This was posted 5 years 11 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Minimum Spend $150)


MOD 30/12 1:40PM: eBay has revised this deal to expire at 30/12 1PM AEDT instead of 31/12. However the code is currently still active, be quick as it may expire at any time.

MOD 30/12 3:35PM: The code is still working some 2.5 hours after it was supposed to expire, unclear what is going on.

MOD 30/12 6:05PM: The code appears to have expired now.

See all eBay deals.

eBay is offering 15% off everything starting Tuesday, add Cashrewards Cashback which is 4% at the moment.

Guys, this is BIG! This will be my last deal post! Let's finish 2015 with a bang!

  • Start date: Tuesday 29/12 - 11am AEDT
  • End date: 31/12
  • 15% off site wide (excludes postage)
  • Minimum spend $150 / max discount $300 (up to 2 transactions - maximum of 10 items per transaction)

If you missed in 2015 then you might get another chance today.

[send me your fav ebay deal from 2015 that still is available due to this promo and I will insert here with credits to you]

[I will insert prices and update deal once it's all confirmed- mods please assist once live as i have to goto work]

LG G4 at QD_AU, really a super phone!
Nexus 5x at QD_AU
Nexus 6 at MobileCiti
Oneplus One still a great phone!
Samsung galaxy s6 at qd

Nikon D3300 Kit at TGG with cashback
Sony A6000 at Sony with $150 Giftcard
Sony RX100 Mark 3
see below for more info re cashback deals

Fitness & Sport
Fitbit Charge HR
Fitbit Charge

Camping & Outdoors
Solar Panels check the number of sold items!
Generator for Camping
Weber Q200 BBQ at Masters
(sorry, can't beat the BBQ 50% price ever again, what a legendary promo that was)

Air Conditioners
Portable Air Conditioner

OzBargain Classics
Dyson deals at Masters and
Dyson deals at TGG
Eneloops Chocolate (have seen better deals previously though)
Sandisk 120GB SSD

Huawei W1 Smartwatch at Mobile Citi
Chromebook Flip - close to past amazon deal price

Cashback Deals on Cameras
Nikon Cashback, Sony Cashback, Fuji Cashback and Panasonic Gift still active during this deal period.
Achieve some deep discounts with these manufacturer promotions combined with this ebay promo.
Buy from an authorised AU store on ebay and claim your cashback or gift.
Sony Promo


How to Score multiple items discount

  • Add multiple items to cart
  • in cart Proceed to Checkout with all items in your cart
  • Add redemption code in entry box
  • Continue button
  • Complete payment

note keep currency the same


  • items from other ebay country sites too, just buy via AU site, keep the currency the same for multi item transactions
  • auctions and offer if paid within offer period
  • (accepted) offers if paid within offer period
  • groupdeals
  • already marked down items


  • Shipping fee is excluded from the discount
  • Buying on eBay country sites other than AU
  • NEVER works in conjunction with another coupon, always only one coupon per transaction
  • Purchases of items listed in the following categories are excluded from this offer: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9,800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).
  • Why is my discount not showing in PayPal? It is showing - view transaction details and it will look similar to this

Acknowledgements to lokesh's comment who first referenced a possible deal and his comment sparked my interest and started the research from there googling, calling around and livechats until finally someone spilled the beans!!! thanks!

Mod Warning: Please do not post your own eBay listings in this thread. Such comments will be unpublished, the commenter will be banned from participating in the thread and account penalties may apply. Use the classifieds section for personal items instead.

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  • so, assuming it's like the previous ebay discounts, does this mean we can go to and order stuff from China and get the discount?
    Damn. Just ordered $600 wheels on Aliexpress

    • If it's a sitewide discount you could buy from any country and get the discount.

      • Provided u pay in the same currency I.e all transactions must be in AU

  • +3

    So posting speculative deals is allowed? Yet when I posted a deal with limited stock it was quickly unpublished within minutes. At least it was a confirmed deal. Nice one OzB mods!

    • +1

      limited stock does not create the required hype for fellow members to stick around (remember DSE deals)

    • +6

      I guess a lot of traffic = bend the rules.

  • To all those crying unconfirmed, I don't think we've ever had them turned out false. Have we?

    • +4

      Sorry that's not the point. It's a breach of rules that mods are meant to uphold but they constantly turn a blind eye to these deals because of hype, clicks, etc which really shows a sheer lack of ethics and consistency on their part.

  • Is this just for Buy it Now or does it work on Items we are bidding on too?

    • Applies to auctions as well, providing you win and pay for the item before the offer period ends.

      • How about if I've already won the item and am waiting to pay for it?

        • This I'm unsure of, but you should just wait for the deal to go live, try and apply it at checkout, and hope for the best.

        • @lyl:
          That's what I've been doing for the last two days. It'd save me $165 if it works!

        • @lyl:

          It worked! I won the auction Saturday and paid for it yesterday and saved 15%. Woo!

          I wonder if this works for Buy It Now items. For next time, could you commit to the sale, lock in a price before the retailers hike it up, and pay for it once the code is active?

        • @sween64:

          Seems like you can, that seems like a good idea. But then this was an 'unconfirmed sale,' so you wouldn't risk buying it beforehand…
          Confirmed sales (whose code is already active) usually means that prices have hiked already, so I guess this method can't really work.

          Oh and also: auction/best offer items cannot be added to the cart, so you can't combine an action item with a buy it now item when you apply the code, so if you won an auction for $149, boohoo, no discount.

        • @lyl:

          I combined an auction item with a Best Offer item, which is very similar to a Buy It Now item. Are you sure they can't be combined? I added both to my cart and paid later.

          Edit: Obviously there is a risk with an unconfirmed sale and commiting to the purchase before confirmation but also before the price hike.

        • @sween64:

          Really? I could never do it, did the auction have a buy it now option as well?

        • @lyl:

          I don't think so. Maybe it has changed.

  • +2

    I just sat back and thought about the whole discount thing.

    • This is available for everyone, not just the minority who leave the house and have social skills

      • Fair point, but that's kinda directed at me as I don't understand it. I AM more excited for this deal than just going in store and getting a better price. The Ozbargain effect.

        • I was only joking, but I do think because it's available for everyone for a huge range it makes the deal pretty good.

    • It's 'no one bats an eye'. :)

    • +32

      Would you have rather spent your dollars now just to find out tomorrow that you could have saved 19% ? Thats why im posting it early even though there may be the risk of unknown. By giving you a heads up you can get your items lined up plus get a cashrewards account if you have not got one yet.

      You have lost nothing by waiting. Im risking my OZB reputation for the OZB community by posting this.

      • I dunno why people are arguing. If it's against the rules then it will be moved/dealt with appropriately. I'm thankful it's on the main page as I wouldn't know about it from the forums and by the time I would all the good stuff would be jacked/gone.

        Neg the rules not the deal until it is dealt with/confirmed.

        • +3

          My thoughts exactly. Some people care so much about the up votes and down votes they have to argue about it here.

          Just appreciate the fact that OP has done the dirty work for us to potentially save us hundreds.

        • -4

          What dirty work? Where's any proof?

        • +1


          Some people care so much about the up votes and down votes

          This is not Reddit ;)

      • -4

        Your reputation when this is your apparent last deal? righto bud, why don't you paste the chat log that you supposedly had?

  • +5

    I thought all UNCONFIRMED deals were moved to the forums? and once confirmed people would post.
    I do remember a spat between a prominent member who posted a deal too early and it got shafted to the forums. Only to be reposted by another member the next day once confirmed.
    I suppose this slipped through cause:
    A. To stop this stupid fighting (like really internet points people)
    B. As always once community votes over ~50 positives before Mods act we let it be.

    Anyways I am looking forward if this deal comes up I want to purchase a a Bushnell Rangefinder V3 ~$343

    • I thought all UNCONFIRMED deals were moved to the forums?

      Unconfirmed deals (as always) are marked as such until such time they can be confirmed. If an unconfirmed deal turns out to be false it would simply be removed (not happened in my time). Examples of some previous unconfirmed deals off the top of my head:

      $1 Dorito's
      eBay 15 % off sitewide

      Unconfirmed deals are never moved to the forums, once deals are moved to the forums they can't be moved back. I am not sure where that assumption has come from, nor is 50 votes related to unconfirmed deals (we do have a duplicate guideline that if a deal receives over 50 votes but that doesn't extend to anything else). Note that we aren't a court of law and the submission of proof isn't part of posting a deal :)

      If a member did submit a non existent deal on purpose (not applicable to this deal) then they would be perm banned for trolling or similar.

      member who posted a deal too early and it got shafted to the forums. Only to be reposted by another member the next day once confirmed.

      We do unpublish deals or move deals to the forum has have insufficient information (no details available for upcoming sale), that isn't related to unconfirmed deals but may be what you are referring to. Guidelines "Deal posts that reference an upcoming sale without information about any specific offer may be unpublished". An example of that may be someone posting "eBay deal coming soon" without any specific information in regards to price, quantity, discount amount etc. Someone may then repost this deal once sufficient information has been obtained.

      Feel free to contact us via TWAM to discuss further.

      For now let's all keep the discussion on topic and let us worry about the rest either way when that time arises.


      • -3

        Relax hamza i wasnt being seriously critical.
        Just my view from time on here, i cant even find the post now it either was the scenario i listed above or posting a deal which was not active at the time, which was not allowed during that time (both were before your time) i noticed a lot has changed now.
        I hardly care at all nowadays tbh its really fighting over imaginary internet points over whose wrong and right, in the end its a win win situation, sure you may lose pride over an internet argument but really thars prety petty.

        Great work as always.

        Oh and the whole ~50 vote thing wasnt a hard figure just when community gets behind something we bend the rules and later we ad it as a new guidline i.e buried good deals in compilations that got posted indivdually, which im not against.
        Like i said i wasnt being critical i dont do internet 'fights'/arguments.

  • How do you keep currency the same if you've got one item from an Australian seller & another one from a UK seller in your cart? It says- "You have more than one currency in your cart, so you'll complete checkout for each currency separately" Will discount code still be applied to both items??

    • No it wont… so youll need to limit your spending to one currency only

      Though if the code is usable for multiple transactions, assuming the min spend is $150, if you spend more than $150 in both curencies youll be able to use it in both checkouts.(nothing is confirmed yet)

  • +2

    Any xperia z5 deal by chance?

  • I'm reserving my up-vote till I see some actual worthwhile deals. If GG and DSE raise prices again, no deal.

    • Buy from any other store then.

      • Not only DSE and GG…other stores have simply listed items as out of stock in the past as well.

  • +3

    Good Job OP. Glad that my information was correct

  • Just start it now so the scumbag shops dont have time to raise prices.

  • +2

    Almost 2,500 clicks and close to 250 votes (as of now) and the deal hasn't been confirmed yet. I love OzBargain. :)

  • +1

    Exciting. Now I simply need to find a good 65" OLED TV :) Otherwise a 65" Samsung UHD 4k for second option…. Can't find a good deal so far.

    • If you come across any good 65" uhd 4k deals, please post here.

  • I still have an amaysim voucher, can I combine it with this discount?

    • Nope you can't :(

  • +1

    Any good seller of iPhone 6s plus?

  • Ta

  • +1

    I believe in 20% discount, I checked PCCG and the prices on their eBay store are 20% more than on their normal website.

    Did they increase by 20% just before the promotion? o_O;

    • +2

      LOL good observation.

      For example, a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO

      Ebay store $157

      Normal Website $139

      That's 13% difference. XD

      • +2

        Ebay link has FREE delivery

        Ordering from PCCG does not.

    • +2

      Nah, their prices have always been set that way. Done to cover eBay and PayPal fees to maintain their margins I believe. Or trying to drive traffic to their webstore perhaps?

      • +2

        13% is what eBay & PayPal charge the sellers including postage.
        We do want bargain, but no seller can survive selling at loss all the time. You always gain on someone else's loss

    • +1

      Did they increase by 20% just before the promotion? o_O;

      Click the number sold link to see what an item sold for on previous days/weeks - that'll often give an indication of whether the price has been left alone or jacked up.

  • +3

    Im going to get this over with early…

    Hey guys i paid by paypal and got charged the full amount on the receipt - WTF??!! Omfg

    • +1

      title should be "15% off Sitewide @ Ebay - No, You Didn't Just Get Charged The Full Amount".

      • lol, there is always a comment in every single ebay promo posted here.
        It's in the main body, so hopefully that'll be good enough

  • +1

    Now this is what i've been waiting for. Hopefully there are some good sales on computer parts.

  • +1

    Oh well, I'll have to buy something again which I don't really need.

  • Why is this your last post OP?

    • Because he will not post any other deals after this post.

      Cheers hope thats the answer you're looking for.

      • +2

        Ahh, the helpful community spirit of OzBargain. Your contribution has been invaluable michaelTito

        • +1

          Thank heaps. Happy new year!

    • +1

      Prolly because he doesn't want to be chased outta the village by an angry mob jv clones! ;-)

  • Great post.

    Hope this deal goes live soon so that OP's effort is not wasted

  • +2

    Just when I'm about to buy a Nexus 6P

  • Thank you for posting this here. I am now waiting to purchase something for this! Thanks guys!

  • Hmmm what to buy?

  • Hoping for 20%.

    15% is like a forty degree day:

    • Noticed the reference to a possible 20% has now been edited out of the deal description :-/

      • Yep, blurgh. I'm not getting out of bed for 15% off.

  • The eBay itself is magic doesn't matter confirmed or not. People will vote

  • +1

    Guys, this is BIG! This will be my last deal post!

    OP, for year 2015 or 4good? what is happening?

  • What's better a Dyson DC 54 or a Miele C3 Cat and Dog?

  • I need a freaking go pro4 ….(other options)???

    • Perhaps XiaoMi Yi? I haven't got one personally but have ordered one with gearbest (yes it might not come ..)

      I might grab another from eBay with this discount for my overseas holiday.

  • soon.jpg

  • Looking to pick up the Lumia 850 XL Dual SIM

  • Hope You are Correct OP :)

  • Thanks OP.

  • So whilst waiting for this possible ebay deal.

    Never used cashrewards before, but just joined:

    Method I intend to use is the following:

    Clean install of Firefox with cookies on (Someone on these comments said they have used a clean install with no issues)
    Once/if the ebay deal happens log into cashrewards & access ebay site via it. Add all items to cart (With Ebay discount applied)
    Log out of ebay
    Log back into Cashrewards & Purchase items in ebay cart

    While asking, doesn't the T&C on cashrewards clearly state that if used in conjunction with other discounts/coupons, it may be void?

    • While asking, doesn't the T&C on cashrewards clearly state that if used in conjunction with other discounts/coupons, it may be void?

      Yes. Yet, people still love to complain.

      • It seems with the word "May" & no cost to the end purchaser in trying, its logical to try to use it incase you get lucky..

    • +1

      Log out of ebay

      Don't log out of ebay.
      Once in eBay (via Cashrewards), stay in eBay and purchase items in cart.

  • Can u claim the gst ?

    • +1

      Yes, if you're heading overseas

      • +2

        assuming is the seller has an ABN and issues tax invoices.

  • +2

    ozbargain should implement a count down feature

  • Huawei P8 or samsung A5 or LG G4?

    • My choice Huawei P8. just got one and love it..
      G4 and P8 are pretty much same in config, just the screen size difference. I wanted a phone no more than 5 inches screen

    • G4 has the best specs of the lot

    • G4 for the specs.

      …but I do like the A5; feels and looks so nice, especially in that dark blue colour.

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