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[Refurb] Dell OptiPlex 7070 Micro i5 9500T 16GB RAM 256GB SSD Wi-Fi $248 ($241.80 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Bneacttrader eBay



This will be our last product drop for the BFCM eBay Sale and will also be our last drop for the year.

I've done a big price drop to lower the base price so we can also take advantage of the added eBay discount code

Dell Optiplex 7070 Micro
Intel Core i5 9500t
16Gb Ram
256Gb SSD
AC Wifi + Bluetooth (built-in)
Windows 11 Pro
12 Month Warranty

The discount code ends today, so better get in quick. Price will go back up when stock is sold or promo ends.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Would this be a good home computer? It sounds alright but I don't know shit about them.

    • +4

      It depends on what you want to use it for.
      But anything apart from any graphics heavy tasks (gaming, photo/video editing, 3d modelling) it should be more than sufficient,
      As it is a micro form factor, just be mindful of any additional storage you may want to add as it only has space for 1 x M.2 drive (256gb installed) and space for 1 additional 2.5 inch HDD

    • +4

      If your primary use will be web browsing, video streaming, MS office apps and light gaming perhaps? - this machine along with the 16gb RAM should be more than capable for such use cases.

    • It's not made for playing games, but as a general home/office type device, yep, it'll serve you well.

      • +1

        will do alright as an emulator box…

        just dont expect to play cyberpunk2077 on it

    • +1


    • +25

      The fact you're asking, suggests yes :)
      To break it down a little for you;

      9500T - While this is a power-saving processor, it still has the instructions (think of them as coding shortcuts) of a 9th gen Intel CPU; which is fast.
      Added features like QuickSync on the built in graphics will be able to play modern encoded video files (which can be quite hard!), and won't even bat an eye at any work thats 'internet based' or 'office based'

      16GB RAM - More than enough; while you'll read all day about speeds and latency, for an end user who's not gaming, Ram is Ram.
      Speeds and latency can matter once you start 'walking the line' so to speak, with not having enough of it, but 16GB is plenty. You'd even manage some light photo editing I'd wager.

      256GB SSD - Ideal; once again people talk about speeds of SSD, but it doesn't matter for most tasks.
      What the end user (you) will notice, is the lack of seek delay; you click something, it's instantly responding. Even if it has a loading time, the load will begin instantly, so you're never left wondering if what you just did, is going to respond.

      AC Wifi + Bluetooth - AC is great, while WiFi6 is an upgrade, AC still had a lot of it's features.
      In fact, if you're able to tweak your WiFi at home, you'll GREATLY improve your experience with hopefully no sacrifices.

      If you only have 'newish' devices in your house, and your reception is amazing/house is small, consider going into your router settings, and turning off 2.4Ghz and locking the wifi settings to AC 5Ghz @ 20Mhz.

      20Mhz will max our your WiFi Range, and this will hopefully give you a ROCK SOLID wifi experience while limiting your max wifi speed to 87Mbps.
      You can try 40Mhz, whos top speed is 200Mbps, but trust me, reliable, perfect WiFi feels faster than 'fast' wifi thats congested by neighbours or nearly out of range.

      Just write down what you changed in case you want to go back :)

      • +1

        256GB SSD - Ideal; once again people talk about speeds of SSD, but it doesn't matter for most tasks.

        Install Windows on the SSD,
        and then buy a 2.5" SSD and install it in the machine,
        to keep your other files (eg. My Documents, Pictures, etc.)

  • +6

    Plex - Yes
    Solitaire - Yes

    • +3

      4k video playback? (I just want it to hook up to a tv to play downloaded 4k videos)

      • +4

        Yeah the 9th Gen processor will handle the decode

  • +2

    Just an FYI for those buying.


    The CPU in the 7070 is the same generation and <10% faster than the CPU in 7060 that was on sale for $200 in this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/810361

    If you have the choice, the 7060 is better bang for buck.

    • We won't be reducing the 7060's back down to that price anytime soon.

      • -4

        But I want that one, and to attach it to my android tv

    • -2

      According to your comparison link, it's the other way around:

      Why is Intel Core i5-9500T better than Intel Core i5-8500T?

      7.34% higher PassMark result
      0.2GHz higher turbo clock speed
      8.42% higher PassMark result (single)
      5.84% higher single-core Geekbench 5 result
      • +7

        That's what t0by said, but in a slightly confusing way.
        This deal's CPU performs less than 10% better, but the price is 24.5% more expensive.

        • Thank you for clarifying that

    • +4

      Nah, not at all, because these are all refurbs.

      All other things being more or less equal, the PC's in this deal have a year less wear and tear for an extra 25% in cost, which is just fifty bucks.

      This deal is the better value.

  • +1

    I am planning to buy this to make it a server for Home assistant and Plex. Is this good enough?

    • Yep, this will do the job just fine, but be aware you'll probably need extra storage.

    • +3

      you're better off with the beelink intel N100 on Amazon. A bigger HDD, new CPU (better at transcoding videos) and uses much less power (1/6th) They're down to $265 every other week



      • What do you think about AMD 5500 processor plus 16gb ram plus Nvidia GYX 1650 for Home assistant and Plex ?

        Is it good enough for transcoding!??

        • Should do it with it's eye's closed.

          I admit I rarely have to transcode as the TV's either have Google or a dongle.

          • @M00Cow: Thanks. Any source to setting up the HA and plex you can direct me too

    • It'll work.

      It'll. Cost you more to run over a few years than a better performance dedicated device though.

  • These Micros are great little computers.. have ~20 odd at work now as workstations.. internet/office basic stuff like that… they go good.

  • +2


    It used to be 4 days, now its two weeks, and then we got Boxing Day in a couple weeks time. Why don't you just make it a continuous sale instead?

    • +2

      like closing down sales….

    • +17

      Welcome to retail. Personally, I'm not a fan of these extended pre-post pre pre-sales, but it's the new norm.

      • +4

        it's the new norm.

        We're all in this together.

      • it's the new norm.

        be the change you want to see.

        i joke. I'm in Melbourne and I've sent my QLD sister to you several times over the years and you've looked after her and her family well each time.
        last time with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/789400 which my nephew is very happy with thank you.

        do you get systems with GPU very often? or are they rare as hens teeth?

        • Not with consumer GPUs

  • What’s the max ram these will take? In 1 slot or 2?

    • +1

      They are typically two slot sodimms

    • +2

      I've got a Dell OptiPlex 7060 Mini and some HP EliteDesk G4 Mini running Proxmox and they both take 2 x 32GB. It's very likely that the 7070 will take 2 x 32GB too.

      • Excellent that’s exactly what I want to do with it

    • This article confirms what MiKaDo has mentioned.

      • Winner. Expired now but that’s exactly what I want to do with it


  • paid $300 two month ago!

    • Same, and for two.

    • Same story with me..

  • This doesn't have an Ethernet port?

    • +1

      In the eBay item description's specifications:

      I/o Ports: …1 RJ-45

    • You crazy? Connectivity WiFi Wireless, Ethernet

    • For some reason my ad blocker was blocking that portion of the item description that mentions this. No need to be mean.

  • +3

    The eBay listing states that it has windows 11 home while the ozbargain post says that it has windows 11 pro

    • +2

      Because some say we're professionals

      • Haha,

        I don't know why you got negged.

    • +3

      Can OP confirm if it is Windows Home or Windows Pro please?

    • @Calmago ? Need to know this before purchase. Thanks!

      • +3

        Stock is pro

        • Listing says the estimated delivery is expected to be 11/12-13/12 (eBay Plus), any chance you can dispatch sooner?

          • @Heliveth: Estimated delivery is based on your location. However we have noticed a couple of things with Australia post lately. 1. The first parts of the tracking are missing e.g received and estimates are way off.

            • @Calmago: Thank you. Can you confirm that you have stock, and are ready to go? i.e. not waiting for the stock right?

              • @Heliveth: Yes they are in stock

                • @Calmago: Awesome! Thanks for the rapid reply. Order placed. Actually messaged you earlier on eBay with the same question, let me know if pick up would speed things up, happy to do so. Cheers.

  • Does this case let you easily put in a standard 4 port gigabit Ethernet card ? Or is it one of those custom jobs…

    • +1

      Lenovo m720q is your friend

      • I assume this is going to be a special card, not a generic card.

    • No. This is tiny - around 1ltr in volume. No traditional cards as such.

      Small m.2 wifi and SSD and a spare space for a second SSD. Think like a laptop without a screen.

  • +2

    perfect for proxmox and/or container box

  • +1

    Hi All, Likely a newbie question (but I do not know much about those)
    What would be more suitable for just light use at home, web browsing/ MS office / general usage?
    This VS mini PC like these (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/813244) ?

    • These are enterprise-grade, four year old, good quality, reliable PC's.

      The other deal were off-brand, brand new, low powered, dubious quality dirt-cheap PC's.

      It's not really comparable. If you want dirt-cheap, then buy dirt-cheap, but there's a fair chance you'll have some issues. WiFi might suck, storage might fail, power supply might burn out, these are all things that quality components prevent.

      If your budget is $250 and you want a desktop PC, these are good for anything you're likely to need to do in the next few years.

      My own bias is towards finding a $250 8th Gen laptop, because they have an added element of portability, but if you don't care about portability then these little micro form factor Dells are great.

    • +2

      Processor performance is double than N95 but price is more than double too. It doesn't make any difference if for just light use on both models

    • This is a good, reputable brand.
      You will also get firmware updates whenever available.

    • Can someone please recommend which type of RAM / SSD is compatible for upgrade with this one?

      Another noob question, there is no dedicated graphics card?

      • +1

        Depends what you get in there already. I got a 7060 and it came with a single 16GB 2666 Mhz Kingston, so I bought another similar one for a total of 32GB. Any m.2 will work, but I put a SK hynix Gold P31 1TB in mine, they're pretty low power draw.


        I paid a bit less than that for it though, it was $89 a few weeks ago.


        That's the ram I got. It was the cheapest I could find a compatible one of the same brand and speed

        • Same brand and speed more preferable? Or any website that I can find out re. suitability?

          • -1

            @alakar: Ideally you should use identical sticks. I could only find an identical one on ebay, used and expensive from overseas.

            I looked at the Kingston website for sticks compatible with the 7060 and bought the one it came up with.

            I ran a few passes of memtest with both sticks in and there were no errors

            If you end up buying one from this deal and it comes with 2 x 8GB sticks, you'll want to replace both to upgrade the RAM anyway.

            • @chromium: @chromium i bought this deal.
              I will see what it comes up with.

              Your advice is, to just buy an identical one whatever it comes up with?
              Same applies for SSD?

              But this 16BG will still be enough for everyday usage, huh?

              • @alakar: Yeah 16GB is good for most things, depending on what you're doing. I'm running proxmox on mine, so a bunch of VMs and containers, so the more memory the better.

                The included m.2 might be fine for you. It's 256GB, if it's an nvme may as well keep it as the boot drive and stick a 2.5" sata SSD in there as well if you want extra storage. My 7060 came with a sata m.2, so not the fastest, but still probably ok for a lot of things. My PCIe gen 3 1TB nvme is probably overkill for me. I stuck the included 500GB into an enclosure, so now I have decent speed 500GB USB 3 external drive :)

        • I got a 7060 and it came with a single 16GB 2666 Mhz Kingston

          FYI I have a 7070 (as in this deal), and while it also came with a single 16GB 2666 Mhz module, it was a regular DIMM, not a SODIMM. Are you sure it wasn't this one you bought ->


  • Is the ssd nvme? How many nvme spaces? I'm presuming one plus the SATA caddy?

    • Yeah, tool free caddy, only fits 2.5" drive.

      • Sorry. Just wanted to confirm this. Does it use NVME drives in both slots?

        So I can get something like this -https://www.amazon.com.au/Kingston-PCIe-Solid-State-Drive - as a second drive?

        • +1

          The 7070 has one NVMe slot for a 2280 length SSD. There is also a drive caddy to hold a single 2.5" SATA drive. (I've got a 7070 on my desk at the moment that I'm putting together for my parents to upgrade from a 4th gen Intel system)

    • The attached hard disk is a M.2 SSD. Depends on your luck it could be a NVMe or a SATA. The spare caddy is to fit a 2.5 inch HDD.

  • Noob question: how do I reinstall windows on this if the system drive fails?

    • +1

      You can download Windows 11 to an USB drive, and boot from it to start the installation process.

      • +1

        And the windows key is stored in the firmware /nvram of the machine so no need to find a Windows key

        • My dude, you made an order via that hekka.com site? It appears to have disappeared….

  • It says in the tech specs it says "2-Displayport" does that mean there's two for dual monitors?

    • +2


    • +1

      Don't count on it, but both of mine have 3 Display Ports.

      • Yea great prices and my experience was good last time but just be mindful that the listing may not be 100% accurate. For example I bought based on the HDMI listed (last time) and it doesn;t have any HDMI so I had to buy an adapter. Seller said the specs are based on what eBay put or something?

  • +3

    You can get a bracket like this to monitor mount this type of micro PCs.


  • Apologies for the noob question.

    Would this be a good machine for the wife to WFH on. Literally just needs to remote into a work windows server and do generic administrative tasks and access applications from that server.

    Would need to run 2x monitors

    • +1

      Yes, will support two monitors and runs Windows very well.

    • Would this be a good machine … WFH

      Low power consumption too.

    • Literally reccomend these to friends to have in the drawer spare if their next contract doesn't supply a PC. Takes no space, does Office type tasks easy and has two and three screen comparility (may need to buy a daughter "card"/plug in element for the back)

    • Yep, I bought a 7060, and paid more than this… :| just for that purpose last year. No dramas at all for that use case. Ran a 38in UW and a 27in monitor fine.

      Bearing in mind I don't play games or do any sort of video editing and mine doesn't get much of a workout past having many many OzBargain browser tabs open while watching Youtube locally though. Which to be honest, seems to be more taxing on it than just displaying the remote desktop ha.

  • Should I use this to take over Plex duties from DS920+? Files will obviously still be on the NAS. I do have full 4k rips on the Synology.

    • +2


      • Would you mind elaborating? Home has hard wired decos and content is played on shields. Nbn is fixed wireless so transcoding is handy here I think? Or rather the extra capability?

        • +1

          This would be fine for the job. I have a 7060 running Plex server replaced the 918+. Have had 8 streams external no problems.

    • I thought about a similar concept too; to use this machine for Plex/Jellyfin and keep an old underpowered HP Microserver as a dedicated NAS instead of also running Plex on top.

      • +1

        I got a refurb 7060 earlier this year and it has been fine for this task. No issues. Replaced the Synology 918+ as the Plex server proper and left it just for storage.

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