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Quickest way to get a 3070 or 3080 at RRP

Hi guys, I took the gamble and foolishly sold my 1080 a week before the 3080 was released, never bought a card on release and didn't think it was going to be a nightmare. At first I was was …

New TV Vs New Monitor

Hey guys looking for advice, i have recently finished building a beast of a computer that i use for gaming which is connected to a 5 or 6+ yo 60" Samsung tv, the 1080 tv is now my weakest link …

Mad to Buy a GTX 1080 Atm?

Ive been waiting a while now.. looking at spending $820. Anyone think its worth holding out for longer?

Looking for advice on chairs <$300

Im in the market for a chair and you guys seem to have alot of opinions on these, unfortunately there is nothing i can really try out besides officeworks. Anyone recommendations? max $300. thank …

Worth Waiting for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Im looking at spending about $800 on computer parts, (20% ebay sales that end in 2 days) Cpu Water cooler Hardrive Can anyone share any experiences where its been worth the wait for black friday / …

Xiaomi Mi Box 3 - Getting The Most Value out of It

These must be arriving for people by now.. Any hints tips or guides to getting the most from the device? Are people setting up Kodi? What are the best Kodi installs? How to run US netflix? Thanks in …

Soldering Station

Hey guys, I am after a half decent soldering iron with variable temperature that will get used maybe once a month. Should i cheap out and buy one of these for …

The Good Guys

The Good Guys Catalogue Codes?

Hey Guys has everyone been getting the $25 vouchers? Ive been getting the catalogues but only got one code to my old phone ages ago and that is all? if anyone has a spare id gladly take it! Thanks …

Tips on How to Save on Foreign Currency Conversion Fees

Hey guys, I'm always buying cheap stuff from round the world on ebay, aliexpress, and sometimes going overseas. And I notice quite a few currency conversion fees. I bank with NAB and use Paypal …

eBay Australia

Website's and eBay Sellers Lying about Being Based in Australia. Can Anything Be Done?

I have recently had an experience buying motorbike parts from a website that had AU in the company name / web address. Their homepage had a big Aussie flag on it and in there Q.A they said that there …

eBay Australia

eBay - Local Big W Click and Collect. Why Bother?

Hey guys, obviously we all want our packages asap, im wondering if using the big w and woolies click and collect is any quicker? if its not why not just get it sent home?

Travel Backpacks advice (no check in, under $300)

Hey Guys, Im after a good travel backpack that is as big as possible without having to check in luggage, anyone bought anything decent, or found any decent cheaper brands? looking to spend as under …

Anybody Got a Good Deal on a PS4 Lately?

Not having any luck finding one under $550 : /

Cheap quadcopter for my GoPro?

Was after a a quad copter for my gopro was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? was hoping < $200 for something trustworthy enough? should i bother risking it for one this cheap?

eBay Australia

Cheap ebay extended phone batterys Anyone had any experience with these cheap extended batteries? this one in particular is for a Note 3.

Grinders Coffee 1kg $6.00 @ Coles

expired Grinders Coffee 1kg $6.00 @ Coles

Dick Smith / Kogan

Dick Smith bragging thread. What did you get?

From memory some of the things i have picked up from dick smith. Mostly recently but also from the last couple of years. Tony hawk ride game + skateboard $5 Logitech G27 $129

OzSave Buyer beware

Ozsave blatanty lie about there "5 minute" or "instant" email delivey on microsoft live subsciptions and microsoft points.


Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G - $508 delivered from Kogan, right tiime to buy?

Samsung Note 2 4g - $508 delivered from kogan. Right tiime to buy? Or stick it out a bit longer?