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UBank Is Acquiring 86 400 UBank's phone and web apps are one of the worst I've used in a long time. Only with them for the low mortgage rates. Hopefully …

Little Golden Books $1.99ea @ ALDI

expired Little Golden Books $1.99ea @ ALDI

Demo Car Sold as New? (Too Far in The past to Change Anything Now)

This has been nagging me for several years now, so asking for an opinion. My first (and current) car, I purchased it new. Test drove a red i30 on a Saturday, was happy to buy it and put down a …

Whizlabs 50% off Training and Practice Exams

expired Whizlabs 50% off Training and Practice Exams

Subscription cancellation not taking effect

I commented on and later unsubscribed from but the emails keep coming

Ideas for Software tools for Non-IT Domains

I work in IT, cushy job but quite boring. I still like the idea of writing new software but all ideas I can think of are within IT and already done to death. If you work in a business domain other …

Add a Basic Grammar Check to The Title Autoformatter

Laughable and minor but pet nit of mine: the current epidemic where an apostrophe is used for plurals. Please consider adding a basic grammar check when autoformatting the title of a post. Right now …

RFE: New comment notification by OP

Right now the subscription to a post includes "new comments" and "new replies". Requesting a new option "new comment/reply by OP". For old threads which, it would be …

15% off Nanodegrees at Udacity

expired 15% off Nanodegrees at Udacity

RSS Feed Not Showing "in X Days" Deals

Right now, the latest post in /feeds is "1/2 Price Luv A Duck Whole - 2.1kg $11.50 ($5.48 Per Kg) @ Coles" in 3 days. The RSS feed doesn't show …

Filing extension for tax returns

Is there a way to file to file an extension using MyTax or do I need to use a tax agent to request it? I'd like to delay my payment of dues to the middle of …

USB-C cables for a Nokia 8

I have a new Nokia 8 and can't find any generic USB-C cables to work with it. The only one that works is what came with the phone. How can I troubleshoot this? FWIW I did try the cables with a …

iPad Apps to Help with Language Delay for a Toddler

I need some advice to help with my son's language delay. He is 2.5 years old and is happy and healthy overall. Our only concern is his language delay and he is well behind his peers. He uses and …


Using iSelect for a Home Loan and Newbie Questions

I finally decided to get a house/unit after waiting several years for the bubble to burst. In my rush to get started, I called iSelect and was recommended the ING Orange Advantage which seems to be a …


Get Extra Dropbox Quota Using Google Adwords

For those who want extra space on dropbox, here's another method - Sign up with Google Adwords and get $75 free credit