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7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - Current

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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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Step 2: Upon filling up simply fill in the details in this format:

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  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

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Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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      • +1

        Relocate from https://alexpng.github.io/Nepeta-Mirror/ works

        It has an occasional bug: when attempting to search for a suburb you can’t bring the cursor up in the search box. Tapping out and in usually fixes it or you can set a location by zooming and scrolling on the map. Otherwise is very powerful with blacklists and whitelists.

        • Remember to use "Global Override" instead of "Application Override".

          • @andylch: Why? You could use Application Override if you select My 7-Eleven, right?

            • @sween64: "Application Override" doesn't work on my iPhone 5s

              • @andylch: Works for me. Make sure you select Custom override after choosing a location.

  • +2

    Did they increase the password requirements for the new app? I reset my password so I can Reimburse to Physical Gift Card a few days ago but now it wants me to reset my password again because it doesn't meet their criteria.

    Looking at the new app, looks like they've scraped all account details and now everyone is just a barcode to them. No way to even see your name or email address you're logged in as. A lot of us have multiple accounts to get multiple locks, so that's one downside to the new app.

    The rest looks pretty much the same. Each account has its own barcode to scan for deals and fuel lock, but when you open the barcode it doesn't brighten your screen like it used to.

    • Any reason you reset password? I didn’t see a prompt to do so on the mobile website.

      • The app kept saying I had the wrong details even tho I reset it a few days ago. I always have a symbol in my password but from memory it didn't let me when I reset it the first time. Plus, there is now a requirement to have minimum 8 characters alphanumeric (must have upper and lower case) and symbol which I didn't have in my old password.

        Or I could be mixing this up with a different password reset recently.. haha

    • I saw that link get posted the other day.

      Was it communicated by 7-Eleven? I haven't seen it mentioned in their most recent emails.

      • +2

        It is on the official 7-eleven website. I personally havent received any emails from them about the link tho

        http://7-eleven.com.au/ (need dekstop view if you are on mobile)

        On 14 June at 11.59pm the My Card will no longer be available on the Fuel App. If you have funds remaining on your My Card you can have this reimbursed to a 7-Eleven Physical gift card by following the link below. Your log in details have been previously provided via an email from fuelappgiftcard.7eleven.com.au. Not received your log in? Contact us at 1800 497 209

        Reimburse to Physical Gift Card here

    • Screen brightens on iOS when barcode is displayed.

  • +3

    Looks like no more emulator locking until there's one running on Android 9

  • +1

    Can't install on blustacks?

  • I had 2 accounts - can only login to one of them. The other one I get a G09 error. Trying to reset the password, the email received says unfortunately I cannot use that email.

    Wondering if I left the app logged in and they traced the login and blocked this email…

    • I'm on the phone with them now about the same issue.
      Looks like your account has been locked out. You will need to call them and they will raise a ticket with their IT team to resolve it.

      • Did they give an indication as to why it was locked out (ie spoofing detection or something else technical)? One of my locked one still has credit on it.

        • I think my 2 accounts that still had a lock are not available (might be a technical thing)? They both give the "you can't use this email".

          Another account I had used with Bluestacks can be reset but this had not fuel lock on it.

          Maybe they are having trouble with the transition.

          • @leyton01: Just had 2 of my accounts from the previous app banned as well.. Just have to make more accounts then. Annoying!!

        • +1

          Using multiple accounts on the one device

          • @sharka: Did they reinstate your account?
            (also did they fix over the phone or did you have to submit a ticket).

            • @leyton01: Not yet.
              Had to submit a ticket with them (over the phone) and they advised 24-72hr turn around

              • @sharka: @RM - I am having the same issue.

                I dont want to call 7-eleven yet, hopefully it will work soon.

                • @StonedWizard: No response from them yet but will keep you posted

                  • @sharka: @Sharka - I think this error means you've been banned.

                    I tried resetting my password and it won't even let me do that.

                    What contact number did you try? on the app it only mentions an email?

                    • @StonedWizard: 1800247711

                      • +3

                        @sharka: Just received a reply from 7-11

                        Thank you for contacting 7-Eleven Customer Service.
                        To help keep our customers accounts safe, and to ensure we meet our legal and regulatory obligations, we use a specialist third party providers to verify customer details.

                        Unfortunately our third party provider has flagged your account as high risk and as a consequence 7-Eleven has take the decision to terminate your My 7-Eleven App account.

  • where do you get the code to scan? it already lock in but theres no scan code?

    • +1

      You use the same barcode to scan for deals and fuel lock.

      This was mentioned when you start the app for the first time after updating…

    • Top right hand corner

  • +9

    Some quick conclusions after some test:

    1. v1 API is still currently on, check price API still works
    2. most likely they did a one-time accounts migration (together with the fuel locks), when locking fuel using v1 from today will no longer show in the new app
    3. new app use oauth2 login, this is much harder than v1 to hack as it requires 2 way handshake using authorisation code to claim the bearer access token
    4. if you use the v1 API to lock fuel now, it won't show in new app as this happens after the migration, new fuel lock is associated with the new identity system (with new account ID / barcode)

    Possible fuel locking in the future:
    1. if v1 API still runs, project03 should still get updated with good price
    2. If we can have the "remove mock location detection" mod apk, then lock fuel should still be possible on Fake GPS (or jailbreak / xcode hack on location for iOS)

    • Thanks for that. Good to know that project03 can still run. Based on what you just said, do you know if I can still lock fuel using one phone and have the same voucher show up on another phone?

      FYI, If it helps anyone, I use a rooted Android phone running Magisk to hide root and run GPS Joystick as a system app to get around the mock location detection. It is impossible to detect mock location with my setup, unless you put in server side distance cooldown shadow ban like Niantic…. :)

      • +3

        Unless they put some check in the backend to check which phone you lock the price, otherwise I believe you should be able to lock price with one phone and show it in another phone, as long as they login with the same account

        The barcode is basically just like a membership number and the lock is stored in your account. (Like how flybuys work)

        • That gave me an idea. Just store the membership barcodes somewhere else like StoCard. No need to log in and out to redeem offers.

          • @sween64: Yes that will work, as long as you still have a valid lock in your account :)

      • Can you test if you can still lock in price on a mock location on your "setup" and let us know if that works?

        • Yep, just tried to lock in the price at the Thornton station in NSW. It worked. The question now becomes, can I redeem the voucher in QLD?

          • +8

            @geek001: I also just locked in Thornton as well and I will be going to try fill up this afternoon in QLD I will let you know if I get detected/refused service/banned.

            • @Bundybogan: Thanks mate.

              • +10

                @geek001: Can confirm I have successfully filled up using the new 7/11 app and using a new NSW lock-in in QLD with no questions asked at the counter. I will post again if I get banned for it.

      • +1

        I use a rooted Android phone running Magisk to hide root and run GPS Joystick as a system app to get around the mock location detection.

        Sounds exactly like my pogo set up on android 7 but it didn't work for my android 8.

        Did you have to do additional permissions set up like these "Additional Steps for Android Oreo (8.0) Users And Above" to get it to work on Android 9??

        • +2

          Nope. I downloaded the apk from appninjas site. Installed it, then use EX file explorer(in root mode) to move the app folder in /data to /system/priv-app folder. Doco says system folder could also be /system/app folder, so I guess if one doesn't work, try putting the app in the other folder. After that restart the phone, then enable "Enable system mode" option in the GPS joystick app. This option will only come up if the app has picked up that it is a system app. If you do not see this option, then the app is not registered as a system app properly or there is something wrong with your phone's bootloader. If that is the case, then you will need to use the systemizer plugin in Magisk.

          BTW, I have 3 phones running in this setup, 2 on Android 9 LineageOS and one on Android 7 stock rom. I think you can guess why I have 3 phones setup for mock location. Lol.

        • On a side note related to Pogo, if you are getting a "device not compatible" message, it means that Pogo has picked up your device is rooted. If you are getting GPS signal not found error, then it has to do with your mock location. I am guessing when you say it didn't work on Android 9, the issue is the former. You will need to download rootbeerfresh app to check which part of your phone is being picked up as rooted so that you can "fix" the issue. I am guessing you will need to do the same thing if 7-11 app is using the same method as Pogo to pick up whether a phone is rooted.

          • +1

            @geek001: I also downloaded the apk from appninja site, but I can't get "Enable system mode" option to work, always greyed out for me.

            I use ES File Explorer - root mode - to do the whole permissions things but I'm guessing I messed something up? When I move it to the priv folder and restart my phone, the entire app disappears lmao

            I am using a debloated Samsung S7 stock rom with magisk but think I'll give Android 9 a try and see if it works.

            Thanks for your help :)

            • +1

              @CodeXD: Seems like you are not setting up the GPS joystick app as a system app properly.

              I can tell you the steps that I did after rooting the phone:
              Download and install ES File Explorer: https://www.cyanogenmods.org/es-file-explorer-pro-apk-downlo...
              Open ES File Explorer, under Tools, I enable Root Explorer.
              You will get a prompt to grant Superuser permission to ES File Explorer. Select Grant forever. If you do not get this prompt, then your phone is not rooted properly. I am not sure which app you use for rooting, but I only ever used Magisk, because it can hide root properly.
              Move /data/com.theappninjas.fakegpsjoystick to /system/priv-app/com.theappninjas.fakegpsjoystick using ES File Explorer.
              Restart phone.

              This is installed on a Samsung Note 3 phone running rooted stock Android 7.

              • @geek001: Yeah I've got it all set up and worrking on my android 7 phone, but not android 8 or 10 haha.

              • @geek001: Thanks for this! I got it working following this

              • @geek001: Hey, have you actualy tried to lock in fuel? I tried and got error E01. I got past mock location error and root detection…

              • @geek001: @geek001 ive sent you a private message

  • +2

    After reading this comment, has anyone tried redeeming an interstate lock to see if it works?

    This makes no sense to me…that would defeat the whole purpose of the feature if I can't use it in a different region (pending clarification).

    • +4

      The purpose we use it for was different to how it was originally intended to be used ie being able to play the price cycle of the stores nearest to you.

      • -1

        That's another purpose, but I'm going to assume most people (not just us on OZB) use it when they travel (especially long distance).

        Can't expect people to only drive around their own little bubble near home.

    • I’ve locked but haven’t redeemed yet, won’t for another week at least as I’m not driving much.

    • +10

      Just locked in NSW and I will be going to try fill up this afternoon in QLD I will let you know if I get detected/refused service/banned

    • +3

      Can confirm I have successfully filled up using the new 7/11 app and using a new NSW lock-in in QLD with no questions asked at the counter. I will post again if I get banned for it.

      • +1

        Thanks mate. Confirming I just used an interstate lock I had locked prior to the app update.

        Attendant scanned twice and didn't work, but third time worked.

  • I am surprised that they are requiring a minimum of Android 9.
    My basic B. phone for travelling is stuck on 8 so I guess I am SOL with that one

  • +3

    So, in summary at the moment it seems that main change to the app is the aesthetics and the single barcode, also of note is that the "store finder" has gone.

    Someone is reporting being able to lock on a ios (jailbroken) but spoofing and emulators don't work on the stock app for Android.

    Now just waiting to see if someone who understands the backend can figure out if we can get around the spoofing detection.

    • +1

      Mock location detection has been in the app for a while, including the old app

      Freighter is the genius that remove the mock location detection on android and create the mod apk

      So wait and see if he or someone is able to do the same in the new app, then Mock location will work again (given that they don’t do extra check on the backend when scanning the barcode at the store)

  • Does anyone use [email protected] type email and it says invalid customer login on the redeem your credit site? https://wwws-au1.givex.com/cws4.0/m7eleven/login/

    • +2

      As mentioned before, it’s due to new password requirements. Reset password, set a new one with new conditions (8 alphanumeric characters, upper + lower case + number + symbol).

      Worked then.

      Strangely enough, it only allowed me to enter my new address and said “once confirmed the physical balance will be sent”, but I couldn’t see a way to confirm…

      • +2

        @dealhunger967671 I had the same problem, hopefully when you updated your address it 'confirmed' it

    • +2

      Apparently, it is using the old password for the app login.
      For claiming the monies, you will need to reset password and update address. Not sure if this will affect the app login password.

      But for mine, i didn't have to put symbol. It accepted with 8 alphanumeric, upper+lower case and numbers.

      • Thanks Bazinga, looks like this may be the case.

      • oh wow you're right!

        I have a different set of password for web log in compared to the app.

  • +2

    Just tried using Nox and it says not compatible anymore.. maybe there is a newer version of nox hmm

    • Nox is only running Android 7, the new app requires Andorid 9 minimum. No Android emulator is running 9, so we're out of luck using that method until one does.

      Same applies for Bluestacks.

      • why aren't there?

  • +1

    I'm lucky I locked in the lowest price in Vic before the update.
    I can still use that locked in price on this new app

    • Does it actually work in store? Some people are insinuating that it can't be used if it isn't in the locks realm.

    • +1

      I attempted to use an existing lock thismorning and he wasnt able to scan it. He called up the support line and said i had to call them and attempt to claim a missed lock

      • Bugger hopefully it was a case of the app still being new.

      • +1

        You can still email missed lock on the app in the contact us section.

        • Yeah but thing is with that is they only give you credit on your next fill up still better then nothing, guess I'll see what happens with my existing lock when I use it later today

      • You need to scan your new card barcode. If you have any lock available you should be able to redeem.
        if you scan the old barcode then it would not work.

        • +1

          I did scan the new card barcode within the new app.
          The attendant called up his support and they said they were unable to process it so sounds like a known issue

  • +2

    Given very few Android phones run the latest version I wonder whether 7/11 realises that over half their Android installs won't be able to get the latest application.

    If anyone gets a chance to check can you see if the barcode is dynamic like the old payments barcode that changes every 15 minutes.

    • +1

      9 is the minimum, my phone runs 10. 11 is coming out soon.

      Not sure what the reasoning is though, maybe some security feature

      • Even so, as of April 2020 Android version fragmentation is massive. https://9to5google.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2020/04/an...

      • where does it say android 9 is the minimum?
        On the 7/11 website it says "iOS 11 and above or Android 8 (Oreo) and above"

        • I can't download the new app on Oreo.

        • +2

          It is listed on the google app store


          Existing Fuel App members are able to log in using the same credentials they have previously. Please make sure you have operating system version 9 and above.

          • @CodeXD: I tried to get the new app on my Samsung phone running Android 7. When you do a search for 7 eleven fuel app, it doesn't come up in app store. If you try to install through the web, the device is greyed out, just fyi.

            • @geek001: Yep same thing on my Samsung S7 running Android 8.

              Works on my backup phone running Android 10

          • @CodeXD: Thanks, strange their email said "If your device is currently running Android Operating system 8 and below or IOS 11 and below you will be asked to install the most recent version"

            • @ssjwill: Was this an unprompted email or you sent in a query about it? The new app was only released today so maybe the contact centre staff were unaware of the new requirement

              • @CodeXD: It was an email 7/11 sent before the upgrade took place (received on Thursday (11/6)

            • @ssjwill: The only way to install Andropid 9 is to hack your phone I think

  • Official email for reimbursement of $$

    Previous emails have advised that the My 7-Eleven Card will be removed from the Fuel App from 11.59pm on 14 June 2020. We can see you still have money remaining on your card, which you won’t be able to access through the App after 14 June, so we want to ensure you can access those funds via a 7-Eleven Physical Gift Card!

    Here’s how:
    Click ‘login’ below to enter the 7-Eleven gift card portal.
    Click ‘send me my balance’ and sign in using the below login credentials.
    Add your postal address to your account profile. Once added, a 7-Eleven physical gift card with your remaining balance will be automatically sent via post.
    Log out of your account, you're all done!

    They have also reset my account's password

    EDIT: password they provided didnt work, looks like they reset everyone's password when it was taken offline on 14th June. So if you've changed your password since then, use new one

    • I log in with my old password

  • +1

    is there android 9 emulator?

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