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Acer Swift Go R7-7840U, 16GB DDR5, 512GB SSD, R780M, 14" 2.9K OLED 400nits 90Hz $1197 + Del ($0 to Metro/C&C) @ Officeworks


Acer still piling on the deals after Black Friday with this top spec Zen 4 Ryzen
Full 12CU RDNA 3 Radeon R780M iGPU = desktop GTX 1650 performance
See previous discussions on the Ryzen 5 model here


AMD Ryzen 7 7840U (8C / 16T, 3.3 / 5.1GHz, 8MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Integrated AMD Radeon 780M Graphics
16GB LPDDR5-6400 RAM
14" 2880x1800 16:10 OLED 90Hz, 400nits, 100% DCI-P3, HDR True Black 500 display
2x USB Type-C ports (USB charging 5V/3A, 20V/3A), 2x USB-A ports (1x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 w/ power off USB charging), 1x HDMI 2.1 port, 1x Headphone/speaker jack
Wi-Fi 6E 802.11ax + Bluetooth 5.1
1440p QHD Webcam
Fingerprint Reader
Backlit Keyboard
65W USB-C AC adapter
312.9W x 217.9D x 14.9H mm
Windows 11 Home

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    This is exactly what I'm looking for

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      Nobody is looking for an Acer laptop

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      • All my life I've been searching for something…

  • Looking at getting this for my dad. His current laptop is 8 years old. Will it be much better?

    • +6

      Depending on use case, but it would be overkill for most users.

      1. One of the fastest 8 core processors available in a low wattage platform.
      2. Fastest iGPU available on x86
      3. Integrated AI
    • +2

      oled on laptops for uninformed users is pretty bad, if your dad plans on using it for 8 years like his current laptop burn in will be an issue

      • I don't think he's to worried. He just wants an upgrade from the current laptop. Something new and nicer. Would you reccomend this or something else?

      • -1

        Modern OLED panels are much better than what they used to be. Burn-in will only be an issue if someone has the same static elements on the screen for hours at a time.

        • +10

          Like a taskbar, or a web browser, older folks probably won't pay attention to reduce burn in

          • +12

            @Kazusa: By the time they get any burn in worth worrying about, the lappy will probably have had a pretty good run anyway. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

            • @itscyanide: i wouldnt be suprised if it gets burn in after a year or so if not careful

              • +1

                @Kazusa: Honestly doubt it, like sure it could start showing signs under scrutiny but I reckon it would take a good while longer than that before it's actually noticeable or bothersome for the average user. And in the meanwhile, they get to enjoy a gorgeous, vibrant display, as opposed to some low grade TN or IPS lappy panel.

                I know it's a different display, but I've used the shit out of my AW3423DW for desktop purposes, Linux so a fair bit of terminal with prompts in the same place etc + gaming with static UI elements (shameful number of hours on Rocket League), and even under scrutiny there's still no signs of burn in on my unit (bought at launch, clocked over 4000 hours of "on" time). Hence I doubt it would be an issue here either, but obviously I could be wrong.

                That said it couldn't hurt to find a brightness setting somewhere below maximum that's still bright enough to keep grandma happy, set and forget, harm reduction sorted.

                • +1

                  @itscyanide: I've replaced my AW3423DW that i got at launch with the burn in warranty a few months back, and I've seen a fair amount of people who had the same issue as me with the taskbar icons burned in, I wasn't too worried because of the burn in warranty, but it definitely is still an issue

                  • @Kazusa: Interesting, and good to know. Curious what kinda brightness you were rocking? I run mine below half fwiw as that's plenty for my liking, occasionally crank it higher for games or movies though.

                    • +1

                      @itscyanide: I was rocking 85% since it was mainly for work from home during the day in a bright room

                  • @Kazusa: just randomize the taskbar location for an ultimate user experience

            • +3

              @itscyanide: Look closely at OLED laptops at JB HiFi and you can see signs of burn in

              • @qvinto: Will check them out next time I'm near one. If they're left on with basically the same content on screen all day every day for display purposes, then I suppose that's to be expected.

                • +1

                  @itscyanide: Yeah it is usually the QR code on the promotional image they show is burned it. Have seen it on at least 7-10 laptops over the last year of browsing through JB

    • +1

      Get the Lenovo 6i

    • +1

      I'm envious.. My mum can't use a computer very well, let alone she doesn't understand the internets. Missing out on so much! Wd for thought of getting your dad a new system :)

      • Have you considered maybe getting her a andriod/apple tablet? Could be easier to navigate and use.

        • She doesn't like the learning part, let alone new tech. Hates gaming and streaming. You see what I'm up against… thats why I'm envious of other people and getting their parents tech or using it with them.

  • Linked specs sheet says 60Hz

    • +7

      As stated in the previous thread,and checked in store, the OLED panel goes up to 90hz. The Officeworks specs is all over the place compared what the actual unit specifications are in store.

      • Thanks for clarifying!

  • hows the battery life on this? how many hours will it last with average use? i saw reviews on the i7 13th gen the battery was said to be atrocious.

    • +2

      I'm generally an Intel person, so take it for what it's worth. Intel being stuck on 10nm++++ or whatever makes their power consumption woeful. Amd is decently ahead on that front.

      Either way I can't find the battery size, but being a three cell I can't imagine its huge, so battery life probably won't be amazing.

      • i saw the battery on other sites to be 65whr

  • Anything which may not be OLED with similar specs? I need it for high school boy and expect it to last atleast 3-4 years. I am guessing OLED burn can be issue down the line.

    • +2

      just get this one

    • -2

      Chances are your kid will destroy it long before burn in becomes an issue.

      • If I'm using it for heavy Photoshop use how long before I expect burn in?

        • About 45 minutes.

          Seriously, all this pearl clutching about OLED burn in is hysterical. Go check out Bob Wulff's videos on YouTube about burn in on the OLED Switch.

          • +1

            @xyron: a bigger problem on desktops with taskbars and browsers, I had an AW3423DW replaced for burn in after ~15 months with usage similar to my previous ips monitors, but all my TV's and phones are burn in free

            • @Kazusa: Yes but you used it for work and had it set at 85% brightness.

              • +1

                @Sxio: Which is my point when I say if you’re using it for work primarily in normal circumstances (aka not dark room all the time) you need to be worried about burn in, like using it for school :)

                • +1

                  @Kazusa: Yes. I too hope all those kids using AW3423DW's at school should be careful.

          • @xyron: The oled on switch is beautiful and then my neck gave me shit and I switched to my 12yr old LCD monitor lol. Lots of blue light goodness. Waiting for a good deal on 27" QHD IPS with good overall specs and superior HDR for watching 4K streaming etc.

  • How would this go for Sketchup work, or would a laptop with a dedicated graphics card be necessary?

  • @xxBARGAINGODxx is this worse than the laptop deal you linked me earlier?

    • +2

      Was actually just about to tag you mate. It's very similar in terms of CPU power and I think the same exact display panel. Quite a bit slower GPU-wise than the other one but it probably consumes quite a bit less power as well. For $200 more I'd say this is a worse buy.

  • Looking at this for high school child. Would the battery in this last a school day assuming no gaming?

    • +1

      Will be fine.

    • +2

      It would last a working day for MS Office/Web Browsing. If you want to get more battery life I would also reduce the refresh rate from 90 to 60, and reduced the resolution.

  • +1

    Isn't this worse than the acer X14 creator OLED laptop deal that was posted earlier that had 120hz screen and a 3050? for 997

    • That reportedly has terrible fan noise and battery life, so in theory that's better specced but this might be a better implementation for similar performance?

      Actually anyone know what fan noise would be like on this?

    • I’m not familiar with the technical stuff but I’ve heard that one is a bit overkill for daily tasks and has a pretty poor battery life. This one is supposed to have more efficient hardware so probably better battery life too.
      Don’t quote me though.

      • The reason why the laptop has terrible battery life and fan noise is because Intel 12th and 13th gen P and H series chips have a high TDP, which results in high battery consumption. They should be used in gaming chassis only with good cooling. The cooling in thin and light laptops can't keep them under control if the TDP is 64 to 115w like these Intel processors.

    • +1

      I grabbed one of those but too put off by comments of super shite battery duration and noisy fan, so box is still sealed! 🤣

      • Have you attempted to use it yet? I just want to know because I was on the lookout for one to buy haha

      • Yeah I've got one awaiting pickup too, thinking to change mind for this

        • So you'd rather get this than the creator version? Are the reports of battery life on that version that bad? This go version does 6-8 hours according to reviews. Was that one much lower?

          • +1

            @Shashii: See the comments towards the end of this deal.


            Where are the reviews for the ryzen 7 swift go 14? Can't find any.. the igpu should have really good battery life shouldn't it?

            • +1

              @Sindex: Thanks alot Sindex for linking this, it was really informative. I appreciate it

          • @Shashii: This review on the Ryzen 5 version of the model linked in the description says that one lasted between five to six hours but that is with full brightness and playing YouTube which is not completely realistic.


            • @fookos: The thing is battery life seems to be not great with any of these models. five to six hours will eventually degrade down to 3 to 4 within the first few months after usage. I was very sad after missing out on that Acer x14 Creator edition and called officeworks and they said they had to stop selling it along with other outlets and any leftover inventory was pulled down. Idk if that's related to the fan or something else. I wanted more power for this laptop and the 3050 would've sufficed. I'm not looking after heavy duty gaming more so just something that's future proof in terms of power. Will hold up in 4 years+ hopefully.

              • @Shashii: Yeah, I grabbed Swift X 14 Creator for a high school student but I feel the constantly on the go nature of student use during school hours means I think I will have to unfortunately return it unopened. It’s a shame as the specs were very enticing at that price. No free dinners, I guess!

                • @fookos: Yeah as a highschool student they might not have the luxury of a charging spot in every class and labs would make it difficult to find a plug point in either. I prefer windows by a longshot in comparison to mac os. But I might have to submit if it means I get 10 hrs+ battery life, micro-oled screen, good trackpad and m2 processor.

                  • @Shashii: Not for $1k though! If you're going to spend thousands there are plenty of other excellent laptops

  • get the 7840hs if you need more speed this is low tdp version

  • +1

    Noted the deals and prices to be ready for Boxing Day

  • This deal has been available for a while so was the Ryzen 5 version

    • yeah I thought the Ryzen 7 version was about this price when the Ryzen 5 version was going for a few hundred less.

  • This is an awesome deal. If only there was a 15-16" version.

  • -1

    That's a good deal.
    But I choose to wait for the 14th laoptop Intel CPU.

    • Well considering that their are two versions of Intel 14th gen mobile. I wouldn't hold my breath for an improvement, based on the disappointing performance leaks.

      One iteration of 14th gen H series is just a rebrand of 13th gen, with no real improvements, the same issues with high TDP and disappointing battery life. I'm expecting the same disappointing reviews like 14th gen desktop received.


      The 2nd iteration of 14th gen is a supposed to be a new architecture, but based on the leaks, it's not earth shattering over current products already out in the market, and performance may actually be worse in some areas.

    • avoid Intel, should wait for arm chip on windows, like Snapdragon Elite X

  • +1

    This is tempting
    $1399 for 16" Nitro 7840hs with rtx 4050

    • Seems decent, the intel i5 version of this is currently $1098, which looks like a good alternative also https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/816012

      • +2

        Unfortunately that Intel version has a horrible screen, previous generation CPU and low wattage battery for a gaming laptop.

        15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz 250nits #45% NTSC Anti-Glare Matte display

        • Ah yes good point points there. Any recommendations in the $1000-$1200 mark with a dedicated card? Or this deal the OP posted with the onboard Radeon R780M? :)

  • Can this handle 2x 4k screens?

  • Quick question because I'm kind of a noob, would the 780m work better for GPU tasks in Photoshop then say normal Intel graphics? Or would you be better off with a normal Intel CPU for this purpose?

    • In my noobish opinion and based off https://nanoreview.net/en/cpu-compare/intel-core-i7-13700h-v… I'd say this is very much better for gpu purposes

    • +2

      … would the 780m work better for GPU tasks in Photoshop then say normal Intel graphics?

      No difference - Adobe apps including Photoshop use NVIDIA RTX for GPU acceleration

      This Zen 4 is still superior to Intel due to the power efficiency and R780M gaming performance

      If you work in Adobe apps all day, that is one area where a Mac is the best choice

      • Hi ChatGPT a quick question for you if you don't mind. Do you think the 7840u is worth the extra $200 (@ officeworks) over the 7640u, given all other specs are identical?

        • Only if you play games

          Check the FPS differences at the bottom here

          • +1

            @Look Up: Dam, now im on the fence between this and the 7640u for $200 less. Im using it for uni and mainly care about battery life. If there's no discernable difference with cpu processing then maybe the cheaper option is better.

            But why almost 100 upvotes for this and a meager 13 for the 7640 deal? $200 for roughly 20% difference in portable gaming power..

            • @ninjataki: I don't get it either maybe just herd mentality
              Ryzen 7 is not that significantly better given at a $200 premium

            • @ninjataki: well, a laptop would be used at least 3 years. $200 more to enjoy the faster speed for 3 years (>1000 days), emm….

  • +1

    Gonna pull the trigger, it fits the bill. Just letting you all know so you can sleep better tonight ^_^

  • Anything else comparable to this?

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