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Alldocube X GAME MediaTek P90 Octa Core 8GB RAM 128GB ROM US$209.99

Can I get an OzB assessment of this tablet? It looks to me like a slightly upgraded version of the iPlay 40 Pro (although perhaps the SOC is …

Cold Brew Coffee

Sometimes I buy the cold brew coffee at Woolworths or Coles, but even when it is discounted, it is way too expensive. Any ideas about where to get better prices? And please - none of this "make …

Jetstar Airways

Club Jetstar. Pathetic.

I joined club Jetstar not long before the virus struck and only got to use the discount once for a few dollars. Now my membership is over. Never again.

PC Purchase Budget Gaming Build

I am going to build a cheap gaming PC and upgrade it over time. Right now what I am looking to buy is: Ryzen 3 3100 CPU A B550 motherboard (particular model yet to be determined) 32GB of RAM + the …

Help! Far-Infrared Heaters

I've been searching online for far-infrared heaters (free standing) so I can heat my room without heating the air. Searching around, I almost got bitten by convection heaters that are …

Coles Mobile

Coles mobile international roaming - RECEIVE SMS overseas?

Is it possible to receive SMS overseas with my Coles prepaid account? (Optus network).


Kogan TV - know before you buy

I bought a KOGAN ZU9010 4K LED SMARTERTV™ just when they came out. A few months ago the remote control got irreparably broken (don't ask) so I contacted Kogan to buy a …

Need sim to RECEIVE SMS while overseas

I am going overseas for a month and I need to a SIM/network that is able to recieve SMS without paying absurd fees. This is for banking and other things that require verification.

Looking for a TV box with seemless H.265 playback

As in the title - all I care about is that the TV box can play H.265 video files perfectly. I won't really be using it for anything else. Any ideas?

Council (City of Sydney) Inspection Of Apartment

OK, this is really strange. I was told last week by my building manager that there is to be a council inspection of my apartment. Apparently a council inspector called up the building manager and …

ATM deposit question

Can I deposit money at the Westpac ATM into my ING account? I've looked everywhere on the westpac FAQs and can't find anything about that.

Sprinkler disaster - need carpet replaced

My flatmate set off the sprinkler system and now the carpets are ruined and need to be replaced. What are my ozbargain options?

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar End of Year Financial Sale

Here - It starts in 5 hors. Is this usually any good? Just wondering if I should stay awake in the freezing cold for this.

Knights of the Old Republic MMO

Any idea how I can get a subscription to this on the cheap? With cartel coins and so on?

Pizza Hut

Does Pizza Hut still accept Domino's vouchers?

Just like the heading says. Does Pizza Hut still accept Dominos vouchers? I used to do this but haven't done it in years. I have been thinking of having a Pizza Hut pizza because I haven't …

Hungry Jack's

No more Hungry Jacks vouchers

Vouchers are no longer available at which is a shame because there are some fairly good deals there in light of the normal prices at Hungry Jacks. The …

Best time to buy Manila to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi return

OK - I picked up a cheapish cent Pacific air ticket a few months ago that will take me to Manila. I want to go to Vietnam on April 29 and return on May 18. Normally I have been able to pick up …

Nexus 7 2013 just died. What is a good replacement?

My Nexus 7 has died, the result of dropping it on hard floors too much. What is a good replacement for the nexus 7? I do light gaming, and lots of ebook reading.


Quick bargain check - Kogan 55" 3D LED TV $699 + $70 (or so) deliver. Bargain or not?

Bargain or not? Note that there are no reviews for this product. Here -

Best/cheapest food vacuum sealer?

Which is the best vacuum sealer for the money? Have searched online, but seeking advice of the ozbargainers!

Comparison of pizza makers

I have been looking around at pizza makers, and it seems that the best ones have a stone base, and out of all the ones I have seen the Just Pizza pizza maker seems to have the best reviews.