This was posted 7 years 11 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Woolworths $100 Wish eGift Card for $70 at Scoopon with Visa Checkout


Great Bargain, 1 per account, $100 Wish gift card for $70

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2015

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    Noooooooo, think of all the suckers (me included) who jumped in at 10% off!!!! + If you were one. C'mon, be honest! T&C of Boxing Day deal here:

    • I haven't bought this deal because I got most of my Woolies Group GCs from Big W!

      $70 for a $100 GC is surely unbeatable!

      • Well you're in your element right now aren't ya! :(

        • +1

          What a deal!!!!! Merry xmassssss

          I need to get out more…

    • Dude, it's groceries.think I'll use both of these cards by the end of the month. No suckering at all.

    • I jumped in for several grands worth @ 10%……you can only get a few hundred $ of these. Not losing at all.

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    OK got it :)

  • U beat me by 2 minutes. Just posted and realised ur post is 2 minutes earlier haha.

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    they will be cancelled once scoopon discovers its mistake?

    • And what exactly is the mistake?

      I ordered one, thanks OP.

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        when the coupon was supposed to exclude gift cards. iirc it has happened before. anyway, can't hurt to try

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    Declined- the reason for the issue is: Maximum number of scoopons per customer is exceeded. ..

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      Perheps they all got many scoopons account.

    • You bought this last time,one per acccount.

    • Yea same. I guess anyone who bought this last time can't buy it again! What a shame!

    • It will also invalidate the coupon for future purchases.

  • Now we must wait till the 8th jan

  • Coming up at $90

    • you have to go to the checkout page and add the coupon mate

    • +3

      Use coupon code EARLYBIRD for $20 off

  • Says "Get a $100 Woolworths WISH eGift Card for ONLY $90 when you pay with Visa Checkout".

    Edit: coupon code "EARLYBIRD" needs to be used.

  • Yeah silly me just realised!

  • +1

    Got one but I feel it will be cancelled once Scoopon return from Xmas break!

  • What is the expiry on the gift cards?

  • Yep. Just ordered now. Guess wait and see

  • Just in time. Just finished spending all my previous cards.

  • Is this really supposed to work? o_O?

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    I still have not received the Optus sim. guess Scoopon will never send it to me. So watch out for any more costly deals guys!

    • If you haven't received an email within 3 days from the dates listed above, please contact our Help Centre! Instead of sulking, give them a call wont ya.

      • I have no interest to pursue. But I feel obliged to alert other consumers. Anyway I guess I'm not the only one who have not received the goods from Scoopon.

        • In my experience Scoopon have been awesome when it comes to after sales support. Can't say the same about Groupon.

  • Bought. You are a LEGEND if they honour it. Merry Christmas OzBargain!

  • Go one. Do they mail out a card or is it like a ecode thng?

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    GREAT FIND!! Luckily I didn't buy it when it was $90

  • Brodening intensifies

  • +2

    Got 1, Thank you vegimate!
    Merry Christmas!

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    Customers who purchase after 12pm AEDT on 22nd December 2015 will be emailed their WISH eGift Card on the 8th of January 2016

    The waiting begins

  • Thanks OP!

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    Can this be redeemed in store at big w or only online?

  • Anyone know where you can use it besides Woolies?

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      Put your credit towards ANYTHING you want from any participating Woolworths Group Stores:

      Woolworths Supermarkets
      BIG W
      Dan Murphy's
      Thomas Dux
      Caltex Woolworths Fuel Outlets
      • Sweet, thanks!

      • Yay groceries and petrol covered!

      • … A true ozbargainer think even further outside that box ;)

  • Best deal in a long time, I even had some score credit left - YAY!

  • Cashrewards as well?

  • forgot cashreward…again!

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      Rewards are not payable on any gift card purchases.

    • +1

      There's no cashback for gift card purchase anyway.

  • -3

    omg, bought 5 last time and now i am going t

  • OMG, if they honour it this post its Gonna be epic

  • Nevermind - found it.

  • -5

    Ordered 3!

    • How - can the same person have multiple accounts?

      • 3 accounts

        • 3 accounts, but same name & address? Or 3 different people?

    • +6

      Thanks for being greedy and ruining it for everyone else.

  • Fyi Requires visa checkout.
    Pity I only have MasterCard.

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      I have a mastercard too. You can attach a master card to your "visa checkout" account.

    • +1

      use your mastercard in visa checkout.

    • You can setup Visa Checkout by MasterCard, I saw the MasterCard icon when I setup mine.

    • You can make a visa checkout account with your mastercard!

    • +2

      Adding to everyone's instructions, the payment transaction is called 'Visa checkout' like 'paypal'. Just make an account and add your details

    • +2

      You just can't seem to use an AMEX with scoopon, others will work

  • Tried to buy but something happened in the checkout and an error occurred. Now it says I have used the code too many times and cannot get the card cheaper.

    • Same happened to me.

      Unlike others who have multiple email addresses to exploit the deal, just sign up to Scoopon with a different email and try again. Worked for me the second time.

  • Got 1 thanks vegimate

    • Worked for me just now. Did you try again before negging?

      • Yes said code used?
        Just because I got the $90 one a week ago?

  • -1

    Cheers OP, used cashrewards for further 5% discount (first scoopon purchase for me!)

    • Damn. I forgot that part.

      • me too…, too exciting!

      • +7

        Rewards are not payable on any gift card purchases.

  • -4

    Well now I have three accounts. Thanks a bunch OP!

    • Well I guess there's two people that think that creating multiple accounts is immoral.

  • Scoopons sold have exceeded 1000 in the last 30mins…Scoopon sever meltdown in 3, 2, 1….

    • -6

      same happened to me. Now I cant use the code for anything else!

    • +1

      Almost 13k sold… that…..unusual? lol

      I haven't bought one but is there a reason for Scoopon to cancell this and refund your money?

  • In store or online only??

    • Haha NO Scoopon store mate!!! Must buy through this deal & you'll get an egiftcard emailed to you.
      You can use this amount both through Woolworths online AND/OR in store!

    • both in-store and online

  • +1

    i keep on getting this error at the end, "payment declined". i tried both master and visa card at visa checkout. still doesnt work

  • Great bargain , :) Thx vegimate

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    Argh - I wish there was a permanent Cashrewards icon in the background - all that white could be used for a reminder!

    It said the 'card' is emailed to us. I hardly go to WW lately. Are you able to only spend $20 at at time?

    • doesn't have to all be used in one transaction

      • Thanks.

    • Emailed on the 8th Jan.

  • This is crazy!!!

  • I am getting a "invalid coupon code: You have already used this coupon the maximum times available". I've never used scoopon or visacheckout before?

    • +2

      Their site is probably having a heart attack. It completely crashed Firefox here on checkout, and I had to start again.

  • -2

    Bought 2 @ $90 and got it in inbox.
    Placed order for 3 more and still counting!!

    • u mean 70?

      • -1

        $90 from previous deal.

      • -3

        yup ended up buying 4 @ $70

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