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WDTV Live Free $50 Gift Card Promo (Valid with $99 Office Works WDTV Live)


Promo not limited to WDTV Live, includes:

  • My Book® Live™
  • My Book® Live™ Duo
  • WD TV® Live™ Streaming
  • WD TV® Live™ Hub
  • My Net Routers – My Net N600, My Net N750, My Net N900 and My Net N900 Central

Only valid from purchasing at:
Comp Now, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Next Byte, Bing Lee, Officeworks, The Good Guys or Dick Smith

This is valid with the $99 Office Works deal: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/86172

Promo opened on 26/11/2012 and ends for purchases at close of business for the Authorised Retail Stores on 24/12/2012 (“Promotional Period”)

Purchase any Connected Life product*. Be sure to keep your proof of purchase in order to be eligible.
Fill out the form and provide proof of purchase

To be eligible to enter the Competition and receive a $50 gift card (the “Gift”)the individual must, during the Promotional Period, purchase any of the following Western Digital product(s) (“Eligible Products”) whilst stocks last from a participating (i) Comp Now, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Next Byte, Bing Lee, Officeworks, The Good Guys or Dick Smith retail store (for Australian residents) (collectively, the “Authorised Australian Retail Stores”) or (ii) Noel Lemming, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, Warehouse Stationary, Bond + Bond or Youbee retail store (for New Zealand residents) (collectively, the “Authorised NZ Retail Stores” and together with Authorised Australian Retail Stores, the “Authorised Retail Stores”):

In the 25 words answer thing, make sure to include:
Mention “Western Digital”
Mention the Eligible Product purchased
Mention a benefit of the Eligible Product

Credit to: Lovemybargains, stilted

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. From the linked page:

Every valid creative entry will receive a $50 gift card.

PLUS be in the running to WIN a $1,000 gift card for the most creative answer.

Delay in rebate processing

"Thank you for your recent entry into the WD Christmas promotion.

The popularity of this promotion has been overwhelming, to the point where our claims centre has been inundated with entries.

As a result, all entries will be verified in the first half of January and the $50 gift cards will be sent to eligible participants by the end of the month.

Don't forget you are also in the running for the major prize: a $1,000 gift card for the most creative entry."

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      • Just call the store up and ask for a copy. Had to do it for tax time and they were very helpful. Had the receipt the same day.

        • Luckily a friend works at the shop so I am hoping to get a copy.

          Might buy another for the lounge too :)

    • Agreed about receipts, I always just scan them and then throw them out because they always fade. Never had an issue with any company saying you need originals.

  • There much difference between the Steaming player and the hub?

    • The hub has a HDD built in, the normal doesn't

  • Thanks OP. Got two of the $99 office works ones on hold and will use this deal as well. Great present for my non-techy dad and for lazy me.

  • Finally a reason to use thegoodguys gift cards

    they better pricematch OW

  • Sweet. Bought one yesterday at Officeworks in the city. Was marked down to $94 as it had been returned for change of mind. Im hoping that doesnt effect my elegibility. Anyway entry submitted. Nice little unit to. Was watching HD Nation on Revision 3 last night. Good dose of HD news goodness.

  • Just bought one from office works Croydon had at least 20 on the shelf. Paywaved using ing direct card for an extra $5 off :D

  • Bought the last one at Dee Why this morning (asked staff for more but that was the last they said).
    Also used my ING paywave for 5% cashback, so works out $44.05 after all the cashbacks!

  • In case anyone having trouble finding stock. Heaps of stock in ow @ Alexandria nsw.

  • i just bought 5 @ Bankstown Office Works..
    at least 50+ more in stock..

    • just finish claiming all 5! received all 5 email confirmation.

      hopes all the photos uploaded correctly..

      • I dont think confirmations count for much - they mention it still has to be verified.

        Will we be notified once our entry has been verified?

        • I have no clue, cos once click redeem it doesnt say its successfully uploaded… Thats y i scared

  • Does OW reserve stock if you ring up usually?

    *realises I can call but I'm not in a physical state to be communicating via phone

    Edit: Yes they did and there's lots of stock at Loganholme in QLD.

  • Too bad WD TV Streaming cannot have custom firmware. If it did, I would buy one $99 Officeworks WD TV Streaming + put custom firmware on it + claim the $50 then $49 for a great unit that I can tinker with

    • Ok that was the question i asked earlier, I was not totally sure they were locked down or not. Shame really as without Hulu/iPlayer/Netflix it loses a lot of appeal….

      • +1

        I believe they are locked down to the core. Someone should report back. You can't NetFlix on it.

        • Got Netflix in menu with the US firmware update. Read up before you do a firmware update.

          Hulu not supporting this device yet.

        • though some say they have Hulu working??

      • Netflix is available in local firmware. You just have to change the DNS to get access to the actual service. Hulu and Iplayer is a different thing but neither really interest me.

  • It says MyBook Live up top but someone else said it excludes a particular part number. Does it cover the old model?: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/computers-laptops/computer-ac...

    • nvm, stupid eyes.

  • Bought one this morning from Officeworks Chadstone for $93.10. Will be interesting to see how this compares to my old Popcorn Hour A110.

    • I thought officeowrks are selling for $99..or let me guess..did you use your ing card?

    • Hey Mate,

      Can you post you OW receipt of $93.10, so that we can get at the same price from OW


    • Will be interesting to see how this compares to my old Popcorn Hour A110

      the A110 will still play stuff the WD fails at…

    • my one is from Sydney store in the city. but I will return it anyway as I can't register it in WD website. don't know why.

  • Hey Guys, I have the US version of the WD Live which I use to stream Netflix. Can anyone confirm whether they have had any success getting Netflix to work through the AUS version? A mate of mine tried but ended up having to return to OW and buy one from Amazon. Cheers, keen to know before I buy one for parents.

    • Think you have to assign it a USA IP first then do a firmware update/flash from what I've been reading..

      • my understanding is on these new ones you cant do that anymore… BUT if somebody has a link showing you still can I would love to see it.

    • Update the firmware to the latest and you will have Netflix (provided you have a VPN) personally, I use StrongVPN and can stream HQ videos without any buffer lag.

      • +1

        any way to add Hulu+ to Oz version ???

        • +1

          Already in the firmware, use VPN to sign up and use. All you got to do is change your DNS by going to settings > network > network connections > manual > insert dns ip.

        • Ooooh… OK getting interested again now, my router it already setup with Unblock-Us so that bits sorted (have VPN too if needed for initial signup).

          Found this thread too which confirms what you said:


          Cheers… getting one now :) another $50 gone :D

        • +14

          I've been OZB'ing so much as of late, I don't even know if i'm losing money, or saving money anymore…

        • It's always losing money while feeling like you are saving money :P

        • Good call - at the end of the day a bargain still costs money.

  • +1

    Got an error while uploading and worked out that it was because the file size was too large :\ - resized and it worked fine.

    • Thanks champ. I was having the same problem .. as soon as I select the scanned images to upload and hit Redeem, it was bombing out with senseless errors. Image size too large was the problem, thank you! (Not that they were even super massive .. about 150kb and 500kb).

  • +2


    *only if i get my 5 eftpos cards!!! Or it'll be the otherway around!!!

  • +2

    Bought mine 6 months ago, so no good for me!!!
    But I did buy it cheap enough at the time & have probably got my moneys worth out of it already!!!

    And a mate would like to say THANKS, as he just purchased one yesterday on my recommendation.
    He called me to ask how to set it up properly, and is now $50 better off!!!

    • Ps. Just bought a second unit for other lounge room… Or in-laws… Not sure yet!!!
      I printed the OW catalogue front page and took it into HN Clayton… They didn't even take a look at the printout to match OW price!!!
      Pretty happy if it only costs me $49. Lets just hope that WD honour this promo!!!

  • Do these units support DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD audio yet?

    • +1

      TrueHD yes, But i dont beleive DTS-HD MA. Only DTS.

    • Yep no HDMA. One of the big failings of this unit considering other cheaper units have it.

  • Can confirm netflix is working with this version, with use of VPN

    I'm pretty sure I just bought a new girlfriend for $49…. Great deal!

    • I am very new to this, is that paid VPN or free? and do you have to pay for a netflix account?


      • Yeah you need to pay for both. But unblocka is better for the actual usage of the service as VPN will add an overhead.

      • I'm sure you can get great quality unlimited bandwidth VPN's for fairly cheap ($3/4 a month) just to name a few off my head StrongVPN & UnoTelly (I personally know this one has a Sydney server and is fast) and you need to pay 7.99USD per month for Netflix, which has unlimited streaming of both movies and tv shows. Sign up for a trial on both services and see if it suits you and justifiable.

        • Thanks hazzad and danblar. Do you know if Netflix has any sports channel?

        • No you cannot, unfortunately. Netflix is an instant (on demand) premium streaming service for TV-shows and movies.

    • -2

      @danblar, whatever you are going to do with your $49 new girlfriend, pls be gentle.

  • just bought last wd tv live streaming from OW glen waverley, $99. No dramas with uploading receipt or box photo, about 6-800k each from phone.

    Good timing around xmas they make great travel boxes for use with an ozbargained portable usb drive full of ozbargained movie rips. Can then use on any tv wherever you go.

  • Anyone managed to get one from JB Hifi or DickSmith for $99?

    • I managed to price match in JbHifi Hobart for $99.

      Easy and simple.

      • I got JB in Preston to match with no fuss today!

  • got 4 from box hill south OW this morning. they had 2 left out back…

  • Plenty at OW Maribyrnong, Victoria.

  • Got another from Keysborough Officeworks. Had about 10 left. The girl behind the counter noticed an influx of purchasers today ;)

    Good news as well, they will retrieve my old receipt (Y)

  • +2

    My Western digital WD TV Live Streaming Media Player will bring much Christmas joy with a bonus $50 Eftpos card to spend on Ozbargain deals (25 words)

  • Can someone explain to me what this device can do that an Android HDMI stick can't do?
    I'm looking for an excuse to buy, but can't find one yet. I need some help.
    Is there any overseas content you can reliably stream using this?

    • The excuse to buy this is the $50 gift card. :-)

  • For those in WA. There were about 5 WD Live Streaming Media Player @$99 left on the shelves @Subi OW as of 1pm today.

  • Just got one and redeemed… Thanks for posting… :)

    • +7

      LOL thought u only comment!!

  • Had to get a pricematch @ HN as Officeworks sold out locally (only a few hundred metres apart luckily)
    would have been handy to pay the um lower than 99 price some have got ;)

  • Went to 3 OWs around me, none had any left.. Any chance of still getting one? What is the best bet, will price match still work?

    • Which area are you in? Chadstone had heaps last night. And they are open till midnight too.

  • anyone know if we can stream the screen of a mac to the hdtv live streaming?? like mirroring???

  • +1

    I'm.. not very impressed with it so far. Crashes when playing 1080p mkvs off my hard drive. Menus are incredible laggy and sometimes the device locks up for no reason. I bought 2 and they're both behaving terribly, with a hard drive that my TV works with perfectly…

    • Yeah the menu lag is bad. I'm having perfect streaming though, so i can't complain there.

      For $49, what are you gonna do?

      • Yeah - but I'm getting better performance from my $35 Rasperry Pi with XBMC on it. I might just stick with it for now.

        • Where'd you get the Raspberry Pi for $35 from?

        • Element14 had them Pre-order for $35.

  • Just picked up the last unit from Officeworks Chadstone (they had one out the back). Thanks for posting!!!!

    • Just came back from OW Chadstone and they had at least 20 more on the shelves…

    • That was probably the one they put aside for me. Like piemaker said, there were a tonne out the front. Couldn't wait for them to go out the back though…

  • Bought WD TV Live Streaming Media Player from JB-HI FI on price match with OfficeWorks as they ran out. Enabled Unblock-US DNS entries on DHCP before booting up the device. Booted the box up, did a firmware update and NetFlix icon comes up and it works after I login with my NetFlix account. The videos load up relatively quickly with low quality and after a few seconds it changes to a high quality. I hope this helps everyone.

    • How u enable unblock dns? On wdtv or router?

      • Either I believe. You can change the DNS in the WDTV to be sure.

  • Picked one from JB - price match

  • Do you get a confirmation email from WD after you submit your details?

  • Sold out at Russell and Elizabeth St Melbourne. Got mine from King St. They said Chadstone had 138 let and noon today

  • Plugged mine in. To be honest its not all that flash, seems laggy and crazy laggy for VIMEO. For $49 i can live with it and provides me the benefit of mkv with DTS working without transcoding. If i had paid $99-$147 in some stores i would be pretty well pissed off.

    Got mine from The Good Guy for $130 and ill be back tomorrow for the 20% price beat on the Office Works $99. So will come to a grand total of $92.80 and then minus $50 so $42.80. At that price its a good deal, normal retail i would pass. Also after a few generations you would think they would eliminate most lag, 1minute+ to exit VIMEO is crazy. I ended up resetting the WD to get out of VIMEO

  • +1

    Right on the money there pbear. Bought mine last week & I'm the kids new superhero now they have Netflix. Definitely can run Netflix & Hulu plus on the current Australian model. To the OP thanks for the heads up mate, bought another 2 today & the My Book Live 2TB. Paid $161 for the My Book at OW (price guarantee Dick Smith) & then $50 back will end up costing me $111! Absolute bargain & thanks WD for my $200

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