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Sony 50" Smart TV KDL50W700B at DSE $699


Hi everybody, just wondering what people think of this TV? Need a good 50" and this seems like a bargain from Dick Smith's Boxing Day Sale. Received the Boxing Day catalogue today which is great so I don't make a pre Christmas purchase I'll regret.

Here's the product page and here's the DSE page (thanks kaneissik)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2014

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    Looks good from where I am. Has 4 HDMI, 1920x1080 @ 100Hz - all I need! Here's the product page and here's the DSE page.

    • Why do you need 100Hz?

      • Oh, I was looking at it from a gaming stand point, but watching TV on it at 100 Hz is unnecessary.

        • -1

          Not true 100hz, not good for PC gamers (also might have input lag)

        • @helicopterinahole: I don't know where you got your information from. If it wasn't good no one would be pushing for 100 Hz, 120 Hz and 140 Hz displays. This website might give you some interesting information.

        • +3

          @kaneissik: I think you are the misinformed one. 100Hz refresh here is good only if the display can accept a 100hz signal. This tv (and pretty sure all full hd tvs) accept at most a 1080/60p signal, which has a refresh rate of 60hz.

          So you can feed if a 60hz signal, then the image processor interpolates some frames to get 100fps and feeds it to the panel which is running at 100hz. Now you have introduced more processing, meaning higher input lag and possibly some judder from interpolating frames to a non even multiple output refresh. All of which is terrible for good gaming experiences.

          In other words, 100hz in this case is not what you think it means. Sure a higher refresh rate is good, but this cant accept a refresh rate higher than 60hz.

        • -1

          @renza: I was no longer talking about this television once 100 Hz is not good for gaming. I was specifically talking about the argument among PC gaming.

        • +1

          @kaneissik: read the comment you replied to. Helicopterinahole said that its not true 100hz and this bad for gaming which is true. Best just disable motionflow and run it at native 60hz

        • -1

          @renza: I did, I've never experienced input lag and I've used 5 monitors ranging between 100 to 140 Hz so I'm not sure what we're arguing about. I've always seen an improvement in imagery in using a monitor with a higher refresh rate. None of my comments have been said in relation to using the TV that this topic is about for PC gaming. The negs are also unnecessary, I haven't been insulting users or trying to spread invalid information. I appreciate your criticism but I don't think there's much left on this topic. Good night.

        • -2

          I have a 100Hz Samsung and the image from FTA TV, Xbox and PS4 is awesome.. animation also is very crisp and sharp.

        • @kaneissik: Which monitors?

          A TV aint a monitor

        • +3

          @helicopterinahole: This shouldn't be downvoted. No one on this site seems to have a clue about the difference 100hz tvs / real 120hz gaming monitors. A 27inch real 144HZ monitor is about $700, how the (profanity) you going to get a 50 inch with the same features at the same price? LOL. All TV's have large amount of imput lag and arent for fighting games or proper FPS games (probably fine for COD ect.) Sony TV's are known for having the least worst input lag though, maybe because they make playstations?

        • -2

          @kaneissik: Maybe you should actually read that site yourself because you dont have the slightest clue

        • @nick nick:

          Why can't TVs display 120hz?


          The information was linked above, you just didn't read it.

        • -3

          @plmko: You're retarded, not going to respond

        • @nick nick: Are you reading what I'm saying? I'm NOT talking about TV's. I'm talking about computer MONITORS.

        • +1


          Kane, 100hz plus true monitors are great for PC gaming, but not 100hz TV display panels, they aren't true 100hz.

          Look it up, exactly what Renza said.

          I wrote "not true 100hz" replying to the topic of "Sony 50" Smart TV KDL50W700B at DSE $699".

          True 100hz would be something like this

          http://www.centrecom.com.au/benq-xl2720z-27-led-gaming-monit... (which is ACTUALLY MUCH BETTER for gaming than a 50inch TV with 100hz)

          which in turn can display 144fps in games if your video card can support the graphics depending on the game

          Don't know why Ozbargainers are downvoting people who are right lmao.

          Ridiculous how i was downvoted mentioning not true 100hz and input lag for PC gaming. lol

        • @nick nick:

          People are misinformed and uneducated on the topic that's why i was downvoted.

          I was informing saying "NOT TRUE 100HZ FOR PC GAMMING" in response to his comment and in response to this topic of the Sony TV.

          A real 100hz monitor would be something like this


          which can actually go true 144fps if your game/GPU allows it. To put it short.

        • @helicopterinahole: People will neg regardless. Thanks for your comment. I realise 100Hz + monitors are great for gaming and that's all I was saying, I didn't mean to make it sound like I was stressing that TV displays are the go-to for PC gaming. I'm well aware that they aren't comparable most of the time.

        • -2

          @nick nick:

          Why doesn't everyone agree to disagree and have a Merry Christmas?
          "'Tis the season to be jolly" after all.

      • +2

        Not comparing, I was opting.

  • Do I have to wait until Boxing Day before I can purchase at this price?

    • Yes. It's currently on sale for $899 at DSE which expires on the 24/12.

      • Is there any other Sony tv on sale according to your catalogue?

        • I'm not OP so I can't tell you what sales are coming up for boxing day however there's a bunch of Sony TVs on sale now

        • Only other Sony TV in catalogue is 40". Model KDL40W600B which can be found here but on Boxing Day will be $499

    • +3

      Boxing Day pricing goes live Christmas Eve (today) for online orders. Not sure on what time the promo will drop today, but stay tuned!

  • Thanks for posting the links kaneissik, Im still figuring out how to post deals :)

    • +5

      It's ok! If you want to post a link as text just do this: [text] (url) (minus the space) and it'll come out like this

      • good to know thanks.

    • Click "Formatting Help" under the box where you write the description.

  • Well I got no tv for Christmas. But I guess it's worth the wait!

  • +23

    No curved screen, and no 3D. So a thumbs up from me.

    • Thanks for pointing out the unnecessary on a TV

    • I think curved screens would work well if it's a monitor for gaming, maybe 27-30 inch. I think it would make games a little more atmospheric. 3D is a no no, though.

    • lol who negged you? They must think a curved screen is a necessity?! Plus from me to even it out.

      • Curved/3D is absolutely not necessary..

        • I for myself was not able to find any decent curved TV, nothing that can compete with a half decent "normal" flat screen even if they cost double or more.

        • Unless your watching a movie featuring a colosseum - then you absolutely must have a curved screen.

  • the crooks, they say save $500, now $699 but sonys rrp is $1099.

    • Recommended retail price ;)

      • +2

        had Dick ever sold it for more than the RRP? I bet not.

  • +1

    Buy from David Jones and save $30 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/174258

    Or if you have multiple cards spit it into 4 payments and save $120

    Also free delivery from DJ for orders over $50 if you order online.

    • I can't see any specials for the same TV, all I'm seeing is the RRP here in their catalog

    • DJ's online is updated with Dick Smith's Boxing Day prices since 9am (woke up specially lol).

      Just got the Sony 40" for $499 less Amex $30 cash back…free delivery.

      Last week it was $566 and was told by Myer this was well below their cost.

      Better price than the 20% eBay big brands also.

  • +1

    great tv! please do keep in mind it comes with a proprietary wall mount and is not VESA compatible out of the box.

    • +1

      Was just looking into this myself.

      You write not 'out of the box' - can it be made vesa compatible?

      • +1

        There's some tips here

        • Thanks - very useful.

      • yes sony sells the suwa1 but it only anchors to two points behind the tv.. imho a better option is the sony w6 w7 w8 bolt kit sold by av4home and other overseas retailers.. it's just some nuts and bolts which they charge an arm and a leg for but allows for 4 mounting points to a vesa mount and is "lightweight" compared to that box sony sells

  • PLEX

    I currently have Samsung TVs and use PLEX a lot. Ive read PLEX on Sony is not as good - it uses chrome browser.??. not a native app like Samsung.

    Any experience/opinions?

    • Plex via DLNA only and it sucks. Serviio is better (also via DLNA).

  • Is the W800B worth $100 more if I can get it for $800?

    • where can you get the W800B for $800 ?

      From the research I have been doing it looks like the main difference is that the 800 has 3d where the 700 doesn't

      So the question would really be then is 3D worth $100 to you ?

      • -1

        W800B is here for $799 + $49.95 shipping

        • +3

          Sony - Factory Refurbished Products

          With that in mind the 700 would be the clear winner for me, having to deal with grays online, getting a refurbished TV. Paying another $150 by the time it gets delivered.

          3D is not that important to me…..

        • Got me excited…it's a refurbished model :(

      • Sony X pricing. $815 delivered

        • It called X cause it like a used ex girlfriend

        • @Davo93:

          Uh no….

  • +5

    FYI victorians should be able to knock another $60 or so off the price via the VEET rebate scheme too.

    • Any recommended sites to obtain the VEET rebate?

      • correct me if I'm wrong, i think the rebate is only $15.

        • Better than a punch in the face lol

        • +6

          You're correct if you go through a middleman like easyrebates.com.au- you get $15.

          But if you fill in the form yourself and send it to someone like tradeingreen, this TV is eligible for 5 VEEC's, which from tradeingreen is currently worth $60.

          See roberto's awesome post about it all here:

          Long story short- easyrebates.com.au are charging $45 to fill in a form for you. :/

          Just follow roberto's steps and get the full rebate yourself, it's pretty easy.

        • +1

          @damoo: Wow thanks for correcting me. I was dissappointed there was only $15 rebate.

          I think I'll be ordering one using my amex card. I have seen how good the sony display is for this model and I really like the fast interface (20 sec load time? puff my LG is worse!).

          EDIT - I also tried to vote + for Roberto post but the voting period has expired.

  • I bought that model from DS a few months ago on "special"…it's a fantastic tv & what a price! Just get it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Very good TV. Ridiculously low input lag, not-terrible built-in speakers, sexy slim bezel, very easy to calibrate greyscale and good picture quality overall. You can't get a better TV for anywhere near this price.

  • Does DSE do layby on boxing day?

  • Deal is live now for delivery only, plus $35 to Sydney.

    • +11

      Seriously, buy from David Jones http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/m20/en/davidjones/sony-50-...

      Free delivery.
      10 QFF points for every $1 https://onlinemall.qantaspoints.com/info/81336/15673/david-j...
      $30 Amex rebate for registered cards https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/174258

      • agree

      • Cannot click and collect. I went to DJ today and they wouldn't honour the price in store until Boxing Day.

      • I bought the DJ deal online. Shipping isn't until the 5th Jan 2015. Oh well, I didn't want to have to deal with Boxing day crowds and parking nightmares. Hopefully the QFF points come thru.

      • Is David Jones just a store front for Dick Smith..?

        I ended up buying online from DJ on 24/12 and just received an email from DS informing me of stock/delivery delays until next week..??

        I'm sure I didn't buy two :0

        • Have you landed up having the TV delivered? I ordered at the same time as you, however have got no email from DJ or DSE since the original order email.

        • @DogGunn:

          Nothing further yet.

          From that email:

          "We anticipate that this stock will arrive at your local dispatch site next Tuesday 6th January 2015 and we have arranged for your order to be delivered to you shortly thereafter."

        • +1


          Same here ordered on 24/11/14 and got no email since original order. Have not received the TV.

          Made contact with both DJ online (via phone and email) and DS (ozbargin forum and PM). The following is the extract from PM conversation with DS.

          "We have looked into your order & it is definitely on track for dispatch direct to your nominated address by no later than Friday 2nd January. As such you should expect delivery early next week."

          DJ seems unable to track the delivery progress. Very disappointing.

  • What's the warranty like? Is it With dse or sony?
    Worth it to get extended warranty? Thx

    • Pretty standard 12 months with Sony. DSE may cover for 24 months thru consumer guarantee (but thats vague as hell) same with JB so dont bank on it. Better to buy with credit card that offers free extended warranty.

      Separate ext warranty…thats debatable. Up to you for your peace of mind.

  • Deal is live with delivery only, any chance of click and collect being enabled?

  • Great tv, i bought it when it was on sale with dse for 749, excellent picture quality, the smooth motion flow does wonders with the picture (like watching the hobbit in hfr), not bad built in speakers, only negative is the slow menus, especially when you just turned on the unit… Sometimes says please wait for about 20sec til you can access anything like the epg or app menu.

  • this is a great deal! I've had a look at the tv this morning and I like the picture quality.

  • +5

    Already on sale via David Jones (with free delivery).

    • Out of Stock.

  • This TV is great - also grabbed for $749 in last DSE sale. 2 things i do with this tv and it doesn't disappoint!

    Netflix : With getflix account ($25 for the year) Netflix runs no configuration required. Very handy :)
    Gaming: Great refresh and response. Looks amazing too :) big bonus, no overscan or underscan required like i had to with my old plasma, (fyi this is when the screen goes outside or inside the tv viewing space)

    BTW dustint is right about the 20 sec lag time when first turn on the tv to access menu, other inputs etc. Not such an issue for me as i just leave to HDMI 1 for my pc and its up straight away.

    I like having more than 3 hdmi ports and a headphone out too :)

    • Hi,

      Can you explain in details about how to setup Netflixx on this TV for $25 dollars a year ?

  • Can you instal plex onto this tv?

    • No Plex. Via DLNA only and it sucks. Serviio works better (again via DLNA).

  • The proprietary wall mount… Has anyone got info about it. Does it move at all or it totally fixed in one position

    • It's totally fixed, you can still attempt to tilt it slightly upwards but not really downwards. I installed the KDL50W670A for my in-law and we tilted it downwards (bodge job) by using a slightly wedged plank of wood when installing the fixing… works fine though.

  • I got a similar Sony tv last year for maybe 750 ish
    Only had two hdmi inputs
    They are very nice tv
    The smart to features are great
    Except my wifi seems to cut out on occasion and I need to reset the TVs wifi

    • One thing to note: no Plex app. Can get to Plex via DLNA only, and the navigation is not good. I reverted to Serviio.

  • reviews here

    very good reviews. half tempted if my bank balance could cope.

    • You could always get the 48 inch it's cheaper and almost as good. In fact it may be a better choice for those who game and also do not like the unnatural feeling of 100Hz TVs.

  • Great deal, and I'm after a new TV, but I don't trust DSE anymore. Way too many bad incidents :/

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