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LG 65" UHD SMART TV $1979, Sony 75" FHD 3D SMART TV $2329, Samsung 1TB HD $57 + More @ Bing Lee

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  • The Samsung 60" 7200 has been slashed by everyone this boxing day sale and I believe it's now cheaper than when it was on eBay with the % off. I was dead set on this TV until I changed to the 65" 8 Series which looks like BL have also discounted! https://www.binglee.com.au/samsung-ua65js8000w-65-uhd-led-tv

    It's now $3799 which is about $3,419 after code applied. Not as good as the previous eBay deal of $3,200 so I will patiently wait, but thanks trent!

  • man, so want the sony 65X8500C for $2249. Last time tried to get HN to match but they wouldn't budge. This was in QLD where there's no bing lee

  • Crazy cheap prices. Nice find

  • Guys, what do you reckon Sony KD65X8500C 65" UHD LED Smart 3D Android 100Hz TV for $2249 + 40$ delivery is the cheapest around? I am not sure can we use cashrewards with it?

    • cheapest around yep

      Video Pro in QLD is next cheapest and that was like ~$2470

      • Any idea about cashrewards? I am not used to it.

        • I just had a look on their website and doesn't look like bing lee is part of it, unless i couldn't find it.

        • @chb: What's the benefit of a Android TV if you already have Nvidia shield, PS4 or XB1? Versus say the old Sony menus? Only 16gb on board of which 8.9 is available I doubt you can store many apps/games… Doesn't seem to support chroma going by the specs on Bing Lee website and it seems to be frame dimmed like the 2014 model. Don't see much of a difference, is it still the same IPS display? The 2013 850 model was generally held as better than the 14 model, is the trend continuing with panels getting cheaper but worse or same quality?

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          no idea mate, probably not much. I'm not an expert, but am on the lookout and was aiming for the sony TV. The reviews on the android TV hasn't been the absolute best. Seems like LG/Samsung interface is better

        • @chb: yes they seem to have taken over the premium TV mantle at the moment.

        • @juzz0:

          Just FYI-the Sony supports chroma over 4k after a software update. I love android TV-easy mirroring from my devices to the TV, the ability to sideload any android app, and the media versatility. There are the occasional freezes, but Sony have been quick to release updates which have helped.

        • @donnot: Sony Chroma update just to the 2015 version? I read that rumour on a forum (think Avs) but no one had the 850/8500c to test

        • @juzz0:

          I have the 55X8500C and have been able to enable chroma. Explained in the rtings update of the X850C model "Update: With the new firmware update PKG2.463.0010NAB, This TV now supports 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4. To enable this, go to Home button - Settings - External Inputs - HDMI Signal Format - Enhanced (new)."

        • @donnot: ok good I doubt the 2014 model will work with chroma as it's a update package specifically for that TV's FW. Many TV manufacturers are getting their heads around the fact that people do want to use their TV's as oversized monitors (it's not just a novelty or only for 'nerds' but a real differentiating selling point) especially those who live in studio or small one bedroom apartments and can't afford for space, or financial reasons, a dedicated monitor set up. I wish I had this TV now as I'm sick and tired of dealing with blurry text when using my dinovo edge and gaming laptop over hdmi. 4:2:0 sucks.

  • Thanks Trent86, I've been waiting a while since the last time Bing Lee had the UA60JS7200 for ~$1800. After seeing the drop to $1998 at a couple of stores yesterday I've been waiting for a further discount and tonight I've finally pulled the trigger. Hopefully for me ebay won't have a 15% or more voucher code before the new year so I won't regret having not held out long enough for it.

  • Whats the difference between the two Sony 65inch UHD 3d Tv's?

    • x9000 is a model up the x8500c and it has far better sound. you will need to buy a soundbar with x8500c but not one with x9000 but the x8500 is at a really good price here

      • If the main point of difference is audio always go for the lower model and invest in any soundbar/external speaker system: as even low end soundbars will have higher output, better carrythrough than the "top" TV speakers (unless it is being marketed as the primary feature of the model). A dedicated unit will sound better as it's much more "Surround" being external to the Tv and 90% of the time will have more power. And if you are willing to shell out for the premium TV you would be smart to invest in at least an entry level home theatre set up.

        • Pretty much, i already got some audio gear, you can get some good stuff cheap on gumtree second hand.

  • EBAY10 ? Why?! But damn good prices. Cheers OP.

  • Sony 75 UHD seems to be the best price. Will they honor the sale. I dont want to miss the boxing day sale and they cancelling the orders?
    Is it worthwhile to haggle other stores or if this price is unbeatable?

  • Which 3d Glasses to go with the Sony 75 UHD. Doesn't seem to be included?

    • to know for sure check the sony website :)

    • Mate -this is ridiculous. Sony doesn't include 3D glasses. :-( You have to buy them separately

      • I have discovered that you don't necessarily have to buy that exact model of Sony 3D glasses. Even 2012 3D glasses from samsung will work, I guess 3D glasses have been standardised across manufactories ,you can buy a cheap knock-off from ebay. I happened to have an older model of the samsung TV with supplied 3D glasses.

  • SONY KD65X8500C vs PANASONIC TH-65CX700A vs LG 65UF680T
    So much choice, which would be the pick of this bunch guys?

    • I've bought Sony KD65X8500C for the few reasons. I need 3D (so excluded LG) and android TV is much better than Panasonic Firefox.

  • Pulled the trigger for KD75X8500C $3,639 delivered. I've been monitoring this TV for a long time. Thanks TRENT86. I am wondering you probably will be winning Ozbargain award again this year. Thanks for the big help.

    • Did you have problem checking out with paypal? I seems having invalid item number error when I used paypal to checkou.

      • Yes - exactly. After few attempts I've checked out with my credit card

        • Yeah.. I tried three times and no success.. I ended up using my credit card directly. I guess paypal doesn't like the ebay code.

        • Hey Folks, it seems we all ordered the 75 UHD model, let's touch base to see when our orders get honoured and delivered, shall we?

        • @Mickeyjc:

          I don't mind, will post here.

        • @Mickeyjc: Don't worry mate. They should honour all the orders.

          We are protected by ACL S.35 - You must state clearly if the good is in short supply or on sale for a limited time. For example, if your advertisement makes it very clear that goods are available at the discount price for ‘today only’, this will limit your obligations to that day.

          If there is not a reasonable chance the offer will be available at the advertised price, you may be in breach of the ACL unless you promptly offer a 'rain check', an acceptable substitute product or take other corrective action.

          Example: An electronics retailer runs a campaign advertising 50-inch televisions at a price of $799 for a week-long sale. The retailer usually sells about 30 televisions of this type every week. The retailer only stocks two televisions at the advertised price and refuses to take customer orders.

          When customers attempt to buy the television at the advertised price, they are told it is out of stock and offered a more expensive unit for $999. This is likely to be bait advertising as the retailer does not have a reasonable supply of the advertised television.

        • @AussieGargain: pretty sure they can say it is a pricing error and get away with it.

        • @Mickeyjc:

          Just got call from Bing Lee and they promised delivery next Thursday. I am looking forward :-)

        • @SunElf:

          I got a call from Binglee too this morning, they have scheduled a delivery for tomorrow (Monday), I look forward to it too.

        • @Mickeyjc: hi guys, FYI. I got my TV.

      • I did not use Paypal. I just used the Credit Card directly. I read a post same time last year that someone ordered a TV via Paypal had some issues regarding transaction adjustments, refund or something else I could not remember.

    • I bought one too. Hopefully they honor :(

    • Im not happy i ordered mine at 5.45 am

      Thank you for your purchase.

      Unfortunately due to the system glitch, the model you have ordered is currently out of stock.

      However the stock is estimated to arrive on Monday 4th January at our Sydney warehouse.

      Once the stock physically arrives at our warehouse, we will arrange for immediate dispatch.

      You will receive the email advising of dispatch and the tracking detail.

      Alternatively if you would like to cancel the order, please advise us.

      We sincerely apologise for delay and any inconvenience this may have caused.

      If any issues or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Thanks Trent, I bought the Samsung 1TB M3 Portable Hard Drive $51 - PayPal wasn't working but credit card worked.

  • Does anyone know what kind of remote the samsung UA60JS7200W comes with? Is it just the basic one, or is it the one with a motion pointer?

    • I think it's a normal one, who knows why

      • Awww, that's quite disappointing considering that this is a new model, with a relatively high asking price…

        Thanks trent.

    • I have the motion pointer on mine (only one that came with it) and much prefer the basic one… The motion pointer remote forces you to go through a ton of menus/submenus in order to reach some very basic functions. I still use it… but not as much as the basic one I bought on ebay.

  • Is this it guys? Do I pull the trigger on the Sony KD65X8500C now? Or will JB come back with the knockout punch?

  • Panasonic TH-55CS610A 55" FHD SMART LED 100Hz TV $899(binglee.com.au)

    Guys I cant find this deal ? has bing lee changed the price or am I missing somethin ?

    Also any opinions about this TV, i want to buy it for my son to play his ps4 games, plus a bit of tv too.

  • Ordered Sony 75 UHD with flat shipping. Looks like a great price. How to follow up on the order shipping now?
    Thanks OP.
    Edit: Does anyone got it with the extended warranty? Can we extend it after purchasing?

    • I heard from the sales person from jb hifi saying the changed consumer law has enforced most of the electronic product to have two years warranty, the first year from manufacturers, the second year from the retail store. Is it the case?

  • Really want to get the Samsung UA60JS7200W but according to the US review of their equivalent model (JS7000, same dimensions and weight and everything so it must be the same) it has no 24p support so movies will have judder. Might have to spend a little more for the Sony.

    • Thanks Jasper for this information. I am not knowledgable in these things but guess that the judder means that I should avoid this TV. The price was good though. Could you advise what alternate TV should I look at - budget is about $2k maximum please.

      • I researched the hell out of this tv and got one last ebay sale.
        It doesnt suffer from the same issues as the js7000 as the js7200 is 100hz/120hz not 50hz/60hz like the 7000 so there is no judder in movies.
        It also isnt affected by the bad black levels as in the review it is a 55" IPS panel whilst the js7200 is a VA.

        • That also said - being VA panel it does get affected more by side viewing, though ive never noticed it. Good tv, a little bit of flashlighting on mine though.

        • @scraggers:
          Thanks Scraggers. We will be having a direct view - minimal side view. So in that sense I guess it is not a major issue for us. In overall experience are you happy with web connections, Chromecast and watching FTA please?

        • @asehgal:
          Web connection is good, cant complain there.
          I dont use a chromecast but use ps4/usb for watching shows so cant comment on chromecast.
          Free to air is awesome only issue ive had is going through the guide menu loading down the page can be slow.

        • @scraggers:
          Thanks heaps Scraggers

  • Why no 55" Samsung (UA55J6200) or Sony (KDL55W800C) is not on sale anywhere? :(

    • my guess is that sony dictates what models go on sale. Currently these might not be on sale from them but they have said on their site that more models will be added soon

  • Anyone with UHD please comment if there is a massive difference in picture quality vs FHD with a viewing distance of 4 metres as I am so confused whether to buy smaller UHD or go for the bigger FHD that is cheaper. thanks

    • I recently went from full HD 50" 7 series Samsung plasma (2010) to the Sony 65" x8500c UHD sitting at 4m the difference is incredible. Free to air picture sucks except for gem and OneHD, but bluray is remarkable. And YouTube, Netflix and Presto make me never want to watch live tv anymore. Throw in the catch up apps and I rarely do! If you watch a lot of Netflix and bluray then I would without a doubt go UHD the clarity is superb!

    • I went from an old Toshiba LCD (circa 2011??) FHD to a JU7500 UHD and I honestly think that even FTA is heaaaaaps better. Sure, if you leave the motion thing on it looks kinda weird but that's one click to turn it off (turn it on to watch sports though). The upscalling on the newer models is pretty dam impressive IMHO… but it still depends on the source quality. So if you're watching a regular channel (480p) it won't upscale as well as it will a 1080i (OneHD). When it comes to Bluray or Netflix though there's absolutely no comparison. UHD knocks it out of the park.

  • If they run out of the sony 75" you can buy it from deals direct using masterpass, same price


    The sony 65" fhd is cheaper here at $1500


    The 65" 4k was $1912 moments ago….now sold out

  • Does the Sony 75" ultra HD suck as much as the 65" in this review for the KD65X8500C:

    Dick Smith have been selling the 55" variant for the last three weeks under 1500. About the same time period I have been trying to sell my 65". Not much market demand on Gumtree for this (if you want to buy but have second thoughts) only under 2000 (brand new). Choose carefully as this model is not xtended range, hdr, only has frame Dimming does not do chroma has same lag of Sony kdl lcd TV's that came out six years ago, also has unconvincing 3D (from online reviews) and noted Backlight bleed issues (especially around the frame). All these issues found out afterwards.

    • review was of a b model totally different
      nice spamming though
      good to see someone posting with authority who has never used or seen the tv


    Thanks Trent. Just bought the Sony KD65X8500C 65" UHD LED Smart 3D Android 100Hz TV $2249

  • They may stop honoring this "EBAY10" discount code very soon? (so you may like to get it while you can)

  • Tossing btw 65UF680T vs KD65X8500C. Any feedback?

  • Is anyone able to get shipping options on the Sony tvs? Seems like only click and collect now?

  • I was really hoping for a cheap Sony 55" HD screen, but looks like nobody is having those on sale.
    That 65" does look mighty tempting though…

  • Let me know if u guys get a receipt with a bing lee price match for the Sony 65"

    • Just an update, Myers couldn't match. ~3.3k was about their cost price atm

  • Samsung > Sony
    Minimal input lag on Samsung way better for gaming than Sony
    I bought a 49" Sony UHD and a 65" Samsung UHD 2 weeks ago. By god the Samsung blows it out of the water.
    I'm getting consistent remote lag from the Sony (very annoying) crashes where I have to pull the plug out. And cannot visit websites correctly. All this is fine with the Samsung.
    If you ask me.