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Anyway to Expedite Centrelink Application Processing?

I've applied for a Centrelink payment due to significant cut in hours at work, and the estimated completion date for my claim is 28 April 2020. I submitted the claim on 17 March meaning this is …


Share Trading as a Minor - Trust Deed

I'm currently trying to create a trading account with SelfWealth. As I'm under 18, I'm trying to set it up as minor trust with my Dad as the trustee and me as the beneficiary of the …

About to Get Learner's Permit, Any Advice?

Got my learners test booked in for next week, wondering if anyone has any tips for the test as well as the driving itself? In South Australia for any state specific info. I've done the RAA …

24 Nuggets for $10 @ KFC

expired 24 Nuggets for $10 @ KFC

KFC Australia

[AMA] KFC Front Counter Worker, Ask Me Anything

I work at a Food Court KFC on Front Counter. Ask me anything about my job.

Disposable SMS Service (Looking for Testers)

I think I've got enough testers for now. Service should be launching this month. Thanks everyone for your interest Hi everyone, I've created a new service which is able to generate …

Adding Free to Air Outlet - Adelaide

Thinking of getting a free to air outlet added to my bedroom. Does anyone have any experience doing this in Adelaide? Don't want to spend to much money as I'm OK watching stuff on catch up, …

Help Me Find a Savings Account

Hi guys. I currently have an ANZ Online Saver which is paying me 1% interest on my cash. I really didn't put much thought into this account, it just appeared when I signed up for my Access …

Trying to use Credit Card points to minimise cost of Adl>Syd trip

Hi, I'm new to AmEx and trying to use points to get this trip for the cheapest cost. Right now, this is what I'm thinking: Amex card 1 - $395 annual – 80,000 member points, $400 travel …

Free Data / Calls / Texts @ Telstra Prepaid & Boost

expired Free Data / Calls / Texts @ Telstra Prepaid & Boost

Looking for Cheap Unlock on Galaxy Core Prime

Hi, I've got a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360G) currently locked to Telstra. I want to use this phone on the Optus network. I called Telstra to see how much they would charge for the unlock …

Buy Mobile Australia

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for $870 from BuyMobile. Legit?

Hi. I have been looking around for new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's and found a good deal on one but thought I should wait for my contract to expire before I buy one (going in a contract was a big …

$20 off First Uber Ride @ Student Edge

expired $20 off First Uber Ride @ Student Edge


Not a Telstra Customer, but Want Access to Telstra Air? Do It for $2!

With Telstra's new offer of free access to Telstra Air hotspots across Australia until June 30 2016, I can only assume there would be customers from other carriers wanting the same thing, but …