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Samsung 500GB SSD $245 & Free $100 eBay Voucher @ Futu & Shopping Express eBay


Let the eBay deals begin. Select Woolworths click & collect to score your free $100 voucher. Have a great day ;)

Original eBay voucher deal Excludes WA/SA
CashRewards 2.5% cashback

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  • +26

    Does anyone on ozbargain actually still need a SSD?

    I've run out of sata3 slots on my motherboard and power connectors from my PSU.

    I also bought a NUC just to have something to do with one of the SSDs I bought.

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      How many SSD have you bought?

    • +46

      Does anyone on ozbargain actually still need a SSD?

      My SSDs are powered by Eneloops.

    • +3

      I'm the opposite, I've got 7 satas left on mobo.

      Maybe you can get some USB adapter to max the usb side out.

    • I haven't bought any yet. I am not in hurry as I am not playing games on laptop.

      • +9

        SSD's are not only for gaming infact they barely improve gaming at all.

        • +13

          loading games is much quicker with a ssd

        • -2

          @tintsurfer: A very select few games yes but not all games.

        • +12

          @holden93: ssd is for read and write speed and let's think what uses read and write speed… Oh that's right the operating system… Pc starts in 5 seconds from cold boot and opens and saves everything fastest…

        • @4luk: exactly it's certainly not limited to gamers.
          Thanks for agreeing with me.

        • -2

          @4luk: SSD barely affected speed in my computer. Most of the boot time is still POST and other hardware events - so it saves a few seconds in windows load. It barely seems to have affected other load times.

        • +2

          @macrocephalic: well there is something wrong with your setup because you should see things opening lightning speed. maybe format and start fresh or defrag…. every computer i have set up with an ssd drive (samsung) will turn on in about 5 sec from cold boot and opening and saving is quick

        • +7

          @4luk: Defrag…? an SSD…?
          oh noe!

        • @Utopian: its not nessersey anymore because of the ssd speed but not sure why he not getting getting the speed he should…

        • +2

          Defragging SSDs has nothing to do with speed. It has to do with the way data is accessed and how that differs from a traditional, spinning disk drive.
          You generally do not need to defrag your SSD, the Windows disk management system will take care of your SSD optimisation for the most part and includes occasional defragging, although you likely won't know.

          1. Make sure TRIM / Garbage collection is enabled for your SSD
          2. Make sure your SATA port is set to AHCI or RAID mode. If it isn't change it, but expect to make a registry change first so you don't get blue screens.
          3. Make sure your SSD isn't full. SSDs need some free space to perform at their best. Use disk cleanup or CCleaner.
          4. Preferably have Windows 7 or above installed.

        • @4luk: SSD was installed with a fresh install of windows 7. TBH I didn't find things opened slow on my old platter drives. Maybe it is a few seconds difference, but any time when things are noticeably slow it's because some other process is running in the background (like a program scanning all drives for free space before installing).

        • @macrocephalic: What ssd did you buy?

        • I strongly disagree with your statement. While SSDs don't improve a games frame rate (how could they?), they decrease game and level load times, often by 50%.

          Some examples from my testing:
          Warhammer Dawn War 2 Skirmish match load time: 7200rpm HDD =23.4 s SSD=10.2 s
          Fallout 3 (heavily modded) loading savegame at Canterbury Commons: 7200 rpm = 23.9 s SSD = 9.7 s

          Note that when benchmarking do so from a fresh boot. Windows saves data in spare Ram, so if you benchmark a game multiple times, results will be skewed since a lot of the data doesn't have to be read from the HDD again.

        • +1

          @Gfleece: Samsung 120GB 840. I'm not saying that the SSD doesn't work properly, I'm just saying that I didn't notice a blistering speed difference when I switched to using one. My PC normally runs pretty well anyway.

    • +12

      I have about 4 SSDs sitting in a box Everytime I upgrade the size and get left with a small SSD left over. We call this the conservation of SSD law.

      • What demand would there be for old SSDs? Like putting them into microservers just to run the OS.

      • +2

        I install mine into friend's old banger PCs/Laptops, during a cleanup/service, in exchange for dinner at theirs.. One last hoorah. BIG difference. And 60/80GB is fine, once usage patterns adjust.

    • Could probably buy one of these

      Continue your purchasing :)

      • <Dud comment removed>

    • Get a NAS and stick them all in that.

    • that's alright. All you need is another PC/NUC deal! Ozbargainers are working hard to get one for you.

    • +3

      FUTU has Crucial BX100 500GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s 2.5 " Internal Solid State Drive Laptop PC for $235, is that better value than EVO850?
      Brand: Crucial
      Form Factor: 2.5-inch internal SSD
      Capacity: 500GB
      Warranty: Limited 3-year
      Specs: 500GB 2.5-inch internal SSD • SATA 6.0Gb/s • 535 MB/s Read / 450 MB/s Write
      Series: BX100
      Product Line: Client SSD
      Interface: SATA 6.0Gb/s

      EVO850 has 5 Warranty, he 850EVO delivers the top of its class performance in sequential read (540MB/s) and write (520MB/s) speeds. Plus, you also gain optimized random performance in all QD for client PC usage scenario

    • Hi there, how many GB do you have ? may be i need 1 for my pc, please PM the price

    • +2

      No I don’t need one and that’s my problem. Before making a spending decision I always ask myself “Do I REALLY need this” and the answer is always no for SSD’s, sigh.

      Somehow the answer was yes to a Logitech game wheel last week, weird.

    • +1

      SSD's on OzBargain are like eneloop, no matter how many you have, you'll still stock up.

    • Yes. I am waiting till I get a 1TB SSD for about $100 :D

  • +7

    Still excludes WA. Grrrrrr.

  • +1

    I bought last time using the other deal spending over $100 and get $50 Ebay voucher. Can i still be eligible for this if I buy this deal.

  • +1

    Damn it.. I just got Crucial BX100 500GB last week from ShoppingExpress and arrived yesterday.. and now this better deal with a better grade SSD.. :( :( sigh..

    • From everything I've read, the difference between the BX100 and the Evo is negligible. So minor that the average user won't notice the speed difference.

      How much did you get the BX100 for?

      • $209 delivered. Mind you, it was a good deal.. but this one tops it only a few days later damn it. :(

        • Well the BX100 is still $235 for the 500, so you got it for cheaper.

          Because this is only a good deal if you can definitely spend $50/$100 in one transaction on ebay next month.

        • @Rail Rider95: haha.. That wouldnt be hard to spend $100 on Ebay within a month. So realistically I saved about $30 only instead of $100 (in credit).. Anyway..

        • +2

          Haha fair enough. But I don't spend much on ebay very often. So for me, I'm struggling to decide if there's anything I'm going to buy on ebay for that much next month. Because otherwise, this isn't a deal for me.

          I need to decide if I can afford to spend $235 (plus the difference of whatever I buy next month). It's not as good as a simple discount, because you still need to be willing to spend the total amount.

  • +1

    It's amazing how cheap even ssd drives are nowadays

  • How come WA is always excluded? Damn!!

  • +1

    Insanely good deal. Wow, nice one TA.

    • +1

      imcold found it, but didn't create a deal. Thanks to both!
      I didn't find the original until later, buried in comments. Tightarse is the 'seal' of a deal!

      • OK, equal credit to imcold too. Thanks. Once again great deal!

  • -2

    How do you get the $100 voucher?

  • Finally got my Samsung 950 PRO 512GB saved '$100' if I was to buy it yest :P

  • +1

    assume I can use my $50 ebay voucher from last month on this but does that mean total would be under $200 ??? so only $50 voucher given ??

    • +1

      This is something I want to know although I have used the $50 voucher. If I buy this deal will i receive the $100 voucher.

      • In the past deals I have been able to use my 50$ voucher and still get a new 50$ voucher. I'm thinking of doing the same this time, trading my 50$ voucher for a new 100$ voucher. Keep in mind that you might want to ensure post-voucher amount paid via Paypal to be 200$ or over though.

    • I would think you would get the voucher, because you still paid the full price and thats what usually shows up on your paypal account with ebay coupon promos. Have a look at the t&c though.

      • I asked eBay and the guy on the live chat said that I would receive it as its a separate promotion from the other one. good deals going with eBay, for some reason it seems to be a lot for ssd's.

  • I don't need this much space. Is there an eBay deal for a very cheap 250ish-gb SSD?

    • +3

      SanDisk 240GB SSD Plus 2.5" SATA III SSD:

      Works out to be $65 when you receive your $50 voucher!

      • That fits inside an ultrabook right?

        • +1

          Depends on ultra book. If not sure post the exact model number and I will check for you

        • @dosada: I've an old Dell Vostro 3550 in which I'd like to put an SSD. Do you think it's possible?

        • Also if you can tell me about Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series that will be great help. Thanks.

        • @evolution-flip:

          Yes, normal sata

        • @hardik1us:

          Same, normal sata so yes

    • The same brand / model for 250 is $150 on ebay.
      sandisk is old technology
      this is this years.
      don't listen to the so-called "experts" on this site!

      • Is the $35 extra warranted though? If it makes my laptop is faster, can consume less power and the laptop gets less noisier, then okay.

  • Thanks TA this is insanely good!

  • TA, get Shopping Express to reduce their prices. Same price as futu here.

    • +2

      SE = Futu :)

      I've added the SE link to the post. Thanks.

  • +4

    Finally popped my SSD cherry!

    • +1

      Once you pop…

  • -1

    TA TA TA TA You Freakn Legend!!

    Almost almost almost bought one from ShoppingExpress last night and today morning… Then on the train checked Ozbargain and BANG BANG BANG TA TA TA with another SMASHINGG DEALL!!

    Well done my Victorian friend :)

    Got the FUTU Deal and hopefully the $100 Voucher soon.

    Just a question on the $100 Ebay Voucher… Will it get emailed to me??

    Thanks a ton again for another BARGAIN!!

    • +4

      It will just show up on eBay. When you check out you will have the option to use it, after you receive the voucher. Don't do what I did, and buy $8 item with the $50 voucher. You don't get change back.

  • whoever did not resist this deal is knocking head on the wall??

    • that coupon code was quite enticing but glad i held off !

    • Yep, I sure am. I should have held off (hindsight is 20:20)
      Tossing up whether or not to buy one of these too, but its probably not needed.

      • these SSD deals is like buying stocks… so might just buy another one to lower your average purchase price :)

        But you know they will only go cheaper and cheaper.. so if you don't need one better just hold it off…

  • +1

    What can the ebay voucher be used on that isn't time bound and more or less is cash converable? ie do people sell gift cards on ebay?

    • Yes they do but gift cards expire so are time bound

      • sweet!!!

    • +2
      • Your eBay voucher will be issued on 1 November 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59pm (AEDT) on 30 November 2015 on, after which time the voucher expires.
  • Damn.. just bought a 500GB SSD from Amazon on the 15% off Amex promo like a few days ago. Wish I waited.

  • +1

    Don't forget cash rewards everyone!!!

  • Hi Guys

    Please can you advise if I can install the Samsung SSD in a Toshiba Ultrabook or does it need to be installed in a desktop

    Not much knowledge when it comes to IT hardware

  • I'll wait for cashreward back to 4%, only then otherwise resist, resissttt
    it saved me bang my head on the wall many times, actually, I never bought anything with the past $100 with $50 voucher yet!

    • +2

      Just remember, the previous $50 one expires on the 31st of this month…

      • And this one will only be valid from 1st-31st November!!

        • -1

          wow we gained a day in november, awesome!

  • +2

    I'm waiting for the 1TB to drop :)

    • +3

      Push it off the table.

  • Totally new to this….
    I just joined Cash rewards. Clicked on the link to Ebay lower on the page that said about the $100.00 voucher.
    Then in that window, did a search for the SSD deal and bought one with click and collect at Big W.
    I assume this is o.k for the $100.00 voucher and cash rewards too?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      omg I don't know why someone negged this, I needed this question answered too!

      ended up choosing woolworths to play it safe

  • Talking to a computer dum dum here, would this fit into a Dell Dimension Desktop XPS 8500?

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