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Paying Import Tax on My Own Item?

Hi all, Recently sent a package insured for 20K AUD with couriers please. Package arrived quickly in the U.S, after that, radio silence. Calling their customer service almost everyday for 10 days …

Best Way to Receive Money in USD

Hi all, Two questions: 1) What's the best way to receive money from the U.S with minimal fees? 2) Is it possible to open an account in the U.S from Australia? Bonus question: Do you think …

[VIC] 10 x $5 Vouchers (New Users) @ DiDi

expired [VIC] 10 x $5 Vouchers (New Users) @ DiDi


Up to $50 off your first rides with DiDi in Melbourne. New Users only.

eBay Australia

Fastest Way To Raise Ebay Sell Limit $$

Hi all, Wanting to sell a high value item on eBay but my account said the max I can list is $5000. Raised the limit to $15,000 by calling them then they told me I have to sell more stuff on my …

BP Australia

Denied Refund on Petrol Cannister Purchased from BP

Hi All, I bought a petrol cannister from BP, it leaked everywhere in my car, on my jacket in the back. I triple checked that it leaks everytime you turn it when it's closed from the lid I took …

Car Numberplate Forged(?) - I'm Copping The Fines

Apologies for the horribly worded title. So I have two cars, one I rarely drive and one I use as a daily. Someone who has an identical car to the former, has forged the numberplate (I assume) and …


ALDI Special Buys - Massage Chair

On for $249 today, anyone tried it? Good value for money?

Aerosinusitis / Barosinusitis /Airplane Headache Experience & Treatment?

Hi folks, I'm having to fly quite a lot this year and I have Aerosinusitis. The pain is extremely severe from the time the plane decents to the time to lands, 20-30 mins or so. Who else has it …

LG G7 ThinQ 4GB/64GB Black $669 | LG V30+ H930DS (128GB Black) $599 | Huawei P20 Pro $899.10 (Free Ship) @ Kogan

expired LG G7 ThinQ 4GB/64GB Black $669 | LG V30+ H930DS (128GB Black) $599 | Huawei P20 Pro $899.10 (Free Ship) @ Kogan


Bonus 20GB Prepaid mobile Plan (for new numbers) when you purchase LG G7 ThinQ or the LG V30 Plus. Free plan automatically added to your shopping cart. All Australian stock with local warranty. Good …

Kogan 5.2L Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer $59 + Delivery (Free with Shipster) @ Kogan

out of stock Kogan 5.2L Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer $59 + Delivery (Free with Shipster) @ Kogan

Was looking for an air fryer for a colleague and found this bargain! Lowest price it has ever been according to Pricehipster. I own the digital screen version ($89) which is pretty much identical …

Komodo XP800 CREE LED Torch - $9 Delivered + More @ Kogan

expired Komodo XP800 CREE LED Torch - $9 Delivered + More @ Kogan

Hi everyone, I've been needing some torches and saw some at Kogan discounted. The $12 being the better deal IMO (80 Lumens vs 160 for a $3 price difference), but if you don't need a lot of …

Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones $84 (Was $168) @ JB Hi-Fi

expired Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones $84 (Was $168) @ JB Hi-Fi

2 colours available. Nightfall Blue Lunar Grey Overview Hear what moves you with powerful audio, a comfortable fit and a durable design you can count on. Wireless headphones made for …

Best Small Business Domestic & International Shipping

Hi everyone, I'm looking to start a small online business selling small items and I expect that there will be interest from people overseas. What is the best and most cost efficient way to …

Pod Coffee Machine Recommendation

Hi folks, A friend saw my eclipse coffee machine I bought from this deal and asked me to find him a cheap coffee machine that gives you good coffee. He seemed to like the cafe au lait I made. Now …

Car Year Sold As MY

Hi all, just wanted a second opinion. I purchased a car online from an auction. It was sold as a "2007" (without "MY"), but one of the photos online shows the build year as Nov …

Shopping Square

Shopping Square Sent Me The Wrong Item 9 Months Ago

Last year September I purchased two of these power banks from Ebay I gave one to my friend and took one for myself. Just last week I saw my friend and we both had our power banks and I put them side …

50% off Hire Gear Central Snow Sports Falls Creek (VIC)

expired 50% off Hire Gear Central Snow Sports Falls Creek (VIC)


Perfect for those wanting to go out and enjoy the snow and try out their Aldi snow gear but not ready to fork out $$ to buy their own gear. Just rented $330 worth off gear online and saved myself …

Car Accident - Unbelievable Panel Beater Quote (I Didn't Have Insurance)

Hi everyone, So very recently I had a car accident in the city with someone who was in a rush. We hit each other on the front side panels, my car had a dent and his car was scratched. Now apparently …

Portable Air Conditioner

Hi all. Just looking for a portable A/C, for a small room linked with a bathroom then toilet. It's always either really hot in this room, or really cold. Only ever used a fan in here. If …

Why Is My Toshiba Laptop Slow?

Hey everyone, My laptop which I bought very recently is quite slow. Nothing heavy use, just browsing forums and websites. I don't recall it being this slow the first couple of …

Restaurants That Sell Vegetarian Food! - VIC

I'm after restaurants that sell good vegetarian food, what are your recommendations? Taste of Thai in Thomastown is pretty good. If I go to Hungry Jacks with the boys I normally get a veggie …

Black Ops 2 Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

As per title, I'm sure there are many happy campers out there who have been waiting for this! How many people here gonna pick it up and jump on multiplayer?


expired Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30 Day Trial

First time posting a bargain so go easy on me! Sooo there are a few books I want to read on Kindle Unlimited, they sent me an e-mail not too long ago saying I can get a free 30-day trial, yay! Make …

iPad or Android Tablet for Kids > $300

Hey everyone, One of my friends is after a tablet for his 2 kids so they can play games and watch youtube. He doesn't want to spend too much. They're 5 & 8 years old. Thanks!

Wireless Keyboard and/or Mouse for Gaming on The Steam Link

Hi team, As per title, I'm after something for my Steam Link, wireless and I can use it to game! Appreciate any help :)

Laptop On A Budget! (Up To $1K)

Hey team! First thread so go easy on me ;D Need some advice. I'm wanting a laptop on a budget. These two have good prices imo -> Toshiba $580.95 Toshiba $590.95 Out of the two, what would …