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Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate 4kg $149.99 Del+$55 Credit ($65 CZ/$50 NewCust)/5kg $179.99 (Extra $10 Cred), 30% off AZ @ Amino Z


Quick Intro

My deal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d71AIWgGUXs

I say it every time, this community is amazing and thank you for all the support we have received. Besides the obvious orders and upvotes, the constructive feedback and ability to engage with the community directly is amazing. So anyway, here is our Black Friday promotion, with an additional offer on top of our last WPI deal, and I hope it represents great value again.

The Deal

Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate 4kg for $149.99 Delivered + $55 back in store credit for repeat customers (New Customers $50/Pre-Existing Paid Club Z* $65)

OPTIONAL EXTRA OFFER: Add 1 more kg for $30 and get an extra $10 back in store credit. Ie. 5kg for $179.99 Delivered with $60/$65/$75 back in store credit. Simply select the 5kg size.

Plus we some featured offers on some other products of ours:

Coupon code: OZB-BLACK (add in shopping cart)

You will get the store credit just so long as you order 4kg or 5kg of WPI (or more). You can order anything else on top of this and you will still receive the bonus credit amount and free shipping.

*Please note for Pre-Existing and Paid Club Z members, to qualify for this, you must be actively on a paid Club Z membership as of 9am November 20th 2023. Otherwise, if you're on a Club Z Free trial period, you will not earn the Club Z points, but you still get the repeat or new customer Z points back.

WPI Flavours

We now have 22 flavours available to choose from.

Our new releases for this deal are: Choc Cherry Delight (inspired by one of my favourite chocolate bars), Melon Milk (a new Asian inspired flavour), Iced Chai Latte (since Iced Coffee has been so popular and we have had a few requests)

We have kept our popular Asian inspired flavour releases (they were originally limited edition, but we decided to keep them) - Taro Milk Ice Cream, Pandan and Coconut Gelato and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.

All flavours are naturally sweetened. We have transitioned over to thaumatin for the fact that it is an all natural plant based sweetener, a superior flavour profile, a neutral insulin impact (as it is a protein) and being very gentle on the gut. A bit of trivia, thaumatin is about 10x the cost of artificial counterparts (eg. sucralose) and more than 5x the cost of stevia based on weight! Our focus remains on product quality.

Also note the Unflavoured option is straight WPI with just sunflower lecithin added at the point of manufacture to assist in mixing and reduce frothing (less than 1% w/w). There is no sweetener.

Flavour Availability:

Flavour availability will change throughout the deal. I will this area updated as flavours run out.

  • On Backorder (Can be backordered): Mint Choc Chip (More stock being produced Friday Dec 1st)
  • In Stock: All other flavours

Product Breakdown

  • 100% Australian Blended and Packed in our Sydney Facility
  • Our manufacturing facility is owned by us and is a NSW Licensed Food Facility with an approved Dairy Processing license
  • For the nutritional information for each flavour, please click on the "Nutritional Info" tab. The best macros are for Unflavoured (Per serve: 29.7g P / 0.3g F / 0.4g C), and the flavour breakdowns will be variable. All other flavours have less than 1g of fat per serve and 1.2-3.7g of carbs/serve. The newer Aussie Choc Malt is the only exception with 9.9g carbs/serve (from the malt component) - I highly recommend it for the taste, avoid if you want to keep the carbs down.
    Aussie Choc Malt has a notably different macronutrient profile to other flavours. Following a formulation earlier in the year, we added real malt into this protein powder which brings the total protein percentage down to 64.4% (whereas most other flavours will be 80-90%, with a few of the chocolates and Neapolitan range between 76-80%). The flavour profile in the Aussie Choc Malt is amazing, but be aware that there are extra carbs from the malt that make the flavour amazing.
  • We only use WPI in this protein - this is not a blend of other cheaper proteins (for example Whey Protein Concentrate/WPC)
  • Protein is added hormone free, ultra and micro filtered and cold pressed
  • Naturally sweetened with thaumatin (except Cinnamon Icing which uses stevia). We do not use artificial sweeteners.
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin (soy is common in whey proteins)
  • Backed by our 110% Guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Commonly Asked - Amino Z WPI / ON 100% Whey / Musashi 100% Whey (The 3 most popular proteins here on OzBargain)

In almost all of our prior WPI deals, I have been asked how our WPI compares to two other very popular products on OzBargain that we sell (Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey and Musashi 100% Whey).

One thing I want to emphasise is that we sell all three products and despite us obviously having a vested interest in our own brand, we firmly stand behind the quality of all three products (hence why we stock all of them).

Last deal, I asked our team to put together a comprehensive and objective video detailing many key differences between the three products. So if you're interested, the video can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LBeV33fArc

Obviously taste will come down to personal preference so we haven't touched on this, we have instead focussed on key attributes of each product. I hope this presents a fair representation of each.

Other Notes/Common Questions

  • Choose Multiple Flavours: We pack these into 1kg pouches. Choose the multi-flavour option for 4 (or 5) different flavours.
  • Packaging: All our WPI now has the new zipper packaging. We are still working to improve the pouches for anyone who has experienced issues with the zipper. You can purchase a plastic tub separately (select the option just above the "Add to Cart" button). If you experience any issues please reach out to us and we will rectify this at our cost.
  • Nutritional Information: To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Best Before Dates: Best before dates will be 18-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.
  • Free Delivery: You will get free delivery on your entire order when you order any Amino Z or Bandito Labs supplements.
  • Applying Store Credit: To apply existing store credit (Z Points), firstly make sure that you are logged in. Then, go into checkout and after entering your delivery and shipping choice, select "Load Payment Methods". Once loaded, you will see an option entitled "Spend Your Points". Click this and then enter how many points you wish to apply as a discount to your order. You can apply points acquired from previous deals to this purchase.
  • Applying the Coupon Code: Please apply the coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out.
  • 30% Discount: The 30% discount will be off the full price before discount, not on the already discounted price.
  • Receiving Store Credit: Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 10 days of your order shipping. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Store Credit Limit: There is a limit of one lot of bonus store credit per person during the promotional period. You can order more than 5kg of WPI, but the store credit will be capped so we can stay in business and keep doing deals like these.
  • Other Store Credit Info: Store credit does NOT expire. Also, you do NOT have to be a Club Z member to retain your store credit.
  • Club Z: Our Club Z membership program is a paid subscription with the most common membership being $9.99/month with $10 back/month for each monthly renewal. This is different to having an account on our website. We frequently run Club Z bonus offers, such as in this deal where anyone who was already an existing active and paid Club Z member (immediately prior to launching this promo) will receive a total of $65 back in Z Points ($75 for 5kg). Full info here.
  • Referral Codes: Please note that this offer won't stack with our referral code offer, nor any other offers.
  • Scoops: We include scoops in each bag of product.
  • Our 5 most popular flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Aussie Choc Malt, Iced Coffee and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.

A word of thanks

Thanks again to everyone for the support of our small business. I gain so many insights from these deals and really appreciate all the constructive feedback so we can continue to improve our product but also improve as a business.

I'll personally be on here so please feel free to ask any questions. Vanessa will be helping me out with the private messages so please send through a message for anything specifically related to your order. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have experienced any issues or simply have a question.

Thanks again everyone!

Amino Z (Owner/Founder/Deals Guy)


20/11/2023 6:35PM: Currently we remain in-stock of all WPI flavours and some orders placed earlier today will be packed this evening. Our customer service team is currently about 6 hours behind on emails and SMS messages. For anything that is particularly urgent (eg. order changes before your order is packed), please send through a private message as Vanessa can prioritise this. - Jay

21/11/2023 2:54PM: Mint Choc Chip has fallen into backorder. More stock is being produced tomorrow morning so there should not be a delay of more than 2 days on these orders. Please ignore any auto-emails you may receive advising of a delay of 2 weeks on this one (that's an automatic system generated email). - Jay

21/11/2023 4:55PM: Our customer service team is currently about 24 hours behind on emails and SMS. For anything urgent (for example, an order change before your order is shipped), please send through a private message here on OzBargain. We are still in the process of packing orders from later yesterday afternoon and evening. We are doing our best to keep up with this demand. Thanks everyone for your understanding and I'll continue to keep everyone updated. - Jay

21/11/2023 6:27PM: Chocolate Caramel WPI has now fallen into backorder, but more stock is being produced tomorrow, so there should not be any significant delays (1-2 days is likely). Please ignore any automated messages in case you receive an email advising of a 2 week delay on this flavour. Thanks! - Jay

22/11/2023 10:07AM: Mint Choc Chip WPI is now back in stock. Any backorders placed since yesterday will be shipped out either today or tomorrow. Chocolate Caramel WPI will come back in stock later today. Our customer service team is currently about 24 hours behind on emails and SMS. For anything urgent (for example, an order change before your order is shipped), please send through a private message here on OzBargain so it can be actioned quicker. - Jay

22/11/2023 3:13PM: Chocolate Caramel WPI is now back in stock. Presently all WPI flavours are in stock and I will update as this changes. Our warehouse is currently a little behind due to the high demand and orders are being dispatched within 1-2 days (we expect to catch up quickly as we have extra people and everyone is doing extra hours). Customer service is currently behind on emails and SMS by about 12 hours, so please ensure you PM anything urgent (such as order changes before it gets packed and shipped off). Thanks for your patience and understanding everyone, I will continue to keep everyone updated as we progress. We really appreciate the overwhelming support of this deal! - Jay

23/11/2023 5:15PM: Aussie Choc Malt is getting low in stock currently. If it falls into backorder, the page will display this and more stock is being produced on Saturday so your order will only incur a slight delay. The warehouse has caught up on orders with orders now being dispatched within 1 business day. Customer service is currently 1-2 days behind on emails and SMS, please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action quickly. - Jay

24/11/2023 9:07AM: Aussie Choc Malt is now on backorder. More stock is being produced today so any orders placed should have only a very minor delay, if any. Please ignore any automated email about a 2 week delay on this flavour. Customer service remains approximately 1-2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

24/11/2023 7:48PM: Aussie Choc Malt is back in stock. But stock levels are low, it's likely to go back into backorder overnight. Orders are unlikely to be delayed as we are making even more stock tomorrow. Customer service remains approximately 1-2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

25/11/2023 6:24AM: Aussie Choc Malt is on backorder again, more stock is being produced today so orders are unlikely to incur any delays. Customer service remains approximately 1-2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

25/11/2023 6:10PM: Aussie Choc Malt is back in stock again and all flavours are currently available. Taro is getting quite low and may fall into backorder soon. Orders are being sent out within 1 business day. Customer service is approximately 2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

26/11/2023 9:34AM: Taro is about to fall into backorder. When it does, there should be minimal delay of 0-2 days to any backorders as we will be making more of this stock early this week (please ignore any emails/notices about a 2 week delay). Orders are being sent out within 1 business day. Customer service is approximately 2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

26/11/2023 10:44AM: Taro is now on backorder. There should be minimal delay of 0-2 days to any backorders as we will be making more of this stock early this week (please ignore any emails/notices about a 2 week delay). Orders are being sent out within 1 business day. Customer service is approximately 2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

27/11/2023 5:23PM: Taro is now back in stock. The warehouse has fallen behind slightly from the weekend volume and orders are being sent out within 1-2 business days (they should catch up quickly). Customer service is approximately 2 days behind on emails and SMS, so please send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order change requests before it is shipped out) and Vanessa can action this quickly. - Jay

28/11/2023 1:59PM: Warehouse are catching up and will be back up to date either the end of today or tomorrow. Currently there is a 1-2 business delay in orders being sent out. Our customer service team is quite behind and there can be lengthy delays of several days to enquiries (due to the size of this promotion, and a couple of our team members who were ill). They are working around the clock to catch up, but for anything urgent (eg. order changes), please ensure you send a private message here on OzBargain so Vanessa can action this quickly. Thanks for your understanding. - Jay

28/11/2023 9:07PM: Off the back of a few requests and the amazing support we have received, we've decided to extend the promo 1 final additional day until tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for the support of our business and this deal! Mint choc chip is low on stock and may fall into backorder and if this happens, more stock will be created within days. Our warehouse has almost caught up and all pending orders that are in-stock will be shipped tomorrow (new orders to be sent within 1 business day). Please continue to send a direct message here on OzBargain for anything urgent (eg. order modifications) as our CS team are several days behind on emails and SMS due to the scale of this promotion. Thank you for your understanding! - Jay

29/11/2023 5:27PM: Mint Choc Chip is now on backorder and more stock will be produced at the end of this week. Warehouse has now caught up and all orders now being shipped out within 1 business day. Our Customer Service team is still behind on emails/SMS by a few days, so for anything urgent (eg. order modifications before shipment), please send a private message here on OzBargain so Vanessa can jump on this for you. Thank you! - Jay

Referral Links

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Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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closed Comments

  • Hi OP, looking to get some protein powder but not sure which flavour to get.

    What's the closest/equivalent flavour to Optimum Nutrient's "Double Rich Chocolate" flavour? And what's the difference between the Chocolate and Smooth Milk Chocolate flavours in terms of taste and sweetness?

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @KingOfBoxes.

      Our Chocolate flavour would probably be closest as this is the darker/richer chocolate out of the two you have mentioned. The Smooth Milk Chocolate is a lighter and milkier chocolate. Sweetness is similar, but it's just in terms of how rich the chocolate flavour component is.

      I hope this helps.


      • Thanks Jay, just placed my order - looking forward to trying it out!

        • Thank you so much for the order @KingOfBoxes, most appreciated!


  • Love these guys and the proteins are great.

    Just paid for membership.

    • +1

      Thanks so much for the kind words and joining our Club Z membership program! I really appreciate the support and loyalty @agalea101


  • +2

    Hi Ozbargain fam. I’m looking for product recommendations to get me started again.

    TLDR: 42yo, former hard-gainer who used to be thin and athletic but now I’m “skinny fat” and developed a pudgy belly and poor health habits. I’m lactose intolerant. Have used C4 and pea protein powder (so gross) 10 years ago but the range of new products available now is overwhelming and confusing. I drink one coffee every morning.

    Goal build muscle and look ripped again. Improve my cardiovascular health and overall fitness and mental wellbeing.

    It’s been 10 years since I last hit the gym and lifted weights. I was a hard gainer, was skinny all my younger life, but I did successfully put on 6kg of muscle after 2 years of training with the aid of pre-workouts and protein shakes in my early 30s.

    Repeated injuries, challenging life circumstances, parenting a beautiful child with complex special needs and continuing family trauma have all contributed to my lack of focus on my health and fitness for the past decade, however, I’m sick and tired of my current situation and I want to change my life around. I miss the high feeling of a great gym session when I was hitting PBs and feeling fit, healthy, strong and motivated in general.

    Now I’m 42 and wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life. I’ve lost all those gains I worked so hard to grow, replaced it with bad weight due to my poor lifestyle choices (junk food and tv - in my younger years I could eat whatever I wanted and it didn’t make me fat as I was blessed with a very fast metabolism, but everything goes downhill after 40 like they say).

    I now have an intolerance to lactose too so I’m not sure which of these protein powders will give me stomach problems. I take antihistamines daily for my environmental and stress related skin allergies and I drink a strong coffee each morning. Not sure if any of that impacts the product recommendation but just throwing it out there in case it does.

    I know I should be consulting a nutritionist and personal trainer (and therapist too if I’m honest) for individual recommendations and it’s something I’m looking into, but I just wanted to take advantage of this short Black Friday sale in the mean time to stock up on what appears to be very popular products on here.

    I would appreciate any guidance for a mid-aged guy (but feeling old) who wants to be the driver in the next decade of my life rather than just coast through it as a blindfolded passenger.

    I’m not looking for sympathy or tough love comments - I’ve beaten myself up enough already. I’m not feeling sad about it anymore. I just want to do better and prioritise myself again.

    This probably belongs in the forums but the original intent is to get easy to understand product recommendations so I can make an informed purchase.

    • +1

      WPI has very low lactose and is a good way to meet your protein goals. In saying that, real food is always going to be better than powdered food. If I were you, I'd buy samples or small amounts of different types of protein powders to try to see if they sit well with you. WPI may work, some protein powders include lactase or you may need to buy a non-dairy powder (animal derived if possible.)

      Creatine is also another good product to buy (note 20% of people are creatine non-responders) and no need buying a pre-workout. There aren't multiple, high quality studies showing long term muscle and/or strength gains.

    • +2

      Hi @PoorFromOzBargains and thanks for posting this in our deal.

      Good on you for posting this and proceeding to take the steps necessary to make some positive changes.

      I'm sure others will have their own feedback and insights, but I'll share some insights in relation to supplements.

      I'll echo what Jacko1235 has mentioned in relation to real food being superior to powdered food. Most of your results will come from your diet and exercise. Don't go crazy on supps especially when you're starting out. Personally I think too many supplements can not only be overwhelming, but expensive and therefore prohibitive to long-term results and sustainability. Supplements certainly won't be necessary, but they can help.

      In terms of product recommendations, I would keep things simple. Something as simple as a protein powder can be effective and not break the bank. Creatine can certainly help too if you're aiming to gain muscle. Pre-workouts can be effective motivators - but that's a personal choice.

      Probably our best alternative that you may wish to consider something like our Amino Z Vegan Protein. I've tried some of the pea proteins out there and this one is pretty good (in my opinion). But if you don't like it, we have our guarantee for a refund/replacement/110% store credit.

      Our top selling pre workout is our Amino Z Complete Pre-Workout. It's also 30% off with free shipping using this code.

      Anyway, I hope this is of some help. Best of luck with it all!


      • Thank you Jay I’ll try them out.

        • My pleasure @PoorFromOzBargains


    • As someone that is VERY lactose intolerant, I've gone through multiple bags of the Amino Z protein and had no issues

      • +2

        Just a note on this also, there is roughly around 1% lactose in our flavoured products and 1.2% in the unflavoured version. So it is admittedly a very small amount in a serve.


  • +3

    Great deal Jay.

    Pro tip: Get some unflavoured to dilute the existing flavours if its too strong for you. After doing 50/50 unflavoured/flavoured i cant go back to full flavour. Tastes too strong.

    • Thanks @blackmoresbioc! Appreciate it.


  • Do you have any deals on hydrolyzed protein Jay?

    • Thanks for asking @downhillmtbr

      No we don't, we do not currently have a hydrolysed protein in our protein range I'm afraid. Sorry I couldn't be of more help here.


  • How long is this deal running for please?

    • Hi @dbell we have this running until Sunday presently. This may change depending upon stock levels. Thanks for asking!


  • I have $50 in Z points ($50) from a previous order. How do I apply them at checkout to use them along with the OZB-BLACK code?


    • +2

      Thanks for asking @Mellows

      Firstly, make sure you log in. Once logged in, proceed to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code OZB-BLACK.

      Once applied, go into checkout. In the payment section, there should be a checkbox option to apply your Z Points. Check this and it will apply as a discount.

      I hope this helps.


      • Thanks Jay, that's worked perfectly for me. Cheers.

        • +1

          My pleasure, thanks for the new order @Mellows!


  • Bought 4kg, with a kilo of melon milk to try. If the melon milk flavour tastes like my childhood melon icypoles from the asian supermarkets, i will be sure to stock up multiple bags in case it gets discontinued. :)

    • Thanks so much for the order @Eskibar and we would love to receive any feedback you may have on this flavour. I really appreciate the support of this deal.


  • Oh well, I've checked my account but realised didn't get credit from last deal. Their product tastes nice though

    • +2

      Dm them. They sorted my bonus points out.

    • +2

      Hi @aegucchi-

      Would you mind sending through a private message with your order number or the email address associated with your Amino Z account? I'm more than happy to assist/fix!

      Thank you! :)

      • Vanessa
      • I was sorted out by one of your team members. Thanks and appreciate your response!

        • Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you got this sorted @aegucchi. I'll also pass this along to Vanessa. Thanks for the ongoing support of our brand!


  • Hey Jay,

    Love the product from my last order and am looking to place an order for another 4kg. Is it possible to request samples of other flavours to be sent out with the 4kg order? Theres a few flavours i'm keen to try but can't build the courage to commit to a 1kg bag.


    • +1

      Thanks for asking @Raphete

      We do have some samples available here. The WPI has a limited range of flavours currently because we have very limited capacity.

      With this, we have an offer available where you can purchase but get 100% back in store credit. Once you receive the order, just flick us an email and we'll credit your account with the full amount paid. This would be in addition to any credit you receive with this deal of course.

      Keep in mind that we also have our 110% Guarantee, so if you do grab a bag and don't like it, just let us know and we'll be happy to send out an alternative flavour if you prefer (or refund or credit back 110%).

      I hope this helps and thanks for your support of our business!


  • +1

    Hey mate,

    I just bought 10kg of wpi 😂 usually my go to is bulknutrients.com.au but at this price it's hard to resist. Cheers for the promo

    • +2

      Thanks so much for the order @tran_p and for supporting our business! BN is a good brand so this really means a lot to me and the team.


  • can we get offers on mass gainers please!

    • We'll certainly consider this in the future for a specific mass gainer deal. This code can however be used for 30% off our product, Amino Z Gainer with free shipping.

      Thanks for the feedback!


    • BEEF CAKE!!

  • +1

    Ordered another 5kg as well as some creatine - best value on the market

    • Thanks for the new order @TightTerry!


  • +1

    Just received my 4kg order! I tried the chocolate honeycomb first and it mixes like a dream. Didn’t even use a shaker, just a spoon to stir and there’s hardly any clumps or foam. Ive previously had the Taro and Chocolate flavour, and I’ve gotta say this flavour had a really smooth and decadent chocolate taste. I found the chocolate flavour quite thin and sweet when mixed with water, but the chocolate honeycomb is nice and rich. A really subtle honeycomb flavour though, but I’m a big fan! Keen to try my strawberry, iced coffee and crème caramel flavours soon!

    • Thanks for the order and for sharing this feedback @ignaloser!

      I'm very happy to read that you've been impressed with the range and I'll be sharing this with the team.

      Thanks again for the support!


  • Does anyone know if the unflavoured variety mixes well with water?

    • Thanks for asking @KAlicatiok

      In our testing this does mix well with water and similarly to the flavoured versions. The unflavoured version has a small amount of sunflower lecithin added to it at the point of manufacture to assist in this process.

      I hope this helps.


  • How long does it take for the points to show up in my account?

    My order just arrived today (thanks!) and my account shows that I'd applied this code:

    Discount (Ozbargain: Amino Z WPI 5kg $179.99 Delivered + $60 Back (Prior Customers $65/Club Z $75) in Z Points)

    However, when I view my Z points, I apparently have "180 Z points ($1.80)".

    • +1

      Hi @t3chshopper and thanks for asking.

      It will be in your account within 10 days of your order being shipped. It won't be instant.

      However after this time if it doesn't show please feel free to reach out and we'll fix it up for you.

      Thanks for the order and I hope you like it!


  • +8

    Just to show the difference in customer support. Due to a recent cashback deal, I made 2 orders from EliteSupps. In one of the orders 2 tubs of emerald labs protein (Elite Supps home brand manufactured in Canberra), arrived with the seal open and some spilt protein. When i contacted them with pictures etc. They told me the seal being open is fine and because i didnt opt for the extra fee for easy protection guarantee or something (their fee for extra insurance), they will as "goodwill" will replace one item only.

    But went on to say that they have never seen protein spill out if the lid was on (basically insinuating i am lying even though i sent them photos), frankly i dont care if it spilt or not, unsealed is unacceptable. Plus when i looked at the tubs with seals open, the glue was non-existant and seemed very low quality seals or old / damaged/ heat affected seals. Frankly their home brand product is a lower quality item in terms of manufacturing at least but rather than accept that , i was basically blamed for it.

    In contrast, Aminoz have never gone wrong with me for customer support. Goes to show the difference.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with us @lonewolf I'll be sharing this feedback with the team and I know they will be blown away.


  • Hry Jay, a regular here. Thanks again for the amazing deal, I appreciate it.

    Excuse me if it has already been answered, but a silly question.

    I've placed an order for the 4kg option and paid it using the points as well as my debit card for the balance.

    Would I be eligible for the extra points advertised in the deal by any chance? If I do am, do I wait for 10 days or so for it be reflected on my account?

    Thanks mate.

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @NaRaSaRang

      Certainly a valid question, I don't believe I covered this in my post essay :)

      Yes, you will be valid for the extra points. Under this deal, so long as you purchase 4kg of WPI as a minimum and apply this code, you will receive the bonus credit, including if you applied Z Points to the order.

      Thanks for the order and the ongoing support!


  • +2

    To anyone else still placing orders, I'd recommend you pay attention to the protein content as they vary a lot across flavours. The new chocolate malt only contains about 64% protein. Whereas original vanilla contains about 86%. I was a little bit disappointed by my order as I did not expect this huge variation in protein content across flavours. Look at the nutritional info tab first (unfortunately I was too eager and missed it).

    • +1

      I agree that flavour should be flagged, it's nutritional content appears to be an outlier - the serving size is about 40g vs the rest being low 30s to get the ~26g protein per serve(ish). The difference being the malt extract powder, high carb, which is added into the recipe- so good for the flavour profile and bad for the macros: 5-8 servings per kg less.

      I appreciate your comment, I wouldn't have noticed.

    • +2

      Thanks for the feedback @GrumpyGandalf and @bxpressiv

      This is extremely helpful. There has been a bit of discussion around the new Aussie Choc Malt macro profile. It is indeed an outlier in this range and we are currently reviewing what to do with this simply because it is so different to all the other flavours and I do agree we risk disappointing anyone expecting the macros to be consistent with the other flavours.

      Some background on this - we had a previous Choc Malt flavour with a much higher protein %, but the flavour profile was sub-par. We opted with this to actually include malt for a really great flavour profile, but it has come at the expense of protein %. After many, many prototypes (over 50), we just couldn't get close on a comparable flavour. We are currently debating as to what to do with this, given that it is one of our most popular flavours.

      I also agree that I could have been clearer in my original description and included percentages here. I did note the higher carb content of this, but I think the protein percentage is worth noting, which I will highlight now in the post.

      If you have received it and you're not happy, please shoot over a PM with your order details. We'll just send another flavour at our expense. Keep the Choc Malt and try it out if the macro profile doesn't kill it for you.

      This also goes for anyone else who is unhappy about this. We don't want you to be unhappy because I feel it is perfectly reasonable to expect a comparable macro profile across all the flavours.

      Thanks again for the feedback and insight. This is currently a hot topic internally and this feedback will go a long way in our discussion as to what to do.


      • +1

        Oh that is interesting, I did purchase the old choc malt and the new one, I didnt look at the profile, I assumed the differences were usually around 1-2%. So its more like a high protein milo combination i guess?

        • +1

          @lonewolf I guess so. It's the addition of malt that brings the total percentage of protein down and from the nutritional panel I just pulled up, malt is the key ingredient in Milo. WPI is still the core ingredient in our protein, but it does have a similar flavour profile.


          • @aminozcomau: OH damn, I have one whole order where all i ordered was the 2 problematic flavours :( .

            I just checked the profile, It definitely has a lot of carbs. Perhaps it should be considered more as a MRP or low Carb Weight gainer? Because 64% protein and 24gms carbs is quite a big difference and would affect the plans people may have had for it. I have other proteins i use as MRPs or less protein and more for flavour or carbs content. I generally buy these pure WPI, to just be light high protein only shakes. I have both the new and improved and the old Aussie choc malt flavours.

            • @lonewolf: @lonewolf I guess it depends. Generally MRP's are fortified with vitamins and their macros will vary a bit (perhaps some will have a bit more fat, others not). In the realm of gainers, this would be exceptionally low in relative terms, as gainers are super high in carbohydrate. But when you compare it to the other flavours in our WPI, you're right, the carbs are much higher (just under 10g per serve).

              Of course, if you don't like it or are unhappy with it, feel free to shoot over a direct message to us and Vanessa can sort you out.


  • Yay! Thanks for another Deal Jay, just stocked up yet again

    • Thanks for the new order @telf22!


  • +1

    Excellent cheers for these deals!

    I was about to head to chemist warehouse and get something from them, but came across this deal! I've previously ordered so I went for a 5kg selection of flavours :)

    1x Chocolate Coconut 1kg 1x Chocolate Caramel 1kg 1x Coffs Harbour Choc Banana 1kg 1x Mint Choc Chip 1kg 1x Aussie Choc Malt (New and Improved) 1kg

    I've got these sent to my local Australia Post Parcel locker, makes it easier then missing the delivery and having to join a line of people mailing things ;)

    • +1

      Nice, thanks so much for giving us a go @Gomo and I hope you like the range!


      • So quick already arrived about to go pick it up from post office locker 👌

        • +1

          Great news and I'm glad it got there quickly. Thanks for sharing and I hope you like the protein!


  • Just placed my first order so made a new account. How long does it normally take for credits to show in the account and do the credits expire?

    • Should be applied when order is dispatched I'm pretty sure, as for the credits no expiry.

    • +1

      Thanks for ordering with us @shev07!

      Just a heads up @shev07 and @Gomo you will receive the bonus credit within 10 days of your order being sent.

      Thanks again and please let me know if you have any other questions.


      • awesome, thanks guys

        • Pleasure @shev07


  • I still have a mountain of WPI from the last deal but I’ll give you a + anyway for running such a great small business:-)

    • Thanks so much for the upvote @Levathian and for the last order!


  • Loving this protein powder :)

    • Thanks for sharing and for the support @mortium!


  • The pandan coconut gelato flavour is delicious and super creamy. Keen to try the rest of my order.

    • Thanks for sharing @Pelilah I'm glad you like it and I'll be sharing this with the team!


  • @aminozcomau 5kg gets me how many serves? About 150?

    • That's about right, obviously depending on the flavours you choose @31mop

      You can see the serving size per flavour if you click on the "Nutritional Info" tab on the product page.

      I hope that helps.


  • Are all flavours suitable for vegetarians diet (not vegan)?

    • +1

      Yes they are fully suitable for vegetarians. For anyone else who is curious, our WPI is not vegan friendly as WPI is milk derived.

      Thanks for asking @AliKay!


  • It's been a while since i bought from Amino-Z. Glad I waited for a good sale.

    Thanks jay and Vanessa!

    • Hi @howard22 and thanks for shopping with us again, most appreciated!


  • +1

    Thanks again Jay, great products and really appreciate these deals. Cheers!

    • Thanks, I really appreciate the support @TassieTom!


  • +1

    Your customer service and policies are exceptional, giving me the confidence to give your WPI a go.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words @bxpressiv and thanks for giving us a go!


  • Wow fast shipping to Sunny Coast QLD.
    Tracking number said late next week but it just rocked up this morning.

    First impressions for the Melon Milk, couldn't really taste it with Greek Yoghurt/Milk; however it adds a very nice and refreshing taste with straight water, which makes for a much welcome subtlety to 'workout water' than the other rich chocolatey flavours.
    Will reserve this one for the mid-exercise water bottle, and use the other flavours for smoothies and what-not ;)

    Thanks again to Jay, Vanessa and the team!

    • +1

      Nice, thanks for the update @Stoibs

      I'm glad it got to you quickly and thanks for the feedback on the new Melon Milk. Being a new release and such a unique flavour here in Australia, the feedback on this flavour is really valuable. I'll be passing this along to the team.

      Thanks again for the support!


  • I ordered 5kg of WPI but accidentally checked out with one wrong flavour. Is there any chance you can correct my order?
    PMed you my order # and adjustment. Cheers!

    • +1

      No worries @Sixty Nine, we'll fix that up. I've given Vanessa a heads up on this and she will be able to rectify this for you.


  • +1

    Thank you Jay, just ordered 5KG of WPI in Vanilla flavour because I'm a simple boring man.

    • Thanks for the new order @Colombian! The classic flavours are classics for a reason :)


  • Hey @aminozcomau I just missed out on this offer and ordered 4kg three days ago - any chance I could be eligible for cashback? Thanks in advance!

    • Yeah we'll look after you @wilyang - please send through a private message and Vanessa can sort this out for you. Thanks for asking and thanks for ordering with us!


  • Man, creatine prices have been crazy for a while now. I remember when it was under $15 a kg a few years back.

    • Definitely @tetra, so do I. Most supplements have been affected, even protein which more than tripled in cost price last year for us.


  • Still have some from last time but i'm finding it difficult to not jump on this deal. Is that choc cherry a new flavour profile? I remember trying a choc cherry years back but I'm not sure whether it was aminoz.

    • Hi @johnnytran and thanks for asking. Yes, choc cherry was just released for this promotion.

      Thanks for the upvote too!


  • HI, if i buy 10kg of WPI do i get double the store credit ($120 for new customer)?
    edit: nvm you already answered in your post and i cant read!

    • All good @drryn

      Just in case anyone else is wondering, credit is capped at one per person during this promotional period.



  • Mate this is very good! I tried the pandan flavour and it’s great. Will be buying more after I finish my 4kg.

    • When can I use my $55 credit?

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