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Bose QuietComfort 45 SE Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) $164 ($147.60 for Perks) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Check your emails for an additional 10 percent off for Perks Members as advertised on the promo page.

A Wicked Wednesday Deal on Bose QuietComfort 45 SE Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black), RRP $329

Sounds like a good deal to me, lowest price historically that I could find.

Sound quality: High-fidelity audio with world-class noise cancelling
Battery: Up to 22-hours battery life
Enhanced feature: Soft neoprene travel case

According to Bose the only difference between this and the regular QC 45 is they feature a soft carry case instead of a hard carry case, and are only available in Black.

T&C's for the Perks 10 percent discount

Excludes Apple, Microsoft Surface, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation & Microsoft Xbox consoles, PlayStation VR2, Google Pixel 8A, GoPro Hero10 Black CHDHX-102-RT, DJI Mini 3 series, DJI Pocket 3 series, floorcare, 4K & Blu-Ray, Mobile Phone Contracts, Miele & Asko agency products, Dell Built to Order, Pre-Paid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extra Care, JB Hi-Fi Mobile Extras & Delivery. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Offer can be redeemed by adding the coupon to your online transaction, or by presenting the coupon at Australian stores, excluding Airport locations. This offer applies to the current ticketed/advertised price of relevant products, and not off any lower negotiated price. Prices of some products are likely to have changed and may have increased prior to this offer. Because of this and as we regularly negotiate on price, some products are likely to have been sold below the current ticketed/advertised price prior to this offer. Prices may change after this offer. Offer valid until 11:59PM AEST 29/05/2024.

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  • +10

    Yes, these are identical to the QC45s, just with a soft case instead of a hard shell

    • +2

      They measured differently at RTINGS though? QC45 > QC45SE according to their measurements.

      • +1

        Maybe because of the inferior case?

    • +1

      Apparently the QC45 SE ditches the carrying case but throws in a detachable audio cable with a built-in mic.

      • FYI, recent software update gave the SE multi point connection. Overall, SE seems like the winner.

      • 'built-in mic' ? I don't think so - that link may be a US article

        our QC45SE we got back in December 2023 came with a soft silicone cable with two audio plugs - I think a standard 3.5mm for a source, and a mini 2.5mm for the headphones - which I've used only on airplanes where I needed to plug into their socket to get movie audio.

        no mike AFAIK

        as for multi-connection - I just checked the Bose Music app on my iPhone for my QC45SE - the big advantage over the older QC35 which cannot use this/adjust EQ - settings, product update says 'up to date' - and Bluetooth Connections shows 'Multi-point Connection' as On, and two current connections - to my laptop and my iPhone - when I tested/tried to add my TV it said 'will disconnect' one of the existing connections - so I guess limit is 2 connections ?

  • +2

    wow this looks like a fantastic price. Does it have all the features of the regular QC45? It's not a stripped down version?

    • +1

      Based on reddit threads plus Heybargain's comment, seems like it's just the case that is different, and I actually prefer soft case anyway for space

  • +2

    This could be official ozbargain headphone finally

    • +1

      And if I remember correctly, It's also compatible with QC35II gaming mic too

  • +5

    extra 10% off for perks members - coupon should be emailed soon-ish

    • I saw this on the landing page but it didn't show up in the cart or my inbox, will keep an eye out and update the post, thanks!

    • +1

      Can that be stacked with $10 new user code too?

      • +1

        I got the perks 10% off email and it says it can't be used with any other coupon code unfortunately.

      • +1

        Surely can, just bought one for $154 crazy price

        • That's $10 off $164, not 10% and $10 off…

          You can only enter 1 coupon, so no, can't be stacked (online at least - dunno about in store, but conditions also say no).

    • Just got the email

  • price match + student beans disc???

    • Not sold directly by Bose anymore.

      • Dammit, just saw.

  • Damn thats a cracking price if can gett another 10%

  • How is this for PC gaming?

    • +1

      If you're happy to plug in the cable, I've found it works ok, but you'll ideally need to use another mic e.g. from a webcam. If you're hoping to use them wireless then don't bother, there's a bit of lag.

      I use them wired for gaming in a pinch now and then (where they're very comfortable), but I'd look elsewhere if that's what you're primarily using them for

      • wired usb or analog?

        • Analog - I don't believe it works over USB at all

    • +1

      Casual gaming is fine, but expect latency in fast paced games.

      I have the QC35ii and don't use them for FPS games.

      • Even when connected by cable?

        • Haven't tried connected via cable, just switched to my wired headphones I already had set up.

          I use the QC for YouTube/movies/casual games. Haven't noticed any issues with those usecases.

  • FYI difference is soft neoprene case with QC45 SE is only difference


    • +2

      Cyrax Wins. Differentiality.

  • +1

    Not waiting for perks email for extra 10% off

  • As much as this is a good deal I am keen on the Bose QC Ultra. I lir hased the Bose QC SC from Myer the other week for $298, but after watching a few reviews I prefer the QC Ultra for build quality and features.

    • you wanna spend way more money for hardly better sound ? you do you then … ;-)

      • No, I ended up with two pairs of these, one from JB and one from HN.

  • +2

    I bought it previously from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/836755) and I thought that was a good price. I got another one for my partner.
    Previously had the QC45 and lost it when I moved house. In the bose app, it comes up identical as the QC45. There is no visual difference apart from the soft case in the SE
    To my ears, it sounds identical

  • +2

    Got the 10% email and snagged a pair. Cracker deal OP

    • Patiently waiting….

      • +1

        when code

      • +2

        If it helps, I either wasn't signed up to JB perks or somehow signed myself up for it again. I got the 10% off email at the same time I got my $10 off email…

        • I tried joining again and it sent me a password reset email as I already have an account, so I guess you weren't a member.

        • +1

          Just tried this, worked for me.
          Triggered the 10% discount email as well.

      • Check spam/bin - min was in the bin as I guess I'd deleted the message from JB by reflex!

  • +3

    The ANC on the headset is just amazing. Have grabbed it on student beans disc on black Friday. It is a steal at this price point

    • I’ve heard you can’t switch the ANC off on these is that true?

      • -1


      • +1

        In a way you can. It's either ANC on or Transparency mode.

  • +5

    Tempted to upgrade from my ancient 35's just to get USB-C

    • +2

      Same. 35's been working well but will sell it off.

    • +1

      Same here! Replaced the cups 3 times now I think.

      • I need to replace mine, where did you get them?

        • +1

          got my ones from Bose official website, $35 I think.

        • Got cheap ones from ebay two years ago at they still look and feel great. Albeit I haven’t been using them as much after buying airpods

        • I've just been buying the cheapies off ebay and Amazon. They're maybe a little firmer but I can't tell anymore and you can usually get them for under $10. USB-C would be nice, I bought some USB-C to micro adapters and blu-tac them to USB chargers.

          This was in my amazon orders, $15 now
          T Tersely Replacement Earpads Cushions for Bose QuietComfort 35 II/45 (QC35/QC45/QC35 II)

          I'll be up for a new headband cushion soon

  • +1

    Might be time to update my old Sony xm2s :/

  • +8

    Got 2 - one for me one for mrs…. thanks OZB for helping me buy stuff i dont want.

  • +3

    So i got ozb fomo and purchased 1 so the rest of yall can get some! Christmas sorted pressy

  • Finally pulled the trigger on a pair of these with the extra 10% off code

    • Where's the code?

      • In your inbox if you’re signed up to perks

      • +2

        in his inbox

  • +2

    Be prepared to see an influx of these on Scambay, Scumtree and Scambook
    It happened when JB did the half price on the recent Motorola deal

    • What would the scam be?

      • -1

        People profiting rather than setting aside to those who needs it more

        • So it's ok for a company, but not an individual? Maybe the individual needs the profit more?

          • @BobLim: No you’re misunderstanding it.
            When JB runs a promo like this, of course there’s still some margin for profits, but then there are people call themselves brodens

            They’re essentially just reselling it and profiting from others

            • @BargainsGrabber:

              just reselling it and profiting from others

              This is what a retail shop does? At the end of the day, someone who buys multiples of a product to sell at a profit, and then can't find willing customer at the price they want, will be left with a bunch of products they have no use for.

              Someone buying 4 as gifts for their family is the same effect on the other customers as someone buying 4 to resell for profit. I don't see any particular merit in one of those over the other (unless I'm the one receiving the gift of course).

              Any sales like these induce people to buy things they don't need - it makes little difference to their "competitors" who may have a greater need, what the opportunistic purchaser does with those things afterwards IMO.

              • @BobLim: What I’m referring to is the thoughts that matter. I’ve been reading comments on half price deals from JB that gains 200+ upvotes tend to have attracted a lot of people missing out. And the next day I find myself seeing a lot of those being flooded on eBay for profit motives only

                Buy only what you need and not having a profit as the sole motive only

                Hope that last sentence clears up a bit :)

                • @BargainsGrabber: Sure having a profit motive sounds bad on paper, but "oh hey I'll just get a spare to keep in my carryon bag" and "my nephew might want this, I'll buy it now and ask when I see him next fortnight" are both equivalent to buying to resell IMO.

                  From the perspective of other customers it makes no difference why they're arbitrarily buying extra, just that they are. The only real control is the retailer enforcing "retail quantities" - they should probably make it one per person if it's going to be this popular.

                  The main drawback I can see is the retailer noticing the high level of resellers and vowing to not repeat their pricing strategy. On the other hand, resellers theoretically keep more low-priced stock on the market for longer, and offer a way for people who missed the deal to obtain a decent discount, while the reseller collects some arbitrage profits. That sounds like a reasonably fair exchange to me sorry (and no I don't partake in broden-ing myself)

      • Not scam, its scalping.

  • I guess the question may be should we wait for PERKS code, which may arrive too late when the headphones are out of stock or price will be increased at that time?

    Never mind, seems PERKS code has arrived.

  • +1

    Used a new email address to sign up fresh, 10% code came through straight away.

  • +2

    Am I the only one refreshing my email, waiting for the PERKS code?

    • I am as well

      • me too

    • Same

    • I just made a new account and got the email right away lol

    • Was searching my email for it and literally just got it, might still be rolling out

    • Placed the order. Just received the codes. If you haven't received them yet, please keep an eye on your inbox!

  • +1

    That’s an insane price. Really not a massive difference between these and the Ultras for at least a few hundred more.

  • Argh ordered without code, does JB Hifi accept cancellation?

    • +2

      Yes, but make sure you place an order using code before cancelling order without code.

      • Thanks

  • Very tempted by this deal although i am quite happy with my existing sennheiser momentum 3. Is this a big upgrade on momentum 3?
    Edit- Bought it with the 10% code

  • So there's a QuietComfort SC and SE? Are Bose taking the piss or?

  • Order mine…without the code

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