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Netac N600S 430GB 2.5 Inch Internal SSD 500MB/s Read $65.99 (AU $85.37) + Free Registered Shipping @ Zapalstyle


Is this the cheapest SSD ever of this capacity?

Comes with Free registered shipping as well so delivery time is 5-8 business days.

Log into your account first and then apply coupon code ZPSNEW0607 at the checkout to get this special price.

Works out cheaper if you select AUD as currency on this one.

It will be great if the people who received theirs from the previous deal may provide their inputs.

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  • Wow that's heaps cheap but I'm not entirely sure I'd want to get such a vital piece of my computer on Zapals given my previous experiences with them..

    • It's "Zapalstyle" if that helps ;)

    • +20 votes

      These days, my C drive has nothing of value on it. All of my important documents are on online storage. Pictures and media are on fatter drives. C is pretty much for Windows and games/programs. If my C drive goes bust, I just lost time reinstalling stuff, but won't miss anything.

      Not sure if that means anything to you, though.

      • I wish my internet connection was fast enough to store everything in the cloud. 1gb would take about a week.

        Nonetheless, I would jot touch this deal with a barge pole. Zapal quality is awful.

        • zapals don’t make them , they just resell stuff ,

          and there are only a few nand and ssd controller manufactuers , it’s just there are some brands in china we don’t see here so much of in the west, bit like xiaomi, well known in china but not on shelves in australia.

          more important is whose nand is inside, whose controller do they use.

          and maybe whose line they are assembled on.

        • @garage sale:
          Yes, I don’t trust my local dealer, but trust on the Prado that they sell

  • nice deal if you want a cheap SSD!

  • What accessories do I need if I want to fit this in my desktop's 3.5 Inch slot?

  • Getting "Coupon code is not valid" for ZPSNEW0607.

    edit: Code works AFTER registration and login

  • I am getting 'Coupon code is not valid' - am I doing something wrong?

  • I wouldnt risk my data with cheap SSD drive,even just the OS.

    • Who cares about the OS???

    • So I guess that means you don't back up your data but instead rely on imaginary reliability stats.

    • how do you check brand of ssd that comes in laptops ?

      you don't.

    • I agree.

      These Chinese companys very well might have cut corners to sell at this price and they have no reputation or standards.

      Correct me if Netac is a known company with reputation, I sure have never heard of em.

      https://youtu.be/B8Kr63Vh340?t=1m22s no reviews besides this, seems like potato speeds verses a Samsung, but you get the risks you pay for at this price.

      • That Samsung is using some sort of RAM caching, that's essentially not a benchmark of the actual SSD but of some Samsung caching software. The Netac's speeds are pretty normal for a SATA III SSD, on the low end but certainly good enough for a basic spinning disk replacement at this price. Netac has also been around making flash storage since the early 2000s. I'd personally be more concerned about my aging spinning disks dying than one of these. And of course, if it's important back it up, no matter what you've stored it on…

      • Correct me if Netac is a known company with reputation, I sure have never heard of em.

        Quite the reputation. I seriously doubt most people here have even heard of all the SSD manufacturers in the world and there aren't many.

  • Sure it's not just a scam?

    • Was wondering that myself as I registered and it was asking which 'Contry'!! 🤣

      But, this drive would make a perfect Steam drive so ordered one. Thanks OP. Fingers crossed that it's not a scam 😊

    • Pay with PayPal if you can, if not the same SSD can be purchased from eBay for $4.61 more.

  • So the mass production of Chinese SSD's have started it seems, maybe they will be able push down the price <100 USD/TB.

  • Thanks for the deal OP,Bought one
    For the others looking-
    I myself will be using it as an extension to my C/primary drive to run applications.I wouldn't recommend having important files in your local computer in anyway.All photos and important stuff goes to google from the local NAS. few sensitive stuff locally in a different location.
    Risky buy given that it doesn't have local warranty or without know longevity.however the value of these things come down fairly fast.
    I've see the product Brand is on newegg.com but not much reviews

  • +4 votes

    Netac- they invented the usb key!

    And are the first Chinese company to sue someone overseas for patent infringement


  • How does this compare to this deal?


    Both made by a chinese company.

  • Wow, that's really cheap. Makes me want to buy one just because.

    So what's the catch?

  • Performance invincible, zero db noise

  • Does anybody know if I can add it to my existing 256SSD in this laptop?

    • I doubt it has an extra slot for a second ssd, and replacing a 256gb with 430gb seems like a waste, better off going 500gb or larger to future proof it a bit more.

      Also, the ssd in that laptop might not be a full 2.5", they are often mSATA which is a different connector completely.

      Best bet would be to open up your pc and see what the current one looks like / type / if there's room for another

      • Sounds like a plan, thanks.

        • I have an Inspiron Gaming 7000 (7567, same as the one in your ebay link) myself. The 256GB SSD in the laptop is a m.2 SSD but there is still a vacant 2.5" bay. I am currently running the 256GB m.2 (came with the laptop) as boot drive and a 500GB 2.5" SATA SSD (Seagate Nytro) as the data drive in the laptop.

        • @systema: Did you have to buy anything for the use of the 2.5"? Or did the laptop come with everything needed to use the empty 2.5" bay?

          By "everything" I mean: Usually in laptops, they have the metal bracket thing, and the plastic connector piece.

    • From experience Dell Precision 55xx series have a spare M.2 NVME slot. It might be the case with Inspiron 15. However this SSD is not M.2.

  • Thoughts on using this on a PS4?

  • As a SSD noob this looks a bit too god to be true. Are the speeds slower than other drives on the market?

    • In Australia we get flogged with prices. This won't be as fast as a Samsung SSD.

    • Capacity is great, and it will be way faster than a HDD. Actual performance is negligible between SSD drives unless one is looking at NVM M.2

      What I would be cautious about is using it as your main drive; purely from a local warranty point of view.

      As a gaming 'scratch' drive, it's perfect as it doesn't matter if it fails. 👍

      • As a gaming 'scratch' drive, it's perfect as it doesn't matter if it fails.

        OS drive as well.

      • Even NVME M.2 don't make a huge real world difference from my own experience. I got a cheap OEM one from ebay (pulled out of a laptop) and the benchmark is amazing, but I couldn't tell you if it feels any better than a SATAIII.

        Pretty much any SSD is going to be good, main thing is reliability.

  • Just bought one :-)

  • Got one to put in my really old/discarded Dell N5050. Hopefully will make it a little usable.

  • 430GB is a very unusual capacity… has anyone seen this size before?

  • Do y'all walk into a Hyundai dealer in response to an affordable offer on a car then complain it's not as fast as a Ferrari?

    This would surely be faster to load a game or similar from than a spinning disc, surely I can't be the only person who can appreciate that SSD's have benchmark performance (read: spanks each other) then real world speed (fractions of a second different in load times). The benefit of the SSD I believe is seek times which I think any SSD would spank a HDD in, no?

  • "Is this the cheapest SSD ever of this capacity?"

    More like this is the only SSD of this capacity.

  • Coupon code is not valid

  • Signed up and logged in, still get "The coupon code "ZPSNEW0607" is not valid."

  • Has anyone received it yet?

    • I just got it. I imaged my previous windows install onto this one and its working flawlessly. It only took 10min. Once everything is formatted I only have 396G effective space. Im hoping this goes as good as my old SSD with no dramas that I found off ozbargain too.

    • Waiting…waiting…waiting… 😒

    • Got mine today and have put it in the external SSD enclosure to use as portable HDD. Working ok and the actual transfer speeds are impressive, more than 3 times faster than the internal HDD.

  • is the code expired?

  • I cant get the code to work (I am logged in) and shipping isn’t free either. No idea if I’m doing something wrong…