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20% off TVs, Laptops, Smartphones, Samsung Phones/Tablets, 5% off Apple and 10% off Bose @ Dick Smith


I just happened to be walking past Dick Smith in SA when I saw staff putting up these signs.

Not sure if nationwide but most likely since they are shutting their doors soon. Yes, nationwide:

Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch: 5%
Apple cables: 30%
Game consoles and games: 20%
All TVs: 20%
Samsung phones, tablets and TVs: 20%
All Smartphones (Except iPhone): 20%
Laptops: 20%
Microsoft, including Surface products: 20%
Drones: 20%
DSLR cameras: 20%
Headphones, including Beats: 30%
Bose: 10% off (Selected stores)

See Discussion Here: Dick Smith Enters in Liquidation , Closure of Stores / Closing Down, Sales

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  • +6

    here we go!

    • +3

      Where we going

      • +11

        to get some dick loving

        • +3

          Whatever floats ur boat

  • +70

    call me captain obvious here, just thought of my 2 cents for whatever they're worth.

    I'm not sure how good the sales are or where the discounts are taken from (RRP I imagine)
    meaning they don't mean much, until you see the price of the item and compare.
    oh, and .. it's cheaper not to buy something, than to buy something on sale you don't need.

    • +72

      "it's cheaper not to buy something, than to buy something on sale you don't need"

      I feel like this should be the typical Ozbargainer philosophy, but in reality is the opposite

      • +19

        sadly it is, as i also bought a 1 cent bottle opener credit card gadget thing, that i don't need. still miss that 1 cent

        • +2

          Surely it rounded down

    • +14

      "it's cheaper not to buy something, than to buy something on sale you don't need."

      You'll get banned with that sort of common sense attitude.

      • +8

        Have reported him. How dare he trample on our dignity.

  • +48

    I fell for Dick's bullshit sale a while ago and never again. To hell with Dick.

    • +76

      Sounds like you've had enough dick to last a lifetime.

      • +4

        Once dicked shame on me but I won't allow to get dicked again, mate. No way.

        • +14

          Aussiedaddy, is that your name on Grinder also?

        • +2

          @Risto: I am retired from that role now. Though I do part-time job as a watchman for a Tinder facility.

    • +2

      OK folks, please don't fall for another one of Tricky Dickie's limp sales! Wait for the goddamn fire sale, people!

      • +3

        The only thing that could come close to the last real sale is if the store was actually on fire.

        • Nah, the stock itself would have to be on fire. Buy online only. And no refunds.

    • i had a field day so this is looking a little lacklustre, will hold off a little while i think till things get really interesting.

    • You got DickDolled…

  • +73

    "Entire Store on Sale" should be "This Store is For Sale"

    • +2

      They've given up trying to sell the stores since no-one wants to buy them :P

      • +11

        Correction: there are plenty of offers for the stores, just that the offers are too low! LOL!!

        • +17

          Yeah, my offer was rejected.

        • +69

          It was because all the employees buying up all the good stores first.

        • @zzyss:
          Underrated comment. +1

        • @zzyss: +1

          Though I'd give them some slack cause they'll be without a job soon.

          (Yet one could argue - staff snatching up all the good deals from the sales are part of the problem that lead dick to this path)

        • @Kelberos:

          That's a good point and I empathise with them.

          I would say that's senior managements fault. They shouldn't be allowed to do that. I guess I would do the same if I worked there

        • @Kelberos: Karma, she works in funny ways :)

    • "Entire Store on Sale" should be "This Store is For Sale"

      They don't own the store…

      • +3

        They might not own the store jv but they have bought the farm.

        • +7

          I thought the Chinese bought the farm ?

        • @jv: They effectively owned the farm through supply.

    • They probably will sell the shelving and fittings to anyone who wants them. Most closing down sales generally put up all that stuff for sale aswell as the stock.

    • +2

      How many eneloops are they asking for? Surely, we would have enough eneloops to buy dicksmith if all ozbargainers contribute

  • +33

    Every time they have a "Huge Sale" nothing that seems to be worth anything goes for a sale like price.

    • +20

      I've been and had a look in the ACT.

      Not worth it.

      • +14

        I would suggest this applies to everything in the ACT.

        • That's Queanbeyan

        • @JayM:


          Which is not actually in the ACT.

        • @itsMartin:

          It's unofficial ACT, well, we've claimed it as unofficial.

    • +1

      The difference this time is they have a maximum of 8 weeks left to sell as much as possible.
      Discounts may not be great today, but over the next few weeks that will change form 10% to 20% to 30% to 40% etc

    • Their "sales" have always been pretty limp

  • +4

    Time to call the old manager and see if he can pull any favours.

    • +6

      I'll upload the receipt if I do so the downvoters can get in on the action too ;)

  • Next stop: Harvey Norman.

    • +2

      Harvey are mostly franchise. So they already diverted most risk to their franchisee..

  • +24

    I feel sorry for the employees losing their jobs. Hopefully they can find another job soon.

    I'll be waiting until the deals get better. I'd love to pick up a Panasonic TH-65CX700A or something similar for half price. I say "meh" at 20%

    • +2

      I can't say the same to a lot of DS staff at my local store..

      Didn't neg you by the way.

      • +21

        Under the circumstances, I guess they won't be grabbing all the deals for themselves.

        I don't mind being negged, I just get a texta and draw a | on my computer screen. Turns it into a positive.

        • +10

          I am actually not talking about them grabbing the deals before we do.

          It is their lack of service, bad attitude and ignoring customers who obviously needed help.

          I like your positivity though. :)

        • +4

          Then you scroll down and that makes one of jv's posts become a positive……

        • +2

          @victorheaven: Totally agree with you on that. There is a bad culture of attitude and a general lack of care. Rarely have I met a ds staff member with a genuine interest to assist with a query, you're basically ignored and left waiting, that's against the interest of any business. I will only shop where i can have a good shopping experience, and it's part of the reason for resorting to shop online, and then when you do, they complain about the prospect of losing their jobs.

          Come to think of it, the uninviting in-store service resulted in an Ozbargain membership, so they kind of did me a favour in that regard :D

          Never underestimate the power of a smile.

      • So you're saying you hope a lot of the staff at your local store don't find another job?
        What a dick.

        • +6

          I am saying a lot of staff at my local store don't deserve getting paid for what they do.

          I don't mind if you think that is being a dick.

      • +9

        Most of the staff there should just walk around with an iPad stuck on their foreheads so we can search for the correct answer to the tech questions. When big sales were on, they were rude, when nothing was going on, they were disinterested. (Generally speaking, naturally). But that wasn't the reason they went broke.

        • +7

          Dicky's (lack of ) service made JB's junkie looks professional.

        • Sorry to be that guy, but the staff were uninterested, not disinterested.

          Disinterested means they don't have a stake in what's going on - staff obviously do, their livelihood.

        • +2

          @Meconium: your rite.

        • +2

          @Risto: Know he izzent

    • +2

      This Dick is getting out of control, it has been f'ing us for years with lies and false sales, then it f'ed the gift card buyers, Stockholders and now the employees. Someone stop feeding it Viagra.

    • +2

      after being @ Knox City today, i have not sympathy for the staff - rude, arrogant and i could go on and it wasnt just me on the end of it.

      no one likes loosing there job but to take it out on customers and then refuse to sell items at the prices that are advertised, even on the shelf in front of them, out of the catalogue or from online is beyond me. i can only wish them many happy returns going through the indignity of putting up with Centrelink month after month - might be a good wake up call.

      • +1

        Wasn't Angelo there today? I always get good service from him.

        • +2

          Angelo is taking a sick day today. He is busy listing all the bargains he grabbed from DS in his eBay store.

    • I had a mate who got a job at Dick at the start of the summer break, now he has no job :p

  • Just saw this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/227107 from DSE today for $719. How the hell is that a fire sale ?

    Even on their dead bed Dick sale is still cheeky :P

    • +1

      I got that just now for $600. Good enough for me.

      • The same TV ?

      • listed online at 719.20, can anybody confirm $600? the number doesn't make any sense to me, as the non-sale price for this Tv seems to be $900. Post receipt?

        • +3

          Receipt: http://imgur.com/30L3Wsy

          Strangely, just noticed on the receipt that he has put through a bag that I didn't receive for $0.00. Must have been for himself (or his friends, who he was chatting with in the store).

        • @mpratty10:
          good deal, I'll buy one on my way home tonight.

        • -1

          @dinna89: Good luck! The store I went to sold out and that was at 9.30am. I bought mine brand new, the guy behind me bought the display…

        • @mpratty10:
          :( they've been trying to flog these off for months now, every store I've seen has had heaps of stock, but I haven't been in recently. I'm hoping it will be okay.

          How heavy are the boxes? Manageable on a train?

        • @dinna89: You're right. I'd say yes. A little cumbersome but not very heavy.

        • @mpratty10:
          called in store, they're selling for $719.20 everywhere i checked.

        • I just went to the store at Westfield Doncaster, the staff checked and told me it's $719.20…

        • @ur enq:
          I'll give it a few weeks, hope they still have stock.

        • @dinna89:
          tried today to pricematch in S.A. They said they wouldnt honour $600. bastards

        • @I like bacon: Bugger! I was a lucky one.

          I ended up (successfully) returning the TV today. Had some major LED edge bleed. The picture quality is pretty average also.

          It was a failed impulse buy!

    • +5

      Administrator are just a bungle of accountants and they have no sense of market price.

      I bet they have a discount schdeule looks something like this.

      1st week of March 20% off RRP
      2nd week of March 30% off RRP
      3rd week of March 40% off RRP
      4th week of March 50% off RRP

      Endgame —> sold all to Greysonline at junk price.

      • +3

        Generally the business in charge of liquidation (Hilco - they've done DSE liquidations before for woolies, they've done borders… and they did Radioshack and Circuit City over in the US) will go 70-90% off at the very highest (alongside selling the fixtures at that point), but no more then that. I'd expect that in the last week of trade.

        They have 8 weeks to deliver the maximum return to the receivers, so they have to start small, especially since a reasonable percentage of the population would just go in because of the medias reporting.

        I'd expect a HUGE amount of private label stock to go to Greysonline though at the end of it cause there is no chance in hell they'll clear it all when all the stores and their DC are still very much full of it.

        • Allans liquidation gradually reached 80% off IIRC, but was a very slow process, would have been 3+ months.

    • this "everything really has to go" sale is not the same prices as online. In store is cheaper.

    • Any of them in the Neutral Bay store?

  • +7

    Yep, as expected DS BS sale
    ….move along nothing to see here

    • +7

      PS: DS BS FS

      • +3

        PPS: PS DS BS FS RS

        • +1

          BS (big smile, so legitimate to re-use)

        • +1

          DS = PMS

        • +1

          @Ezy: PMS = Predictable Management Screw-ups

        • @rayski57: PMS = Premenstrual Sale

  • Can someone check how much the ps4 is?

  • +11

    omg! someone is in the store!

    • +21

      That's the cleaner.

      • Dick Smith stores have been gathering too much dust

  • Anyone know how much they are selling the UE Roll/Boom2/Megaboom products for?

    • +4

      more likely more expensive than everyone else

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