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Original Nokia 3310 Unlocked GSM Phone Refurbished US $12.74 Delivered @ AliExpress


Previous deal had finished however another seller is offering the same phone slightly cheaper. even cheaper if you use a 28degrees card to purchase.

and with 4 games!!! - Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi

Link updated

Sick of dropping your smart phone and having to replace the smashed screen?
just want a phone to make calls with?
sick of charging your phone every 17mins?

Here is the answer. The original Nokia 3310.

battery life is a week.
drive over it and it will barely have a scratch.
make calls with it!!
play snakes!

Unlock Phones: Yes
Recording Definition: 360P
Display Color: Black / White
Brand Name: Nokia
Thickness: Normal(>10mm)
Design: Bar
CPU: Single Core
Cellular: GSM
Touch Screen Type: Not Touch Screen
Screen LCD Type: TFT
Display Size: 1.8
SIM Card Quantity: Single SIM Card
Release Date: Before 2003
RAM: <128M
is_customized: Yes
Band Mode: 1SIM/Single-Band
Nokia Model: 3310
CPU Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Camera: No Camera
Talk Time: 220
ROM: <2G
Operation System: No Smartphone
Feature: Message
Battery Type: Detachable
Item Condition: Refurbished
Camera Type: NO Camera
Battery Capacity(mAh): 800
Language: English,Russian,French,Spanish,Polish
Size: 101.842.815.2
Display Resolution: 96*65

Simple=Mobile phone + battery+charger No box

Standard=Mobile phone + battery+charger+box

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  • I had one of these, it was killed by an over enthusiastic two year old washing it in the sink.

    • +9

      I'm sorry that the phone destroyed your sink.

  • +4

    I'm going to buy a couple of these to use as axel stands for my car.

  • +1

    how does this compare to iphone 6

    • +8

      This phone will smash iPhone 6 into pieces. Literally.

    • This one is stronger, literally

    • +3

      No Genius Bar to visit.
      With this phone, YOU are the freakin' genius.

  • +2

    3210 was also a beast.

  • Добро

  • Did anyone actually purchase this rock? Is the website legit? Thinking of buying 10.

  • +1

    Beware the battery is most likely aftermarket piece-of-crap that won't give you the claimed life.

  • +1

    Typical, I only just retired my Nokia 6210 Navigator after 5 years of loyal service and now it seems old school mobiles are cool again.

  • +5

    Seems like a scam to me, Refurbished indicates that it was somehow in need of repairs which with this phone is an impossibility.

  • Still got my 2110i from '95 in the box.
    Took most of the rest of the world a while to catch on to those 'new-fangled' SMS's…

    Later had a 3310 but it was always like a toy to me - only one soft key!

    • LOL. Apparently that 2110i of yours is a museum piece.

  • Anyone bought anything from aliexpress? Not accepting paypal

    • Yup I've bought a number of things from them. No problems at all. I paid with my mastercard directly.
      They don't store your card info so it makes them less of a target for hackers.

    • i've made about 75 orders with aliexpress. they use an escrow service to hold your money. they only release the money when you confirm receipt of the goods (and they are the right goods and not dodgy counterfeit products).

  • +7

    My first phone was a Nokia 6310 I found that had been run over and left for dead on a highway. The battery cover and battery were strewn all over the road. I put it back together and it worked. It only had a few scratches and scuffs. I used it for 5 more years after that.

    • +1

      If a 3310 was left on the motorway it would cause an 8 car pile up.

  • +1

    This thread had gone viral, prob sold out soon from the looks of things.

  • +1

    The phone of choice for Chuck Norris.

  • +1

    Imagine asking for a girl's number, then pulling out this phone lol, if she still goes ahead with it she's a keeper!

    • +4

      if she asks for your number and pulls out a 3310 then she definitely is a keeper.

      • +1

        if she asks for your number and pulls out a 3310 then she definitely is a bodybuilder.

        • +4

          If she pulls out her 3310 you are getting mugged

        • If she gives an ozbargainer her number (no matter what phone either of you own), she's a keeper.

          Or maybe she just wears one: www.thekeeper.com.au

  • not as good as that tactile feel.. but hey..


    i remember playing snake II 2 player on my 6310 via infra-red… twas awesome

  • You all mock but last week I was shooting a wedding and one of the guests (grandma I'm assuming) had a Nokia 5110…same phone I used to own in 1998!

    She was still using it. Hardly looked worn.

    • +7

      Hardly looked worn.

      Some are blessed with good genes. What about the phone though? :p

  • +1

    Is anyone actually going to use it as a phone after receiving it??

    • +1

      I'm planning to find my old one and use it

  • +1

    According to wiki:

    This phone sold extremely well, being one of the most successful phones with 126 million units sold


    • Take that Apple!!!!!!
      … and your 500 million iPhones

      • +1

        What crap is that? They are calling all models as "iphone"

  • +2

    i am gonna order the camera version with bluetooth..

  • -2

    The seller is raking in the cash hard, with 400 up votes and 4000 clicks.

    $14.37x 4000 or 400 that's pretty good easy money.
    His prob shocked from all these sudden purchases.

    • +1

      He's Russian. Nothing would shock him.

    • +3

      Yeah because everyone one who clicked on the link, or up voted brought it. /s

  • +4

    No Camera or GPS. Big Brother cant be watching me.

  • Can't believe i brought one, i also have a refurbished 8310, massive lol…

    • +9

      Where did you bring one from?

      • +1

        EDIT: bought… excuse my Russian.

  • For me it was the Motorola International 8700 GSM or the StarTac.

  • +1

    For people looking to buy, you should be aware that 2G coverage on most networks is pretty limited compared to 3G coverage.

    • Yes, and I believe that there have been some telco admissions that existing 2G infrastructure is being allowed to remain in a state of disrepair as it progressively fails.

      • +1

        Have a look at 2G vs 3G coverage on Telstra's website. Once you have seen this you wouldn't choose a 2G phone anymore!

  • +1

    Does anyone find the product specifications hilarious?

    Recording Definition: 360P - Uhm… Recording?
    Design: Bar - Uhm, you mean BRICK?
    CPU: Single Core - You think?
    Screen LCD Type: TFT
    RAM: <128M - Uhm… really?
    Camera: No Camera - I thoguht you said Recording Definition was 360P :o
    Operation System: No Smartphone - OS? Uhm! SNAKE PLEASE!
    Feature: Message - Feature… Killing Machine!!
    Battery Type: Detachable - Battery type? INVINCIBLE!
    Camera Type: NO Camera - again… 360P?
    Battery Capacity(mAh): 800 - Capacity is INFINITY!

  • +1

    Never had one of these, but had an 8210.
    Great phone for its time. Nice and compact too.

  • Sadly, they don't all go forever. Both myself and my father bought 3310's in 2002 and both phones lasted around 10 years before dying around the same time in 2012.

    Still, 10 years is 10 years.

  • It's my first phoneeeee.. brings back memories

    • Ever since ebay started free listings. The amount of crap for sale went way up

    • It's no wonder there's 0 bids

  • +3

    Guys, I just came here for the comments.

  • I once owned an old Nokia phone not much older than this 3310. It was a Nokia 2100 from the year 2003. Monochrome display, phone calls and SMS only and a battery that would last a week. But that wasn't my first phone the first was an Ericsson mobile phone bought in early 2000 that was a bit like a small brick.

    Yes i was roaming about in 2000 with a 2G mobile phone brick.

  • -1

    change the fricken title, it's $18

    • The price is correct for the blue phone without any bundle.

  • "According to reports out of Europe, where some of these second-hand models are fetching prices as high as 1000 euros ($1500) a piece."


    Might buy 100.

    • Not actually true … i'm from Europe and 3310 (2'nd hand) sell for about $10 - $15

  • +1

    I was the last person at the office to have one, until someone laughed at me and I switched to something newer. I should have never let you go 3310 :'(

    • Dont cry … i feel the same :)

  • I got 2 :)

  • 516 +1 SO FAR wow :) that's how powerful this phone is!

  • I had one in the day, $400 IIRC

    The Nokia 3330 was the better phone, lighter battery and had WAP.

    Does pocketnews still work?

    I remember having to send a sms to get a share quote or the footy scores, those were the days

  • +1

    you guys are losing your mind…..

  • Does this phone have 4G?

    • +8

      Yes, but you have to buy two of them and tape them together.

  • +1

    Meow http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f8ea3l8Zl2k
    Classic phone… I see YOU with it!

  • I want an analogue network so I can run my old Nokia 100 again..analogue was the best!
    If a 3310 GSM is a classic, the 100 must be worth a fortune!

  • This is a classic phone, buy one and wait a few years and auction it off to private antique collection :-)

  • Haha really tempted to get one as an emergency phone. Just dug out my old 8310, but the case is smashed and the volume buttons fell off. I had a 3210 before that…hmmm…..

  • Can't get the price down to OPs one. I've tried the colour combinations but nothing works. After selecting Simple, I can't select a colour - are they sold out?

  • Anyone remember the Ericsson 788, loved that phone. Timeless IMO

  • I remember in 2001 when iw as an early teen, I would have KILLED for this phone.

    Now it's less than $15 in the bargain bin. Heh technology is awesome.

  • Nice… :) I still have its slightly older brother the 3330 with WAP technology!!!

    I still have the 8910 sitting on my desk as an ornament :)

  • Someone really needs to remake this phone, slightly larger with a good colour screen, 3G/4G, MP3, etc. I know battery life would suffer, but for the retro fans, it could be a goer.

  • +1

    guys!!!! new 3310 make over! with touch screen!


    • +3

      Please tell me that you noticed the publishing date of that story. Please…

  • just an old piece of junk

    • +1

      is that you, jv?

      • You made my day =))

  • Can't see the price as $14.37, it's $15.99 for me Simple without box?

    • Try here, it's cheaper if you pay by US$ with a 28 degrees card. -

      • Good find, and I have 28 degrees card as well. Only problem, he has just one feedback :|

        • that one feedback is just for this phone/orders.

          look over to the right. 186 feedbacks with 99.5% approval.

          seller only sells phones. seems legit.

  • Are these manufacturer refurbished?

    • Would you like to have a guess?
      I'll have one, too.
      Mine is, 'no'.

    • Do you mean "are these re-manufactured Furbies? "

      :) :) :)

      • Pro tip: Don't get them wet.

        • … or feed them after midnight?

          Which begs the questions - did the original Gremlins adjust for daylight savings time?

  • +1

    Saw a few if these in Ubud/Bali today selling for 30,000 Rp (about $3).

    • wow..u're on holiday in Bali and yet still logging on to Ozbargain…


      • What else am I supposed to do with the hotel's free wifi?

        • Torrent a movie instead of buying a $1 DVD?

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