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10% off Storewide (Some Exclusions) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Chemist Warehouse


I wanted to put in a big order for some vitamins and thought I'd check with my local store who confirmed this deal.

Excludes prescriptions and baby formula.

Eligible Westpac members - stack with 20% cashback capped at $15.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • You’re a legend. Do you know if things like children’s Panadol are included?

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      Yeah, should be. I was hoping to stock up on Kids Panadol & Nurofen. Rock & roll lifestyle haha.

  • Thank you! Is that on top of current sale prices?

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    Westpac lounge users - make sure to get all your shopping done tomorrow and stack it with this deal

    • Prescription drugs aren't included if I got it right by reading terms and conditions, when it come to shop back CW.

  • does this apply to things that are already discounted?

    • If 2020 was anything to go by, no, all other discounts get removed. Hope it's otherwise, of course

  • Oh man, just spent $400 today :(

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      Current catalogue will finish just before 10% start, you might get a bargain today.

  • I just buy my vitamins from iherb. Way way cheaper

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      Postage is brutal

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        buy enough to get free postage.

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    Part of the Spotlight Foundation

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    not keen on chemist warehouse now that they charge for shipping, even on orders over $100 or whatever.

    these cashbacks now just help reduce shipping cost, unless you live near one - which I do not.


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      Same, lost most of my business from removing free shipping. For a while they were still doing it on their other brand mychemist.com.au but stopped it there too eventually.
      Every now and again they offer it. Last time I got the fast delivery service free, at my door in 40 mins but normally thats nearly $30 delivery fee.

      Their prices don't seem to be that great on the stuff I get these days anyway.

      • where do you shop now instead (that perhaps offers free shipping) ?

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          There's a Good Price Pharmacy that I normally drive right past at least once a week and their prices are usually pretty similar for what I get.

          I just noticed though, they are doing the free fast delivery again so there ya go :) Too bad anything I'd want to get is now more after 10% off than their normal sale price.


  • i can't wait to buy some hydralyte tbh

  • Is it in-Store and Online? Or just online?

    • Previous deal suggests it was online only, so I guess we will see tomorrow

    • my local had big sign up saying instore 10% off

  • Nice one. Glad I've been dilly-dallying with buying some stuff I need.

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    Last time this happened, everything went off sale or was price jacked, so the 10% was negligible or a joke.


    Read the comments for this post, and be warned, compare your cart price today vs tmr.

    Not a personal negative OP, but a warning for the company.

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      Yep, I've been stung by this before and they basically told me I was SOL. Always a gamble buying from them. For future, they update their prices mid month and end of month so if something has been jacked now (like the protein I buy), then check again in a fortnight

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    Stuff in my cart was cheaper a week ago , noticed a lot of prices on vitamins and skincare all went up again recently prior to this sale

    • It has begun

    • Oh wow, so cw is the new jack?

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      Many products are now more expensive after "10% discount" than they were just one day before.

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    Healthylife.com.au is 50% was able to get Chemist Warehouse to match and beat by 5% the Blackmores vitamins price.

  • very rarely worth it. only buy things that never go on sale or you will be disappointed when the next catalogue has better prices on everything.

  • Awesome

    Paco Rabanne
    1 Million EDT 100ml is $99

    • 10% and 20% cashback makes it very good!

    Shit, chemist warehouse eBay is $99 and has 20% code which is $80

    • There is also 15% bonus cashback on eBay later today.

      • Thank you! Hopefully there is standard cashback too? Itd be nice. ebay works out to be $3 cheaper and free postage too!

        • Hopefully there is standard cashback too?

          Must be.

          ebay works out to be $3 cheaper and free postage too!

          Haha, every dollar counts :P

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    Just made the order online. 10% off price is shown on the product page.

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    FYI, most items are more expensive than usual since for the most part it's 10% of RRP.

    I checked 10+ items I usually buy, and all of them were more expensive.

    Make sure you check the price before buying.

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      They jacked up their prices. See my comment below.

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    I was looking at some products yesterday and put some in the shopping cart. And guess what?
    The prices have gone up!
    CW jacked up their prices!
    In fact some items are more expensive after the "10% discount" than they were two days ago.
    For instance, one of the products which I placed into the shopping cart was $18.99 now costs $20.69 after so called 10% discount!
    What a rip off!

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    I had a few items in my cart and almost all increased in price. Very dishonest. e.g. INC Creatine I had in my cart to buy in this "sale" was 32$ yesterday now 40.49$ after 10% off..

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    Cheeky buggers have raised their prices overnight!

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    Yes CW put up prices and then offer 10% off….item I was after was cheaper before the 10% off!!

  • Contrary to what other claimed, it is 50% + 10% off for me. Thanks OP.

  • While there is definitely price jacking, even if it was previous discounts ending, I found with 20% cashback on cerave, Westpac cashback and free delivery I could get a bargain

  • Pharmacy direct BLACK23 coupon ended up being a better deal with free delivery (over $99 and under 5kg). Prices for most things were about the same or slightly cheaper. Also 100% less woke virtue signalling.

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    Chemist Warehouse notorious price jacking before any promotions, under the guise of 'new catalogue'.

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    I compared the price in my cart today and yesterday. They are actually MORE EXPENSIVE by about 5-10% today. What a bollocks

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    I used Price Hipster to check the historical price for CWH stuff before ordering

    • Very good tip! Some products are genuinely 10% off and rarely go on sale, so worth stocking up now. However, other products are 10% off their full price but regularly go on sale for less. There are also some products that have mysteriously increased in price e.g. https://pricehipster.com/product/THg97EhA_Z5_nVCRJEligg~S6K2…. Pricehipster is a great tool for this.

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    I voted positive, then went online only to see they have 10% off retail price for the stuff I already had in the cart for 30-40% off their rrp before (usual vitamins I buy)
    Sorry had to revoke my positive and unable to make it negative now lol as I've voted once lol

  • My pricehipster went nuts this morning with chemist warehouse price lowering

    • I noticed it doesn't pick up on Amazon prices for things…. not that I could find anyway. Camelcamelcamel is mostly useless too.

      • I normally find 🐫🐫 🐫 very useful but it's wonky this Black Friday period.
        Never heard of pricehipster but I'll check that out.

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