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Need Help Selecting a Decent Screen Protector for Samsung S10

I just upgraded to a Samsung S10 and am in need of a decent screen protector. Anyone have any feedback on their recent purchase? There appears to be a lot of variety out there for iPhone, but fairly …


What's The Cheapest Way to Access Optus Perks

Need help ascertaining the absolute cheapest way to access Optus Perks primarily for cheap Hoyts tickets. I'm currently with another provider mid contract, so can't change. Thanks for your …


expired [Amazon Prime] God of War PS4 $39.99 @ Amazon AU

Euromaid GE90S 90cm dual fuel oven - feedback needed

Does anyone out there own and have any feedback on Euromaid GE90S 90cm dual fuel oven. I have manged to negotiate down to $1,144 delivered from appliancesonline via online chat. Current eBay promo …

Need help finding a PS4 headset sub $130 (approx)

Hi all. Need some feedback/ assistance on a gaming headset for a PS4. My young blokes 13th birthday is coming up in October and I'd really like to get him a mid range headset that won't …

Dan Murphy's

Anyone know what the new Dan Murphy's $10 Six packs for August are?

I'm hoping something good is on offer as July deals were pretty ordinary. The Samuel Adams I purchased was returned after attempting to drink 2 stubbies. It was suggested in the July OB post …

Home Theatre Projector Epson TW9200 or Benq W7500

Hi all, I'm hoping to get some feedback from owners in relation to these 2 projectors. Looking to buy one, but am really unsure on which one to go for as one is DLP, and the other 3lcd. They …

Looking for a 30 pin Bluetooth Adaptor for a Bose Dock

Hi guys, anyone purchased one of these recently? Does yours work well? Don't want to spend mega bucks, but want it to do the job! DSE had an Airbeatz one listed but it's sold out.