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Apple AirTag 4-Pack $129 Delivered @ MyDeal

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Received via email from MyDeal

Part of Click Frenzy deal, enjoy!

Please note this does not qualify for any cashback from ShopBack or Cashrewards as this is an Apple product


  • Keep track and find your belongings using the Find My app
  • Simple one-tap setup to connect to your iPhone or iPad
  • Features a built-in speaker to help find your things, or ask Siri for help
  • Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you straight to your AirTag (on select iPhone models only)
  • Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network
  • Put the AirTag into Lost Mode and be notified when it is detected in the Find My network
  • All communication on the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy
  • Location data and history are never stored on the AirTag

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  • +1

    Great deal I have been using Tiles for a couple of years. then bought some air tags as my wife has an I phone

    The air tags are so superior really there is no comparison

    • Apparently the Samsung ones are even better.


      • +1

        AirTag isn't meant for tracking stolen cars though.

        • +3

          How about your stolen backpack being transported in a car?

          Or do thieves only transport stolen goods by means other than cars?

          • @spaceflight: Apple gives the example of leaving your stuff at the beach or at the gym, not in your stolen car.

            Don't forget in lost mode anyone with NFC can tap the AirTag to get your contact details and reunite you with your stuff - it's an advertised feature (and why they sell such holders and attachments)

        • I understand how these things work now. The video posted above does show how these respond in real world use. The problem for either is how many iphones are near to the air tag (os 14.5 or later), or for the smart tag 2 that are dependent on samsung phones being nearby (android 9 or higher). The above test was in Australia and suggests that the samsung version is more useful simply because we must have a higher samsung usage. Whether it is a car, bicycle, dog etc, doesn't really matter.

          • @poohduck: I believe it comes down to the fact that they don't refresh as much when in motion, which doesn't really matter if it comes to leaving something (wallet, bag, keys) at the gym or at the beach.

            As opposed to trying to use it for something it's not designed for (ie tracking a stolen car).

            And with unwanted tracking across all the networks (Apple's Find My, Google's Find My Device, and Samsung's Galaxy Find), they're not really designed for tracking stolen items or people.

            If you want to be creepy and stalk your car (or a person), then a GPS tracker is the best bet, as a phone won't be searching for it.

          • @poohduck: https://gs.statcounter.com/vendor-market-share/mobile/austra…

            According to this Apple is far and away no. 1 in marketshare so it's not that. IMO b3au makes a good point around tracking in motion, and I wonder if it's because Apple downgraded functionality when they started getting hit with lawsuits around the issue of stalking.

      • are these still available? I go to samsung's page and they only seem to have smart tag 2, which is a bluetooth tracket. A realistic range of 50m? Also supposedly the + (if it's available) will only work with samsung phones. Looking at how the apple and samsung works, you're dependent on their in house systems, unlike gps. I imagine this simply isn't setup in Australia by samsung yet?

        • +2

          The Smart Tag 2 works just like the original in the video - it's still a bluetooth tracker and it only ever worked with Samsung phones, much like the AirTag uses the Find My network (which only works with iPhone and iPads)

          Samsung didn't officially sell the Smart Tag in Australia, but you've been able to import them and they work fine with any Samsung that hadn't opted out of the Galaxy Find network.

          (and yes, Samsung's Smart Tags do have unwanted tracking alerts, so if you get in your car and someone's put a tracker on your car, you'll get notified)

    • +1

      I have both.

      I much prefer tile, they are so much louder and connect much quicker.

      I use both as tile is easier to find in the house, and I trust apple more if I was to ever loose something in the wild.

  • +2

    Got them a month ago, honestly so handy! Get yourself some airtags!

    • +1

      What have you used them for? I want them, can't think of why ;p

      • Same

      • +2

        I have 1 in my wallet, and the other 3 on house keys/car keys. Thinking of buying a few more, they are actually super useful - no more panic if I can't locate my wallet or keys haha. Also good to put in luggage when travelling, in the era of lost baggage ha!

      • +6

        Biggest one is for travelling. Just got back from europe and someone at the Sydney airport mistakenly grabbed our luggage. Good thing they were chilling and not in a hurry to go home, I was able to track them in the airport and got my luggage back.

        Other thing I use it for is my backpack and umbrella. I also put one in my car. I don't know why but it's there. Hehe

      • +1

        kids jackets, kids backpacks, jackets, bikes, and just about anything kids may leave behind.

  • -1
    • +2

      Apple Products are Inelligible for Cashback

      • +1

        Well you are right.

  • +1

    Will JbHifi or OW price match this?

    • JB and OW stopped selling AirTags a couple of years ago due to battery and safety concerns.

      • What were the concerns?

        • +2

          Too easy for kids to open them up to get access to the button battery and then eat them (the battery not the AirTag)

    • Both don't sell Apple Airtags

    • I price matched it at HN

      • Nice. Can you please advise how you did it? Was instore on online?

      • @1bargain Harvey won't budge with a price match to me. One lady told me it falls before the recommended market value so can't. other mentioned its third party website and can't do from stores like mydeal or ebay.
        Did u do it in-store or online?

        • Maybe I did with Digi Direct. It was a few months ago and I think DigiDirect and My Deal were similar in prices but I just want to buy everything in one store to get travel tax refund so I went in store.

  • +2

    Thanks mate. Going Japan for few weeks next year these will be handy.

  • Is this all time low price?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, have been waiting for this, got one!

  • +4

    Don't forget with iOS 17 you can now share AirTag with other people as well (eg, pop one on your cat or your luggage, and share it with your partner so you can both find it)

    And both iOS and Android will notify you if an unknown tracker is travelling with you - (Android got it a few months ago https://eftm.com/2023/08/google-rolls-out-unknown-airtag-tra…)

    • ya but that's what defeats the whole purpose. usually wanted to leave one on my own car so if its stolen; i know where its being driven but this update renders the airtag less useful now. Only to track thing that i might have lost or to find your lost cat; Also if its stolen the thieves could get informed.

      • +1

        Well yes, it's meant for finding lost items - not for tracking stolen items (or tracking people).

      • +1

        wanted to leave one on my own car so if its stolen; i know where its being driven

        Maybe put a Samsung one in your car too


        • -1

          Maybe put a Samsung one in your car too

          Thanks… Might get one for my Tesla.

      • +4

        On the flipside, if you were being stalked by an airtag, you'd also want to know.

      • -2

        Also if its stolen the thieves could get informed.

        So more chance they'll dump the car and run off, rather than wait to get tracked by the police.

    • -2

      you can now share AirTag with other people as wel


      Did not know that…

      About time !!!

  • +2

    yeah haven't really found an excuse to wanna get these. I have went on holidays overseas since 2017 back when traveling was good. I cant' see this being good for anything else but travel.

    • +1

      Travel is the primary use case so…

    • +2

      I need these on basically any key my partner may use, since the key rarely makes it back to its original place.

    • Got these on Car keys that cost over $700 to replace?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Already have 4 but another 4 couldn't hurt!

    • to track the trackers

      • +2


    • +4

      but another 4 couldn't hurt!

      Depends where you put them.

      • +1

        plot twist, all are already where you're insinuating, sir.

  • been using on my dog. quite useful!

    • +1

      Does your dog have an iphone?

      • +1

        probably Apple watch

    • Poor dog

      • +2

        4-Pack $129

        Not Poor dog…

      • he makes 10k/year tax free hehe

  • -3

    Thanks, I make my kids wear these around their necks.

    • So you can find the necklace when they lose the necklace?

      • -1

        I glued it on them.

        • For someone thinking to glue their kids to a necklace, which glue would you recommend ?

  • dang was hoping amazon would match but no dice it looks like

  • +2

    I would recommend buying a 4 pack of these for $69 instead of the AirTags if you don't want the precision finding:

    • -1

      It’s not just the precision finding that’s important, but the fact that every iOS device will contribute to the location of lost tags. If you only want to use the tracker around your house then the range of Bluetooth will be fine, but for things that may be lost out and about, having the tracker leverage other people’s iPhone, and noting iPhone is around 55% market share in Australia, makes it more likely you’ll be able to locate the tracker. Part of the sell is the overall network you get.

      • The linked item finders are on the Find My network, so they work exactly like AirTags - just without the precision finding.

        They're on the same Find My network :)

        (there's quite a few third party devices on the Find My network now, it's bigger than just AirTag)

        • +1

          Ignore me then :)

    • Since you seem to own one, can you please say if these are shareable on iOS 17? How’s the battery life? Replaceable?

    • ATUVOS is only compatible with iOS devices and is not compatible with Android devices.

  • and remember to link the wollies reward

    • Done and Done, thanks!

    • the wollies reward

      Who is Wolly?

      • Where's Wolly?

        • Opposite Cooles.

    • where? thanks

      All good, found it!

  • -1

    Can it help to find someone if they are kidnapped?

    • you should get kidnapped so we can find out

    • how do you stack 2 coupons?

  • I'm thinking about getting one for my kids. I know they need to be close to any iphone to work. What if my kids go to his friend's place where no one use iphone? or going somewhere like a playground without any iphone nearby?

    • AirTags rely on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. It can happen that none of these devices would be around the house or the playground, then it won't be able to track it.

  • Tried posting this yesterday, I’m on holiday in Italy. First I got a message saying that I couldn’t post a deal in the middle of the night, so I saved it as a draft to post at 7am. Then when I went to post in the morning, it said overseas users can’t post deals for MyDeal at all. What gives?

    Just a heads up to anyone buying, I believe these are a grey import. Not a big deal but just something to keep in mind.

  • -2

    Literally 18 hours ago i got these at DigiDirect for $135 :/ at least they'll be genuine stock :0

    • Is there such a thing as fake airtags?

      • i mean idk but what i'm meaning is stock from australia and not from overseas

      • +3

        It makes him feel better for spending the extra 😃

  • Shame it doesn't stack with the SB flash mydeal cashback

  • +1

    Thanks! I got 4. Always can’t find my car keys.

  • Their code didn't work on checkout last time, contacted support and got ghosted. Paid full price since I didn't pay attention first thing in the morning and still a good deal.

  • +1

    Tks OP, bought it for my trip to Japan next year. Was going to get Galaxay Smarttag 2 but found Samsung is not popular in Japan, thus for things relying solely on handset popularity it arent gonna to work.
    Thus I will have to pair this with my wife's iPhone 14 instead of my S22.

  • Has anyone received theirs yet?


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