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½ Price Tegel Take Outs Chicken Burgers $6.50 @ Coles


Deal is back and doesnt seem to have been picked up in the usual coles deal roundups.

Airfry ridiculously well. Not too salty. Good soize.

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    Clayton approved

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    Made with 100% chicken breast - ingredients "Chicken (54%)"

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      The rest is silicone

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      46% breast

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        Sounds like my first GF.

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      I can’t even taste the chicken beaks!

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        They are in the nuggets

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      We use 100% chicken breast 54% of the time!

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        stings the nostrils….

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      Makes sense. "Chicken breast" is 13 letters and 100% of the words. Chicken 7, breast 6. 7/13 = 54%

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        I love how much thought and analysis went into that

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      Hmm. Coles don't show (and actively hide) nutritional info online.

      Every time I get 1/2 price frozen foods, it's always been 50% or less actual product, so the value isn't there. And the rest is just fluff. To normalise taste they add salt, another 20 ingredients, and salt to normalise, plus salt.

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        Woolies have it listed - 71% chicken for the steaks.

        • I only like breast chicken so never got those as it doesn’t say chicken breast anyway so assume in the negative

      • and salt to normalise, plus salt.

        Is there a low salt with less salt option ? 🤔

      • where are these made?

        "Packed in New Zealand" another Coles don't show (and actively hide)

    • 54% ?

      Hot damn what an improvement over 13% I saw on those home brand burgers from Woolies

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      Made with 100% chicken breast - ingredients "Chicken (54%)"

      And? The chicken (which accounts for 54% of the ingredients) is 100% breast. Seems clear to me.

      Compared to cheap nuggets where the chicken meat is sourced from anywhere from the chicken's body.

      • And some people want to see & taste chicken in their chicken products.

        At some point it's no-longer gonna be deemed chicken.

        • Yet nobody questions the percentage of chicken to coating for KFC …

    • You intentionally being dumb or just trying for updoots.

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    There are packs with 6 pieces then there are packs with 7 pieces. Now I have to count them, god damn it.

    • Just take your scales in and weigh them.

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        No need to take your scales as Coles has scales in the fruit and veg section you can use

        • also the fish section

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    Just to note, for some reason Coles doesn't sell the actual whole chicken breast burgers, these will be pressed meat (like a big McDonalds nugget). If you want the whole chicken breast, look for the blue and red bag at Woolies

    As for a review, the purple bag in this post are edible but not nearly as good as the whole chicken burgers.

    • who else make whole chicken breast burgers? Steggles, for instance, are laughable at best

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      Maybe im just too poor or have low standards haha..

    • If you want the whole chicken breast, look for the blue and red bag at Woolies

      Is this in the freezer section? Woolworths brand?

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        i think he means the tegel one..maybe?

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          • @EBC: They also have less than 70% chicken so slightly better but still not 100%. I still think you won’t get 100% chicken because rest will be flour, breadcrumbs and other spices to make the burger taste like burger.

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              @expertreader: Well, if you wanted 100% chicken, you'd go into the meat section and buy a piece of chicken. Easy. If you want it crumbed, it can't also be 100% meat.

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            @EBC: Yeah I don't expect pure chicken in a breaded chicken burger. The breading is delicious and the reason to buy them. When I say whole chicken breast I mean not a pulverised meat paste in patty form. It is the actual breast of the chicken whole and in tact.

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        Should have been more clear, the reason it is odd that Coles doesn't sell it is because it is still Tegels and Woolies does sell it.


  • might try the flame grilled ones

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      they are ok, heavily processed chicken like you find in nuggets etc just in a burger shape with "grill" lines (maybe they are grilled or maybe not haven't looked into it) lol

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        The flame grilled ones got like 70% chicken 50% in the other one.

        • yep good to know how much chicken bits are in the processing … still processed, texture wise you'll know as soon as you cut it that its reformed into the shape it's in :) again.. it tastes fine just it's no different to any other processes meat …

      • I think the grill lines are spray painted on

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      These are pretty ordinary, they are just a giant chicken nugget. Unpleasant texture and very little flavour.

      I got a fee pack via a Flybuys promotion but after trying them, I certainly wouldn't pay for them. And I think I would pass even if I was offered another free promo.

      • was that the "flame grilled" ones without the breading?

        • Yes it was.

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    We love these. So convenient.

  • Guess this would have to do since kfc doesn't promote $10 for 9 pieces of chicken anymore.

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    These, lettuce, tomato and some sauce in a bun is a quick and tasty meal.

    • don't forget chippies on the side

      • need to juggle it a bit in terms of timing but yea totally able to get chips and a couple of these done in the airfryer at once

      • Chips are royalty food these days unless you make them yourself!

  • Noice!

  • Neat. Like these more than the typical southern fry boned styles. Have to remember to pick up a pack over the week.

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    $11.82 per 1kg for 54% chicken is about $22/kg for chicken and THIS is a half-price 'DEAL' ?

    I think I'd rather buy 100% chicken breast from Coles for $11/kg - half that 'DEAL' price thank you very much - https://www.coles.com.au/product/coles-rspca-approved-chicke…

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      I went to a furniture store the other day because they were having a half price sale. $2000 for a table made of wood. I can find wood in the park for FREE. And $2000 is a DEAL?

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        Yes it is, because you just saved $2000 on a table. Which is not the same thing as the manufacturing material, raw wood.

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          I thought I got the tone right to make it clear that this was heavy sarcasm, but yes, that was the point I was making.

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            @EBC: You absolutely nailed it bro. Soz for the unnecessary enforcement.

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        wood in park for free

        paging ajhutton

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          That story was funny af

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          That story made me sign up for ozbargain, I found where I belong.

    • These are burger patties.

  • The burgers taste like a chicken sponge

    • I guess Coles fluffed it

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    These coles brand chicken burgers are only 39% chicken, now i'm curious just how low % you can go and still call it "Chicken"

    • Have you seen some of the products that are allowed to be labelled as milk.

      Last time I checked oats & almonds don't produce milk.

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        Are you similarly confused and triggered by peanut butter

        • Not many people know that it’s made by churning peanut milk. Starting with peanut cream would be easier, but it turns out to be cost prohibitive

        • Do cows eat peanuts now? Why wasn't I sent that memo? 😳

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        Nuts can produce "milk".

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          Ok sorry I didn't realise nuts were female mammals with mammary glands.

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        Yeah, but people don't buy soy/almond/oat etc milk expecting "milk" from a cow. Everyone read and understand the prefix to the word milk.

        While, people do buy chicken expecting it to be made of chicken.

        • I was expecting it to be made of burger

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    Didn't really enjoy these at all, tenders or the Louisiana style ones deep fried are nice though

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    I rather get a Zinger burger from KFC

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      I would rather have a cake from a bakery instead of a box of cake mix from a supermarket.

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    two seconds in

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    Is it bad that I just make my own with chicken thighs on the bbq? I don't even bread them so they're just marinated chicken thigh in a bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato and sauce.

    • Nah good on u if you have the time/effort
      100% it’s better for you

      I am unfortunately a slave to convenience

      • +1

        I respect that. If it helps, I do it in a lazy way (I don't want to misrepresent myself as being conscientious).

        I fire the bbq up to top heat. Whilst that's heating up, I marinate chicken (usually in a generic pre-bought rub).

        Once that's done, I just cook it for 5 minutes on each side and rest for 3 minutes or so and it's done.

    • They just make for different types of burgers.

  • It was today that I realized that Doordash no longer bothers trying to match Coles pricing. These are $13.50 on there.

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      yeah theres been quite a few threads on it over the last few months

      first started with specials not being honored
      then prices being just standard pricing
      then i think someone was saying prices are HIGHER now

      i think surely it was just unsustainable. Australia even in metro areas too spread out. This kind of model isnt really hugely profitable.

      • +1

        I must have missed the threads. It was definitely a bit of a dream being able to get stuff delivered and just pay the service fee - makes sense it didn't last.

        Looks like Milkrun is still decent, but they don't deliver to my area.

        Also love the updated profile pic, can't believe they made another Asian Jim reference after all this time.

        • +2

          I used it once for a $200 delivery just to give it a real good crack, but wouldnt do it again, cold stuff was pretty much all room temp, had a heap of substitutions, and its harder to claim for wrong supply, mis-supply, not fresh stuff like you can normally do (with coles delivery at least). I guess this type of useage is not what it was designed for, was designed for quick things like milk, bread, pack of condoms or something.

          Yeah milkrun not in my area either..tbh was surprised they got revived - i guess someone thought the previous money spent on marketing and already captured market share was worth it.

          and yeah haha how wild right - loved how John changed his display photo and the Ryan Reynolds IF trailer teaser.

  • These aren't too bad.
    But check the Best Before date - the date on the ones in our Coles was about 2 weeks away.

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      No prob I usually eat a whole bag within 2 days

    • Damn, just checked the bag in the freezer (brought it last sale), best before jan 2024.

      • Best before not use by ;)

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          I am not too concerned, but usually frozen products have years before the "best before" or "use by" dates.

    • Bought two bags, one was June 2024 and other July 2024.

  • What settings to air fry these? I got an air fryer at home but it only goes up to 200C, will that work?

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