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eBay - 20% off Top Retailers and Big Brands (Nov 30-Dec 2)


eBay, 20% off Top Retailers and Big Brands.
Starts 30th Nov 10AM to the 2nd Dec.

Current selected stores involved:

T&C: Selected big brands & retailers only. Max discount $200. Item cost only, excludes postage. Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).


  • Cash Rewards 2% cashback
  • Achieve the maximum discount per transaction by having a total of at least $1000.
  • Payments must be done through PayPal.
  • PayPal transactions will show the full amount after the purchase. However, if you login to your PayPal account, find the transaction(s), and click details, you will see a 20% contribution from eBay plus your actual charge to your funding source which makes up the difference. The total needs be 100% because the seller gets 100%. eBay just pays the 20% and you pay the rest. It should look something like this (Image courtesy of ezarc - Obtained from the first eBay 15% off offer).

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  • +81

    2 weeks to go??? they have enough time to change their price!

    • +7

      Gosh, 2 weeks is still too long to wait. We should noted down the prices of items we are interested now, and compared them in 2 weeks time to make sure they don't rise "for no reason".

      • -3


        if it went up then what….

        they did last ebay sales as well…

        • +9

          At least you know the item is no longer a bargain and you won't be buying into their scam.

        • +2


          I already know it's a scam.

          Prices will go up!

        • +10



          More importantly, everyone research your prices first! Some stores like "the dodgy guys" have already raised prices by 21% in which I presume not only do they cover their cost after taking off 20% they also get that %20 covered by eBay.

          Fn dodgy prcks. the only way to beat retail is to understand prices and what something is worth. Do not ever rely on a store saying 20-50-70% off as an indication on what you're saving, as 99% of the time that is completely fabricated.

          I understand most on here will understand this but even if it helps one person I think it is important to let everyone know.

        • +3

          @tight ass tony:
          Agreed you need to check your prices but if you find an item that has increased by 21% or any% just before this sale then I think it's best to post them on here as facts.
          Generalised negative feedback about this deal may influence some not to even take a look and then potentially miss a great bargain.

        • @tight ass tony:

          Well usually when electronic stores or branded clothing stores show Xxx percent off its fairly accurate as rrp is very transparent on said brands website.

          Now no point in comparing prices as prices change all the time e.g amazon tend to fluctuate daily tho very minor..

          If you want a bargain just check if other places are selling it at a higher price or not.. If the eBay deal from good guys etc are cheaper then your gold..

          It may have been or may be cheaper in the future. But what matters is that your getting the best bargain you can "today". (unless pass price has been on frequent sales eg. Eneloop batteries)

          Suppose you can alway camp for it to go lower but that time could be used with said product :) the more you use it the better the value..

        • +2


          Already been posted about the camera deal at good guys going up from 1100 odd to 1350ish.

          This was in response to what some stores are already doing. Sorry if I came across overly negative, I'm sure there will still be bargains, I'm just saying be careful when looking at sales as many stores are and have taken advantage of peoples trust in retail and there sales.

          I'm also saying if good guys are bumping up prices to make it the same price with 20% off and then also getting some of not all of that 20% from eBay then that is either really dodgy or completely illegal.

        • +2

          +1 for the dodgy guys upping their prices. I have been following a split system and it is the same price with the discount.

        • +3

          @tight ass tony:


          PS vita from Dick smith now up too
          AU $306.00
          -20% and you have Dick still making cost price and getting 20% from ebay.

          Sony Sound bar now $199
          I personally bought this 2 weeks ago at dick smith for $179…

          PSTV is an ok price of 136-20% although the thing is borderline pointless… to all but a very select few..

          inFAMOUS: Second Son PS4 now $90
          Bought this at Dick smith few weeks back for $19… LMAO… Yes the full game not the expansion!

          DESTINY up to $93… $69 everywhere… try target

          Looking now and it is clear all games that were 60-69 price are now bumped up to 80-90 to cover the %20 discount… So DICK SMITH is selling the same price and getting ebay to give them the %20 to cover the discount.

          This is not a sale it is a complete scam by dick smith!

          Dick smith, putting the Dick in Dick smith…

        • +1

          @tight ass tony:

          By far the best deal at DICK SMITH atm is…

          Nokia Lumia 625 for $499 on the DICK SMITH eBay site… %20 off sale going…

          While in store at DICK SMITH it is $278

        • @tight ass tony:

          This phone even $50 still need to think.

        • @superforever:

          *sarcasm, the 625 phone is a piece of **** just pointing out Dick smiths blatant price hikes…

    • +1

      I bought samsung note 4 from good guys. $719 after discount. What a bargan! Original price is $899. They didnt bump up their price.

      I m so happy. :))

      • great price, glad they didn't bump price on this item.

  • +68

    online prices to rise by 21% in 3…2…1…

    • More like 40% markup minimum. I'll bet my left nut.

      • +8

        I personally wouldn't go that far but ok

      • +59

        Damn I was looking for a right nut

        • +1

          Better to known as righty, than lefty!

      • +3

        I'm going to hold onto both my testicles.

      • I'll raise you two, plus a wad of ear wax.

    • +1

      Don't know why the hate. I have been checking the toshiba z30 for weeks, which the Good Guys recently put on clearance for $899 (Harvey Norman is still above $1100). With the discount, I am getting the laptop for $720, which is a REALLY great bargain

      • +1

        I've only checked a few items but it looks like TGG aren't adjusting the prices of stuff that you can double check on StaticIce.

      • <deleted>

  • +17

    I would love to upvote this but I fear prices will increase blindly for this.

    • +13

      No doubt.

    • +42

      Not for dicksmith, they had a "pricing error"

      • Was that sarcasm?

        • +42

          Yes Sheldon!

        • +1

          @maxhu: Was that sarcasm as well?

        • @saaron:
          whats saaarcaaaaaasm?

        • +9

          No sarcasm. DS responded to a Fair Trading inquiry (instigated by me)by saying their systematic 20% price rises were a pricing error.

        • +1


          Will be interesting to see if the same 'pricing error' occurs again.

      • nothing has changed

    • +1

      During the last eBay sale I bought a camera from the Good Guys. Having seen all the comments made, I spent a couple of days monitoring the price.

      In my case, it went from $499 to $500! No big deal to me but it might have just been an unpopular item?

    • +1


  • +4

    Can't see this listed on Ebay yet, where did you get notice of this OP?

  • I'd like to think I'll be able to get a cheap game through DSE in this, but I should know better by now…

  • +6

    Perhaps the New 3DS will be $175.20 at Target?

  • I would suggest to checkout Active catalogs, price should match ebay, hopefully, please, pretty please, now i'm douptful.

  • +2

    Don't expect much from dick smith or the good guys

    • +18

      expect Dick Smith to increase their prices by 20% before the promotion

    • +1

      i expect more paypal transaction failed 'errors' again on products with not 'enough' margin
      yay for online 'bricks and mortar' shenanigans

      • so I see my item from masters are out of stock at my local and ebay postage is higher than masters own website. so Id pay $2.20 more from this 'deal'
        and considering no tax invoice, I revoke my positive vote
        I wish I could NEG this now! (no offence to OP)

  • Will this be discounted in the auction or require a coupon? Reason I ask is I have a $30 off $60 coupon for selling an item over $500.

    • probably a coupon, like it has been in the past.

  • +7

    Oh boy popcorn ready for the great dick smith price manipulation debate.

  • I will be overseas during the period, hope I can still find some good deals

    • They have the internet overseas too, but you better stick to English speaking countries because all web pages are in the local language.

  • +1

    Cheap iPad air 2?

    • If its limited to just the stores listed in the OP, none of these stores list IPad's at all.

      • Keh? DSE sells iPads.

        • +2

          Yes, but do DSE sell IPads on Ebay…no

  • Iphone 6 pluss here we come

    • +41

      More like, bend 6 pluss…
      Am I right? Am I right?

      I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.

      • Why don't they call it the iBend already

        • Well aren't you just pathetic

        • oh take it back for a refund, the bending is a standard feature - they should all do it.

        • -2

          Lol haters be hate'n, surprised only 10 so far

        • -2

          @plague69: Rich people buy iPhone's and the rabble buy Android's right? Damn you have been truly caught up by the status symbol sales BS from Apple haven't you? There are at least half a dozen Android phones now that outclass the latest iPhone.

        • -1

          "caught up by the status symbol" - Yes I have, feeling good
          "half a dozen Android phones now that outclass the latest iPhone" - Opinion noted

        • -3

          @plague69: Fact dude.

        • @plague69:
          Whanker, know thy name.

        • @King Tightarse:
          Kinda off topic, but find me a guy who's never whanked before and I'll give you a cookie

    • +2

      I am sure the usual Apple exclusion will come in place.

  • -1

    Wait and see.

  • +9

    Yay let's up vote with out seeing what is available and at what price!!

  • +2

    hmmm wonder if any are selling macbooks

  • Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop Hard Drive USB 3.0 CURRENTLY $189.

    Could be $151, if prices don't change.

    • I paid $150 on Saturday from Dick Smith when they had 10% off combined with a $20 code so I'd expect them to do $151 no problems.

  • +1

    so wait, Target are on eBay now?

    • +1

      yep, here

    • Yeah, eBay obviously getting desperate now by enticing large retailers to jump on board (offering very low selling fees to get them in no doubt).

      • +15

        And at the same time, treat small sellers like dirt

      • +6

        I'm not sure about desperate… they're just going where the money is. If eBay can become the go to online marketplace for bricks and mortar retailers then this is a pretty solid revenue low maintenance revenue stream. Big retailers have great sales/return policies so it's low effort model for eBay. Private sellers on the other hand are probably relatively high maintenance (or comparatively) for the revenue generated.

        It's definitely not what eBay was founded on, but they've clearly and openly made a strategic decision to go down that path. A shame they have to treat small/private sellers like crap in the process.

        • +2

          In the future I see small sellers migrating to those local sales groups on Facebook where stuff moves quickly and with no fees or postage hassle.

          Meanwhile eBay is trending towards big box retailers and cheap China/Hong Kong stores. The China/Hong Kong stores will eventually move to Aliexpress, just as soon as it becomes more mainstream among consumers.

          The big box retailers will remain, leaving them with a lot of negotiation power to force eBay to drop their fees. This won't happen, the big box retailers will bail, and eBay will die a slow and painful death.

        • I check most items I buy on Aliexpress. I haven't had much luck with any brand name items. Ebay I have found is quite often cheaper, but not the cheapest also brand name items. You just need to find the seller that wants to actually sell at a reasonable price. Something I have realised is some bricks and mortar retail has been making a pretty decent profit in years of past.

  • +3

    I've kept watch on Galaxy note 4 from good guys. Right now 898. We'll see if it goes up then. Would be bargain if it's 20% off that price

    • +1

      Would've be surprised if they take the Note 4 down during the sale period.

    • me too. would be $718.4+shipping:)

    • -2

      I can't see the note4 from any retailer… Who usually has it on eBay.

      • +3

        C'mon, at least read. I said note 4 from Good Guys.…

        • I would say they will put it back to the full RRP $949 prior to the sale, but with 20% off it will still be a good price. $765 + P&H

        • +1

          they got sold for $79 and look like from feedback the honoured it

          Ended: 27 Nov, 2014 15:33:36 AEDST
          Price:AU $79.00 [7 sold]

          s0 ( 52Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
          During past month
          Samsung SM-N910GZKEXSA Galaxy Note 4 Black - Unlocked NEW (#121477643046) AU $79.00
          Item Samsung SM-N910GZKEXSA Galaxy Note 4 Black - Unlocked NEW
          Positive feedback rating
          0 ( 52Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
          During past month
          NEW Dyson DC34 Radix Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DC34 (#121457188886) AU $79.00
          Item NEW Dyson DC34 Radix Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner DC34
          Positive feedback rating
          s***0 ( 52Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
          During past month
          Sony HTM77 Home Theatre System 2450W NEW (#111473127996) AU $79.00 View Item Sony HTM77 Home Theatre System 2450W NEW
          Positive feedback rating

          s***0 ( 52Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
          During past month
          NEW Dyson DC37C Origin Barrel Vacuum Cleaner 1300W 65005-01 (#141257329664) AU $79.00 View Item

        • @777: Wow…

  • +4

    Dirty Dick will be upto his old tricks again I reckon.

    • +4

      Dick tricks? Or just tricky dick?

      • +2

        plain dicking around

    • dick tricks


    $399 now. +ve if I can get this for $320 in a week and a half :)

    • Thats a nice all purpose lens. saves you trouble of swapping lenses.

  • waiting for people to negative that the company will jack up prices!

  • interesting.
    wait and see how they act

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