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FREE 3 Month Pop Pack (Includes "Game of Thrones" on Showcase) @ Foxtel Now (New Customers Only - Save $15 for 3 Months = $45)


*****If you get invalid code, Use Incognito mode in Chrome Browser*****

Just in time for season 7 of Game of Thrones which premiers on July 16, 2017.

I used a coles reloadable mastercard with a few bucks balance to avoid any excess fee's after 3 months.

Try to use Incognito mode in Chrome or another browser if you get the code is invalid problem.

Thanks to hamza.

Voucher appears to expire on 31/07/2017 while stocks last unless ozbargained earlier

Thanks to doublezero and Wowza, To cancel or deactivate your Foxtel Now service:

  • Go to My Foxtel Now
  • Log in to your account
  • Click the Deactivate button
  • You will be transferred to the "Deactivate Service" page. Fill in the form and click on the Deactivate button.

Cancel the service at the start of third month , otherwise you will only get one month free


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  • +11

    Good deal. I have tentatively worked I out if we sign up now we will get to see all 7 episodes of game of thrones before it expires as long as there are no week breaks between episodes

    • +14

      and this year i get to watch it legally rather than stream it from other sites

      • +3

        hehe I was lucky last year got the free foxtel from Telstra for 3 month deal, saw me through

    • +6

      Should be all good according to Wikipedia:

      "Game of Thrones (S7) is set to premiere on HBO on July 16, 2017, and conclude six weeks later on August 27, 2017"

      • wait. 6 episodes? what?

        • That's 7. First episode, then 1 more each week for 6 weeks.

    • Anyone sign up with the code but still get the email with "Make the most of your 2 week trial" ?

      • Yes, I did … wondering what to make of it …

        Also found out that "You can't watch and download Foxtel Now on a jailbroken or rooted device".

        Using Rootcloak already but it doesn't seem to work …

      • Try 2 weeks free with all packs
        After the trial, you will be billed for your selected packs

        key words highlighted.

        For the first 2 weeks you will have access to everything, then for 3 months just the (selected) Pop Pack, after which that is what you will be charged for, just the Pop pack.

        • No, you won't. Their sign up page is incorrect. If you add the packs, you will be charged.

        • +1


          I didn't add any packs myself.

          Just presenting how it's worded.

        • @nismo: I know, but you're basically saying that's how it happens when it doesn't. It's dodgy from Foxtel (although not that that's surprising).

  • +2

    Can we cancel immediately and still use full 3 month trial?

    • +53

      I just tried and it says my account will be deactived on the 17th July 2017.
      So if you cancel now you only get the 1 month free.

      • +20

        Thanks for taking one for the team!

        • -1

          His sacrifice is having to find another email address and payment method?

  • +43

    No no no guys we must retain our top rank!
    Great deal!

    • i know right?! we have very well exceeded our goals year after year….could it be that we are all agreeing to drop the ball on what is the 2nd last season?

  • How much is it to get this plus sports?

    • +26

      Your soul.

      • +1

        or one kidney

        • I have complete renal failure, happy to trade one of my dud kidneys for season 7 GOT + sports. Sounds like a good deal to me

    • +2


    • Sports pack is $29/month but has to be bundled with a base package, the cheapest are $10/month so normally $39/month total but with this deal you get the base package for free.

      • Is that $29 sports package only for 3 months? Or indefinitely.

        • -1

          $29pm indefinitely, as above https://www.foxtel.com.au/now/sport.html

        • +2

          After the 3 months you will have to add a $10 base package so it will be a total of $39/month but during these 3 months only $29/month.

  • Thx op… was considering signing up for the 2 week trial but this is awesome! :)

  • Does anyone know if this covers any AFL?

    • I won't. It's only the Pop pack. The sports pack is about $15 or $20 extra

      • +7

        $29 extra.

  • Got it. Thanks OP.

  • Is there an Apple TV App?

    • +2

      I believe the Foxtel Play app will work with the new Foxtel Now service.

      • Yup have it working now.

      • Really? Mine not working. Tv has foxtel play for android tv (Sony KDL55W800C)

        • Did you use the email as username?

        • +1

          @dins: email. Tried again in phone and works and can cast to tv. Initial Cast screen says "foxtel now"

        • @Mahalo:

          Ah okay I'm using the Foxtel Play app on the Sammy. Working ok atm.

        • [@Mahalo]: I had same issue. Once I logged in using Foxtel Now app on phone I tried again through Sony Foxtel play app and it was fine.

        • @Dajaba: Thanks worked on second try!

  • Is it best to signup for free 2 weeks then add this code?

    • +1

      you should get the 2 weeks free regardless as far as my understanding when i signed up

      There is no option to add the code after you sign up

      • Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

      • I don't think I got the 2 weeks free, I have a lot of locked channels and nothing on my account mentions the 2 week trial

        • I can stream all the channels after signing up, then exit and reload on the app, those channels are locked now. So sad

      • No, you don't. This code has been known for ages on Whirlpool, you don't get a free trial at all.

        Don't go adding other packs as you will be charged for them from the moment you add them.

    • "Only available to customers with an unused Presto voucher who become new residential Foxtel Now customers"

      I'm guessing if you use the two free weeks first you wouldn't be considered a "new" customer, and thus this deal probably wouldn't apply.

      • Hmmmm need to confirm this as I'd rather get the 2 weeks free and then sign up using this code for the next 3 months

        • No you can't use both. If you want to use the 2 weeks trial, then sign up after that using this code you need 2 different numbers, email addresses and credit cards.

        • +1

          I wouldn't wait until then, the way this code is being taken up it will be ozbargained by the morning

  • When does this expire?

    EDIT: "Offer valid until expiry of Presto voucher which is no later than 31 July, 2017"

    • +6

      unless we ozbargain the Sh*t out of the voucher lol

  • Pulled the trigger - thanks OP / hamza

    • +3

      That must have been a difficult decision for you.

      • it was ;)

      • When it comes to OzBargain, he's just Willy ;)

  • Thanks. Have wondered what the new foxtel was going to be like. The old app with its SD quality looked absolute balls on a large tv. Sport wasn't even worth watching.

    • +4

      How's the new app?

      • +1

        Also balls.
        Looks horrid on my 60" bravia.. Tested via xbone Foxtel play app.

        • Cheers. Damn :( would've been using the XB1 as well

        • +1

          The Xbox one app hasn't been updated for HD yet. You will need a Telstra tv, chromecast or chrome browser on pc/mac for 720p.

        • @TheGunslinger: but even then it's still only 720p :-(

  • Nice

  • Cheers OP and hamza :)

  • thanks! can't wait for GoT

  • +2

    Site might be getting ozbargained at the moment. Just signed up so should have all channels for 2 weeks but it currently just has me having access to the pop pack only. All channels were working about 10 minutes ago.

    • +1

      same here - very weird

      • Seems like it might be better to sign up for the two weeks free and then when the two weeks is up sign up for this?

        • On the signup page it said that you still get the 2 weeks of all channels. Might be a glitch with all the new signups at once.

        • +2

          I got an email confirmation for 2 weeks free trial with this offer but also not working

          Might email the support and see if they can activate it for me

          Anyways I only got it to watch game of thrones so all good

        • @easternculture:
          Let us know how you go with the email.

        • @easternculture:

          Yah me too - can't find their email address, if you have it can you PM it to me pls?

        • @Willy Orwontee:

          After signing up to this , I got an email with subject "Make the most of your 2 week trial"

          Stream the best sport, new shows and complete seasons from around the world live, and On Demand during your free* trial.

        • @easternculture:

          me too - have sent them a message to their Twitter & FB accounts, will see what happens & update this thread

        • @Willy Orwontee: Having same issue, thought it was just me, everything is in locked status but last night I saw everything available. Thought it was device that triggered the locks for other channels.

        • @Willy Orwontee: Same, but I think I am happy to have access to GoTs… given that if they ended up granting users the 2 weeks free trial… how do you go about cancelling the full trial after 2 weeks and still keep the 3 months free pop packs… :\

          Let us know what their responses are though… :D (thank you!)

        • Sent them the same msg to their TWitter & FB account, and got a response late yesterday via FB

          Hi INSERT NAME HERE, thanks for your PM.
          I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with the pictures on Foxtel Play/Now being locked.
          Usually the fix is to log out of the app and log back in, if that doesn't fix the issue I suggest deleting the app and reinstalling.
          I hope this information helps!

          Unfortunately tried that on both my TV + on PC to no avail.

          Have sent them another message about 4 hours ago (~5.30pm) and yet to hear back.

          If I don't get any response will ring them tomorrow

        • @Willy Orwontee: Any luck with support? I've got same issue, so am living vicariously through your updates.

        • +2


          ok just rung support (FYI you can ring them on 13 19 99), and after about 5 minutes, the guy on the phone came back with some BS about them having some "outages at the moment on that service", "your ticket has been logged", "sorry for the inconvenience", "our technicians are working on it", "blah blah blah"…

          Pretty much they have no effing clue on why the trial isn't activated.

          Anyway, will try again in a couple of days & report back.

        • @Willy Orwontee: hahaha, persistence is the key! Good luck :D

      • +1

        hello fellow ozbargain comrades

        after a few days to'ing and fro'ing, Foxtel finally confirmed that the 2 week trial is NOT part of this offer.

        The last person that I spoke was very helpful, and she confirmed the following

        "…So, I have found out why you don't have access to the free trial offer, and it looks like you have taken up an offer of the Pops pack free for 3 months which is only available to customers with an unused Presto voucher who become new residential Foxtel Now customers"

        As a few people have mentioned the quality ain't great - especially on a wide screen TV - so will keep it simply to watch GOT S7.

    • Foxtel Now has been glitchy since it launched.

      • Hopefully not as glitchy as Presto was

  • Got it. Thanks!

  • So keen for GoT. Cheers Hamza and OP.

  • Sweet Thanks OP!

  • +13

    Cheers! Nice one! :)

    As far as I understand it, if you sign up today, you should cancel on August 18 at the earliest and September 17 at the latest to avoid billing charges as you are billed one month in advance.

    Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong.

  • +7

    I just signed up to this, the PS4 app is so bad, it's not even in HD, would not recommend

    • I thought the whole thing about foxtel now was that it now streamed in hd??

      • +1

        Only via certain devices. Updated apps are scheduled.

    • +1

      Haha … I just thought the same thing. Signed up and try to watch something. Tried the XBOX app … the ios App … both so bad that I really can't be bothered and would go crazy when I would have paid for that. I knew it was bad from all the comments at various posts … but I did not imagine it that bad.

    • Thanks for sharing, was gonna try it, now it's time for me to turn off the PS4.

    • I'm currently watching on PS3 and it's in HD. No issues.

      • The Foxtel Now apps are HD, the Foxtel Play apps are SD. There is no Foxtel Now app for PlayStation yet.

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