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Unlimited NBN $19p/M 12mbps, $29p/M 25mbps, $39p/M 50mbps, $59p/M 100mbps @ Buzz Telco Prices for The First Year (No Contract)


Buzz Telco is now able to provide eligible new and existing customers with connections over the National Broadband Network.

Not sure if the NBN is available in your area? Click here to check our NBN Map or use our live chat below and one of our team will be happy to check for you.

Buzz Telco is currently offering never to be repeated discounts on our services for the first 12 months of service, on no contract, but be quick, this promotion will end Sunday, 14th January at 11:59 PM.

The plans are:

  • Basic Unlimited - Up to 12/1Mbps - $19 per Month
  • Standard Unlimited - Up to 25/5Mbps - $29 per Month
  • Standard Plus Unlimited - Up to 50/20Mbps - $39 per Month
  • Premium Unlimited - Up to 100/40Mbps - $59 per Month

Optional Extras:

  • Static IP - $5 per Month
  • Unlimited Call Pack - $20 per Month
  • Basic Home Phone - New/Port - $5 per Month

Terms and Conditions Apply, promotional pricing can only apply if you're connected by 31 March 2018.

Refer a friend is a one time $10 credit per referral. Referred customers must clearly state the persons name that referred them in the additional order information section when ordering online.

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    • Having the same issue with the phone. Was Promised restoration by today (15th)- will see. They did call in December to try to do an interim fix with a temp number- they were surprised the phone was still working at the time. Temp no does not help with incoming calls. Anyway fingers crossed for today.

  • +1

    I realise people have been burnt during the back-haul provider fiasco (I was one of them and moved at the time) but they're being a little over-dramatic and taking it too personally. . I'm moving back with this deal. Just too good to pass up. What's the worse thing that could happen?? Can easily move to another provider if they don't deliver. No big deal.

    I personally wouldn't bother with a voice service. Considering there are $10 mobile deals with unltd calls etc I feel that landlines are totally redundant these days and not worth the clutter/cost/headache. Even my old man ditched the landline.

  • All these negative experiences read exactly like my experience with Belong. These prices are great but after my experience with belong I've realised how important internet without hassle is to me. I want to go to telecube but my modem is locked down and my router is dead.

    • +2

      I went from Belong to this Mob. BELONG is shit but this mob is no comparison. This is literally the Mob - they take your money and run!! They make BELONG look like saints

  • +5

    I, for one, can't wait for the abundance of forum posts which will no doubt follow up this deal posting. I expect things like:

    Advice Needed - Signed up for Buzz Telco, still not connected after 5 years, rep has promised I will be connected before the eventual heat death of the universe, is there anything I can do?

    Help! Broadband disconnected in the middle of the day. Thought it was water in the cable. Turns out the ISP went insolvent. What can I do?

    I called the TIO today, used the phrase "Buzz Telco", and couldn't complete the rest of my complaint due to the laughter on the other end!

  • +6

    Thank you all for your feedback on the past.

    There is no secret we went through a really bad time, and the issues have been resolved since then.

    We have replaced the management team, due to the failings of the previous managers that lead us into hard times.

    We listened, we learnt, we retained, and we changed a lot of things to make sure we improved.

    Those who have stuck with us, and seen a lot of improvement, and we would love for those who may have had a bad experience in the past give us another shot.

    A bad review is only as accurate as the date it was posted, and the good reviews never get noticed.

    We don't want anyone to take a gamble on our company, or be stranded without internet. So take all the advise you can find on board and make an choice if we are worth your business.

    • +1

      Precisely! As I said before, people seem to get too emotional with business transactions. You guys are offering a great price (for the next 12mths anyway) and no contract so what's the worst thing that could happen?? Half a day of potential downtime should someone decide to move.

    • +2

      How can you say that when there are people still battling your company through the TIO??

      What changes have you made? Why haven't you refunded people that you overcharged? or failed to connect a service at all?

      Why do you not respond to specific issues raised ??

      What a joke

      • -1

        If you believe you have been overcharged, or owed a refund, you are more then welcome to contact our billing department. I would dare say if you haven't been refunded anything, it is because you are not owed anything.

        If your service is not connected, there is clearly a reason for that. Could be a fault with your line, a fault at the node, a fault with your modem, user error, nbn co issue. Have you made contact with support to have the matter looked into? We endeavour to have people online as soon as possible so we can start billing them, if they are not connected we are not making money. Very odd if this was not the case.

        I do not understand your line of questioning in regards to "Why do you not respond to specific issues raised ??" please be more specific.

        • +3

          WTF OMG -Perfect example of ShitTelco customer service. Deny all knowledge!

          Perhaps you learn to read posts first before trying to run a service!!

          I had to put a TIO complaint to get a refund because your billing department chose not to respond to my emails or provide a refund for more than 3 months. That's after you failed to connect my new service, failed to deliver the modem and charged my credit card 3 times!!

          Sometime the more things change the more they stay the same.

        • lol username checks out.

        • @WTF: you said they should learn to read, but you wrote "Buzz failed to connect my new service after over a months and stopped responding to emails." which is wrong grammar. how long was your service really not connected for?

        • @WTF:

          I have a legitimate reason to deny all knowledge, I'm not support, billing, or a sale rep. I have no idea who you are, or what your exact issue is. I fail to see why you would be without connection for that period of time, without outside causes.

          Sorry to hear you haven't had the best services, but it's time you let go and move on to bigger and better Telcos. Have a lovley day Sir/Ma'am.

        • +4

          @Savas: Hi Savas, I appreciate you trying to be diplomatic here but you have no idea the amount of run around these guys gave me (and many others). My service was not connected for 3 months (despite being charged for every month).

          I got my issue resolved thru the TIO. However, There are unfortunately many people still battling with BT thru the TIO where Buzz have refused to refund or a provide any sort of compensation. You can tell that by reading the posts although the Rep seems to conveniently ignore these posts (hence the can you read comment).

          BTW if you ring BBT customer service you get the same response - sorry I don't deal with XXX problem so ring YYYY who will then tell you to ring ZZZZ because they are the most appropriate person who will not be in that day so you have to ring AAAA some other day…

          You get the idea…

        • +5

          @BuzzTelco: Why don't you address the post by Savas Below : "There are current customers that are still reporting here and here that they are getting 20Mbps on a 100Mbps plan?"

          I am curious to hear your answer on the modem connectivity issues couple of users including myself have raised with your company!

          Mate, I tell ya… words go only so far. It's the actions that matter. You can use sarcasm as a defensive mechanism for fobbing off genuine questions. Remember, this is an open forum that people can see how you really address the problems and not talk about how your team has changed. just bcause a team has changed doesnt mean that the results will be different unless otherwise proven

        • @WTF: sounds painful, I'm sorry to hear this.

        • +2

          I too have a negative experience with Buzz from last year. Went two weeks without internet and eventually had to get a credit card charge back to get back back the extra month's fee they charged without authorisation. Even Buzz's own customer service reps acknowledged the overcharging and started chasing internally when there was no action from your billing department or response from the "wecare" email address.

          Rep - responses like this make it clear that whilst you may have fixed the service issues, the culture of the organisation and your attitude to customer service has not changed at all.

          Reminds me of the infamous outage when you didn't bother to communicate with your customers directly, but asked those on facebook to message you, only to then tell them to stop bothering your team so you can fix the problem!!!

    • +1

      There are current customers that are still reporting here and here that they are getting 20Mbps on a 100Mbps plan?

    • +5

      Thanks Buzz,

      For myself you guys have provided great value internet. Yes there was a lengthy outage when you changed carrier, and yes I have experienced other problems especially with the VOIP service but eventually all of these problems have been resolved with both parties treating each other with respect and patience.

      For the price payed I honestly think your service exceeds my expectations. My service is constantly fast, reliable and trouble free. When I have had trouble I have spoken to people who I can understand and are respectful and keen to help.

      I do think your international links suffer congestion at times, but I'm fully aware that I'm paying a budget price.

      The one thing I'd like to see you improve is your mass communications. Whether it is via your website or Facebook, make it someone's job (GM, CEO, someone in charge) to keep customers informed when there's a mass problem. And if there's tech advise like 'how to configure your connection' do it once and do it well rather than on the fly distribution to customers as they contact you. This will save your team and your customers a lot of time and hassle.

      One more thing, don't over promise. If you have an outage and say there will be a full report. Then you must publish that full report, no matter what the conclusion is. Otherwise, just acknowledge ASAP that there's and outage and keep your team working on the problem rather than fire fighting individual incidents from customers left in the dark.

  • +3

    Avoid these people at all costs. it was the worst experience I had ever.
    See my thread here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/329605

    • +1

      Your post is from Sept. As the rep said above, there's a new mgmt team in place so no longer relevant. I literally just re-signed and looking forward to judging the 'product' on its current merits.

      • +2

        They didn't even have a management 'team' when these problems were going on. It was one guy , Jeremy, assisted by about 3 techs. And I bet he's still there!

      • +3

        What management team ??? This whole 'management team', 'billing department','multiple offices in different states' is a whole lot of BS to make themselves look bigger than they really are.

        BuzzTelco is really five guys in a barn somewhere having an epic clusterf#$k

        • +1

          You seem overly angry… a mgmt team can consist of 2 people or more. Do you think a bottom price ISP like Buzz would have dozens of employees on their roster? I'm pretty sure they have made no secret of their staff numbers in the past. Just don't remember the number but it was between 5-10 from memory.

        • +1


          To be fair, There is five guys, but there is also 3 girls in this office.

        • @BuzzTelco:

          the question is though, are there any horses on your roster lol??

        • -2


          On of the girls eats like a horse if that counts, if not I will be demanding the hiring of a horse!

        • +3

          I really think that OzB is the only place on earth where someone could post a deal for internet, company gets roasted, company rep gets involved, then gets goaded into commenting on whether they have a horse or not :S

        • +4

          @BuzzTelco: You really need to learn the meaning of being a professional. No respectably company rep would ever post such a comment on a public forum.

        • -2

          @WTF: Have we really become that bloody precious and sensitive that someone can't say another person eats a lot??? FFS, it's not like the Rep is saying the girl is obese!!

        • @Jonesy7707:

          I would guess she's very slim and it's a bit of an office joke. I actually prefer when reps act human vs robotic so called professional.

        • +2

          @BuzzTelco: Such professionalism!! Why don't you take this to the real level and address my comments in a few places in the thread and others concerns, rather than just saying you're not sales or billing or admin! I dont give a s*** which department you're in, if you're representing the company on a public forum, don't come up with excuses but results!

        • +2

          @gimme: I certainly don't mind that as long as he is addressing the concerns and questions here. The rep seems to be very selective with his responses which is a NO NO!

        • @aspirepranesh:

          Are you with them or signing up with then?

        • +1

          @gimme: I am with them (and I wish I were not) and if you look at some of my comments in this thread, you can understand where I am coming from and how the Rep has been avoiding certain straight forward questions. He doesnt have to be a tech expect, but someone who knows the companies policies

        • +1


          Didn't read but just move. You're with them because their cheap but can easily move to a more reliable and more expensive one that meets ur expectations

        • +1

          @gimme: There is a difference between cheap and a bargain! this website is called OZBARGAIN and not OZcheap. I signed up with them last year because it sounded like a good deal. FYI, I have a telstra mobile, vodafone and virgin. I also have had Optus and TPG. Once again, read my comments. I am awaiting TIO outcome so that I can break the contract and move. If I had an option to move now, I would move right away. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EXPECTATIONS. I work in sales and I know that anything is only as good as what you pay for! getting 20mbps on a 100/40 plan is NOT reasonable which according to their CIS is.

          are you defending the rep and the company saying because they are cheap they can get away with it????

        • @aspirepranesh:

          Lol never sign a long term contract with an unknown entity. For the sake of a mediocre modem. Lesson learned I guess.

        • @gimme: LOL! Says the guy who got screwed on gumtree and geekbuying!!

          Are you saying that the 150 upvotes from the deal in July was not worthy of signing up based on the comments and due research?

          These comments here have nothing to do with a long term contract or a modem! Do u think I am here commenting for my sake? The negs are there to warn people just like your post about Geekbuying!

          At the end of the day, the people who neg and comment here value their money and time just like you who thinks you got screwed over by Geekbuying! In hindsight, we all want to warn people.

        • @gimme: I am glad you got the outcome you needed with GB! May I ask, why did you make that post about GB?

          Also, nothing is ever unrelated just like this deal being related to the previous ones and the rep's relation to the business of Buzz Telco. I like doing my research about anything or anyone before I post my comments. I dont want to assume anything! It's called Due diligence.

          Also, going back to your question about asking me if I am with them or looking to join.. If you've nothing to do with them, take your opinion about them elsewhere, since you're not a customer. Cheers. Peace out.

        • @aspirepranesh:

          lol I will soon be a customer (pending) and I used to be a customer during the Sept fiasco. Had some issues subsequently so I left. Now coming back as it's a great deal. It's the cheapest RISK FREE deal on the market hence I'm back. That's my point… all those who are supposedly warning others etc is really pointless because the downside is really small if it goes pearshaped whereas the upside is great if it works well.

          oh… I made the GB post to get the reps attention but worded it 'cleverly'… guess what, I got exactly what I wanted + more. Didn't stop anyone from buying from them as this is OZB, people generally don't care and will jump on the next bargain anyway. I have since purchased several items from them with no issues… so see everyone's mileage will vary.

        • @gimme: good luck with the move if it is worth your time and money. That is all I can say.

        • @aspirepranesh:

          Don't need luck mate… if it doesn't work I have 2 potential others lined up. It'll take me 10mins to do it. People are really over-dramatic about this stuff.

          Incidentally - They did owe me $$ too at the time (3 weeks) which I managed to get back (1 month) without involving TIO. There are always easier options if you know what you're doing lol and I came out on top by a week's $$

          I'm also noticing a significant improvement in their comms the 2nd time around so yea things can change.

        • @gimme: Lol..you work for this mob don't you?? be honest :)

        • @WTF:

          1. They can't pay me enough
          2. They can't afford me
          3. If I did, I'd have my hands too full to waste time on Ozbargain
          4. Anyone who disagrees with your POV doesn't mean they work for <insert company/seller name>.
  • +3

    please stay away from these guys. They charged me for a new connection and they did not set up the connection. I contacted them many time for 3 months to get a refund but no luck. I have to raise a TIO complaint only then they refunded. That is almost after 4 months. Buzz Telco is the new Vaya of NBN connection

  • +2

    I am with Buzz on a 12mth $59 contract fttn my speeds never go above 50 & 30. I just asked if they could put me on the $39 plan they said said yes no charges and it will start at the begining of the next billing cycle.Hopefully I will get simaler speeds as before for $20pm less.

  • I relocated recently and talked to Logan long before the relocation. I was told that I could have Internet access on Jan 2. It turned out they submitted the request to upstream provider on Jan 2 and now the order still hasn't been processed due to technical issue on NBN side. I have been checking the status on daily basis since Jan 2, however, every time the answer was "no update from upstream provider". Now I am still waiting desperately.

    Among all the supports, Logan was the worst - extremely bad attitude, impatient and has zero technical knowledge.

    I switched from MyRepublic to Buzz Telco about four months ago. If nothing went wrong and you don't need them to fix anything for you, it should be ok to use them. If you need to interact with them frequently, then other ISP with better service might be a better choice. Having said that, Buzz Telco is still an option to consider, while MyRepublic is definitely not.

  • +2

    All, please remember that if you paid by credit card and did not receive a service, you can go to your card provider and request reversal for services not provided. Much quicker than waiting 3 months. Also ensure you also go to the TIO so they have a record.

  • +2

    Customer Service is a JOKE!

    During the long long service outage last year, we were asked to write an email stated the situation to [email protected] according to their FB post but apparently NO ONE really cares as no reply at all !!!

    BuzzTelco - Yes, we care. :D

  • +3

    Stay away from them! I signed up last time when they put up a deal on ozbargain, then the modem went on back order after two weeks and they couldn't provide an estimated date. So i cancelled. Then i started a long battle to get my money back. After numerous emails, phone calls, each time they just say they would pass on the refund request to their finance department, then nothing happened. One lady told me that their finance department was just someone working part-time and coming evenings, when i asked to talk to their finance department. I finally went through a dreadful process with my bank to make a chargeback, which was a lot of documents and went back and forth as the bank first told me that i signed a contract with the company so they couldn't do anything, which wasn't true of course as it was a 'no contract' deal. So 5 months after my credit card got charged $138, i am still waiting for a refund. While i did receive an email from the bank stating that the chargeback was successful at about new year time, but i am yet to receive the refund.

  • Upvoting against the bandwagon

    • +2

      Down voting because you haven’t had to deal with them. How can you up vote this after seeing all the negative reviews.

      • I've dealt with them during last year's dramas and still upvoted. All about context.

  • So far so good . Constantly getting download speeds of 80mbs and uploads of 30mbs through wifi . Good customers service have been good . Even told me about the outage and switched me to secondary line. I think it all depends one the area you are and the infrastructure . I am in a brand new apartment hence no hassle connection

  • +3

    I signed up with them on the 100/40m speed, never got more than 50mbps download, got lied to repeatedly by Andrew, left after 1 month.. stay away.

  • Static IP - $5 per Month

    I don't have this added extra and my IP address has not change since connection 4 months ago.

  • +2

    Wow, the post has been up for only 17 hours and we're already at 3 pages!!! I guess some of us Ozbargainers find it really hard to forgive!! I for one am of the belief that everyone deserves a second chance after an error or mistake, especially if they acknowledge fault and take steps to rectify issues and ensure they don't happen again…..I myself have never had any issues with Buzz, and have found all of the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. I'm happy to stick by them!

    • Yeah I myself stuck with them even after the outage (that last a few days) and is a happy customer now.

      I say give them a second chance (in fact I switched to Aussie broadband during the outage , finished the free trial and then switched back to Buzz lol)

      Did anyone get a call from Vocus customer rep? I had a strange call with one of them and apparently they said it is impossible for Buzz to offer $59 100mbs when Vocus is offering the same product at $79 ( I think).

      This kind of vindicated what has always been said in the industry - never share your customer data and guard them like gems!

  • +1

    Tossing up between Buzz's 12/1 $19mo and Amaysim 12/1 $40mo.

    I'll be doing a lil Linux p2p downloading, would anyone know if buzz throttles encrypted data (vpn) to get around buzz's p2p blocking?

    I know about the negative feedback for buzz, but being on a tight budget I'm considering it if I can get a decent down speed and p2p.

    • +2

      I would say go for the Buzz $19 plan and at the first sign of a problem switch to the Amaysim plan.

      Once your on NBN it should only take a day or two to switch providers.

      • +1

        Only thing is the Amaysim desk ends on the 19th of January.

        • +1

          They'll no doubt extend the offer. Don't worry about the end date.

        • @mysterytal: Thanks mysterytal for the advice, I'm now leaning towards buzz :)

        • @Wystri Warrick:
          I would stay far away from buzz. All standard customer services you take for granted in Australia doesn't apply to them. If you do go ahead, make sure you google and then bookmark TIO - I need that within 3 month of switching to them.

        • +2


          I could google and bookmark TIO or at the first sign of a problem…switch. The risk is that I'll lose some part of $19 and have no internet for a few days. The internet is not an essential service to me but I do have a 4GX mobile broadband hotspot as a backup. Although money is tight I can't see the value in spending time complaining when switching will resolve the issue. Switching takes just a day or two.

          If I could get 3 months out of this offer then I'll be saving $90. That's a lot of money that I could use for other things such as food. Living on an extremely limited income that Centrelink provides is very difficult so saving $30 per month will help me immensely.

        • @mysterytal:
          You do know if you signed a contract you have to go through standard complaint process before you can cancel the service right.

          It is not like you can switch tomorrow if you got pissed off at Buzztelco today.

          And I would say never underestimate the mental drain dealing with Buzztelco, they are on a different frequency in terms of customer service. If they say to you on support line they will get back to you , it is the same as saying start googling TIO as I don't give a crap.

          Saving money is fine by all means, there are other cheap ISP as well, just not Buzztelco IMO.

    • Do they block all p2p are you saying?

      • I'm not sure, aspirepranesh mentions it and how he got around it, by updating his DNS to Google's.

  • -2

    BuzzTelco should be banned from Ozbargain. When I am forced to do a chargeback to get a refund… :/

    • I’ve had issues with a few regular stores/sites that are posted here on OzB, are you saying they should all be banned as well?

      • Are you saying we should allow scammers and thieves? What stores/sites are these?

        • I took out a Telstra wireless service many years ago, cancelled the service but was continually charged for it. Telstra refused to refund me until I took it to the TIO and had it escalated.

          I ordered a Google Home from DWI, they stated it would be shipped within 1-3 business days….7 business days later I still hadn't heard a word.

          I've had eBay orders never show up from deals posted on here and/or sellers refusing to refund crap quality products.

          Do we ban all these companies and any deals related to them based on "some" people's experiences???

        • +3

          @Jonesy7707: Your experiences are isolated, whereas BuzzTelco have demonstrated a wilful intention to deprive people of their money and not provide services or refunds that have been agreed to. It would not surprise me if they are (or were at one point) insolvent. I do not think we should be allowing this dodgy company to promote themselves here.

  • +1

    Beware, won't provide refund on non connection when they said they would when I signed up. NBN was coming to my area and then the schedule shifted to 1-3 years. I requested a refund but no response at all.

    • I Received a full refund.

  • +2

    Signed up and got connected now.

    Running 11mbps over wifi on 12mbps package.

    So far so good.

  • +2

    TPG for the win!

    • +4

      yeah TPG is awesome!!

      • +2

        But expensive*

      • +4

        Lol you guys must be young. TPG used to have a worst reputation than buzz. Goes to show things can change

        • You really have issues.😊

        • +2


          By the looks of it I'm perfectly happy with my service whereas you're the one with issues.

    • tpg lol
      mailed me a letter in my letterbox, says their fttb available
      signed up 18months contract, cc got charged, modem dispatched & received
      i went ahead cancelled my nbn
      got a call from tpg says no port available, can't confirm lead time
      i said to cancel order & refund everything incl. modem shipping fee
      tpg said i can't simply cancel as i'm under contract
      couldn't provide any service yet want to tie me down on contract ?

      • TIO!

  • +4

    Like the thousands of negative comment above - stay away from this company.

    Had to resolve my case with TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) after they don't give any form of response for no VOIP for 2 months.

    Never again.

  • +4

    Have to say "Stay Away", worst customer service ever.

    Just finalized my case through TIO about 3 weeks ago, its hard to make them response and they dont even care. So trust me, there is no "new mgmt team" at all, same ppl with same treatment as before.

  • Hmm I had hoped this would be good for my 84yr old mum currently paying Optus $70 per month unlimited and house phone STD/local with this speed>
    Her 2 year contract ends Feb 24 2018.

    • Depends if you like your mom or not. Do you want her to suffer ? :)

    • i bet she uses less than 10gb per month

    • +2

      Does she watch videos/netflix etc? If not, you're really better off keeping it simple and getting just some cheap mobile broadband plan (kogan have some good 12 mth prepaid plans) and a $29 mobile broadband modem which are regularly on sale at coles/officeworks. Couple that with an 'oldies' mobile phone and a $10 plan with unltd calls. The whole thing would be $30-ish/month and not to have to worry about NBN and all the associated BS. I did that for my old man and working well so far. He hardly hits 5gb per month but the plan gives him 16gb so plenty of buffer should he click on spam youtube videos :)

      If by a miracle she is able to use a smartphone, you can do away with the additional phone(call) plan and mobile broadband device/modem too. Just make the smartphone a perm hotspot and use it to make calls when required. That was a stretch for my old man but yours might be more tech savvy.

    • How much data does she need and owes she use the home phone. Telstra and Optus have some seniors plan. It's something like 50gig and all call for around $50. May be an option with bigger providers.

  • +2

    I like buzz.
    If it wasnt for buzz I couldn't afford to stream stan and netflix constantly.
    I complained about them like nuts in the past, but after the whole mess up they have been great.
    You can get some congestion at peak times but it only really affects international stuff and you can still stream stan/netflix fine.
    $29 for 25/5 is great and all most people would need for streaming.
    They do block p2p but you can get a 50gig storage (transfer is unlimited) torrent box for $2.40 a month from seedboxws.com (just enable udp trackers in rutorrents options).
    With no setup fees, Id say just give it a try.

  • +2

    Every time they some deal, I lose my connection. Same thing happened last time. Now I have no connection again

    • Because they get a large influx of new customers and don't purchase enough bandwidth from the NBN to support the load.

  • +2

    Have stable connection and close to 100mbps with them. Only problem is the modem they gave me does not even support viop so I am left with no phone (unless I buy an adapter myself) until they "presumably" send out the NetComm NF17ACV that was originally included with my plan.

  • +1

    Some good news about my 100/40 Connection. Since Today when I receive my latest invoice. My Speed has Tripled. Yesterday, could only manage 21Mbps and look at today http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/5584e4bc-a651-4a55-b5b2... 61.84/26.68 Mbps
    My Modem still shows Connection speed of 21,737Mbps Can any one explain

  • Anyone knows if Buzz is using IPoE or PPPoE for authentication?
    I’m using a Telstra router which is locked down and can only do DHCP for Wan interface so IPoE should be good.
    Wanna sign up with them as a cheap backup connection. Would be great if someone can send me a referral. Cheers.

    • -1

      PPPoE for me on HFC. Don't know if anything else is used for other connection types.

      They don't have a referral system as far as I know. Been with them for 5 months (joined just after the outage debacle) and they've been great. Around 80-90 down and 40 up on speedtests. Support were helpful when I was organising the connection.

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