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iPad Wi-Fi 128GB $479.2, iPad Pro 10.5 64GB $783 / 256GB $903, 2017 MacBook Pro 13" 256GB $1759, 128GB $1519 + More @ Myer eBay


Sold out items may be restocked again at 7/9 around 3am-330am. The listing URLs change daily, however the main link when clicking 'go to deal' is a search for all Apple items above $500 on Myer eBay so check there for new items.

2017 iPad Wi-Fi 128GB $479.20 Delivered *Back in stock 11/9 10am (Space Grey Only)

RRP $599

9.7‑inch iPad is available in Silver, Gold or Space Grey, with a Retina display, two cameras and fast connectivity.

Great price for the new iPad range in 128GB. $30 cheaper than this previous Myer eBay deal

2017 iPad Pro 10.5" Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Grey / Silver / Rose Gold $783.20 Delivered (Back in stock 7/9 1030am) OUT OF STOCK

RRP $979

2017 iPad Pro 10.5" Wi-Fi 256GB - Rose Gold $903.20 Delivered New Listing 6/9 330am OUT OF STOCK

RRP $1129

Good price, usually around the $1000 mark in eBay sales

2017 MacBook Pro 13" 256GB - Space Grey MPXT2X/A $1759.20 Delivered OUT OF STOCK

RRP $2199

2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory
256GB of SSD storage1
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Two Thunderbolt 3 ports

2017 MacBook Pro 13" 128GB - Space Grey MPXQ2X/A $1519.20 Delivered New Listing 6/9 330am OUT OF STOCK

RRP $1899

2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory
128GB of SSD storage1
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Two Thunderbolt 3 ports

2016 MacBook Pro 13" + Touch Bar 256GB Silver $2049 MLVP2X/A Delivered Back In Stock 5/9 330am NEW LISTING OUT OF STOCK

RRP $2549

Same price as last deal

iMac 21.5 inch Retina 4K display 3.0GHz Processor MNDY2X/A $1519.20 Delivered OUT OF STOCK

RRP $1899

21.5-inch (diagonal) 4096-by-2304 resolution Retina 4K display
Stunning 5-millimetre-thin design
Seventh-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Radeon Pro 555 graphics processor with 2GB of video memory
Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
802.11ac Wi-Fi
Magic Mouse 2
Magic Keyboard

2015 MacBook Pro with Retina display 15.4" 256GB MJLQ2X/A $2499 Delivered OUT OF STOCK

Specs - RRP $2999

2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor
Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz
16GB of 1600MHz memory
256GB of SSD storage1
Intel Iris Pro Graphics
Two Thunderbolt 2 ports

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch with Touch Bar 256GB - Space Grey MPXV2X/A $2199 Delivered Newly added 6/9 OUT OF STOCK

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The main deal link will show all in stock Apple items, if not listed then it's sold out.

Original PMYER20 deal

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  • Gone too quickly

    • +1

      listings are back gogog!

  • does this code stack with the 10% off ebay sitewide code?

    • +1

      No eBay codes don't stack.

      • +1

        thx hun. just ordered mac book pro 128g

  • Does anyone know from any past experiences if Myer normally restock?

    • In my experience: no, not normally.

      In fact, at times the people that buy during the promotion periods sometimes don't even receive their item and are refunded instead.

      • Damn, I wasn't holding my breath either =(, thanks for the info anyway

    • +1

      Last time the items were often relisted at 3am each morning, with a complete new listing in small quantities. Also the time before here it was relisted once at 3am.

      It's worth a check first thing in the morning but there's no guarantee as these items were available for a while this time. Also they appeared to go out of stock, rather than the listing being pulled, so it might not happen this time.

      • Thanks for that, I'll keep my eye out! Yeah, I'm so shattered, I saw this listing 10 minutes in, and was at work, so it was hard trying to research etc and I was also ummm and arrring. Worst part is, yesterday I was going to pull the trigger on the macbook air from shop monk for $999 (ozbargain listed) but decided against it, as my air 11inch is still good, but the PRO was a good upgrade.

        I never learn, buy first think later….but if I did that I'd be stuck with the macbook air 13 inch for $999 lol.

        • Looks like they came back at 330ish, just updated the deal now with links. Thanks for your comments, I subscribed and checked my email and quickly jumped back on. Did you grab one?

        • +1

          @hamza23: yes sir! i woke up at 3 (accidentally) and decided to check, nothing new, so chalked it to a loss, but then i couldn't get back to bed so i checked at 3.11 and bang there it was!

  • +2

    If anyone missed out on the 13" MBP 256GB the 2016 version at Officeworks is $1699 which is pretty much the same except for a slight boost in processor for the current model. Bought one after continually missing these deals and I'm sure I'd never tell the difference.

    • Yep just bought one of those too, and got the TRS discount. Qa watching that deal for a while and was surprised it was still available, good deal I reckon. (Not as good as this deal but you have to be lucky to get one in time when they do come up)

    • I was about to buy the Officeworks one then saw the 2017 one today and bought this instead! After TRS on original amount before coupon, the price is almost the same for 2017 model at myers and 2016 at OW!

    • The difference is so minimal, be happy with your purchase. That's a great price.

  • Myers? I am still waiting for my headphone, this is after two weeks and four calls. It is worse than from overseas.

  • damn i was holding out for the ipad mini 4 and they're all gone.

    • I think the iPad mini is not a very good deal anymore. Better buy the refurbished ones or the regular iPad.

      • why do you think that? I looked at the specs and theyre exactly the same as the other versions its just that the storage size is increased. I don't really want the regular Ipad because it's too big for me

        • +1

          Checkout this page: https://www.apple.com/au/ipad/compare/

          In summary: It's using a 3 year old chip, there's no cheaper model available (Only comes in 128 GB for $579), does not support Live Photos.

          The regular iPad starts at only $469 and it's using a superior SoC, in 2-3 years, the regular iPad will still be running smoothly on iOS 13/14, but the mini will be ready to be retired then.

  • +2

    I just picked up the 13" MBP 128GB from Officeworks and got 5% off (total ~$1440).

    The first guy I spoke with over the phone confirmed they would pricematch the Myer Ebay outlet, but when I went in, another employee refused. Took about 20 minutes and 2 managers to sort out. Got there in the end though :)

    • +1

      Their lowest price gurantee doesn't include coupons, so technically they shouldn't have pricebeat the eBay price after the coupon.

      What items are excluded from the LPG?
      Cash back and coupon offers

      • +1

        On the phone I clarified that it was a coupon/code, but unrestricted and a part of the listing. That employee checked with his manager and confirmed it was fine. In the store that was one of the (many!) reasons the other employee cited for refusing to pricematch, but I guess the same manager was still on duty and he OKed it. They also started the checkout process on Ebay to confirm the code was valid.

        IMO it's not really a coupon since it's advertised so prominently on the purchase page; it's just a mechanism for running a sale. Of course Officeworks is within their rights to interpret that differently, so I'm glad they went with the more customer-friendly option this time! :) I would have been pretty annoyed if they hadn't honoured it in-store after their employee confirmed it over the phone.

    • +1

      Damn!!! As hamza points out they technically shouldn't have price beaten it… I've been knocked back for the coupon reason in the past. But bloody hell, awesome price! Worth the perseverance mate!

    • Are you able to post your receipt?

  • any reviews on this iMac model? also what year is it?

  • +1

    It's back!!! Both ipads and the 3 macbook's are back in stock!! They re-stocked at 3:11am - just as I was about to give up gogogo!!

    All of them are under new listings!!

  • Sorry but do Myers gift cards work as payment?

  • Thanks Op - Got space grey ipad! Got one for mum a month ago for roughly same price, but only 32GB.

  • Tried the ipad - not available in my quantity (1)!

  • +1

    Ipads are all gone

  • When paying with paypal to ebay do you get charged GST? Can the ebay/paypal receipt be used to make a TRS claim? Or does myer give you a proper tax invoice?

    • Myer should give you an invoice. If it's over $1000 requires name and address - under $1000 no name required.

      EDIT: Yes you get charged GST

  • +1

    Couldn't place order for 256 MacBook Pro, anyone know why?

    • +1

      Same here. Myer only allowed to "Click & Collect". All stores had no stock.

  • 256GB 13" pro gone again LOL

  • Has anyone received a confirmation for delivery or cancellation yet?

    • I haven't, but I only ordered this morning. When did you order?

      • I placed the order last night, I've got a miss call from myer this morning, any ideas if this call is important?

        • No idea, I hope nothing important such as cancelation =/

    • 4/9 11:10am - checked-out via ebay
      4/9 11:50am - received 'order confirmed' email from Myer
      5/9 3:08pm - received 'order shipped' email from ebay
      5/9 5:32pm - received 'tax invoice enclosed - 1 item has been shipped' email from Myer

      Estimated delivery stated as tomorrow (7/9), will post upon receipt.

      • 7/9 3:00pm - received!

  • too friggin low quantity…

  • +1

    Snagged an iPad. Fantastic deal!

  • Managed to grab an iPad, ordered early this morning. Any recommendations for a good case for the iPad 2017 model?

  • Just got shipping notification!

    • When did you order? Today or Yesterday?

  • Does anyone know if JB will price match the Ipad? I have a gift voucher I want to use. I know the Ipad is gone but in case it comes back I want to use my JB voucher

    • JB Hi-Fi don't have a price match policy and it's very unlikely they would consider giving you 20% off iPads or even close to it. Ultimately it's up to the store and the employee you speak to as to what price they'll offer you.

      • They have "always lowest prices" painted above the door.

        Though in reality that hasn't been the case for a while now.

    • +1

      Last time Officework sale ipad but (them out stock) so i try price match with apple store,JB and HN,guy at harveynorman he say ok but after i show him officework price,him say out stock,try JB guy check on computer and tell me go buy at officework that good price lol.apple store them say no price match,you can try maybe lucky then me.good luck

      • lol

      • I believe the Apple store does now have a price match policy, but I have no idea what the conditions are.

  • +3

    Ipads are back! 3:33am

  • +1

    Awesome, got the 256GB 10.5" WiFi iPad Pro after it restocked overnight, happy with that price! :)

  • +1

    EDIT: Deleted. Missed the post above. Good work JF.

  • +1

    Damn bought the ipad pro. This 'limited time and quantity' pressure got to me. Any recommendations for a case or cheap pencil option?

  • +3

    Woohoo! Just bought a MacBook Pro. Saved over $400. Now I can buy dongles.

  • Trying to decide on whether to purchase the ipad pro 10.5" over the 12.9"….

    • +1

      I'd say you would need to have a specific purpose to get the 12.9". Otherwise it's just too big.

  • +1

    Went Space Grey 2017 Macbook Pro.. Now to return the faulty piece of **p Surface Book

  • I can't believe I got the iPad! And why is it that they refresh the stock at 3:33AM everyday! People got to sleep!

  • +1

    bought iPad Pro 256G, great price not really fan of the rose gold colour but still its a good deal

  • +1

    well - my two iPads have arrived. That was quick delivery.

    *** Myer Tax Invoice ***

    Please note you will need your Myer Tax Invoice when returning or exchanging in-store. This will be emailed to you once your items have been shipped.

    Wondering if / when this actually arrives - as nothing has been received yet (and the Paypal transaction doesn't provide enough details)

  • Thanks Hamza23, snagged an iPad Pro 10.5 (256GB)

  • Ordered 2017 Macbook Pro 256gb w/ touch bar.. will see how the order goes. Last time I ordered it got cancelled (no stock).

  • Great prices, wish they'd list some Cellular iPad Pro 10.5s though…

  • +1

    Thank you for shopping with Myer Online.

    We are sorry to have to advise that we are out of stock of the APPLE MP2J2X/A iPad Wi-Fi 128GB Silver which you have ordered.

    We have searched for stock at all our online fulfilment locations, however we have been unable to locate the item.

    We have arranged a refund via your original form of payment. This will take normal banking timeframes to appear in your account.

    We know it is disappointing that you will not be receiving the APPLE iPad. It’s important that we let you know you can find more information about this in our Online Shopping Terms. I have attached the link for your convenience.


    We are again very sorry we could not fulfil your order this time. We hope you will continue to shop with Myer Online.

    • +5

      That is terribly poor form since they relisted and were selling them this morning. When did you place your order?

      • +1

        Agreed, very poor effort. I've managed to order the 256gb MacBook pro and haven't heard anything thus far about it being shipped. Getting slightly worried, however I only ordered yesterday morning, but I'll be annoyed if they send me a cancelation considering it's been restocked this morning.

        • I ordered my iPad 2 hours ago, and already got the "Order Confirmation" email from Myer. I'm not sure if they'll send another email when they ship it.

        • @Nobita: aww so lucky, I don't know if I should order another one, but it's been over 34 hours since my order, judging from previous posts (and previous bargains) if they don't send the order confirmation within 24 - it looks like it'll be cancelled.

          EDIT: I'm trying to find their refund policy, does anyone know if I'm able to receive a refund back onto my card if returned?

          EDIT2: Found their refund/exchange policy and it states: If you have changed your mind and you are able to provide satisfactory proof of purchase, Myer may offer you an exchange or refund provided that the merchandise:

          So they can offer an exchange OR refund, but not required to offer a refund, hmm, seems from previous posts in other myer related deals - people have returned it before.

        • +3

          Update: I found the customer service Myer number (136937) and gave them a call. The guy who answered was really helpful! He tried searching through my ebay email address but couldn't find me - but found me through my username.

          It had been shipped - but it was recent, so there was no tracking number yet. Nonetheless he gave me the order number, so it's all good to go! I should get the aus post tracking number later today.

          For anyone who isn't sure about their order, maybe give them a call after 24-36 hours?

        • @eltito: That is fantastic, thank you. Will give them a call if I don't get shipping notification. Enjoy your MacBook Pro :)

        • @eltito:
          My order has been shipped, but I have not received the invoice and tracking nunber yet :(

        • @tydd1231: give them a call, the guy couldn't give me a tracking number because the work hadn't been generated yet by aus post. So i'm assuming if it generates, myer can see it, give them a call and see how you go.

          I got my notification it had been shipped by ebay a few mins after my OP, but no tracking numnber, I'm not fussed because it says expected delivery thursday

        • @eltito: I've just got an email this morning… It looks like my order was cancelled, and I got refunded in PayPal. I gave them a call and the lady said she can't do anything about it. :(

  • Just ordered the $1759 MBP - Got cashrewards - paid through paypal to Amex card, which means points, and possibly extended warranty.

  • shit missed iPad 10.5 256gb

  • Code not working for me.

    • See here might help.

      • Thanks. Got my buddy to buy for me.

  • Ordered macbook pro 256G, and got Myer confirmation already, delivery on 8/9.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • got the ipad pro 64gb space grey. wanted the 256GB space grey but this was too cheap to pass.

    • What time did you order it? When I checked at 12 pm it was sold out.

      • about 10.30

      • tchi6 bought 64gb one, not 256gb one, if that's what you were asking.

        iPad Pro 256Gb sold out already by 10am.

  • All the ipads were pulled, guessing sold out.
    A few Mac's left.

  • Thanks OP, managed to snag up a 13 MBP, cracker price. Cheers ozbargainers.

  • Anybody get a Cashrewards tracking email? I haven't after 12 hours but clicked through them and they list the PMYER20 coupon on their site.

    • +1

      I ordered at 6am yesterday and received the Cashrewards tracking email about 3pm today.

      • Hmm still nothing.

  • Just Ordered NEW Apple iPad Wi-Fi 128GB Space Grey 10:30 PM AEST(still In Stock) Thanks OP

    • do you have a link? i can't seem to find it in the store

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