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XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT Black 16GB GPU $799 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Scorptec


lowest price yet? part of click frenzy sale, free delivery for metro areas only

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2024

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  • this or a 3080ti on marketplace for $700?

    • +12

      This. Unless you care about ray tracing

    • +6

      Second hand card "could be ex minding" that could fail with no warranty :) NO Question buy the new product with warranty

    • whereabouts are you located? is $700 for 3080ti common-ish there?

      • QLD I’m not sure is that a good price? It’s the one with the screen on the side

        • +1

          No idea about the screen… but down in Melb even the 3080 10gb posts are always $800+++… 3080 tis usually around $1000-$1100. I think they're dreaming, but everyone's listing at those prices…

    • +1

      Almost all the high end graphics cards on FB marketplace at the moment are scams. It's out of control.

      • i think this could be real i could go get it in person. the only reason i havent is when i check the guys profile it says hes also apart of crypto mining australia. he could be like me and be on there and never mined but its doubtful haha.

        • It’s actually not hard to see if the card has been mined on heavily. When people mine the PCB can get so hot in places that there are visible spots in solder joints swelling up. Even if they have a used a third party cooler, you would really need to ensure the card wouldn't get hot at any point on any area of the GPU which is hard to achieve. The fact this person is part of a crypto circle is a strong bet its been used for mining. Id avoid it.

          • @siggy213: cheers just had a look its got a full casing round it can only see some of the fins on the side and they look clean. the only reason im half considering is im also on them groups and ive never mined in my life haha so theres a very very slim chance he could be the same.

  • does this card get the AMD fine wine?

    • +4

      Already has with many driver updates over the years :) But with lots of newer games turning on ray tracing by default its taking some shine off AMD's driver optimization as their Ray tracing on 6000 series was their first try at it and not as good as Nvidia's second try :)

    • +3

      if you care about production/AI workloads (ROCm stuff) i think AMD already dropped 6000 series.

    • It does have driver side Frame generation so even the raytracing drawback isnt that bad. The latency hit from enabling it is still lower than what people experience in VR.

  • where did you find the code? im wondering if there could be others

    • +4

      on click frenzy website, Best of Frenzy tab, scroll down, this is one of the deals

    • +1

      If you do, please let us know @Vorsprungdurchtech
      I can't seem to find anything else that works with this code.

  • -2

    Great card, but very power hungry - and lacks RT support. Worth buying if you don't care about that though, these are excellent.

    • +2

      It has RT support, but sees more of a performance hit with it enabled than nvidia or rdna3 models

      • +2

        If you're running this 1080p, it's playable with RT. But then who is buying a 6950XT so they can play at 1080p… Having owned one of these cards, I've seen how unusable it is at QHD/4k with RT.

        • +4

          Depends on the game. I have a 6800xt and played RE4 with full RT at 4K FSR quality around 80fps. Wouldn't call that unusable.

          Either way, saying RT is unsupported is false.

          • @snep: Look I have a 7900XTX and no way would I call that an RT card though some titles it will work in a pinch.

            Its great without RT though.

    • +2

      It undervolts just fine.

  • $750 RTX4060ti or this one

    • +1

      This, almost $1 per % better the 6900xt will be

    • +6

      4060ti is about 30% slower. 6950xt is more equivalent to a 4070 super.

      • Plus 8GB vs 16GB…..no contest as a lot of newer games really need 12+ GB

    • +11

      Gizus, 4060ti for $750 is a scam

      • +8

        Greedy corporates, it getting worst since covid.

        • +2

          Jensen's kitchen doesn't pay for itself lol

    • There have been 4070 deals cheaper than that, and I would expect 4070 Super deals to slide into this price range very soon, which have the same levels of raster performance and way more upscaling, AI, RT, and encoding capabilities.

      This is a very weak deal.

      • Yeah gamers will suck up anything though. Too easily appeased by 2021 prices lol

  • +1

    this or this?

    • Pretty much same performance. I would say the 7800xt is better considering it is cheaper

    • +2

      7800xt any day.. longer driver support. Uses less power. Less heat

  • at 340mm it's a rather long one (that's what she said anyway)

  • +2

    I feel like a 4070 super would be better than this for similar coin.
    *Based on past pricing

  • +1

    Worth upgrading from 3060 ti?

  • +2

    In this price range, probably 7800xt, 7900gre, 4070, 4070 super is better. Newer GPU similar raw performance, less power consumption, better RT/features.

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