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Kris Kringle Bargains - RRP, or discounted amount?

So you have a Kris Kringle, and the limit is $30. Of course, being a true OzBargainer you manage to find something discounted down to $12.95 (Usually $39.95).

Have you ever kept a bargain for yourself? Not posting to OzBargain?

The recent HP laptop pricing error has shown one thing…. If you find a crazy good bargain - you are probably better off NOT posting it on OzBargain. Posting it up here will likely: Make it …

Tapping brakes on Tailgaters? Ethics?

Just wondering people's thoughts on tapping brakes on Tailgaters. Had some young hoons come up speeding behind me. Started tailgating and waving their arms. I was in the FAR LEFT lane. Going …

Why I am so good at PUBG Mobile. I Rule!

I'm really good at PUBG Mobile. I've don't think I've ever been so good at something in my life. Except Team Fortress Classic. I've had 134 squad / duo games and have won …


Gearbest should be banned - AGAIN

Edit - updated thread title - appropriate given additional complaints raised in this thread. Hi All, Just felt it worthy of sharing my Gearbest experience. I ordered a phone on 3 December. I …


Seems hard to find any decent large luggage at good prices. Cheapest large suitcases I am seeing is $149. Any help? Prefer pickup in greater Melbourne preferably south east. Will not buy used (bed …

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman 'Blockbuster Sales' and other non-event 'Sales'

The last year I've been sucked in by Harvey Norman 'Sales' on a few occasions and been overwhelmingly disappointed. One time I went to the 'Massive half yearly clearance' to …

Product Review

OzBargainers - Ruthless bullying tight arse bottom feeders with fake accounts

I was not sure about Ozbargain so I checked out some reviews. I had to be brave - because most "people are actually scared to post on the site because of these tight ass freaks." I did …

eBay Australia

Fail eBay Items - What Were They Thinking?

I am often looking through eBay and see things that are so disgusting - e.g Couches that I would not sit on (let alone buy); Mattresses that are only 'lightly soiled'. I thought it might …

Xeon Quad into LGA775 (core duo) Motherboard - CHEAP UPGRADE!

Although this hack is over a year old - I am certain it will help someone. Xeon processors from the wolfdale era use a socket 771 - but internally are essentially the same as the core 2 / 4 …


Genuine PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers?

Lots of deals for ps4 an Xbone controllers. I have a Ps3 and 360 but only one controller each. Ps4 has a low WAF. Any deals on Ps3 or 360 controllers?

Companies that charge you $$$ - then weeks later say they cannot 'fulfill order'!

I get really sick of this behaviour and it seems to happen ALOT on Ozbargain. I am sure we all remember the playasia 'Last of Us' debacle. I have just had the same experience with Big W …

I always buy the 'wrong' console.... Which next gen will be the biggest?

My first computer was an Atari XT... When all my mates had a Commodore 64. Then I got a Sega Master System - when everyone knows the NES was better. Handheld gaming?

Amazon US

Free E-Book -The Fat and Ugly Guide to Getting Laid - Was 99c - Now Free! Save 99c!

Moved to Forum (Joke Post): [Original Link](http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DT9TMKI)

MSY EOFY Notebook Sale - eg ThinkPad i5 $599

expired MSY EOFY Notebook Sale - eg ThinkPad i5 $599

Bait advertising on boxing day?

Target advertised a sewing machine in their catalogue which sold out almost immediately on boxing day. No rainchecks offered. Any other time this would be considered bait advertising....