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Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 Will Allow Removal of System Apps

Xiaomi will let you uninstall system apps in MIUI 12.5 — here's when it will come to your phone..


Cashrewards / Catch Connect. Approval Dates Extended or Indefinitely Delayed

Had a few purchases of Catch Connect sims through Cashrewards and one was approved for payment on the original date but the other two seem to be delayed or extended. Their original approval dates …

Valvoline Synpower Cash Back & Gloves Offer. Anyone recd $ yet?

Has anyone received their c/b or gloves yet? I submitted a claim on 13Dec17 that qualified with all their conditions at that time. Today 1/2/18 I inquired re the status of that claim which is now 7 …

Maintenance Release for the Huawei Ascend G526 4G (Vodafone)

Maintenance Release for the Ascend G526 4G On 22 July 2013, Huawei began rolling out a Maintenance Release for the Ascend G526 …

Car parts prices... do we get ripped off or what?

I recently have been shopping around for some prices on a consumable replacement part for a Toyota car… Price in USA $4.05 (genuine Toyota) Price from dealer in Australia $32.50 !! (genuine …

Got this case for my Huawei G526 ($8 delivered)

If anyone is looking for a full case for their Huawei G526 from the recent $99 DSE deal I can recommend this one from Ali Express. Was $8us including delivery which took 16 …

LG Smart TV Spyware... Not used by LG but a firmware update will become available.

Bad news for the conspiracy theorists… :-(

Nissan Australia

Register to test drive a new Pulsar & get $50 BP fuel card

Posting this here as may not be considered a bargain per se? REGISTER for a priority test drive a new Pulsar (and suffer the pounding from the salesman) and receive a $50 BP fuel card.

Click and Collect - why bother?

I have noticed many people complaing about click and collect orders not being acted on by some stores. I have had it happen to me at dse and supercheap.


[Resolved] Great Tontine pillow deal. Cannot be posted on deals page.

Found this great deal but it cannot be posted on the deals page as it is refused because it is not a top rated Ebay seller or something similar. It is the official Tontine Ebay site...

Unable to vote? It may be IE Tracking Protection.

I recently have not been able to vote on listings and comments and thought I may have been blocked..??

Here come the big ships. Cruising 2012/13 Bargains?

Toshiba 4GB USB Stick $2 .. Harvey Norman

expired Toshiba 4GB USB Stick $2 .. Harvey Norman

Fuel pricing NSW list NRMA.. constant update

Might be of interest to the fellow penny pinching scrooges here at OZB?? Save on fuel so ya can buy more bargains... :-)

Harvey Norman

A Harvey Norman salesmans confession... Interesting read. Most here would be aware of most of this but it is an interesting read anyway. These things would apply to all electrical retailers not just HN.