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Price Drop for Optus Unlimited Cable Broadband - $90 from $115/Month


from Today Optus is offering unlimited cable internet, unlimited landline calls and calls to any GSM + fetch tv with 1 TB recorder and free international calls to some 15 countries. Offer available in store or by phone. contract 24 months

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      • Unlimited calls to 25 countries to Landline
        and Unlimited calls to 7 Countries to Mobiles

    • @ricky87au so it's not available to ADSL2 users?

      • Only available for Cable Broadband.

        You can email your address so i can check for you if Cable is available for your house.


        • where do i email to?

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          I checked it here; http://www.optus.com.au/shop/broadband/home-broadband
          "We do not currently offer Optus Broadband at your address yet…"

          any new deals suitable for current adsl2 Optus customers?

        • Not happy as I received the following message:



          … and I only live approx 2km from Optus' HQ I might add…

      • Nope

    • Unlimited international calla? Really?

    • Checked online said I can only get adsl2, can I still get cable somehow

    • Do we still get the Samsung tablet? Need more info, haha.

      Also, roughly how long does installation take? I am with TPG at the moment… don't want to have internet cut off for weeks..

      Cheers Ricky! :)

      • No tablet :(
        10 Business days

      • No Samsung Tablet
        But Unlimited International calls to some destination.

        No Downtime At All
        As Cable works or Cable and Adsl on Copper .
        basically you need to manually disconnect your ads once connected.

        Please email me on [email protected] to check if cable is available for your place.



      • What tablet? Is there another offer?

    • -2

      I have a similar bundle with Telstra, except its 500GB and speed is 100Mb.

      $125 iirc

    • "Unlimited International Calls"

      Can you please let us know what countries are included? Interested about India in particular.

      • +1

        This should be the Home phone add-ons for our CURRENT bundle offerings:

        "Unlimited 13/1300 for $5 per month, customers get unlimited 13 and 1300 calls
        Unlimited Local and National for $10 per month, customers can have unlimited Local and National calls
        Unlimited Local and National for $10 per month, customers can have unlimited calls to Australian Mobiles
        Unlimited International for $10 per month, customers can have unlimited landline calls to 25 countries OR for $15 per month, customers can have unlimited landline calls to 25 countries & mobiles in 7 selected countries"

    • hi, i have the same contract that I pay 115 for, started June this year, will i be able to cut cost to this

    • I have the same bundle but for $115. I was also given the speed pack for free (I get up to around 40mb/s). Because I'm on a 2 year contract, will I be able to change over to the $90 price and still keep the speed pack?

    • Im on the $115 phone + Broadband cable right now (Same plan as you listed but $90), only got it a few weeks ago. Can I downgrade to the same plan but instead it is $90?

    • ricky87au did not reply to my email.

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    Man, I miss the days of paying 30 euros a month for a 200Mbps fibre line in Sweden…

    • You paid with euros in Sweden?

      • probably used Credit/debit cards…

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        Gave my price in euros because it is more reference-able than 280SEK.

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    I just got off the phone with Optus. I can't change from the $115 plan to the $90 plan because I'm still under contract. They said it is possible if there is less than 3 months left in the contract to change.

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    hope this motivates bigpond to offer some promotion on their cable broadband

    • I'm waiting for Bigpond to offer any deal in regards to their cable broadband but not holding my breath….

  • I'm currently on this plan for $115/month. Store associates/reps, do you reckon if I can have the monthly fee reduced to this (ie. $90/month)?

    • Your in a contract. What do you think? They will just casually let you off $35 a month LOL.

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        @moots, please tell me you don't work in Finance…

        • -3

          Tell me Dynamike, where you can go get into a CONTRACT. The sole purpose to keep a rate, for that period set time and casually ask them to reduce it where they happily accept even though if they don't, they still receive that extra $35 anyway. Legally.

          Your having a laugh ?

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          Your in a contract.
          Your having a laugh ?


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          115 - 90 = $25 NOT $35…

        • -2

          @dynamike: I didn't go to school that day. Either way, it doesn't matter. Zero chance they'll give you the discount.

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          @Moots: Your opinion means nothing to me. I'm hoping a store associate/rep can respond.

        • +1

          @Moots: I have found Optus quite forgiving when it comes to contracts to save some money for long time customers. While they are not obligated to, you have no clue what you are talking about.

      • Yea, why not? Customer loyalty, good faith, contractless etc. could open the doors for discount. I just want confirmation from store associates/reps.

        • -2


          You are in a contract though…

        • @Moots: And how do you know that I haven't met my minimum term of length?

        • -1

          @ronnknee: > I'm currently on this plan for $115/month.

          If you had already met the minimum, you won't ask the rep. You would know your eligible, yet you said your on a plan.

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          @Moots: I hate myself for doing this but for the love of God it's YOU'RE!

        • +1

          @Moots: I'd still like to know anyway. What's with all those assumptions you are marking?

          you said your on a plan.

          Sigh, really?

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        Well funny enough they do say "Plan change fee : Move up or down plans at no charge", so in theory you COULD move up or down while still in contract ;)

        • Usually they charge you for moving down

        • @doichosach:

          Yes, but the deal specifically states:

          "Plan change fee: Move up or down plans at no charge."

      • Apparently they do.


        Edit: Sweet, just switched over to this. The difference is the 100 Mbps upgrade and the Optus TV Fletch (which I won't be using anyway), and of course $25/month less :) Suck on that Moots.

        • +1

          @Moots: Why are you so arrogant? I asked a legitimate question which there were others in my position, directed at the reps/associates and you keep replying with crap? Even after others and I have confirmed that we can switch over, you're still adamant about being right.

          Anyway, here's proof for the sake of shutting you up.


          I also see that you have a store that you regularly post deals on OzBargain. No way would I visit it knowing it's run by someone arrogant like you.

  • I'm on the $115 plan but get a $20 discount for being good looking (not). So end up paying about $95. $90 is alright if it includes mobile calls, but was hoping something a bit more exciting like a Netflix subscription thrown in.

    • +1

      me too Zonder - last time I negotiated with Optus I said the TPG deal is better "will you match it?" so they discounted $20 without much effort

  • I just moved and am currently going month by month $65/30gb. Tempting but i don't really need the phone line though and I assume this isn't full speed?

  • when is this offer ends?

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      For now, we have been advised that the offer is valid till 5th february 2015.
      Since ricky is offering support for those in melbourne, if anyone in the Sydney CBD is interested talk about this instore than let me know. :)

      • Hi Id be interested in this deal if only the phone part was not included, Id like to keep my Naked DSL a bit longer. Can you do the plan without phone?

      • Throw in something extra JNL and you would hit your targets easily this month.

        • Sorry cant change/discount this deal in anyway as it's red hot at the moment compared to other CABLE packages. But for those interested in the $115 Big Home bundle (which includes the Samsung Tab S as well). I may be able to offer a small discount ontop of that if signed up by this Wednesday in our store.

      • which cbd store?

      • Any chance of a deal for unlimited cable only, for 24 months with 100 speed?

      • Is there any rep support for Queenslanders? Thanks.

      • Hi Jnl, are you able to reduce the price for existing customers currently on this plan at $115/month?

        • Sorry, not possible on my end.
          It seems others on this post have tried over the phone and has not been successfully due to contract restrictions. Those currently paying less than $90 for their cable have a higher chance of migrating to this plan as it may be classified as an upgrade but best to call up to confirm.

        • @Jnl: Okay, thanks for your reply Jnl. I'll give that a try.

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    so looks like optus rep online spoiled the beans and gave me the link to the new $90 plan


    op: probably can update your link to that

    • it says it Includes Optus TV with Fetch

      • Yes it does!! no doubt that its a very good deal.

  • How do I find the specs for the deal im currently on? ( I've been on the same Optus Fusion for like 5 years now)

    • look on the monthly bill PDF they send out - if your plan is 5yo my guess your paying more than you need for low GB and maybe paying for calls to some mobiles

      • Nah, I was on the 99$ Optus Fusion which had 500GB cable data and unlimited home phone to landline/mobiles, but this obviously looks like a better deal

    • You can ask them via the online chat. I just did and they were able to dig up my plan details.

      I was on the $55 for 200GB cable + $30 home phone…so a minimal difference in price for much more inclusions!

  • LOL Optus just rang me 3 weeks ago to sign me up to the $90/200gb plan (no fetch tv), I'm guessing they knew this plan was in the works to sign up to the more $$$$$ deal. Noice!

    Oh well I don't go over 200gb, so it's not a biggy for the next 12 months.

  • Hi

    I was wondering if there is any transfer fee for moving the broadband connection, as I am currently looking to move in next 6 months, but would love to avail this offer, if they dont charge location moving fees, then I am good to go with it else deal breaker ….


    • +3

      From their website. http://www.optus.com.au/shop/support/answer?answerId=1796&qu...
      Not anymore! From November, 2013 we've removed all standard relocation and new number fees. However when you call we'll advise if there is likely to be any other charges. eg. Additional charges can apply for non-standard or complex installations. (eg. using underground cabling or lengthy connections).

  • I am with BigPond (Telstra) cable bundle 200Gb 100mbps plus free landline with free standard local calls only. Monthly fee of $100 but I get $20 off, so it is $80 per month.

    With 2 mobile numbers on unlimited, we never need to use our landline.

    Don't know if I should come back with Optus. I was their long term customer but they did not try hard enough to keep me although I told them repeatedly that I would stay if they give me incentives. They only tried to woo me when I signed up with Telstra!

    • are you on a staff plan or a special deal ? I am not able to find a deal on the Telstra's website

      • It was for Telstra's staff and friends then. I found friend of friend … others found friends via twitter …

    • Same deal as I'm on. I found a "friend" through Whirlpool.

      Nice bonus is that calls to Canada are 1c per minute, so my wife can chat to her mum as long as she wants.

    • @hluu so what are your average speeds in peak hours? id like to compare it to optus

  • It's only for CABLE/BROADBAND customers, if you have or are going on NBN you'll have to pay 115
    I just ordered my NBN because its available now :D

    • NBN through Optus is nothing to rave about. I've been on the 100mb plan for the last 5mths and I can say that its not ant better then Optus cable. I do a speed test every now n then an I've never gotten over 75mb. if I could I would go back yo cable for $90.

      • -1

        But the upload is crazy on nbn, who cares about download lol, 70 dl is plently, as long as i dont JITTER while gaming im good with it

  • Great deal. I hope Bigpond follows…

    • It won't.

    • +3

      you have a better chance at winning lotto

    • +2

      I called Telstra last week about signing up in Jan next year and the rep told me that it might be worth waiting to sign up then as they "might have some deals". Not sure if this means anything…

      • +1

        Was this for cable or for ADSL too?

        • I only enquired about cable so I'm unsure if same for ADSL

  • For some weird reason Optus n Telstra doesn't offer cable in my area anymore even though I was on Optus cable in 2002 to 2010.

    Is this normal?

    I will call Optus when I get back in the country.

  • So, to confirm this $115 : http://www.optus.com.au/shop/broadband/phone/plans/entertain... is identical to $90: https://www.optus.com.au/shop/broadband/bundles/90-superfast... . So, $90 is just private deal that optus not telling. But some good samaritan is sharing secret deal?

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      Calls to mobiles not induced in the $115 plan.

  • So that Optus link mentioneds the $10 discount if you have a postpaid plan…surely that's not part of the deal?

    • believe it or not.. the $10 discount off the MOBILE OR 10% discount deal off the broadband (wouldn't make sense in this situation as its only $9) is certainly applicable to this deal. The postpaid plan doesn't have to be a 24 month contract as the current BYO Sim only plans are also applicable for the discount.

      • Thanks for that. The missus is on a $20 postpaid plan..when i was enquiring about the $115/mth deal I was told its only applicable to $30+/mth plans…so $9 off is better then a $10 increase….weirdly the website doesnt mention any plan exclusions, except you only get $5 off if you're on a $5 plan…

        Looks like its bye bye bigpond, hello optus

      • could you please confirm that the $90 plan also comes with the 30 free channels bundled with fetch tv

  • can any one confirm whether optus cable throttles P2P/torrents ?

    • Yes they do.I have 30 mbps cable connection and rarely ever get those speeds on any torrents. In fact during the evenings i struggle to get more than 1.5mbps on my so called 30 mbps "unlimited" connection.