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Free Sony HDR-AS200V FHD Wi-Fi Action Camera with Purchase of 2in1 Laptop @Harvey Norman


Link to eligible laptops

The are other bonus items (you can only claim one) but the camera was hidden by an unchecked check box so I though it may slip under the radar. Here they are

Cheapest laptop is $596 so getting a camera priced at $400 as well is pretty good IMO.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Pentium 2 laptops ???

    • Some are, yes.

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    That laptop for $596 was selling for $450 last week with bonus camera.

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      Oh really? Was it posted?

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      Acer R3-131T-P9TP 2-in-1 Intel Laptop $471 + Bonus Worth Up To $399

      This one EC? Was in description of this deal.

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    Good deal. But if you click through to the camera it's heavily reduced at $148. http://www.harveynorman.com.au/sony-hdras200v-full-hd-wi-fi-...

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      This. This action cam is NOT the similar looking white 4k Sony one. So its definitely not worth $400. Very misleading.

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        I have the first model that comes with wrist video remote control (HDR-AS100VR) and I really like it.

        I use the headband accessories to record my kids action (I know, it meant for extreme sports, but hey, if I can do full HDMI with video stabilisation and handsfree video recording for my loved one, why not)

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          Thats great. Doesnt make it worth $400 though.

        • Even though HDR-AS100VR has been discontinued, I've managed to grab one at DigiDirect a few days ago. I'm still tempted to get the HDR-AS200V if I can pay $149 for it, but it goes back to $399 once in cart.

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        NOT misleading. It's HN marketing.
        It probably was a $400 camera 2 years ago.

        Actually at $148 it's a bargain.
        Considering it comes with a waterproof case the price is comparable to the likes of the Xiaoyi (Xiaomi Yi) action camera.
        Though I'd assume the Sony is better.

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          it does 60mbps out of the box, has a waterproof case out of the box and software stabilisation built in. I bought a xiaomi about a month ago and im going to return it for this (led for the wifi broke already)

        • @krisspy:

          True, xiaomi does 2k tho.

          But for this price sony is better deal

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          @aldoduco: just picked up my as200 and did comparison shots. Even with the 2k resolution on the xiaomi @ 35mbps with noise reduction scripts, the sony is still sharper and better overall videos. Tested this on a 1440p monitor just to get all the pixels in there.

          The sony shoots better videos compared to the xiaomi, but the aggressive fisheye on the lense is pissing me off. Might have to replace the fisheye lense with a rectilinear one but that's gonna cost as much as the camera itself.

        • @krisspy:

          What about with steady shot option?

        • @aldoduco: it helps abit since the image gets cropped, but it introduces warp stabilisation…. which is worst imo. It's not too bad as long as the subject is atleast 3m away or you're not panning left and right too much. Selfie shots outdoors are fine but fpv when you're going to play indoors might get nauseating. But then again this isn't probably meant for that since its so cumbersome mounting it on anything other than a helmet.

        • @krisspy:

          Turning on the steady shot stabilization reduces the wide-angle (and, therefore, the fisheye) from 170 to 120 degrees. I think there's also a way to do this without the steady shot but this is the easiest.

          There's also a video on youtube on how to replace the stock lens with a none wide-angle 5.4 mm that'll give you a 2x zoom. The video is for the 4k version but it's the exact same camera as this minus that 4k.

        • @krisspy:

          Ih well, price too good to pass.

          Thx OP

        • @elektron: it softens the image when IS is turned on, it just crops the image. You can change to 120 but that's only for pictures, not video

          Not tuu sure if the lenses available for the 1000v will be the same length since the housing for that is different. The 100v and 200v share the same housing afaik but the 4k version is bigger, still gotta take measurements on the threading and length so it still fits in the waterproof housing

        • @krisspy:

          There's nothing wrong with a little crop - think of it as using a crop sensor DLSR (e.g. Canon EF-S series) are full-size lens (e.g. the nifty fifty). If it works just fine for hi-res photography, it shouldn't be an issue for 1080p video.

          In regards to replacing the lens - the stock lens is identical on both cameras so I can't think of a reason why the replacement wouldn't work. I do agree though that it never hurts to double check before pulling the trigger on the replacement glass.

        • @elektron:yes and no. Using a full frame lense on cropped sensor is different to cropping digitally to allow for warp stabilising. Using an FX lense on a cropped sensor means you're missing out on some of the lense (still getting 1080 pixels albeit on a smaller part of the lense), cropping digitally for warp stabilisation means you're taking 1080p and removing 10% of it to allow for movement to keep the image stable

        • @krisspy:

          Fair enough. For what it's worth though most half-decent video editing applications allow to correct the fisheye effect with a just click or two. Having said that, I appreciate that unless you're already doing other stuff in post-production it's definitely a extra hassle.

        • @elektron:its just bothering me alot since I got used to the xiaomi having onboard fisheye correction. I don't really bother with post or anything since the videos are really for memories.

        • @krisspy:

          I can totally hear you and I'm exactly the same situation - don't want to fiddle with post (although my Dell came with Adope Premier and Elements) and would have definitely preferred the on-board fisheye reduction. I think this would have required a more powerful on-board chip and would have added to the price, but I would have preferred that instead of GPS.

          By the way, I've just picked it up from my local HN with the universal head mount, which I thought would be handy, with the $25 discount. Excellent deal, especially given that the box does have the $400 tag on it. Sure, the AS300v will no doubt be announced in a couple of weeks but will probably sell at around $350 street price with some incremental upgrades.

      • The 4K one (FDR-X1000) retails for $599 while HDR-AS200V retails for $399. Those are the prices listed on Sony's website. Whether they are worth that much is another topic but HN's price is just RRP so I wouldn't say it's misleading.

    • +1

      Once in cart it goes back to $399 not $149

      • Annoying, I would have grabbed one if it would go through at $149.

        • Working for me when I add to cart. Another Christmas present off the list … Tick…

        • @Boojotim: I've tried again this morning and it is now working for me. Off to pick it up ^_^

        • @Awsam:

          Even though it says with a laptop purchase, anyone had any issues collecting one when bought as a standalone product?

        • @Zaychri: I picked mine up today fine

      • Grabbed one :)

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      The price goes back to $399 when I try to pay for it.

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      According to Staticice $329 is the cheapest, JB has it for $344. HN price is pretty good, and is even better when you tack on the $25 voucher.

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    i bought it for $128 :) ( $148+$5 item - $25 welcome) thanks op

    • Thanks for the reminder and thanks op! Did the same except I added an $8 USB to get over the $150.

    • Same but $2 iPad case.

  • What's the code to get $25 off?

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      Unique code, deal here.

      • I tried registering 1 hotmail and Gmail. No code. Only states your account is ready. No view online etc.

        • +1

          You need to SIGN UP and REGISTER on the actual Harvey Norman website as well for an account. Then LOG-IN, once that happens you can receive your voucher. Use the hotmail one, it's easier from personal experience.

  • Been looking for something like this, thanks!

  • bought for $128 with Voucher and 8gb usb - Very Good Deal

  • Did anyone else get an email about your order being reviewed? Or is this standard? I have never bought from HN online before!

  • Thanks OP, decided to get one of these too. Not a bad price for the kit you're getting.

  • Great, thanks OP.

    Bought one with a $5 Telstra $30 starter kit with the $25 off newsletter code.

  • The action cam at that price seems to be the cheapest…

  • +1

    Great deal OP, thanks! There is a smartphone mount for $8 for anyone who finds more value in that as a secondary purchase in order to qualify for the $25 welcome discount.

    • I ordered that mount as well, but the store I selected to pickup from said they are discontinued so they refunded the mount- so camera ended up costing $123

      • Mine said it was on backorder - I could use it, but was just grabbing it to use the voucher. Kind of hoping they refund mine too.

  • Better pick up or delivery?

  • Very good deal if only I haven't already owned a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and a Blackview Hero 2.

  • +1

    I remember ages ago when it was a $5 voucher, it took bloody ages for it to come through (the next day from memory). Just tried to register with a new email, and nothing yet. Same crap is gonna happen again I bet… And by then, they'll probably be gone.

    • only took about 10 minutes for the $25 voucher for me.

      • Yeah mine came through quickly too. Might have been a glitch last time shrugs.

  • Anyone know a good (and cheap) helmet mount for this camera?

    I feel stupid forking out $50 for a helmet mount after spending $125 on the camera.

    • The Sony mount works very well, good adjustment and no shaking or vibrations.

      I think there was a Qantas 10% - 20% off Sony accessories code floating around a while ago. When I bought my 4k Sony Action Cam there was also a discount code for accessories on the Sony website in the box - might be worth waiting for that?

      • Thanks Sweefu, will keep that in mind.

        I think for this snow trip I'll stick to a standard pole mount (that came with a selfie stick)

        I'm off in 4 days so doubt anything will arrive in time to Perth anyway.


    • +1

      You can get the official mount for $35 after this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/226290

  • Purchased with Telstra $5 Pre Paid for Tablet ($30 Pre Paid), w/ shipping since I can never go anywhere with work and whatnot.

    Total = $133.95 (inc. GST & shipping).

    Not bad, since shipping is only like $5.95

    Thank you OP, been looking at GoPros for ages, but can never afford that price range. So i'm grateful for one so low.

  • Thanks OP, bought one too

  • Thanks OP - got one with the Belkin Micro HDMI Adpater ($8) for $25 signup deal: http://www.harveynorman.com.au/belkin-micro-hdmi-adapter.htm...

    Anyone got any cheap MicroSD deals?

  • So you don't need to buy a laptop with this?

    • It is free if you buy one of the eligible laptops or you can buy the camera itself for $148.

      • That's what I meant. From what I took, HN wouldn't allow you to buy the camera for $148 just by itself.

        • +1

          The price wasn't showing correctly at the cart last night but it has since been fixed. I actaully received an email that it is ready for pickup.

  • I did an order, unfortunately my order went through but is being reviewed.

    • +1

      Thats always the way with HN

    • Same here on review. May be delayed until monday?

    • did you pay by card? i think if you pay by card it gets reviewed

    • After being reviewed, my order got rejected.
      I was using new email address to get the $25 voucher code and register a new account for the order.
      Not sure that's the reason they rejected my order.
      The web chat staff mentioned need to wait till monday if i need to know more.

      • I also was rejected :S

  • +2

    The action cam is in todays newspaper at $148

  • Just received an email stating that my order is ready for pickup.

    • How long from order to pick up email?

      • +1

        was about 1-2 hr when I ordered mine

        • A couple of hours for me too.

  • Had no issues picking up at browns plains qld, thanks again OP

  • Anyone know which memory card I could bundle that would support recording in 120 / 240 frames per second?

    • Any of the Class 10 ones will do. It's when you record 4K that you need the better ones.

      Speaking of memory cards, anyone had any luck getting HN to match MSY? They've flat out told me no as MSY is a grey importer…

    • Just a heads-up, SDXC is required for XAVC S (50mbps) for some reason. I don't think it matters for frame rates though.

      • Why SDXC? SDXC just means card size from 64GB upwards, it doesn't mean anything about the speed.

        • Not sure but it wont work if it not

        • SDXC is a different kind of card to SDHC. I went through this when I bought my 4k Sony Action Cam - I ended up with the Sandisk Extreme micro SDXC card which can record XVAC-S and MP4, if you have an SDHC you will only be able to record MP4 and lower frame rates. I couldn't record 720 120fps with my other Sandisk SDHC card (still a quick card).

          From the Sony website for 4k Action Cam - I know there is no 4k shooting on this model but just to give some context.

          *2 SDXC (Micro SDXC) Class 10 or higher is required for XAVC S recording. SDXC (Micro SDXC) UHS-I U3 or higher is required for 4K 100Mbps recording.

          My recommendation is to get a very fast card, like this Sandisk (unsure if good vendor or not, I paid more for mine) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/291495153911?limghlpsr=true&...

        • @aldoduco: It works, im using an old 48mb/s samsung card (the old black ones) and it lets me record on the pro mode, even shows 49mbps on my computer.

          FYI 50mbps = 6.25mb/s
          Class 10 u1 cards write at around 10mb/s

          4k is a different story. 1080p on these peasant cards is fine.

        • @sweefu: All SDXC micro SD cards I know of are at least 64GB in size. SDHC standard is from 4GB up to 32GB. So that means people who own the Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC card won't be able to utilise 4k XAVC-S video recording mode then. Very silly idea from Sony.

        • +2

          I picked up my AS200V from this deal, it won't let me use XAVC S with my Kingston class 10 u1 SDHC 32GB. This card doesn't brag about write speed though so it probably isn't especially fast. 1080p50 works fine.

          Sony says SDXC is required so I wouldn't buy anything else and expect it to work no matter how fast it is.

          That said, MP4 is proabably 98% as good as XAVC S for 98% of people. I use XAVC S on my RX100M3 but MP4 seems fine on the action cam and I think it uses less battery.

          Also it's important to use a capital B when you abbreviate megabyte. Mb or mb always means megabit.

    • I don't think you need to use the extreme ones for these. Worked fine on my old samsung sd card, think it's the old 48mb/s ones. Tested xavc mode 50mbps 1080 30/60p. Took a 1hour long sample clip, no stuttering or anything… 22gb file size

  • You guys are overthinking it, I just got two HDR-AS200V for $271 with the Welcome discount. They use the same NP-BX1 battery as my RX100M3 so that's a bonus. Cheers OP, I've been wanting better cameras for bike rides for a while.

    • +2

      overthinking what? its a good deal isnt it

      • Yeah I wasn't clear. I meant it's easier to get over $150 to qualify for the Welcome discount by buying two of the camera than by adding other small items to the order. It's a really good deal.

  • thx OP! got one.

    Now I'm thinking if I should grab another one or not … One for the helmet one for the bike, mounted permanently as a dash camera under the fearing somewhere so can't be seen easily.

    If I put the power plug in, will it start with the engine (assuming correct wiring). ?? I mean as a dash camera permanently.

  • In case anyone is interested in how it compares to other $150 action cameras here's a YouTube video of GoPro Hero vs SJ4000 vs HDR-AS200V vs SJ5000:

  • Thanks, I picked one up this afternoon. I will give it a run on Monday. First impressions are good.

  • +1

    Underrated bargain. Quality equivalent of GoPro Hero 4 Silver (circa $450) and lowest price for this product being $320. I very much doubt you will get a good quality action cam for much better than the $128 on offer (43% off!). Waiting to pick mine up. Thanks OP!

    • 60% off the next cheapest price I should say.

  • Wowwweee, wowwee! I purchased HDR-100 some years ago for $400??? Broke it at paintball. Have just purchased 3 units without hesitation.

    Here's a video of the HDR-100 I used at Paintball:

  • Anyone know where to get the lense protector attachment for these? Hard finding accessories on sale