

  • +2

    Can it be used outdoor? It doesn't say anywhere. Thanks

    • No

  • +2

    not sure why any LED strip should be $80… the manufacture cost for this is probably less than $10 and sane pricing to be under $20. which is what this deal is.

    • +6

      manufacture cost for this is probably less than $10

      I think you mean $1

    • +3

      $10 is crazy. These aren't basic generic lightstrips off AliExpress. There's a lot more quality bits inside that cost more.

      • +6

        I agree, I have the 1st version of this and the generic RGB LED dream colour light, the Xiaomi strip light is definitely a lot better in terms of quality, the lights are covered in white silicon protection unlike the generic where the lights are just glued in the strip.

  • -6

    It shows $75.80 for me :(

    • +14

      Read the first few words of the deal ;)

      • +21

        No time for read. Only buy.

  • Is it AU plug? The photo is showing another type

    • +1

      AU Plug. The marketing images from Yeelight aren't region specific.

  • +5

    This should work well for my helipad.

    • +6

      Unlikely to meet Part 139 (Aerodromes) Manual of Standards 2019, wouldn't be bright enough.

      • +4

        Just stick it in the helicopter then. I'm tempted to stick it in my Jabiru.

        • You got a Jab?? Nice!

          • +2

            @pinpuller: Started learning when I was about 8. Admittedly I didn't pay for the plane haha because it was purchased when I was still young.

  • Are these generally reliable to last long? If we get these in kitchen under the overhead cabinet, will it last long enough before changing them which is not easier process.

    • Thinking about the same, especially if excited to heat and vapours

      • This might not be a 1:1 situation in terms of heat but I've had this on my TV for years and works fine

      • Meant "exposed"

    • +2

      Had mine running under the kitchen cabinets/baseboards for over 2 years used on a schedule to power on at sunset and off at sunrise. Works perfectly.

      • +1

        Same. Had mine under the kitchen overhead cabinets for the last 6 years

  • Is it an AU plug and is it compatible is iCUE?

    • AU plug. Quick Google doesn't show iCUE support. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

  • Guess i got my outdoor Christmas lights ready

    • It's not supposed to be used outdoor.

  • +1

    Do these lights sync with the video on tv and produces same light ambience?

    • +1

      definitely not, those are like ~$70 even on a good deal.

  • +1

    1 per account ?

    • Yes.

  • Awesome deal.

  • +15

    Nice deal, can't wait to miss out on it tomorrow XD

    • +13

      500 available
      Do come by again tomorrow to read three pages of complaints

      • +1

        Looks like you undersold the saltiness haha

  • What if you don’t need 10m, can these be cut?

    • All those LED strips can be cut to fit.

  • Can they be used without the app? We use them camping occasionally hooked up to batteries.

    • Yes but you won't be able to change brightness and colour etc. They will just be dumb white led strip.

  • Hello bots?

  • +1

    Thanks, already added them to my cart to save a few clicks and then missing the deal completely because my kids decided to throw a tantrum at 9:58

    • +1

      Ever tried throwing the Kids.

    • And ozbargainers who miss out on deal will throw tantrums at 10:02

      edit: sorry, i mean 10:24

  • +2

    How is the white colour? Is it bright enough, most cheap one can't do real white and bright.

    • Apparently it's only 180 lumens which is bit disappointing.

      • Thanks 180 lumens not really bright enough, and the cheap one I have can't do pure white, I think RGB can't

  • +4

    can someone tell me whats the use of this is? I have zero imagination

    • +4

      They can illuminate your mind.

    • Gives diffused ambient lighting. You can stick it on a wall or behind devices like your tv, pc or stereo

  • does anyone how many leds per meter?

  • Damn like 5 of these would actually be perfect for a project at work. Work won't let me spent $75/unit. Limited to one so will pass, but great deal for those who can make use of one!

  • Description says these are extendable upto 10 mtrs. So two of these can cover upto 20mtrs? Can anyone confirm.

  • Just RGB not ARGB?
    Any recommendations for a good ARGB one?
    Still great though.

    • +6

      Are ARGB the same as RGB, when used by a pirate 🤔

  • Are these dimmable ?

  • Never used a Lightstrip, with this deal would like to give a try for home decor. Where have you used such lightstrip in your home decor guys?

    • I have a few strips on the underside of my kitchen cabinets, practical and beautiful

      • +1

        Did you connect it to above the bench PowerPoint? Or any other arrangement?

  • My first time with eBay Plus. I know it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get one at all, but is there a cart limit on these things? Any other tips and tricks I should know?

    • 1 per account

    • +1

      500 units. It won't be a rush like the $99 earpods of years ago. You'll definitely get one if you're there are 10am.

      Cart limit will be 1 at a time. Typically the code will be single-use per account.

  • -2

    Is it Live now? whats the code?

    • It's not 10am. Code will show on the listing

      • -1

        Code would be BFYEE.

        • +1

          Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

          • @Kurt cobain: Again?

            You have already been told this deal starts from 10am in the first line of the deal post, the comment above and now me.

            • @cute as duck: "It's not 10am" - this was the msg from Clear - hence the confusion.

              • @Kurt cobain:

                It's not 10am

                Clear is the person who posted the deal. Clear means it is not 10am yet.

                The deal doesn't start until 10am.
                When it is 10am the deal will start.
                You can buy it from 10am.
                When the clock shows 10am you can buy it.

                • +2

                  @cute as duck: Now I am Super Clear. Smells like teen spirit - lol. Thanks for the clarification

                  • @Kurt cobain: But are you crystal clear? It's 10 AM AEDT, make sure your clocks and watches are already changed to show the daylight saving time. :P

  • These are RGB, so can they do a reasonably convincing white light or are you always better off with white LED strips?

    • +1

      I also tried to ask the same question

      • +2

        People should really start looking at videos on YouTube. You have the name of the product so it's not hard to have a look.

        • +1

          People are lazy, can't you just use telepathy to get it into their brain?

        • +1

          I have, but nothing talking about the white light and no demo the brightness of white light.

        • +1

          Actually, I did have a look but I didn't find clear answers in the videos I saw, so over to the OzBargain expertise pool as there are only minutes until its live now

    • +1

      yeah, I used them for pelmet light and the white is OK, better than other strips I got for $19

  • My understanding is that RGB is the colour palette and you should be able to use any available colour from the palette using the app.

    • RGB is not an LED thing, they are the 3 primary colours that you can use to make any other colour.

  • +6

    10am, price still 75, code BFYEE not working, any ideas?

    • eBay said the code will show on the listing. Hopefully not too far away

    • +2

      Code not working

  • Has the price changed for anyone else?

    • +1


    • no whats the dealll …. is there one lol

  • -8

    Code is BFLIGHT

    • +17

      Not working for me though

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